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What are the symptoms of genital warts?

Is there anything I can purchase at my local drug or health store for treatment of what I think could possibly be genital warts?

Can the warts on the hands and feet cause genital warts if they come into contact with the genitals?

If I had an abnormal pap smear, does it mean I will get genital warts now?

can smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol affect genital warts?

I have HPV - no genital warts have been found but I have dysplasia. My partner most likely has the disease now - how can he get rid of it? And can he

Two weeks ago I cut off one of my larger genital warts. The area has since turned red, and sometime little amounts of yellow stuff comes out from the

Is it possible to contract GENITAL WARTS from a friend without sexual contact?

it was only until a few months ago that i took into consideration the fact i might have genital warts. i have never had sex before, and these bumps h

I recently developed genital warts. I have only had sexual contact with one person. Does this mean that the person also has HPV, or could i have contr

Is it safe to use tampons with genital warts present? I can insert them without touching the warts.

Can genital warts have anything to do with sores in a persons mouth, or swollen glands?

Are there any over the counter genital warts medications/treatments? Also, is it possible to contract genital warts without sexual contact?

How effective is laser removal of genital warts?

Should I stop taking hormones (HRT)now that I have genital warts?

Does the itching of genital warts occur around the penis or actually on the shaft itself?

Hey everybody! Do genital warts go away w/o treatment and if so about how long does it take?

are there any pills to cure the inside genital warts, if so, which one is it?

My Dr.'s office just called and said I had an abnormal papsmear and HPV. I have never had any kind of genital warts, how is this possible?

Can a woman give a male genital warts if she only has one wart on her vagina and they have unprotected sex? The wart has been there for over a month.

My husband had an affair, got genital warts and has most likely infected me. I have a couple questions ... why shouldn't partners that both have HPV have sex when the virus is present? Also, do the warts appear where the virus was contracted (vagina, anus, mouth)? Finally, assuming again that both partners have HPV, will the location of the warts change based on the type of sex you have in the future?

I am a 33 year old female, I have had intercourse with 2 men and have always used a condom. The last relationship I was in which was over 2 years ago, my partner had genital warts. We did have intercouse one time before the wart was removed, we did use a condom (the wart was on the shaft of the penis), my question is I have had papsmears every 3-6 months for the last 2.5 years and have had nothing show up, what I was wondering is could I still be contagious to another person?

I have genital warts, and i am getting them frozen off tomorrow, is it painful??

i have been with my partner for 6 years, 14 months ago we had a baby and since then i have had an outbreak of genital warts, is there any chance that my daughter can have it through a vaginal delivery

I went to a clinic and was told that it looked like I had genital warts, but that they didn't treat it so I had to see a gynecologist. I was scared and waited a bit. Within 2 weeks the warts were gone. Is this normal? Was it really warts or something else?

I have been with the same boy for 18mos. When we first started talking he had small white bumps under the head of his penus. I asked him about it and he said that he has had them since he was a boy. We had sex and I went for a std check and papsmear and everything was fine. Is it possible that he did have genital warts and I might have symptoms in the future?

i have no idea if i have genital warts but i have something wrong with me, im sure thats what it is and i am afraid to tell anyone is there anything that i can get over the counter to help my outbreaks with out going to the doctor?

Do genital warts go away on their own in 6-8 months? Also, do warts usually stay the same size or grow to a certain size and stay that size until removed or until it goes away on its own?

my boyfriend has genital warts. we have not had sex, but we have had oral sex. i have a wart in my mouth, but i do not have any around my genital area. does this mean i have the virus?

my boyfriend has genital warts. we have not had sex, but we have had oral sex. i have a wart in my mouth, but i do not have any around my genital area. does this mean i have the virus?

My brother has been recently diagnosed with genital warts (HPV) on his mouth (lips). I drank out of a cup of his without washing it first and smoked two cigarettes with him while the warts were visable. Does this mean I probably will catch it?

Is it possible to have genital warts on lips? All i have read says it happens in people with HIV?Is that true? Can you get in in your mouth if your HIV negative as well?

I have a friend who recently foundout her boyfriend has genital warts. Now she has them now ,so how can you really tell if he has been sleeping with someone else or does it just come up even if he is the onlyone she is sleeping with.

does genital warts get worse as time goes on?

Hi; I would like to know if you can get genital warts from only one encounter with an infected person?

Can i get genital warts if i have not come in contact with it?

Can i get genital warts if i have never had sex?

I have never had sex and i have small bumps on my penis do i have genital warts i have never had contact with another person.

Can you get genital warts from anything non-sexual related? I haven't had sex, but Ive noticed what I think might be genital warts.

Is it possible to give or contract hpv (genital warts) by having your hand in contact with a woman's genital area? If so, how likely?

my gynocologist called me about an abnormal pap smear. she told me i have hpv and genital warts. does that mean i have two different strains of hpv?

If a woman has genital warts, is it safe for a man to give her oral?

If a woman has genital warts, is it safe for her to have oral sex?

can warts be skin colored, and if one has small skin colored bumps like a pimple for a long period of time is it wise to think that it would be genital warts

Would it be better to see a dermatologist or a gynocologist if you think you have genital warts?

can genital warts be treated and what you are infested and you are pregnet?

Hello, I have had three genital warts surgically removed about a month ago. I still cannot have sex as it is extremely painful in one area and it actually blisters if something rubs against it. Is this normal? How long will it take before these symptoms will go away?

i think i have genital warts. i have never had sex with a girl but the bumps on the shaft of my penis look like they could be warts. sometimes i can squeeze a very little bit of white stuff out of the bumps, but they dont seem to go away. could they still be warts. and also i recently met a girl and we have been talking. i really think we might be going out soon, but i dont know if i should tell her now or before we have sex. any suggestions?

With genital warts, is yeast infections common?

I recently saw a bump on the shaft of my penis. It has been there for a while, but I always thought it was a scar. There is only one. I put vinegar on it and it turned white. Does this mean I have genital warts?

Is there any other way other than through some type of sexual contact or from mother to get genital warts?

my g/f was detected with "genital warts", she said i'm the carrier and we engage in anal sex like 3 weeks before this incident...is there any chance i'm the carrier and have an outbreak; will it be in my anal area or the penis??

One of my flatmates has genital warts. We all use the same toilets and showers. I would like to know if we could catch the virus?

I had unprotected sex with a woman twice who then told me she had genital warts. She said she hasn't had an outbreak in a long time. Do I have HPV and when should I get tested?

if you have genital warts, does it lower your chance of getting a girl pregnant?

if you have genital warts, can you transfer it to a child if you deliver them through the vagina?

How should I tell my boyfriend that I have Genital Warts. I had them when I started dated him and now he has them, but dont think really anything of it, so how should I tell him.

my roomate was recently diganosed with genital warts. If I let her borrow some hydrocortizone cream and then used it on myself, is it possible that I can come in to contact with the warts?

i have small white spots around the flaps of my vagina, but have never had sexual contact with anybody. i am worried they are genital warts but dont see how they could be.

Can you tell if you have herpes or genital warts before you consult a doctor.

I am a married man and recently started an affai with a married women. I have been diagnosed with genital warts and until recently had not had unprotected sex with her. We did twice over the weekend, what is the possibilities that she did not or has not contracted this virus from me? I hope she hasn't!

I recently found out I had HPV. Sex has always been painful, and I was wondering if the reason could be that I have genital warts inside my cervix causing that pain. If so, how can I fix that?

can you buy anything from a drug store to cure genital warts?

18 years ago I had genital warts removed. I never told anyone, including the two ob/gyns following out of shame. Now 15 years into marriage, my pap comes back with the "high risk" abnormal cells type. Did I get those before marriage - I feel confident that I have had a monogamous marriage.

I have been diagnosed with HPV and have been sexually active with my partner before I knew this. I have genital warts that are being treated. Is it ok after the warts are gone that we go ahead with a sexual relationship with intercourse and oral sex??

If I have just been diagnosed with genital warts, but my partnerdoes not have signs of warts, does that mean he does not have them? Or in other words, could he have given me Hvp and I developed warts but he will not? Or does it take warts to spread warts? Hope this makes sense. Thanks

i just foundd out i have genital warts, they are near my anus. i have condom sex with my partner, should i continue or seize sex until the warts disapear

can the virus or genital warts be spread from sharing a cigarette??

what is HPV? Will genital warts lead to skin canser?

can i get genital warts or the virus in my eyes.

ok i found a lil bump on my genital area and it kinda looks like a pimple but it doesnt feel like one?? could itbe genital warts?? How long does it take the virus to go into a low term virus??

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for over a year, and he just found out he had genital warts. I've heard that the incubation period for the wart strain of HPV takes 3-8 months to show up. Does that mean he cheated on me?

If your partner has genital warts and has exposed you to it, does that necessarily mean you will have warts too since it is the same strain?

I have several small pink bumps at the top of my inner thigh...also what appears to be a very tiny skin-tag at the edge of the skin on my clitoris. Does this sound like genital warts? I think I may have been exposed about 2 years ago. I noticed that my boyfriend had a bump on the shaft of his penis, but I didn't want to embarass him by asking about it...and he didn't offer any kind of explanation. Please...I'm worried to death about this :(

Can spit cause genital warts or any other STD?

After giving vaginal birth I found out that I had genital warts. How will or can this affect my child?

I've been with my husband for four years, and I've never had sex with anyone else. Now I found out through a pap smear that I have genital warts. Although during our first 2 1/2 years together I had many paps and no sign of warts. Does this mean that he has cheated on me?

I recently found a small white bump that looks like a wart i have gotten on my knee or foot where i shave my pubic hairs. I noticed it after i shaved and i cut it..the next day i had two more. I have never noticed anything like this before. Could this be genital warts or possibly anything else. Please help

If you and your partner both have genital warts is it a wise choice to not use condoms anymore? What can happen if you do/don't?

what are the treatments for genital warts

My Question is, I have recently got tested positive for Genital Warts. I was in a relationship for two year and the warts showed up about a year into the relationship. She and I thought that it was just pours. I recently broken up with her and asked her to get tested. She came up with no sign of Warts. I then had sex with another woman and It showed up positive. How does the one I had sex with only a few times have it and the woman I dated for 2 years not?

I don't know if i have genital warts or not... Do genital warts hurt?

I have slept witha girl that had genital warts and she told me after words she had it. I have a yelloew is discharge that is coming out in of the penis head and has been going on for 4 days know. Is that a sign of genital warts

I am 3 months pregnant and just found out that I had genital warts. What are the risk to me and my baby?

1 have small red bumbs on my tesicles and they do not look like genital warts like the pictures show

I just found out I have HPV. The test indicated that I have the high strains. Does this mean I could develop genital warts?

what is the difference between hpv(genital warts) and herpes

I have gotton 3 acid treatments for my genital warts at the gyno. They become white and very soft so I peeled them off. Now I am very irritated and red, and there is contant pain and discomfort. What can I do to speed up the heeling time?

What are some long term effects of genital warts?

I have noticed light colored dots on my penis but i did not notice them until i started researching topics like this one. they don't hurt or anything and you can barley see them. I had my partner go get tested. Is it possiable that I have genital warts? and are there any specific things that people should look for that will tell you the differents in a wart and just your skin please help?

where can I find oxi-med? I recently had a papp smear, would this allow my docotor to know if I have genital warts? Also, if I eat right and exercise does this help gential warts go away?

I have awhite lump on the shaft of my penis... I have not had sex with anyone..Is it genital warts??

My best friend my have gential warts. The warts are not visible if she has them. One of our friends performed oral sex on her. That was it. Then a few months later he performed oral sex on me. Will I get genital warts now if she does?

I have what appear to be a couple little bumps around the base of my penis. They kind of look like pimples, but very small. I've had 2 of them for about 3 days, and one appears to have pretty much gone away. I went to an std clinic once before for something that looked similar and they told me it was probaly an ingrown hair, but not hpv. So i'm wondering, is it likely that they're just pimples or ingrown hairs or something, or is it likely that they're genital warts.

i hav a friend who is a girl and i put her underwear on as a joke and my penis touched where her vagina would touch it and she had genital warts...i didnt know she had it and now i hav a bump on the shaft of my penis....the doc said it wasnt it but do you think it could be it or maybe i hav hpv...or it could spread that way?????

I was currently told I have mild HPV, but I definitly have no genital warts, but mild dysplasia (sp), all I am worried about is my past boyfriend whom I slept with only once 6 months b4 being diagnosed, he was a virgin, but the guy before him wasnt. So does this basically mean all of us are screwed and should jump off a bridge together?

Is it possible to contract genital warts without having HPV?

i have small spots on my penis. is this genital warts or something normal during puberty? i think i have had these small spots before i was sexually active. does this matter? should i get checked out?

do genital warts have a fishy smell.

If I had dysplasia and passed the HPV to my boyfriend, will he get genital warts? I thought some strains caused dysplasia and some caused warts. I had a hysterectomy and evidentally didn't have the genital warts.

If a woman performs oral sex on a woman who does not, can the woman without them get genital warts?

If you are with a woman who has had HPV and was treated and have been tested every six months for like 3 years and been negative, still somehow pass HPV or genital warts?

What else cures can help get rid of the genital warts?

I was diagnosed with genital warts recently when I developed one on my vagina last month, however now it's about a quarter of its initial size. With it's rate of reduction I'm hoping it will be gone by next month (sounds right?) What offers less of a chance of reoccurance; your body removing the virus itself, or having a dr. remove it for you? Does this mean the next time I get the flu I'll most likely have an outbreak?

I was curious how long does a person have to be infected with HPV to see genital warts (or an abnormal) to show on a papsmear?

Can I get genital warts (HPV) in other places other than my penis around my genital area, like possibly the scrotum? Including using a condom.

How often/rare is it that genital warts would appear on your pelvic area, like around the base of your penis, and up into your pubic area... not on the actual shaft of the penis?

Can a genital warts outbreak be triggered by your mentstual cycle?

My roomate has genital warts. Can I contract them from sharing the same toilet, shower, and sink?

Can genital warts disqualify you from military service?

If a woman infected with HPV shows cervical dysplasia as a symptom, it it possible to develop genital warts also? Can her male parter develop genital warts if her only symptom was dysplasia?

Can a person have genital warts in the pubic area and if so, are they suppose to be painful and itch. And can they cause your pubic hair to stop growing or could these be hair bumps

i just got married about 2 months ago and i just found out that me and my husband have bumps that look like warts. I have 2 kids and is there any way that they can catch genital warts from me by kissing , by hugging , using the same towel or soap as me , sharing drinks or anything like that that does not have any sexual contact?

can you get genital warts on your hair line

If you have oral sex and do not come in contact with the males semen in otherwards you it does not get into your mouth is it possible to give HPV or genital warts to the guy?

If you have genital warts in your vagina and have sex with a condom then having it put up your ass can you get wasrts up there from the comdon having touched the warts in the vaginal can it be spread that way?


I was recently diagnosed with HPV with visible genital warts. I immediatley notified my boyfriend of one year. We both have had previous unprotected sex, so determining who brought the disease to the relationship is impossible. Despite this, he is still acting distant since i broke the news, and I am wondering how to get a guy to open up more about his feelings regarding this? I am very worried this is going to ruin our relationship.

When was Genital Warts first discovered: where, when, discoverer?

Can my parter become infected with the virus from giving oral sex?I was just recently dianogsed with Genital Warts. he preformed the oral sex a week before.

Can genital warts be popped, because i have small bumps on my scrotum and shaft that when pressed discharge and firm string of white like popping a pimple, also I have small white dots on my lips that have no texture unless i try to pop them, could this be a sign of warts. What are some symptoms of mild HPV. because pictures on the web seem a bit extreme and look like warts that have been untreated. Is there anywhere to look for an extensive image gallery. thanks

I was recently diagnosed with squamous type genital warts. I had a leep procedure done a week ago and the dr. also removed the warts. If my partner has genital warts, can i contract them again if we don't use a condom?

I am 34weeks pregnant and just diagnosed with genital warts. They want to use acid to burn them off, is there a less painful way to get rid of them??

I have only had one sexual partner and she tested negative for HPV. I recentlt started developing bumps on the bottom of penis it looks alot like genital warts. If its not does anybody know what it could be.

i have genital warts...I think i may have them in my mouth...how do I tell???

I really don't know for sure about his but I don't think that the male has anything to worry about. He can carry high risk types but it doesn't do anything to him. If anything he would possibly get genital warts from the low risks strains of the virus. If a male continuously smokes while being infected with HPV, that means all his life, he could get genital warts, lung caner, etc. When you smoke it lowers your immune system, then the virus is most likely able to come out in this situation. So it's best not to smoke if you know you have HPV. If you smoke quit. Start taking vitamins daily. Vitamin E is strongly advised to people with HPV. Hope this info helps.

Yes you can still use tampons with genital warts. If you touch the area with the tampon while inserting it, it should not cause any harmful affects. Hope this information helps!

Very frequently men have some bumps on their penis. There are 3 likely things: hair follicle, penile papule or wart. Generally the pearly penile papules appear on teh head of the penis. If you look closely at pictures of most genital warts you'll notice that they generally come in patches of more than one and have a rough cauliflower like appearance. See post: ('Pearly Penile Papules').

Also there are several microbiotics in the FDA pipeline that do kill viruses such as HPV, HSV and HIV. The test will be do they work out of the lab. Vira-medx is an over the counter microbiotic that kills viruses like HSV on contact and it does work. They are getting very close to effective treatments. Remember there are 100 strains of HSV. On CNN today I saw the 3Ms creme that eliminates genital warts (not just treats but eliminates) can also be used to reduce other tumors and abnormal cell growths. I just wish they would have given the product name.

Its's very common for men to have papules around the head of their penis. These are very commonly self mis-diagnosed as genital warts. I reccomend visiting this link showing a picture of 'pearly penile papules'. Hopefully you'll discover that these are what you're noticing. What are the tiny spots on the head of my penis? Warts can be passed from the mother to the child at birth, but these are mostly commonly laryngeal (throat) warts.

Well... depends on waht kind of tub.. a hot tub that is properly chemically treated would not allow transmission.. a bathtub would be even astronomically unlikely as the virus cant survive outside the body.. And what kind of drainage would you be ta?king about drainage from the surgery? because genital warts dont cause drainage.

First what you should do is go to your doctor and let him tell you if you do have genital warts or not. If not, then I'm sure he/she can prescribe a specific medicaiton to get rid of what you might have.

No. The types of HPV that cause regular warts on the hands, feet, etc. are a totally different type of HPV than the ones that cause genital warts. You cannot transmit them from your hands to your genitals or vice versa.

Your GP has probably never seen a real case of genital warts and only covered it for 5 minutes in med school. Genital warts do not resolve in 2 weeks. This could have been anything, but unlikely that a herpes outbreak could be confused with a wart by a physician, they look nothing alike and herpes is very painfull where warts are not.

Not likely since a cold sore and genital warts are actually two separate viruses.

He cant be tested for it if he doesnt have warts. HPV is not present in your blood it is localized to the exposed tissues. There are no definitive tests for men without symptoms. Most HPV cases display no visible signs. He can have the vinegar test done but that means almost nothing. It may show that he has small white spots that may be genital warts but again most infected men do not get warts.

There is no cure for genital warts. You can treat the symptoms through a variety of treatments offered by your doctor. Improving your health is another way to increase your chances of ridding the symptoms. I'd reccomend taking a multi-vitamin, folic acid supplement, fruit and vegetable intake, excercise and if you smoke quit.

Yes it is possible. You need to ask her specifically what she means. There are 2 types of HPV. Low risk strains and high risk strains. Low risk strains of HPV cause genital warts and the high risk strains can cause cervical cancer or cervical dysplasia in women. Make sure you talk with her about this and find out the proper treatment for you.

No, because if she has genital warts and for some reason touches them, "you never know" Then she could pass the virus on to someone else. no matter if it was just once. Or if she's had oral sex with someone else and didn't know wether he/she had them, that's how she could get them also.

Warts are not lesions. If you have lesions then you have something other than HPV/genital warts.

You will always have the virus with you. Most likely your body will suppress the virus, but you will always be a carrier. Some say that once you have not had an outbreak with genital warts for a year then you can consider yourself not in your "contagious" stage, but you still will carry the virus with you for life. A good example is the chicken pox. You get the virus, you have an outbreak, your body recognizes the virus and suppresses it, and most likely you won't have another outbreak. If you carry some of the high risk strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer you never really know if those are dormit or active. That is why you need to make sure you keep up with your pap smears because if some thing is caught quick it can be treated without having full blown cervical cancer. Hope this helps

No, that is a totally different type of HPV. There are 100 different types but 30 of those types of HPV are sexually transmitted. If you have genital warts then you came into contact with a person with HPV, and you were infected by that virus.

Over the counter wart removers are not FDA approved for the treatment of Genital Warts. http://www.genitalwartsonline.com/overall_results.htm describes the various treatment methods their and the effectiveness of each but is not completely up to date. There was a treatment removed from the market where you could remove your warts at home, but unless you create a sterile field and work with sterile instruments you could be setting yourself up for an infection or worse.

Look in your local phone book. There should be clinics in your area. Most of them are free if you do not have insurance. If they're not free, the cost is very low. I get my treatments done at a local clinic, and it costs absolutely nothing. Anyone in Texas should look for a local UTMB clinic. They're awesome. You can have your doctor prescribe you the aldara cream which visibly reduces genital warts (speaking from experience), and that usually costs around $150 without insurance. To me, that's a fair asking price for something that works so well. It may take several refills before you get rid of the warts though. I hope that helped some. And anyone that reads this, thanks for any input you've contributed to this site. I just found it today, and I think I may be able to live a better life. Thank you all!!

Do you shave? If you do these could be ingrown hairs. Genital warts look like cauliflower, they are usually in patches. See: 'Pictures of Genital Warts'

All warts are caused by the HPV virus. Of the 100+ strains only 30 are sexually transmittable and of those only a few cause genital warts. Some genital warts do not present any signifigant health risk to you or a partner. Other pose a higher risk to females. A bump that resolves itself in a few days is most likely not a genital wart. Herpes or HSV II would be a more likely culprit for this however, this could also be a pimple ingrown hair or a dozen other harmless things.

Yes she can. Even if there is only one wart present the virus is still there. HPV can be contracted even if no warts are present. Only 1% of people with HPV show symptoms of genital warts. She might have high risk strains as well that do not turn into genital warts but can be a cause of cervical cancer in the future if left untreated.

No medication out there can "kill" HPV. HPV is a virus so once a person is infected with it, it will always remain in their body. Most likely the virus will become dormit in the body and hopefully the person will show no futher outbreaks of genital warts. Times where genital warts tend to pop out is when a person's immune system is lowered. Either by being sick, stress, smoking, etc.

My doctor told me that drinking alochol would not affect genital warts. Since they say smoking is not at all good to do if you have HPV then I would think smoking marijuana would be as harmful. Smoking lowers your immune system so that is when genital warts could appear if you are sick, stressed, smoking, etc, while having HPV.

I've heard that laser removal of genital warts works very well but is very expensive. Usually laser removal is used on warts that are very big in size or the warts that are found inside a female that can't be taken care of any other way. I would speak with your doctor to find the best method for you to get ride of the genital warts. Usually the warts go away on there own in 6 to 8 weeks, but most of the time a person does not want to wait that long because of the fact that something is there that usually isn't. Hope this information helps.

Yes. Many infected people never develop symptoms. No one knows for sure when you contagious and when the virus is dormant. Genital warts do resolve by themselves and I'm very concerned with the use of terms like "outbreaks" in this forum. An outbreak, like a rash, would go away by itself but genital warts do not. If you have genital warts removed and they do not reappear, its likely the virus has gone dormant. It may appear years later causing more warts, it may never cause any other visible symptoms. Vinegar or not.. you cant see something that is microscopic without viewing a slice under a microscope. I have seen no data to indicate that "most infected people have MANY strains" of HPV.

Genital warts don't always look like the pictures you might find of them on the web. They start out very small, and may look something like skin tags or bumps. Then, they increase in size. But if you're seeing something that wasn't there before, and it's fleshcolored and bumpy, then it's a good idea to get checked out.

HPV is also known as human papillomavirus. It does cause genital warts but in most cases people never show any symptoms of having HPV. That is why so many people have it and don't know it. It is estimated that 80% of people have HPV. That's 3 out of 4 people! Genital warts can be single or multiple growths or bumps that appear in the genital area. These usually appear as soft, moist, pink or red swellings. They can be raised or flat, single or multiple, small or large. Some cluster together forming a cauliflower-like shape. Sometimes you can have itching or irriation. If you think you might have this I would go to your doctor. Hope this helps!

no. genital warts are a whole diffrent straind of warts.

See also: Pictures of Genital Warts. There are pics of Pearly Penile Papules on that page.

See 'sebacious prominence' pictures @: This may be what you're seeing. Click on first link on the following page: pictures of genital warts. The condition I mentioned is not genital warts, it just happens to be linked off the page we have for images on this site.

No, they can't. Warts on the hands etc. are usually caused by HPV types 1 and 2, but genital warts are caused by types 6 and 11. So they are not the same thing.

HPV is also known as human papillomavirus. It does cause genital warts but in most cases people never show any symptoms of having HPV. That is why so many people have it and don't know it. It is estimated that 80% of people have HPV. That's 3 out of 4 people! Genital warts can be single or multiple growths or bumps that appear in the genital area. These usually appear as soft, moist, pink or red swellings. They can be raised or flat, single or multiple, small or large. Some cluster together forming a cauliflower-like shape. Sometimes you can have itching or irriation. If you think you might have this I would go to your doctor. Hope this helps! From question: ('What does it look like and what are the symptoms?') Answerwed By: ilf303

(From question: What are the symptoms? Answered by: Rebekah) Genital warts don't always look like the pictures you might find of them on the web. They start out very small, and may look something like skin tags or bumps. Then, they increase in size. But if you're seeing something that wasn't there before, and it's fleshcolored and bumpy, then it's a good idea to get checked out.

See: Pictures of Genital Warts.

Honestly, I'm not sure. I know that hormonal changes can make genital warts come out. It's possible that you had the virus from before, but the HRT activated it. If I were you, I would speak with your doctor about it, and perhaps also with a health clinic. -B

There are some pictures located in Pictures of Genital Warts. Hopefully this helps.

Condlyoma is also known as: wart, genital wart, venereal wart, and all are caused by a virus called the human papilloma virus For pictures see: Pictures of Genital Warts

and Yes it is contagious. There are many questions regarding the transmission of genital warts/HPV on this site. They can easily be found by searching or browsing.

No, most likely you will not get genital warts. The type of HPV that causes cervical dysplasia is different from the type that causes genital warts. If you have had an abnormal pap smear and have shown no signs of getting genital warts, you probably do not carry the type of HPV that causes warts, and therefore you will not get warts unless you expose yourself to a new type of HPV, or that type of HPV is lying dormant in you. So don't worry about warts unless they've shown up.

Since your partner most likely has HPV now there is no way to get rid of this virus. Once you have, it you have it for life. He might not being showing any signs of HPV such as genital warts, but if he thinks he has visible signs he might want to go speak with his doctor. Dysplasia just simply means that there are some cells that need to be taken off your cervix. Once your doctor takes those off you still have the virus but you might now show anymore signs of it. Your boyfriend will not be able to pass it right back to you after you've had your surgery because you both have the same virus that will stay with you forever. Right now what you both need to do is take extra good care of your bodies. If you smoke, quit. And also start taking vitamins! Vitamin E is a great vitamin which helps your immune system. I think you should start taking these daily especially if you've had signs of dysplasia. Centrum is also a good vitamin to take daily as well. Hope this information helps..if you have anymore questions feel free to e-mail me.

the feelings are very very normal. lol..when i found out i had it when i was 18, that is when i noticed my first grey hair!! aaahhh...:-). it is very difficult. i bet you are saying "it just isn't fair!!". that is what i said to myself, and still catch myself saying almost five years later. but then i sit myself down and realize that it really could be very much worse. And for as feeling yucky. don't. so many people have it. you did nothing wrong. there is a ton of info out there on genital warts. learning all you can will help you understand and accept. let me know if i can answer any questions for you...my email should be on file now..:-)

If you have had an abnormal pap smear most likely you do not have HPV and you won't get genital warts. But still if you are worried about being exposed to this virus since so many people have it, I would ask your doctor to test you specifically for HPV. Sometimes a pap smear will come back ASCUS. This simply says that there are cells on your cervix that are normally not there. You have a 50/50 chance here of either having HPV or not. Usually ASCUS is a sign of HPV but not always. If you ever do get an ASCUS pap make sure the doctor tests you for HPV. But if I were you I would get tested for HPV, especially if you're sexually active.

There aren't any specific name brand over the counter treatments available. I've heard of various herbs and vitamins available at grocery stores that some have had success with: Folic acid, Vitamin E, Zinc and/or Echinachea. I like to take a Cayenne supplement it improves circulation and it's my belief that this helps heal by greater oxygen delivery throughout the body. Please visit post ('Is there anything I can purchase at my local drug or health store for treatment of what I think could possibly be genital warts? ') for additional information.

I too think I may have genital warts in my throat. It all started with a sore throat and swollen glands then I noticed a bump in the back of my throat that did not go away with the sore throat. A month later I notice three bumps on my uvula. I believe this is genital warts. I recommend going to a ENT or oral surgeon and have a biopsy done on them.

Check out genital warts pictures page. There are a few pictures of pearly penile papules on there, which are harmess and common. This may be what you have.. or it could also be 'follicitis' which is like an ingrown hair. Use google or the search function on HPVFaq.com home page for more info.

Here are two great answers from a related question: Can genital warts have anything to do with sores in a persons mouth, or swollen glands?. No not usually. Sores sound more like raw spots in the mouth. Warts would probably be raised or flat bumps in the mouth. Don't get these confused though with regular taste buds. There are big taste buds found way back in your throat in a shape of a V. Swollen glands could be from anything. If you have tonsils you could be having problems with those, sore throat, or just a small infection some where. Hope this helps. If not go speak with your doctor or call this free HPV hotline. 1-919-361-4848 they will answer any of your questions you might have on HPV. They are very helpful. Another: What do warts inside the mouth look like? I don't know what warts in the mouth look like or if there are any photos on the web. But I do know that you can have small bumps inside your mouth. You can have bumps in your mouth for a number of reasons. They can be tiny sores, cuts, etc. Also, there are large taste buds in your mouth. If you look way back on your tongue you will see several large bumps shaped in a V form. Those are tastebuds! Don't panic if you're seeing those because everyone has them. Hope this helps. I found a pic, picture here.

Pap smear can test for HPV. If you didnt have a pap smear and he said you have HPV then its because he saw genital warts.

Assuming you are a man, you can't get tested. The only way you're going to know if you have genital warts is if you see genital warts on yourself. Women can get pap smear, men cannot.

I think that it is possible to get genital warts in the mouth. I think that they would look similar to the kind you get on your genitals. Do you have a sore throat or swollen glands? I would definately go to the Ear Nose Throat doctor and have them do a biopsy. They put you to sleep and it is kind of expensive but it would be worth it to you for peace of mind. I have had a similar situation and am going in the end of the month to have them all removed- even if it isn't hpv it will make me feel better about the situation. However, it may be nothing to worry about- they may prescribe you some kind of antibiotic to see if that gets rid of them for you.

I havent heard of burning sensation as a symptom before. You should definitely look at some symptoms of other STDs though to make sure it isnt another. As far as small bumps, look in the section of pictures of genital warts - there are a few pictures on the first link that show a few harmless things that arent related to HPV but commonly confused with. There is something called sebacous prominence that may be what youre seeing.

Genital Warts will get worse without proper treatment. This includes keeping your immune system strong. You can find ways to do this by searching this site or using google. A few of the biggies are - quit smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, get proper sleep, excercise etc..

Hard to say. If it looks like any of the pictures on the following page - see a doctor: Pictures of Genital Warts

Genital warts aren't usually smooth. More rough, patchy and califlower like. Visit a doctor and you'll likely rid yourself of any worry.

The warts on hands are not the kind that cause genital warts. Have you looked at pictures of pearly penile papules? If not, look here.

Pictures of Genital Warts

HPV usually takes a minimum of 3 weeks to appear. I have never heard a case of it appearing in one day. Please see pictures of genital warts.

Genital warts are very obvious looking. They are white and appear in small patches.. looks very similiar to cauliflower. You can see pictures here.

im not sure about herpies but it could be genital warts-(HPV) but some men hav a thing on there penis called pearly penile papules and there comanly mixed up with genital warts..so the only way to find out with you hav this is to go to a doctor and hav an examanation and th doc will be able to tell you wut hte lumps are.

They usually don't cause pain. But that doesn't mean they aren't warts. Warts can itch, and have a cauliflower like appearance. See pictures of genital warts

Human Papilloma Virus causes genital warts. If you have genital warts, you have HPV.

Genital warts aren't red dots. It could be a rash, razor burn or maybe more likely clogged pores.

The idea is that when you put vinegar on the wart it will turn white. Not all warts respond to vinegar, and some things that aren't warts do respond to vinegar. I'd say if it turns white and looks like what you see in pictures of genital warts, then it probably is.

it can cause cervical cancer in women and you may develop genital warts on your genitals.

Hard to say, take a look at the first link on the following page: pictures of genital warts. The first link shows pictures of sebaceous prominence and pearly penile papules, which are unrelated to HPV but commonly confused with.

hpv is a virus that causes genital warts and may cause cervical cancer in women.there is no cure for hpv but there is treatment such as creams and having them surgecly remvoved or frozen or burned off. its spread through skin to skin contact and theres a possibility if you touch there genitals and touch your you can get through that. condoms dont provide 100% protection against the virus.they say about 60% of the population in america hav hpv and alot dont know it.symtoms of hpv can be unusal growths on the genitals, they may apear in patches and hav cauliflower look to them ..they may be white or flesh or skin coloured.

Sounds like it could be. I'd reccomend taking a look at the pictures to see if what you are seeing is similar. Pictures of Genital Warts.

genital warts is a virus that affects the genitals rectom and mouth.. by having sexual contact oral or anal sex.....the side affects of this are wrats that grow they may be flesh coloured or red lumps.....it can lead to cervical cancer in women....and you cab spread the virus to other people.

yes...it could be genital warts or herpes...or it could be pearly papules that are very common...but i say you should go to the doctors and hav the doc look at it to be sure...a doctor can tell you wut it is by looking.

Aldara cream can effectively clear genital warts as quickly as 4 weeks, although the average time to healing is 10 weeks and may take as long as 16 weeks. Results vary from person to person.

yes you can get genital warts without hav ing sex....thats how i got hpv-(genital warts) you can get it if you touch the genitals and then touch your genitals and i hav heard that if you use the same towel after there hav touched the towel with there genitals you can get it....it is rare for this to occure..but it can happen

well if you hav never had sex with anyone els and your other pap smears came out good.....i would say he did sheat on you with sombody els and got genital warts.....but im not sure....if you want to be very sure that he did ask a doctor about it and how it is spread and get info from the doc and then confront your hubby.

Genital warts can appear anywhere around the genital area. Most commonly they appear on the shaft and head, but can also appear at the base of the penis.


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