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Incidence of HPV and or Genital Warts in the mouth is far lower than occurences in the genital and perianal regions - however, any symptoms of HPV warts or cancerous lesions that you notice should be brought to the attention of your doctor. Listed are frequent questions on the subject of HPV in the mouth and properly identifying the symptoms.

About 2 months ago i had a coldsore on the outside of my mouth, and recently I had been diagnosed with having 1 singular genetal wart. Is there anyway i could have accidently spread the coldsore from my mouth onto my genetals, or can they only be contracted through sexual contact?

About 3 months ago i gave oral sex. About 2 weeks after i did it i noticed bumps in my mouth. I just went to the doctor and he didn't think they were any kind of sexually transmitted disease. However recently i have also noticed some bumps around my anus. Can you get veneral warts from having oral sex?

Are all strains of HPV transferable to the mouth?

are oral warts visible in your mouth or throat? do they cause any pain in your throat?

Can genital warts have anything to do with sores in a persons mouth, or swollen glands?

How is HPV in the mouth treated?

I gave oral sex about 2 1/2 months ago. About 7 weeks ago i started noticing bumps in my mouth. The bumps are kinda white, but some are red. Most of the bumps are in my throat, on the hangy thing in my throat, and on the wall behind my molar teeth. They dont really look like warts to me. But i'm not sure what they are. Any ideas?

I have small warts outside of my mouth on upper lip are that are small from HPV. Are they contagious? Any remedies. Thanks?

I might have HPV in the mouth, throat area.Im going to get checked out.I know its not common but say i do have it for sure.Is it contagious through sharing the same drink or kissing or touching your mouth?

I was just diagnosed with gentital warts. Can they spread to the mouth through oral sex or to the hand if my boyfriend touches the infected area??

I was wondering if HPV or ill say warts is transferable from skin to skin contact, then how can people say its not tranferable from kissing if uve got the warts in your mouth?

If a person has hpv on there lips or mouth can some one else contract it from sharing with them or kissing them?

If you and your boyfriend have HPV and the girl has the high risk and you both dont have any warts and you give him oral sex even though he doesn't have warts but has the virus could you still get warts in your mouth? Or is the only way you can get warts is by actually having the penis in your mouth with warts on it?

Is it possible to have genital warts on lips? All i have read says it happens in people with HIV?Is that true? Can you get in in your mouth if your HIV negative as well?

Is there any way to treat Warts of the mouth and is it deadly in any way?

my boyfriend has genital warts. we have not had sex, but we have had oral sex. i have a wart in my mouth, but i do not have any around my genital area. does this mean i have the virus?

my boyfriend has genital warts. we have not had sex, but we have had oral sex. i have a wart in my mouth, but i do not have any around my genital area. does this mean i have the virus?

My brother has been recently diagnosed with genital warts (HPV) on his mouth (lips). I drank out of a cup of his without washing it first and smoked two cigarettes with him while the warts were visable. Does this mean I probably will catch it?

My husband had an affair, got genital warts and has most likely infected me. I have a couple questions ... why shouldn't partners that both have HPV have sex when the virus is present? Also, do the warts appear where the virus was contracted (vagina, anus, mouth)? Finally, assuming again that both partners have HPV, will the location of the warts change based on the type of sex you have in the future?

ok i found out the other day that my friend has hpv. she had gotten it from her bf well the had oral sex and well i was just wondering that if she now has it in her mouth even if he didn't ejaculate and can she pass hpv on to others by sharing drinks if she has it?

Say I have active lesions in my genital area. If I give oral sex to my partner, or I french kiss her (ie. any sexual activity NOT involving her mouth or genitals touching my infection) will she be infected?

What do genetal warts in the mouth look like?

What do warts inside the mouth look like? Are there photos? Is it possible to have small bumps inside your mouth that are not warts or oral cancer?

Warts on the genitals and warts on different parts of the body are not the same thing at all. The warts on the genitals can not be transmitted to other parts of the body (except the mouth, and this is uncommon), and common warts on the body can not be transmitted to the genitals. So whatever is on your arm has nothing to do with your penis. However, I would still consider getting checked out because any time there are bumps on your privates, it's a good idea to get them looked at.

I don't know what warts in the mouth look like or if there are any photos on the web. But I do know that you can have small bumps inside your mouth. You can have bumps in your mouth for a number of reasons. They can be tiny sores, cuts, etc. Also, there are large taste buds in your mouth. If you look way back on your tongue you will see several large bumps shaped in a V form. Those are tastebuds! Don't panic if you're seeing those because everyone has them. Hope this helps.

HPV in the mouth is similar to other locations but with more limited treatment options - surgical removal, cryotherapy, interferon alpha. Oral warts cannot be treated with some of the more popular topical remedies like Podophyllin or Aldara.

Usually quite similiar to warts appearing on genitals. Generally whitish colored cauliflower like bumps. Here are a few pictures I found on the web - Keep in mind these pictures are of HIV/AIDS patients with severely compromised immune function. Genital wart in mouth Genital Wart on lower lip I reccomend seeing a dermatologist for the an accurate diagnosis. Hope this helps, more pictures are available at:

No not usually. Sores sound more like raw spots in the mouth. Warts would probably be raised or flat bumps in the mouth. Don't get these confused though with regular taste buds. There are big taste buds found way back in your throat in a shape of a V. Swollen glands could be from anything. If you have tonsils you could be having problems with those, sore throat, or just a small infection some where. Hope this helps. If not go speak with your doctor or call this free HPV hotline. 1-919-361-4848 they will answer any of your questions you might have on HPV. They are very helpful.

There are over 30 strains of genital HPV, and most of them are not transmittable to the mouth. According to my limited research only two strains (6 and 11) can be trasmitted to the mouth. Although it seems to be rare, I guess it's possible. Verify this with your doctor.

It is my understanding that there are only two strains (6 and 11) that can be transfered to the mouth via oral sex.

no, no warts are curable. But they can freeze them with liquid nitrogen. This can sometimes leave a scar. Or if they are on your lip...not inside your mouth you can use aldara on them. Although, that is not reccomended on the instructions, but my doctor said that it can be used there.

warts are not deadly... it is the ones that are microscopic that can be... Those can cause oral cancer but are often invisible.. but there are a few ways to trat oral warts... 1) if it is outside the mouth lip on the outer lips you can use aldara (this treatment takes a while) 2) cryotherapy...freezing 3) surgical removal 4) electro therapy

Though it is rare, HPV can be transmitted from the mouth to the genitals. If he has the HPV virus in his system (even without showing symptoms), then it is possible to contract it. My boyfriend has HPV but never showed symptoms and so he didn't know he had the virus. He gave me oral sex (he's my only partner in my entire life, but he's had other partners before he met me) and I had a genital wart show up - which I immediately tested for positive for HPV. Doctors confirmed that I could have gotten it only from him. Please make sure you know your partner's history well enough, or at least protect yourself in any kind of sexual activity! (That includes fingerplay, oral, anal sex, etc.) Have your boyfriend use a dental dam, or you should wear a latex condom even if it's just oral sex, if one of you has HPV.

It is normal to have bumps on the back of your tongue. Its probably not likely that warts would show up the day after you proformed oral sex... I dont think you have anything to worry about unless you start to develope bumps else where in your mouth, or they flatten and begin to look like warts.

From my research its less common to have symptoms on your lips. The virus can be transmitted when warts aren't visible. I would get your mouth checked out by a dermatologist and make sure what you're seeing is any way related to HPV before getting too worried.

I have heard many things about this topic. Some say it is likely but in most cases you won't get it by having oral sex. Then some research I've done say that you can get HPV through oral sex. Most likely oral warts would appear in the mouth if you got it through oral sex. I would say yes you could get it from oral sex.

From the research I've done - warts outside the mouth, or even in the mouth are quite uncommon. I would reccomend getting checked out by a dermatologist who would be able to give you a better idea of what you're noticing and how to treat it. Sorry I can't be more of a help. As always, stay healthy!

No, not all. If warts appear in the mouth, it is caused by strains 6 and 11. Also, oral cancers can be caused by type 16. But there are over 30 types of genital HPV, and most of them are not transmittable to the mouth (only the few). Oral HPV is, at best, uncommon, although I do know people who have it.

I believe strains 6 and 11 can cause warts in the mouth. I don't think this is very common.

Yes I would think oral warts would be visible in the mouth. I wouldn't think they would cause any pain. Usually warts are just there. They go away on their own in about 6 to 8 months (oral or genital) but usually people want them taken care of and gone cause they are just annoying. If you think you have oral warts go to your doctor or an ear,nose, and throat specialist. They would be very likely to tell what it is that you are worried about.

Getting warts in the mouth is uncommon. HPV can be transferred when symptoms aren't present. That's all I can say for certain.

The mouth is a very acidic and harsh environment. I think its safe to same that this is the reason that its popularly claimed to be less likely.

The mouth is a pretty harsh environment and it isn't very common to transfer them this way. I wouldn't reccomend it in the future, however I dont think you have much to worry about.

It's possible. Warts in the mouth are pretty uncommon and as you probably know there isn't much information online regarding them.

It's possible. Warts in the mouth are pretty uncommon and as you probably know there isn't much information online regarding them.

It's possible. The mouth is a less likely place for warts to appear or be transmitted. Some numbers point that 50-75% of the sexually active population has some form of HPV. So you're not going to be able to avoid it unless you stay with one partner and you are certain neither you or they have ever been exposed to it.

Most likely your baby is fine. Doctors say there is a very very low percent that a baby could contract HPV from its mother. If they did it would be found in their mouth. Just talk with your doctor about this, but mostly likely your baby is 100% fine. Your boyfriend probably does have HPV. Usually people do not show any signs of HPV such as warts, so most likely he does have it.

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