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Genital Wart Treatments

So you just found out you have genital warts? Well good news is, it's relatively easy to treat - and while the virus never really completely goes away, the gemital warts themselves are less likely to appear again after the first or first couple of treatments. Our suggestions?

  • Get treatment as soon as possible - the less they spread, the easier they are to take care of
  • Stay healthy - make sure your immune system is healthy - that means lots of water, sleep and a multi-vitamin
  • Keep the area as dry as possible - Genital Warts love moist areas, make sure you dry off well after bathing and switch to cotton underwear which breathes better.
  • Stay positive! Stress affects the immune system negatively and won't help your bodies natural response to keep genital warts from coming back.

Have you tried a particular treament for genital warts? Are you looking for more information on people's experience with different treatments? This is the place for both! Please keep in mind.. these are not clinical results. All final decisions regarding the treatment of genital warts and any other STD should be left up to your doctor.

To submit a review, scroll to the bottom of any treatments 'reviews' page. By clicking on the 'reviews' link under the name