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Folliculitis is an inflammation within a hair follicle. This is usually caused by traumatic hair removal, that is, hair under the skin barrier of the pouch is pulled out when the skin barrier is removed. Prevention is the key to managing skin complications, so in this case, switch to an electric razor or scissors to clip the hair. A hair removal cream can be used, but it's best to patch test it on your skin before using it around your stoma.

If folliculitis does occur, it can sometimes be confused with a yeast infection. The skin under the faceplate or wafer is red and small pustules may appear. On close inspection though, these pustules will be seen only at the hair follicles in folliculitis. Treatment includes modifying the shaving method and the pouch removal method as needed to prevent further damage. Usually the use of a skin protective powder such as Stomahesive Powder will permit the skin to heal. In a few cases, an antibiotic powder (prescribed by your doctor) may be required. As with other skin complications, your ET nurse can provide you with help in identifying and treating the problem.

Common mispellings: foliculitus, folliculitus, follicitis, foliculitus

Source: Rita Pochard, ET, Franciscan Health System, Cincinnati; via Dallas, Metro Halifax News, April,1997

Not the bumps you're seeing? Men try here:

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Probably ingrown hairs. As youll see, most cases of warts are on the head or shaft of the penis. At the base there is generally more hair, and a likely reason to believe that you're just noticing ingrown hairs or folliculitis. For more info on folliculitis please search google.

Warts spread and grow rapidly. If you've been seeing this for a while I'd say its pretty unlikely. What you may be seeing could be folliculitis, pearly penile papules or sebaceous prominence. Please visit the first link on the following page to see some harmless things that get confused as warts: pictures of genital warts.

Sounds like an ingrown hair or folliculitis. Doesn't sound like warts.

this is probably just folliculitis (i believe that is how its spelled). The fact that it only occurs around hairs seems to indicate this strongly. Also the fact that you can pop again point to this not being hpv. What you have is normal, tons of people have it, its just natural so dont worry about it

In 9 months a genital warts will typically get biggger or smaller.. not common for it to just stay the same. It could be an ingrown hair, pimple, skin tag, folliculitis, cyst.. all harmless.

The bumps could be ingrown hairs. Do you shave the area? Sometimes this will cause bumps to appear from usually folliculitis or ingrown hairs.

Do a search for folliculitis or ingrown hairs on genitals. Hope this helps.


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