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Treatments for HPV and Genital Warts

Which treatments would you recommend?

How long is the average time it takes for a first time outbreak of small warts to go away, after 2 or 3 cryosurgery treatments?

I have a question about different treatments that cliam to kill the virus hpv. Oxi-Med, Warts No more cream, and Heal warts all claim to get rid of s

I have had HPV high risk virus for about 5 years. I had three laser treatments. The itch and pain in vagina are unbearable. Are there any means to r

Without health insurance, what are the most effective, low cost treatments available? especially interested in non-prescription, topical ointments

Are there any over the counter genital warts medications/treatments? Also, is it possible to contract genital warts without sexual contact?

I have gotton 3 acid treatments for my genital warts at the gyno. They become white and very soft so I peeled them off. Now I am very irritated and red, and there is contant pain and discomfort. What can I do to speed up the heeling time?
How long do breakouts last? What are treatments?

Below are some treatments available to order online or through doctors visit.

Home Remedies

FDA Approved
Imiquimod cream (ALDARA) is a patient-applied treatment for external genital and perianal warts. It is safe, effective, easy to use, and offers an alternative to tissue-destructive therapies. Click here to buy Aldara with free prescription consultation through our partner.


Doctors Visit
  Podophyllin resin - Podophyllin is a chemical compound that must also be applied by a health care provider.

  Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is another chemical applied to the surface of the wart by a health care provider.

  Cryotherapy - Cryotherapy freezes the wart(s) off with liquid nitrogen.

  CO2 laser therapy - Laser therapy has the advantage of getting rid of warts in a single office visit. However, treatment can be expensive and the health care provider must be well-trained in these methods.


  Surgical ablation

  Local excision

  Injectable interferons


Patient preferences and characteristics

  • Tolerance of pain (pay close attention to avoiding and controlling any pain associated with treatment)
  • Preference for self-treatment vs. treatment by health care provider
  • Duration of treatment and/or number of visits
  • Cost of treatment
  • Cognitive ability
  • Ability to accurately identify and physically reach external genital warts
  • Circumcision status
  • Immunologic status
  • Age
  • Pregnancy status
  • Individual sensitivities (eg, fair-skinned women with blonde or red hair and blue eyes may develop a hypersensitivity reaction to TCA, and podofilox)
  • Provider preferences and characteristics
  • Clinical training and experience
  • Fiscal and physical resources
  • Scheduling limitations

Wart characteristics

  • Size and number of warts
  • Anatomic location and epithelial presentation (fully vs. partially keratinized skin)
  • In general, provider-administered topical treatments are not ideal for large area of warts, although they may have a debulking effect
  • Warts on moist (partially keratinized) surfaces and interiginous areas appear to respond better to topical treatments than do warts on dry (fully keratinized) surfaces and open areas
  • Avoid aggressive ablative or surgical therapy over the clitoris, glans penis, urinary meatus, prepuce, and preputial cavity in uncircumcised men




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