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Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile PapulesSource:

Pearly Penile Papules
Pearly penile papules, a condition which causes pin-headsized outgrowths arranged neatly in rows on the base of the head of the penis may be mistaken for genital warts. They are not warts nor genital warts, they are harmless and do not require treatment.


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Pictures of Genital Warts

Theres this pealy white bumb that resembles a pimple thats growing near the hair follicles. Yet I dont think it is those early papules. I have never had sex, so i wonder what is it?

Is it possible for pearly penile papules to secrete tiny amounts of whiteish puss if attempted to be "popped" like common whiteheads on a person's face?

Over the past year or so I have noticed the development of small bumps on the shaft of my penis and at the root of my pubic hair. They appear very similar to your descriptions and photos of pearly penile papules. Nevertheless, I have put off going to see a doctor thus far, more or less because of fear. However, over the past six months or so, an unusual and quite frankly, foul smell has developed around my genital and anal area. Is this an indication that I have contracted HPV or any other STD?

hi, i am 15 years old and i have small white bumps around the tip of my penis. i have never had sex so i am sure that it is not genital warts but i was wonder in if pearly Penile Papules could be found on the tip of the head of the penis. thanks

I am a virgin who has genetial warts, it is still hard for me to belive and accept. I was diagnosed by my gyno. and I looked online to compare pictures with what I have. I have looked at many pictures over the past 2 years but I have not seen anything that looks like what I have at all. Mine are very small and look more like the "pearly papules" could they really be something else?

iS it possible to develop sebaceous prominence or penile pAPULES spontaneously? Or is it somehing u have or dont have? If so, what produces them?

i think i have what are called pearly papules, because i have never had sex before and i got these when i was about 13 before i had even hooked up wit

whitish pimples on libia and several bumps in vigina, skin tag , and really bad sore throat above lymph nyoids..I I've been to 4 Dr. From University Docs to the main city STD clinic. And no one can tell me what it is. But I am a female, so it is not penile papules. And all the doctors that I have been to have said that it is not warts and my paps are clean. It is an STD, because I did catch it sexual from someone. Yet he had no symptoms.


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