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Cervical Dysplasia Resources

Cervical dysplasia is the abnormal cell changes in the cervix. This is almost always due to a HPV infection, and the primary reason that women are instructed to get annual pap smear exams.

Below are some resources, both outside links and links within HPV FAQ.


Cervical Dysplasia Resources:

Related Questions and Answers:

Symptoms, is it possible for symptoms to develop while in the first stages of mild cervical dysplasia? Like discharge?

Being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia due to HPV, will a LEEP surgical procedure remove and cure and prevent HPV/Cervical dysplasia from re-occurring?

If a woman infected with HPV shows cervical dysplasia as a symptom, it it possible to develop genital warts also? Can her male parter develop genital warts if her only symptom was dysplasia?

I have a spot that use to be a freckle at the very top of my labia it has always been there it has slowly grown. I have been told I have hpv that causes cervical dysplasia. My doctor says it looks like a mole. please help

Is it a guarantee that if you have cervical dysplasia, you have HPV? Is HPV screened for in your average STD test?

Can I get pregnant after having HPV or cervical dysplasia?

I was recently diagnosed with high grade cervical dysplasia, hpv dna, I am married and have been sexually active only with my husband for 12 years. We engage in anal sex and I am concerned about the possibility of risk of anal cancer.

Is it possible for mild cervical dysplasia to develop into cervical cancer within 7 months if not treated immeditately?

After having cervical dysplasia removed can you still pass on HPVIf you have the type of HPV that causes dysplasia and have unprotected sex.What kind of problems would a male have??

I have the cervical dysplasia hpv. Will it or could it change into warts?

If I have high risk strands of HPV that cause cervical dysplasia, can my partner be affected through oral sex?

Today, I had a colposcopy and biopsy to confirm that I have cervical dysplasia. My doctor is almost sure it is HPV. However I have never had a case of genital warts. Do all HPV cases end up in external genital warts? Or could it? Apparently I have low grade dysplasia, but how does it "cure it self" as my doctor said it could?

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (moderate) and treated with the LEEP procedure. He suggested that it was probably caused by HPV. Is there anyway you could have this without the HPV viris being present or do doctor's just assume you have it? There was no test done to determine I had the virus. Thanks

I was just treated for cervical dysplasia caused by HPV. Since my boyfriend probably has HPV and condoms do not prevent the spread of HPV, should I be worried that having sex with my boyfriend may lead to a recurance of cervical dysplasia due to being exposed to HPV again?

What can HPV cause in men, as I know that HPV can cause cervical dysplasia and cancer in women?

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