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This section is here to help new visitors deal with HPV and Genital Warts. As many of us with HPV know, it takes some time to come to terms with this virus. Please share your story with the community!

Add your Personal Experience so others can relate!

Posted: 12/26/2003
Article on Condoms and HPV - (1 ) comments.
To: National Desk, Health Reporter Contact: Hal Willis of The Physicians Consortium, 612-827-9552 ...>more

Posted: 12/26/2003
what kind of doc does male with suspected HPV see ? - (6 ) comments.
Urologist ? Andrologist ? General Practitioner? thx ...>more

Posted: 12/25/2003
Could I be misdiagnosed? - (2 ) comments.
I had a UTI in October and the doctor checked for warts and found nothing. When I would urinate it w ...>more

Posted: 12/23/2003
Sex ,What to Do?? I'm getting married soon! HELP - (10 ) comments.
Ok what do I do. How long after the warts are gone do I have to use a condom with my hubsand. Well, ...>more

Posted: 12/23/2003
HPV on CNN - (2 ) comments.
Hey everybody, I just caught the last end of a 'For Your Health' segment on CNN with a doctor talkin ...>more

Posted: 12/23/2003
*Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea* - (24 ) comments.
I'm a 19 year old female and I was diagnosed with genital warts about 6 months ago. A friend of mine ...>more

Posted: 12/23/2003
Question about treatment of GW:degree of pain,side effects etc - (14 ) comments.
I just self diagnosed myself w/GW in the anus. I plan on making doc appt tommorow. Problem is I am ...>more

Posted: 12/23/2003
Advise - (5 ) comments.
I believe GW is not a serious disease but it does cause patient's mental problem. It would be better ...>more

Posted: 12/22/2003
Drewtang asks... - (10 ) comments.
So for real all, 2 years till you supposivly "pass" the virus. Ok , so um.. does that mean, two ...>more

Posted: 12/22/2003
STD DATING SERVICE - (12 ) comments.
www.positivelove.com um so yeah if your lonely, well theres this. ...>more

Posted: 12/22/2003
Good News - (18 ) comments.
Stressgen Biotechnologies Corporation (TSX:SSB - News) announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug A ...>more

Posted: 12/21/2003
Ture or false - (17 ) comments.
I saw some website stated that the hpv will go away after 2 years for some people? is it ture, or no ...>more

Posted: 12/21/2003
What could they be? - (3 ) comments.
I am a 23 year old male. I have never had sex. I noticed these bumps on my penis that don't look li ...>more

Posted: 12/21/2003
HPV in men - (10 ) comments.
Many researchs for HPV only for women but not for men, Why? ...>more

Posted: 12/21/2003
Anal - (10 ) comments.
I found out that back in february I had been with someone with HPV. Now just yesterday, A bump that ...>more

Posted: 12/21/2003
studies about visialization and immunitiy - (1 ) comments.
Several studies suggest that imagery can also boost your immunity. Danish researchers found increase ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
I'm trying to cope with this but who will ever want to be with me now? - (10 ) comments.
I've never had a problem attracting ladies, but let me ask all of my fellow infected friends, who is ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
Question: How long do they take to grow larger? - (3 ) comments.
People talk about little ones and big ones. I have tiny ones, but they don't grow. Stay the same siz ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
What we know about the preventative HPV vaccine - (10 ) comments.
Here's what I've discovered in my web research about the vaccine. If anyone has particular knowledg ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
Where are all of the HPV singles out there? - (8 ) comments.
If so many people are affected, where are they?? Probably hiding out somewhere in tears, or unkowing ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
QUESTION ABOUT A "VACCINE" - (3 ) comments.
I was wondering, if a person who already has HPV gets the vaccination, (if we ever get one)then wo ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
Trying to keep coping - (10 ) comments.
I've known about having this virus since beginning of July, I was devastated when I first found out. ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
Little more info on the Merck Vaccine - (4 ) comments.
From their website: Vaccines continue to show promise Merck has a number of promising vaccines ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
cold season and hpv - (5 ) comments.
Alright, so i was just diagnosed with HPV like 2 months ago, and just in time for cold and flu seaso ...>more

Posted: 12/20/2003
RE: Cold season and HPV - (2 ) comments.
I have a cold right now and I have noticed a lot of pain in the wart area. I don't know if it's fro ...>more

Posted: 12/19/2003
Question about freezing - (9 ) comments.
Ok I went to the doctor today and she froze the GW's that I have. That was this morning. Tonight the ...>more

Posted: 12/19/2003
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME :' ( - (14 ) comments.
Ok heres my story, I found out in early dec that I had HPV and a small case of GW. The doctor treate ...>more

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