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Talk to others about HPV

Looking for others to talk about your genital warts with? Just discover that you have an abrnomal pap? The internet is a great way to communicate with others in the same position. This site was designed to provide an effective platform for questions and answers while helping alleviate any embarassment or taboo. Below is a list of other sites which are more support oriented, rather than questions/answers.

As we emphasize over and over on our sites, HPV is a very common STD. It is one of those things that many have had, but few talk about in a public setting. As you browse the web and talk with others you'll get an idea of how common it is. This fact alone really helps a lot of people who are shocked and feel alone when first discovering symptoms or receiving a prognosis.

HPV Support Communities

  • HPV Support - this is the largest HPV/Genital Warts support forum on the web. Site has been around since 2001 and on last check has 5200 members.

  • WebMD Genital Warts Support - this is WebMD's support forum. This doesn't have a ton of activity, but there area few very knowledgable members.

  • ASHA List of Support Groups - this is an offline resource; a list of contact information by state for ASHA support groups. These are great if you want to meet in person with others who are dealing with HPV.




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