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Warts in mouth?

Warts do not generally appear in the mouth, however there are some cases.

Here are a few pictures found on the web - Keep in mind these pictures are of patients with severely compromised immune function.

We reccomend seeing a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Other Conditions Confused with warts in or around the mouth:

Some questions found on the site related to warts in the mouth:

what do mouth warts look like?

I would like to know if you can give mouth warts by tounge kissing other people

I have been with my boyfriend for about 11 months now and we have been having oral sex since we started dating...we've been having sex for only about 4 months now and today I just noticed a small bump on my vulva that resembles some pictures of genital it possible that i didn't get mouth warts but still got genital warts or should i not worry so much and assume it is something else...i'm gonig to the doctor soon, but i was looking for some peace of mind...

pleeease somebodya help me i dont know if i have a blister in my mouth warts or canker sore or ulcers all i know is their white && croweded && my bottom lip has dots. please help me im only 14.. i have a long time to live with this & if i have it i want to get rid of it quickly my mom said its nothing but im not sure & my docter is saying its just some new virus but im scared bc she hasnt even looked at it!




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