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Sebaceous Prominence

Did you just recently discover some weird or strange bumps? Well if you made it here you are probably looking for more information regarding sebaceous prominence. It's one of the more popular subjects on HPV FAQ. Even though it's not HPV, it is commonly confused with HPV as the symptoms are similar. Take a look around and let us know if you found the site useful. Thanks for visiting.

Is iit possible to develop sebaceous prominence or penile pAPULES spontaneously? Or is it somehing u have or dont have? If so, what produces them?

Idefinitely have Sebaceous Prominence but it is fairly new to me. I currently only see the bumps at the end of the shaft near the scrotum to about 1/5 of the way towards the head. I was wondering if this is the only place the sebaceous prominence will be or does it always spread to cover the entire penis? The photos available online always show the entire penis covered with bumps, but I have also found that the internet medical sites tend to show the most severe cases only.

can "Sebaceous Prominence" spread to the outside area of your anal

Hi, i was wonering if Sebaceous Prominence can be located on the tip of the head of the penis. i have a small cluster of bumps on the tip of the head of my penis and i have never had any action with a girl before please help thanks

is it possible for women to get Sebaceous Prominence?

is it possible for "Sebaceous Prominence" to spread to the area "around" the anus???

can "Sebaceous Prominence" spread to the outside area of your anal

i have Sebaceous Prominence an is is as bad if not worse than the pic shown is there anyway to remove them or mimamise them

Ive had bumps around my penis, on my scrotum(where hair grows) and along my penis, slowly i notice expansion, ive had a few sex partners and they never noticed. it looks simular to Sebaceous bumps on my head, and no clusters of huge warts. just shallow pimple looking bumps. if i try and pop them like a pimple it hurts a little, and sometimes i can get some white looking puss to come out, but with pain (maybe because i pinch too hard). ive had them for a while. what should i do?

ok i have Sebaceous Prominence but i am only 14 and i wunder if it will go away or is there any treament if i see a doctor?

I am a female and I have these little bumps that look exactly like this picture of sebaceous prominence i saw on the web. its itchy and sore...what do you think this could be?

Is there any treatment for sebaceous prominence...i know all the docs say "its perfectly normal and stuff" but cmon they are a HUGE hinderance on my sex life right now and i need some help, is there any treatment?

I have "Sebaceous Prominence" on my scrotum by the looks of it. Just recently though, one of the lump things has swollen and gone red. I'm a virgin, so I dunno what it is. Please help.

I have both Pearly Penile Papules, and Sebaceous Prominence. Lately though, I've noticed red bumps on the foreskin that I can only see if I stretch it out and look closely. They don't hurt, but itch every once in awhile. I was wondering if that could be HPV, or is related to the PPP or SP

I have some small bumps on the base of my penis. I was worried so have been looking around on the web about HPV. My bumps look a lot like the pictures of Sebaceous Prominence. Here is my question, does Sebaceous Prominence feel like anything? I kinda have a weird sensation going on around them. Also what exactly are Sebaceous Prominence? I think I read they have something to do with hair follicles.....

doctor says yes, but i looked at your pictures and they look exactly like the sebaceous prominence. What's the difference?

I think I might have this "Sebaceous Prominence" and I really don't know what that is... I'm 22, an sexually active male with cornrows of small pimples on my shaft...some are a little larger than others and some seem to combine. its a little lighter than my flesh color it don't itch or bother me physically but mentally it kills me...I'm perfectly healthy in all deparments and I noticed this about 5 years ago.. someone please tell me something I could do if it was Sebaceous Prominence

4 years ago, my partner was diagnosed with genital warts. The doctor burned them off with some liquid and they never came back. But as I see pictures, I think they looked ALOT like Sebaceous Prominence. They didnt really look like warts. Plus, I havent broken out either. Would the liquid have burned off the harmless Sebaceous Prominence?

is it possible for sebaceous prominence bumps to get infected.i recently had to go to the doctor because one of my bumps started looking like a blister.then when i got there the doctor popped it and puss came hurt sooooo bad.they tested me for herpes clhamidia,syphilis,and hpv. all were negative so im just also left like a hole inside the skin that later deep are these things inside me????

How do you get Sebaceous Prominence and Pearly Penile Papules as I am only 14 and have never had sex.

im 25 and 5 months ago i developed these little bumps at the base of my penis. today there closer to the tip. the doctor did not really look at it to close and said its not hpv and is normal. how can i tell if I have this "sebaceous prominence". the pictures of sp looked extremely similiar. my bumps are smaller and not as many. is this going to get worse.the females have not said anything yet. I think my doctor might have missed diagonised me and i am out of my mind. what do i do.

I am 16 years old,ive had spots on my penis for about six months it is not genitle warts because i am not sexualy active but i do belive i have sebaceous prominence. however there is one that is seperated from the rest is is larger, and is the size of a pin head, but it is only skin deep (i can lift my skin and feel underneath it) should i be worried?


i have sebaceous prominence and i recently tried to pick one off. its really big now. i was wondering if in this case it is possible to get it removed. plz reply soon. thanx

I have read almost all the questions and answers on Sebaceous Prominence. I am 99% sure this is what i have and i now know almost everything about them. But does anyone actually know how to get rid of them or make them less noticable?

Hey guys. A few weeks ago i was playing with my boyfriends penis and felt a lump (felt about half a mm big, if that and didn't feel like a wart like I have had on my hand). I didn't see it so don't know what it looks like. I told my B/F and he said later he couldn't feel anything. Do you guys reckon it could have been follicitis of something cos I've heard that some normal bumps can only be felt when the penis is erect? Can you have just one bump if it's sebaceous prominence and not a wart?

Is it possible to get pearly papules somewhere other than your shaft. I have these small whitish pimple stuff on my penis. I also have this bump on my penis. It's skin colored though. I think I have herpes or something else, but I've looked at herpes pictures, and what I have looks nothing like the herpes pictures. Is it possible to get pearly papules and sebaceous prominence ON your penis, not only on your shaft? Please let me know.

Hey everyone...My question is this: is it possible for women to get sebaceous prominence? All the pictures I have seen online are penises, but is it possible to get the same thing around the vagina?

what do i do about sebaceous prominence on my oenis?

I know i have sebaceous prominence, but WHAT THE HELL IS IT? and why do i have it?

can females get sebaceous prominence , and if so what does that mean for them?

do you get sebaceous prominence or are you born with it?

I think i have sebaceous prominence and i was wondering are any of your bumps hard?

can your sex partner get sebaceous prominence?

hi i think i have Sebaceous Prominence if i have sex with no protection with she catch them please tell me!!!! Thank u

I am only 16 years old and dating now i think i have Sebaceous Prominence but im not sure from what ive seen on the web so far. i am not sure if i should tell my dad...ive noticed this since i was about 12 or 13 years old but ive only kept it my secret and now im sharing what i have to all of you out there...The disease Sebaceous Prominence i think i have...i have small looks like pimples on my penis and balls....ive poped em to find out what but its like popping a pimple.

hi i have sebaceous prominence and im male, this question is for the women, would you have sex with someone with sebaceous prominence? because im scared it'll freak girls out.

I believe I have sebaceous prominence on the shaft of my penis. I hate these things and want to get rid of them or at least lessen their appearance. Ive heard of a lotion or cream to use, but has anyone else had a treatment that actually led towards improvement?

what is Sebaceous Prominence and is it the same as hpv and does hpv look like little pimples on the vaginal area

Can Sebaceous Prominence be found on the scrotum and does it cause itching?

Is it possible for you to have Sebaceous Prominence on the scrotum as well?

I am 15 and have never had sex. I think i have Sebaceous Prominence but it seems to be moving up my penis. is this normal? can you get genital warts with out having sex?

I have had penile papules or sebaceous prominence or something similar since I was younger and thye havent gone away. like 3 times when I was younger one would get pop out and it look like a sesame sead. Now, atleast 1 a year between 5 and 12 of then would turn red like a pimple and they hair folical could be seen. Can these hair folicals get iritated from chafing from sex with a girl who shaves ocassionally? What does Hepres look like? any similar to penile papules or sebaceous prominence

Can Sebaceous Prominence be removed?

I have had small white bumps on the underside of my penis and covering my scrotum for many years now. On occasion one will rise up on the shaft and I can pop it like a pimple(white stuff comes out). These bumps are mainly on my scrotum where the majority of the hair is. I havent had sex before mainly because I avoided it since I thought I had HPV until I read about sebaceous prominence recently. Does this sound like sebaceous prominence or can HPV cause these same symtoms?

On the back of my penis and lower part of my penis i have the small bumps that look like the Sebaceous Prominence. They are also on my scrotom, there are alot on the scrotom and not as many on the penis. I am a virgin and have not had any form of sex, or oral sex. How could i have got these, and how can i get rid of them, if possible?

i currently have Sebaceous Prominence...and that is not my question is this..and it is VERY scary to see what people have to say from my point of view the back of my shaft has a few (not many) veryyy tiny yellow bumps or dots..they have been there for a while..never grew at all either! what i mean by "back" is from my point of view from first peron, and look down...i hope someone can asnwer guess is that its simply Sebaceous Prominence. Thanks

can sebaceous prominence appear on the head of the penis?? please answer asap...

I think I might have genital warts, but im not sure. I think I just have Sebaceous Prominence but I want to make sure I dont have genital herpes. I never had sex or anything so I doubt that I have genital herpes. I have hooked up with girls before but I doubt any of them had herpes since they look perfectly normal and werent just like random hook ups or anything. So I have a bump on the lower shaft, it is kinda has a shine to it, looks like it would be just a pimple though. Please help.

is it possible to develop sebaceous prominence on the scrotum as well as the bottom of the shaft of your penis? Help me! i want to know what i have

I have what I think is sebaceous prominence, at first I thought it was HPV, then I thought it wasx the pearly penile pupoules thing, I don't think I sdpelt that right. I have two questions. I have developed a lump in one of my testicles, I just want to know if sebaceous prominence is linked to testicle cancer, also are there any household cures to this, becuase I'm only 13 and I don't really want to go to the doctors, any answer is appreciated, thanx.

So for this sebaceous prominence, is there anything that will cure it? like a cream or something??

I noticed the guy i was seeing had little bumps on his penis and after looking it up online, it looks like it must me Sebaceous Prominence. But I also noticed he had little bumps on the top of the head of his penis, and the picture didn't show that. Is that normal, or is it more likely an STD like warts/HPV?

I have only one wart on my shaft, i saw a picture of Sebaceous Prominence and it looks more like that than any other thing.. can a wart appear from over stimulation?

Are sebaceous prominence supposed to itch

I think I have sebaceous prominence or Penile Papules (have small white bumps on shaft of penis and around the head) and my wife has just become pregnant. How will this affect my baby at birth?


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