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What does HPV look like?

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What does it look like?

What does it look like and what are the symptoms?

What do genetal warts in the mouth look like?

What do warts inside the mouth look like? Are there photos? Is it possible to have small bumps inside your mouth that are not warts or oral cancer?

what are the pimple like things on the hed of my penis they are located at the base of the head of my penis or the top end of my sharft they look like pimpels and are whiteish in colour there is about 50 of them. what are they and how do i get rid of them

Does HPV look like moles?

I went to a clinic and was told that it looked like I had genital warts, but that they didn't treat it so I had to see a gynecologist. I was scared and waited a bit. Within 2 weeks the warts were gone. Is this normal? Was it really warts or something else?

I am a virgin who has genetial warts, it is still hard for me to belive and accept. I was diagnosed by my gyno. and I looked online to compare pictures with what I have. I have looked at many pictures over the past 2 years but I have not seen anything that looks like what I have at all. Mine are very small and look more like the "pearly papules" could they really be something else?

i need to know if you can get hpv on your lip i have small white btiny bumps they are spreading it looks like my doc appt isnt for another 2 weeks but im freeking out i cant notice them unless i stretch my lip my ex had hpv and i gave him oral i also think it looks like fordyce spots can this be from hpv pleese help!!!!!

I gave oral sex about 2 1/2 months ago. About 7 weeks ago i started noticing bumps in my mouth. The bumps are kinda white, but some are red. Most of the bumps are in my throat, on the hangy thing in my throat, and on the wall behind my molar teeth. They dont really look like warts to me. But i'm not sure what they are. Any ideas?

I have had what looks like warts on my penis and scrotum for many years now. I've been so emabarrased and humiliated to go in and have something done about it. They have spread a lot, but the fact is that I got these when I was young and haven't had sex. If I do have sex with someone, will I spread what I have?

i think i have genital warts. i have never had sex with a girl but the bumps on the shaft of my penis look like they could be warts. sometimes i can squeeze a very little bit of white stuff out of the bumps, but they dont seem to go away. could they still be warts. and also i recently met a girl and we have been talking. i really think we might be going out soon, but i dont know if i should tell her now or before we have sex. any suggestions?

If you squeeze what looks like a genital wart and a hard type puss comes out does that mean i have hpv?

hello, i recently performed oral sex on a female that i hooked up with. The day after we hooked up i felt as if something was stuck in my throat. now, a few days later, i looked in the mirror and i see little bumps in the back of my tongue..all the way back. It feels as if i have mucus there. im not sure it is my taste buds or not. can this be a sign that i have hpv?

I need to know what does it look like in general . I think I might have the disease. i'm scared i might kill my self

Hello, I am so confused about this HPV infection. I have seen this small white looking spot or bump (whatever you call it) on the head of my penis for about 2 months. Finally, I go to a Urologist to check it out and he says its a wart. I dont know how I got infected because my girlfriend and I are the only people we've been with. How can any of us be infected or have the virus?She will be checked next month. But I am still very confused about all of this...

ok i found a lil bump on my genital area and it kinda looks like a pimple but it doesnt feel like one?? could itbe genital warts?? How long does it take the virus to go into a low term virus??

My boyfriend of 1 year has found a bump on his penis and was told by a dermatologist that it was a wart. Two weeks prior I had a pap smear and was told everything was fine. Should I go back again and ask them to take a better look? My boyfriend is being treated, so I would hate to make it worse if he got it from me.

i have noticed some wart looking things in/around my anus they look kinda grey, there was one by my butt and i ripped it off, it came off easily, can this be HPV?

I have what looks like a tick on my labia, only one, is this a wart, blood blister, cyst? I'm fairly sure this is not hpv since it doesn't look like any of the pictures. What could this be? I've had this once before and it went away. I can't find any images that look like it.

I recently found a small white bump that looks like a wart i have gotten on my knee or foot where i shave my pubic hairs. I noticed it after i shaved and i cut it..the next day i had two more. I have never noticed anything like this before. Could this be genital warts or possibly anything else. Please help

1 have small red bumbs on my tesicles and they do not look like genital warts like the pictures show

had my second abnormal pap. the nurse said my dna for hpv was negative. they are doing a colscopy. what would they be looking for? would that mean I have some other disease?

How soon can you tell if you have hpv? What is the normal first signs? Does it look something like razor burn? How likely are you to get hpv if you used a condom, and she wasnt/was broken out? Does it hurt/ itch? Look like a pimple? Do people usually get it on their penis or the lower part of their stomach were your pubic hair is? Would rubbing the freshly iritated area make it break out more?

I have noticed light colored dots on my penis but i did not notice them until i started researching topics like this one. they don't hurt or anything and you can barley see them. I had my partner go get tested. Is it possiable that I have genital warts? and are there any specific things that people should look for that will tell you the differents in a wart and just your skin please help?

ok. i have had sex but he was a virgin to and has no std and we also used a latex condom. i found a bump/growth near my vagina. you wouldnt be able to tell it was there by looking but i can feel it. ive look at HPV pictures and it looks nothing like that at all. about a week ago i had a people what seemed to be a people near the spot. any idea?

My ex bf gave me crabs ever since them i've been isnomnic from being paranoid. Everything looks differen't to me. I'm worried sick. Would I be able to just go to a walk in clinic to check things out or is my family doctor a must?

I have what appear to be a couple little bumps around the base of my penis. They kind of look like pimples, but very small. I've had 2 of them for about 3 days, and one appears to have pretty much gone away. I went to an std clinic once before for something that looked similar and they told me it was probaly an ingrown hair, but not hpv. So i'm wondering, is it likely that they're just pimples or ingrown hairs or something, or is it likely that they're genital warts.

I hace just sent a question about bumps that showed up on my fiances penis area. They are not going away and we checked to see if they were warts and if they were ingrown hairs. They are not neither. I looked at pictures that you sent to me and they did not look like what he had. Is it possible for them to be heat bumps. They get more red every time that we have sex but when he puts powder on them they dry up and look like they are going away. They get hard and itch. What shoudl we do?

I was just told by my Doctor that I have HPV. I had a colpscopy and he took no biopsy. He said everthing looked fine and to come back in 6 months for a re-pap. I have no warts. He did not give me a HPV test. How can he be so sure that HPV is what I have? Has anyone had this experience? Thanks.

I just recently broke up w/ my boyfriend and during our relationship he told me that his ex fling found out she had warts. I thought nothing about it. I just now started to get little bumps on the outside of my vagina. Should I go back and tell him about it and see if he has it or not. I am goin to the doctor soon to get myself looked at.

i just got married about 2 months ago and i just found out that me and my husband have bumps that look like warts. I have 2 kids and is there any way that they can catch genital warts from me by kissing , by hugging , using the same towel or soap as me , sharing drinks or anything like that that does not have any sexual contact?

My boyfriend has these things that look like cauliflower or lil fingers. they have been there since childhood all around his penis. If a male has this on his penis does this mean he has HPV?

My boyfriend has these things that look like cauliflower or lil fingers. they have been there since childhood all around his penis. If a male has this on his penis does this mean he has HPV?

Can genital warts be popped, because i have small bumps on my scrotum and shaft that when pressed discharge and firm string of white like popping a pimple, also I have small white dots on my lips that have no texture unless i try to pop them, could this be a sign of warts. What are some symptoms of mild HPV. because pictures on the web seem a bit extreme and look like warts that have been untreated. Is there anywhere to look for an extensive image gallery. thanks

I have a spot that use to be a freckle at the very top of my labia it has always been there it has slowly grown. I have been told I have hpv that causes cervical dysplasia. My doctor says it looks like a mole. please help

I have only had one sexual partner and she tested negative for HPV. I recentlt started developing bumps on the bottom of penis it looks alot like genital warts. If its not does anybody know what it could be.


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