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HPV Symptoms

Below are some questions regarding HPV symptoms. We hope you'll find your answer by clicking on the appropriate link below:

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

What does it look like and what are the symptoms?

How is it that at first I just had dysplasia and then I got symptoms of the warts? How did I get 2 virus types?

My partner was diagnosed with the virus and has also shown symptoms, however the symptoms have not shown up for almost a year. There is a high probability that I may also have it, my question is whether or not a dormant and likely suppressed virus (in me) can be reactivated by having sex with her on a regular basis. Also, I have not had any symptoms.

I have read from at least one doctor that after the warts are gone, if you do not show symptoms for a year then you can assume that you are immune and no longer contagious. Any truth to that?

I have been with the same boy for 18mos. When we first started talking he had small white bumps under the head of his penus. I asked him about it and he said that he has had them since he was a boy. We had sex and I went for a std check and papsmear and everything was fine. Is it possible that he did have genital warts and I might have symptoms in the future?

Is it possible to contract gentital warts(HPV) from having intercourse between two non-infected persons? Also, I have been with my girlfreind for six months and we have have been having sex for about six months, prior to this relationship I had not noticed any symptoms until resently. Could it be possible that I contracted HPV from her in that time frame. I strated speculating that I may have HPV yesterday.

How can my boyfriend be tested for HPV, or know that he has it without symptoms. I was diagnosed and told him and my ex husband to be tested. I thought it was a blood test?? Found in one's blood. What should he ask his doctor to test him for?? 2. He blames everything on me, and i feel so dirty, i have had 2 partners in my life while he has had multiple partners.

how can one cure HPV? and how long do the symptoms take before desapearing?

I was recently with someone and 10 days after we were together he had a wart. I have no signs or symptoms. He thinks he got it from me. Is this possible?

if i was sexually active with someone for a short period of time and 3 months later he began showing signs of warts, is it definite that I was exposed? it has been 6 months since I was with him, if not more and I am yet to show symptoms, when can i feel like I should not be so paranoid?

Hello, I have had three genital warts surgically removed about a month ago. I still cannot have sex as it is extremely painful in one area and it actually blisters if something rubs against it. Is this normal? How long will it take before these symptoms will go away?

I've heard so many things now, which is it, can it be weeks to months, or years of being infected before symptoms show up? One doctor said it had to be more than 3 months, the other said it could be a partner of less than a month, then I read it could be years? Help?

Symptoms, is it possible for symptoms to develop while in the first stages of mild cervical dysplasia? Like discharge?

My boyfriend was just diagnosed with HPV and is afraid he has passed it on to me. Is it possible that I gave it to him even though I haven't had any symptoms?

Once you develop symptoms, does it mean you will build up immunity faster compared to situations where hpv lays dormant?

What other symptoms can you get if you have warts appart from the actual wart?

If you have HPV but don't have symptoms, will it show up on a papsmear?

what is it? what are its symptoms? what are the conseguences? is it curable? how is it spread? other interesting facts?

Is there a test for males if they don't have symptoms


I've read that once your body has built resistance to a virus, due to proper nutrition, you're no longer contagious. Does this mean HPV won't be transmitted if there aren't any visible symptoms?

If one doesn't have oral symptoms, can HPV be transmitted through kissing?

can men be tested for hpv if there are no visible symptoms?

Can genital warts be popped, because i have small bumps on my scrotum and shaft that when pressed discharge and firm string of white like popping a pimple, also I have small white dots on my lips that have no texture unless i try to pop them, could this be a sign of warts. What are some symptoms of mild HPV. because pictures on the web seem a bit extreme and look like warts that have been untreated. Is there anywhere to look for an extensive image gallery. thanks


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