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Tired of hearing how permanent HPV is? Perhaps you'll find some of the following links interesting. While there is debate in the medical community about HPV, many think that the body's own immune system rids itself of HPV after some time. We reccomend evaluating many sources before determining what your opinion is.


CDC HPV/Genital Warts Facts Sheet
"Most people who become infected with HPV will not have any symptoms and will clear the infection on their own."

American Medical Journal - HPV in United States
"HPV infection, which is usually asymptomatic, is also usually harmless. The vast majority of cases are transient: The body's immune system fights off the infection, which then either becomes inactive or resolves on its own."

Planned Parenthood - HPV: The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Virus
"Although there is currently no "cure" for genital HPV infection, most cases are transient and clear themselves without medical intervention"

HPV Info - From American Cancer Society
"Most HPV infections are temporary and go away on their own. Only HPV infection that does not go away over many years can lead to cervical cancer."

Genital Warts Immunity — Is the virus eliminated or is it just hiding?
"The majority of folks who get HPV infected (human papilloma virus, wart virus) will actually ELIMINATE the virus completely from the body..."

Diagnosis and Treatment of: Genital Human Papillomavirus Infections
"HPV infection is not a lifelong infection as herpes is thought to be. Even untreated the majority of individuals will eventually become disease free, but this can take months to years."

Experimental vaccine against cervical cancer said promising
"The vaccine breaks new ground in the battle to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases," said John Schiller, a researcher with the National Cancer Institute"





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