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are there any pills to cure the inside genital warts, if so, which one is it?

is their a cure if so how long does it take.

what about allegations by Dr.Glickman that beta-mannan can cure HPV?

how can one cure HPV? and how long do the symptoms take before desapearing?

I need to know if hpv can be transfered to the fingers and hand if I vaginally matsterbated someone who might have had the virus? It is seven weeks after it has occured and now I have had two raised bumps on my finger? Is this hpv?

can you buy anything from a drug store to cure genital warts?

If you wear a condom with a new partner, who is clean,can you some how transfor HPV to them?Are there any cures or treatment for HPV?

Being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia due to HPV, will a LEEP surgical procedure remove and cure and prevent HPV/Cervical dysplasia from re-occurring

I was diagnosed with HPV a yr and a half ago. I have not had any oubreaks and all of my paps have come out normal. My doc says that there is a 2 yr reoccurent time frame. He claims that if I do not have any outbreaks within 2 years than I will not have an outbreak again. Is this true?

What else cures can help get rid of the genital warts?

you say there is no cure, can you have immunities to it?? and when you have it you say it fades away after a while. then can you never get it again?? how long does it take to drift off into nothing???

I have never tried beta-mannan, but I am very wary of the website. The man who owns the thing makes it out to be a cure-all. And we know that as of yet, there is no cure for the HPV virus. So I wouldn't trust it.

Yes, very possible. Its very common for people to have only one occurence and then never see them again or only notice symptoms rarely. The most important part to reducing occurences is staying healthy. Excercise, multi-vitamin, Vitmain-E, Lots of green foods, Lots of water, quit smoking.. chances are you wont see the suckers again. Cya

There is no real cure for the hpv virus. Most research has indicated the immune system clears the infection over time.Even at that it is also believed that even if never cleared by immune system after a while it is supressed so well that you will not be contagious any more. That is if you get treated and it does not return.It is believed to be cleared after 1-2 years

Again more innacurate information. HPV does not become part of your DNA its isolated in the exposed tissues. Dysplasia is abnormal cell growth of the cervix caused by HPV and does not always cause cervical cancer. Both dysplasia and cervical cancer are the exception and not the rule. Most people with HPV never develop symptoms, and generally women who have an abnormal pap do not develop dysplasia. 90% of those that do can be easily treated and are cured of the dysplasia on the first treatment, 99% are cured with the second treatment. Any abnormal cell growth such an warts is caused by normal cells getting hijacked by a virus or other factor and getting programmed incorrectly. The defective cells then replicate out of control, such as in the case of a tumor or wart.

Difficult to tell if you aren't showing symptoms. Your chances increase if you participated in unprotected sex. I'd reccomend being extra health concious towards the possiblity of assisting your immune system to supress or prevent an occurence or infection.

There is no cure for genital warts. You can treat the symptoms through a variety of treatments offered by your doctor. Improving your health is another way to increase your chances of ridding the symptoms. I'd reccomend taking a multi-vitamin, folic acid supplement, fruit and vegetable intake, excercise and if you smoke quit.

You probably have bacterial vaginosis. Go to your doctor and that can be cured with Metro gel or Flagyl. It is not known for HPV to cause other infections, however, many women who have HPV...especially inside the vagina complain of frequent yeast and bacterial infections because HPV does change the pH of our vaginas

Highly unlikely this was an HPV related wart. Syphylus is a more likely candidate for this type of problem. The papule enlarging then bursting and then going away as well as the duration of the symptoms point to this. On a bright note if that is the case its easliy detected and cured with a round of antibiotics.

A high oxygen enviroment will kill viruses and specifically kill HPV. What is not known is 1) do these super-oxygenating agents kill HPV in living human tissue and 2) do they kill it all. A short time ago there was no cure for HSV II. Then several herbal remedies came out that kill the virus. More recently prescription versions of these have come out that elimiate the virus. Now this hasnt been shown to be 100% effective, but it does work in some cases. The moral is... this MAY work but there isnt any supporting medical studies showing it to be so.

There is no cure for HPV. HPV is very treatable, though no one treatment is right or the same for everyone. HPV does regress or go into a low term remission. At this time no one know what the virus does. At this time HPV is not found in any test. HPV is many times controlled by the bodies own immunity. HPV can reactivate and many times does after years of sleep. HPV many times reactivates when your immunity is impaired such as with age, sickness, depression and pregancy. When the virus is in low-term remission it is not as contagious, but the virus can be transmissed at this time through the bodies natural shedding process. No one know when this happens. In a committed long term relationship HPV should present no problem each person share the others virus. Each partner understanding the risks and having encourgaing regular check ups for both parties. Until we are sure that HPV is 100% elimated from the body we must assume we can be contagious informing all sex partners of the virus and allowing that person to choose. Thousands and thousands of people have a virus reactivate after many years in a dormant stage. Until testing is approved and we know 100% we are not contagious we must assume we can transmit the viurs. The virus enters the body through a cut, scratch or micro-brasion during sex. Lubrications do help in preventing these microbrasions. TSH

Good diet, lots of excercise in most cases reduces symtpoms/occurence! There are a few drug companies researching various vaccines and treatments - don't know when more information will be available on this. Give it a few years we'll have cures for a bunch more of these annoyances!

Theres no cure-all for warts. Laser treatment can help with treating the symptoms although there is no way of saying they won't re-appear. Stay healthy and they probably won't.

From 3 weeks to several years. You can have the virus and never show symptoms. Likewise, if your immune system is compromised you may notice an occurence or more frequent occurence.

There is no known cure for HPV. However, eventually the immune system does repress it by reducing it to a low level. At the point of natural suppression, it would be unlikely for a person to transmit the virus. Researchers don't know whether it is actually ever fully eliminated from the body, but at any rate it quits being contagious after a while. The time it takes to get to this point varies from person to person, according to their immune system. The longer you have gone without having symptoms, the more likely it is that your body is reducing the viral levels. HPV does not tend to be persistent in most cases, and most people who have contracted it are not thought to be permanently contagious.

There isn't a cure. If you're curious about treatment options. Search this site for 'treatment'. Symptoms disappear depending on how your body reacts to various treatments. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist regarding this question.

I have seen alot of questions regarding this and haven't personally heard of anyone claiming success. Some would advise 'if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is'. His claim to have a 'cure-all' is at best suspcious.

hpv is a virus that causes genital warts and may cause cervical cancer in women.there is no cure for hpv but there is treatment such as creams and having them surgecly remvoved or frozen or burned off. its spread through skin to skin contact and theres a possibility if you touch there genitals and touch your you can get through that. condoms dont provide 100% protection against the virus.they say about 60% of the population in america hav hpv and alot dont know it.symtoms of hpv can be unusal growths on the genitals, they may apear in patches and hav cauliflower look to them ..they may be white or flesh or skin coloured.

if you or your partner dont hav will not contract it to eachother..but if one of you did hav hpv you would contract it to the other person....even if you did wear a condom and you hav can still spread the virus....there is no cure for hpv..there is treatment can hav them surgacly removed or use creams...and there are more

yes you can get genital warts without hav ing sex....thats how i got hpv-(genital warts) you can get it if you touch the genitals and then touch your genitals and i hav heard that if you use the same towel after there hav touched the towel with there genitals you can get is rare for this to occure..but it can happen


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