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Sex with warts

One of the first questions people ask when they discover they have HPV or symptoms of HPV like warts is- Can I have sex while I have warts?

The simple answer is that you shouldn't. The best thing anyone with warts can do is get treatment immediately. Warts are the easiest to take care of when they are first noticed. As time goes on they become a little more reluctant to heal, and usually spread to a larger area.

The issue with having sex while you have symptoms like warts is - it's more likely to spread to your partner when symptoms are present and also - they may even spread more on yourself with the chafing and contact.

Do not feel embarassed, doctors are trained to deal with this kind of thing. If you need more specific information regarding peoples experiences with this - please visit our forum at HPV Support.


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I noticed these little bumps like a couple of months ago on my penis, I thought nothing of it - well about after couple of months I saw little bumps o

it was only until a few months ago that i took into consideration the fact i might have genital warts. i have never had sex before, and these bumps h

i have small bumps in between the shaft of my penis and the head. i have never had sex and these showed up a long time ago, but i never really though

What do warts inside the mouth look like? Are there photos? Is it possible to have small bumps inside your mouth that are not warts or oral cancer?

My doctor recently discovered some small bumps around my genital area and he suspected it may be warts. I am still waiting for the lab result to come

I recently noticed a few tiny white bumps around my pelvis and anus...most of them are located above my genital area...could these be gential warts?

When warts first start out, are they usually spread out and very small little bumps? I have quite a few bumps but they are spread out and all over the place? I heard that warts are usually in clusters...could this still be HPV?

I am a young sexually active female. Recently I have developed small bumps almost "pimple like" in my genital area. I got one before and it went away. they arent red or sore or open or pussing or anything and they are mostly external not near my inner area. Is this HPV or just bumps?

I am a young sexually active female. Recently I have developed small bumps almost "pimple like" in my genital area. I got one before and it went away. they arent red or sore or open or pussing or anything and they are mostly external not near my inner area. Is this HPV or just bumps?

Three years ago I had a pap that came back with an ascus. I had the vinegar test but it came back negative. Since then my paps have been normal. I haven't had any sexual contact in six months, and had my last pap in late september which came back normal. I recently noticed bumps near my anus, is it possible that this is gential warts?

I have been with the same boy for 18mos. When we first started talking he had small white bumps under the head of his penus. I asked him about it and he said that he has had them since he was a boy. We had sex and I went for a std check and papsmear and everything was fine. Is it possible that he did have genital warts and I might have symptoms in the future?

i have bumps around the rim of my penis head i have had them almost a year now and i have no idea what they are they dont hurt or anything but they piss me off cuz there ugly if you could help me out at all that would be great. thanks

I just discovered a couple of little bumps outside my vagina. I'm scared that it's HPV! I will be so angry at myself if it is, but I know the only way to know for sure is to have it checked out. Does anyone know if I could get tested at a planned parenthood? I don't have a gyno.. where can I go?

I have only been with one person in the last seven years. I now have a couple raised bumps in the vaginal area. A small one that doesn't bother me and another larger one, under the skin that is a bit irritating. Can I assume that these are HPV warts and that I could have only caught this from my boyfriend I've been seeing for the last year and a half?

I just had a cervical biopsy because it's necessary before having an ablasion. I did not mention that I have a couple small bumps on my vagina. Will they automatically test for HPV anyway? I was told the test was to detect any abnormalities.

I am a female and i am very ichy in the genital area, like a yeast infection. But like where my butt begans right below the vagina like where the crease is there are bumps not blisters just bumps like when your face breaks out(there are no bumps in my vagina though).Chould this be hpv? Or does it sound like it?

Is it possible to have wart like bumps on the shaft of a penis or around that area. Like from being alergic to something or too much masterbation?

i need to know if you can get hpv on your lip i have small white btiny bumps they are spreading it looks like my doc appt isnt for another 2 weeks but im freeking out i cant notice them unless i stretch my lip my ex had hpv and i gave him oral i also think it looks like fordyce spots can this be from hpv pleese help!!!!!

I think i may have these hpv bumps but i cant afford to go to the doctors and i have a fobia of being touched down there. Can i use Alara to treat it and what is aldara really?

I gave oral sex about 2 1/2 months ago. About 7 weeks ago i started noticing bumps in my mouth. The bumps are kinda white, but some are red. Most of the bumps are in my throat, on the hangy thing in my throat, and on the wall behind my molar teeth. They dont really look like warts to me. But i'm not sure what they are. Any ideas?

I have never had sex and i have small bumps on my penis do i have genital warts i have never had contact with another person.

i have had bumps around my penis (where the shaft meets the head) for a long time now and i NEED to know what it is cuz i dont wanna start a relationship if its an please help me out..thanks alot...

I am a male and overtime, after I shaved my all of my pubic hair, I have noticed bumps that resemble warts on my pubic area...after popping some of these bumps, white filling came out and sometimes it would only be blood...then the bumps would scab and heal themselves...Is this HPV (Gential Warts)?

I need to know if hpv can be transfered to the fingers and hand if I vaginally matsterbated someone who might have had the virus? It is seven weeks after it has occured and now I have had two raised bumps on my finger? Is this hpv?

can warts be skin colored, and if one has small skin colored bumps like a pimple for a long period of time is it wise to think that it would be genital warts

i think i have genital warts. i have never had sex with a girl but the bumps on the shaft of my penis look like they could be warts. sometimes i can squeeze a very little bit of white stuff out of the bumps, but they dont seem to go away. could they still be warts. and also i recently met a girl and we have been talking. i really think we might be going out soon, but i dont know if i should tell her now or before we have sex. any suggestions?

About 3 months ago i gave oral sex. About 2 weeks after i did it i noticed bumps in my mouth. I just went to the doctor and he didn't think they were any kind of sexually transmitted disease. However recently i have also noticed some bumps around my anus. Can you get veneral warts from having oral sex?

I have many small white pimple-like bumps around my vagina and surrounding areas. I am 6 months pregnant and discovered them about 3 months ago. Do you have any idea as to what these may be or what causes them? My OBGYN said that they were not an STD but did not know what they were.

hello, i recently performed oral sex on a female that i hooked up with. The day after we hooked up i felt as if something was stuck in my throat. now, a few days later, i looked in the mirror and i see little bumps in the back of my tongue..all the way back. It feels as if i have mucus there. im not sure it is my taste buds or not. can this be a sign that i have hpv?

I was diagnosed with Sebacious (spelling?) swelling, can these bumps appear on the smooth skin right under the head of the penis?

Is there another rash or virus similiar to HPV. I went to the doctor because I noticed small bumps and what I thought were warts but she said she saw nothing. She treated me for a bacterial and yeast infection.

I have bumps that grow on my inner thigh, I think they are ingrown hairs, Does anybody have the same problem?

I nocticed that there were two small pink bumps around my anus. I am scared that it is gental warts or something but i never had unprotected sex and i never had anal sex. could they be a STD or something else?

I have noticed that I have been getting bumps on my vagina. They come and go, they are painful when something rubs up against it and after a while it gets pusses and bleeds. Recently I have been shaving so I am not sure if that is what it is but it has been a while since I have shaved. I have been with the same person for 4 years so I am hoping it is not warts or herps.

little white bumps on my testicals, but are at base of hairs, is this HVP or just a normal happening, or should i see a doc???

I have been with my man for about five months. I just recently found out I have HPV. I have never broke out, not even once. My guy about 3 weeks ago had little redish white bumps show up at the base of his penis. They did not show up til after he shaved. They are not going away and I was wondering if I could have givien him warts.

I have recently discovered some small bumps that have appeared at the base of my penis. I have always noticed one that was there for about a year. Within the past few months more have appeared. They are really small and flesh colored. I have had the same girlfriend for a few years and she used to sleep around alot...I dont know for sure if she has them, how do I find out that she has then. WE have unprotected sex alot.

i have very small bumps on my penis they are more visible under strong light i wanna know if hpv couses burning sensation ?

my inner vigina lips are swullen and alittle puple,and can stretch to about 1 inch. i now feel like im developing bumps. i never had sex. what is this and what can i do?

Hi I had hand warts that were treated by frozen nitrogen six months ago. Recently, I noticed a few very small bumps on the head of my penis. Is there a possibility that my hand HPV warts could be transfer to my penis due to masterbation? Thanks for your advice.

My exgirlfriend recently had a pap smear come back with abnormal results and that got me worried maybe she has hpv. I never heard the final scoop but have noticed very tiny red bumps on the rim of my penis head. Could this be warts or something harmless? There a about 5-6 on on side but they are not in a mass or connected to one another.

I have several small pink bumps at the top of my inner thigh...also what appears to be a very tiny skin-tag at the edge of the skin on my clitoris. Does this sound like genital warts? I think I may have been exposed about 2 years ago. I noticed that my boyfriend had a bump on the shaft of his penis, but I didn't want to embarass him by asking about it...and he didn't offer any kind of explanation. Please...I'm worried to death about this :(

can there be any other reason for havin wart like bumps in/around the anus other than a virus.?

I recently had sex with my boyfriend for the first time...and just a day later I noticed small white bumps in the fold surrounding my clitoris. About a week and a half later I noticed a small piece of skin on the entrance to my vagina. I dont know if this was always there, or supposed to be there. I dont think so... Whats going on? Could this be HPV?

I have light skin spots on my penis they are not bumps it just my skin i guess. they are not grouped or any thing just knida scattered could this be warts? Please help

I have what appear to be a couple little bumps around the base of my penis. They kind of look like pimples, but very small. I've had 2 of them for about 3 days, and one appears to have pretty much gone away. I went to an std clinic once before for something that looked similar and they told me it was probaly an ingrown hair, but not hpv. So i'm wondering, is it likely that they're just pimples or ingrown hairs or something, or is it likely that they're genital warts.

I hace just sent a question about bumps that showed up on my fiances penis area. They are not going away and we checked to see if they were warts and if they were ingrown hairs. They are not neither. I looked at pictures that you sent to me and they did not look like what he had. Is it possible for them to be heat bumps. They get more red every time that we have sex but when he puts powder on them they dry up and look like they are going away. They get hard and itch. What shoudl we do?

I have tiny tiny little bumps possibly white on the shaft of my penis, you can barley see them but can feel them, they don't hurt or itch theres about 10-12 of them, like I said so small you can barley see them, I have never had these before and I am concerned on what they can be. If it was herpies does it hurt and usually scab and have puss or some sort of liquid in them. What could this be.. You have any ideas please let me know....Thank in advance!!

I just recently broke up w/ my boyfriend and during our relationship he told me that his ex fling found out she had warts. I thought nothing about it. I just now started to get little bumps on the outside of my vagina. Should I go back and tell him about it and see if he has it or not. I am goin to the doctor soon to get myself looked at.

its been six months since i had sex for the first time and like 2 months after i did i noticed these litle bumps that itched and burned when i scrathed them.They have gotten as small as pin heades and dont burn really anymore although I have noticed little clumps in my vaginal discharge.What do you think they could be,could they still be treated and at this stage do they pose a health threat?

Over the past year or so I have noticed the development of small bumps on the shaft of my penis and at the root of my pubic hair. They appear very similar to your descriptions and photos of pearly penile papules. Nevertheless, I have put off going to see a doctor thus far, more or less because of fear. However, over the past six months or so, an unusual and quite frankly, foul smell has developed around my genital and anal area. Is this an indication that I have contracted HPV or any other STD?

Can a person have genital warts in the pubic area and if so, are they suppose to be painful and itch. And can they cause your pubic hair to stop growing or could these be hair bumps

i just got married about 2 months ago and i just found out that me and my husband have bumps that look like warts. I have 2 kids and is there any way that they can catch genital warts from me by kissing , by hugging , using the same towel or soap as me , sharing drinks or anything like that that does not have any sexual contact?

Im a young teen who has never had sex. My Penis isnt curcumsized. Anyway my question is that i have a bump on my penis that is noticeable when i am erect but not when im not erect. wat is it? also i have a few small bumps on my penis head.. around the sides of the bottom there are many wat is that?

Small white bumps, they dont hurt, burn, itch, etc... Doctor told me that they were not HPV, Gave me cortiderm and told me they might not go away. How do I get rid of them and what could they be?

I have tried to submit questions before so please bare with me. Small white bumps 5 to 8 on gland they dont hurt, burn, itch, etc.. the doctor told me they were not HPV and gave me cortiderm and they might not go away. What could they be and how do I get rid of them. There not growths on the skin but raised from under the skin.

Can genital warts be popped, because i have small bumps on my scrotum and shaft that when pressed discharge and firm string of white like popping a pimple, also I have small white dots on my lips that have no texture unless i try to pop them, could this be a sign of warts. What are some symptoms of mild HPV. because pictures on the web seem a bit extreme and look like warts that have been untreated. Is there anywhere to look for an extensive image gallery. thanks

I have only had one sexual partner and she tested negative for HPV. I recentlt started developing bumps on the bottom of penis it looks alot like genital warts. If its not does anybody know what it could be.

I have never had sex, but i have bumps on my testicles. They started to itch periodically and occassionaly there is wetness around the area. Is it possible i have genital worts?



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