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Cervical dysplasia questions archived on HPVFAQ.

Symptoms, is it possible for symptoms to develop while in the first stages of mild cervical dysplasia? Like discharge?

Being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia due to HPV, will a LEEP surgical procedure remove and cure and prevent HPV/Cervical dysplasia from re-occurring

If a woman infected with HPV shows cervical dysplasia as a symptom, it it possible to develop genital warts also? Can her male parter develop genital warts if her only symptom was dysplasia?

I have a spot that use to be a freckle at the very top of my labia it has always been there it has slowly grown. I have been told I have hpv that causes cervical dysplasia. My doctor says it looks like a mole. please help

i have just been told that i have HPV & cervical dysplasia i am going to be having the tip of my cervix cut off two weeks from now. im not really worried about anything except that am i going to be able to have kids in the future when im ready. thats all im worried about. if u know anything about any of this.. would you please post an answer!

is it a guarantee that if you have cervical dysplasia, you have HPV? Is HPV screened for in your average std test?

Can I get pregnant after having HPV or cervical dysplasia?

I was recently diagnosed with high grade cervical dysplasia, hpv dna, I am married and have been sexually active only with my husband for 12 years. We engage in anal sex and I am concerned about the possibility of risk of anal cancer.

Is it possible for mild cervical dysplasia to devlope into cervical cancer within 7 months if not treated immeditately?

i have HPV, but the kind that causes cervical dysplasia and not genital warts. however, me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex...he might become a carrier, but how much damage does it do to him. can he also start getting abnormal cells and possibly cancer...and he will never get warts from my strain right?

After having cervical dysplasia removed can you still pass on HPVIf you have the type of HPV that causes dysplasia and have unprotected sex.What kind of problems would a male have??

i have the cervical dysplasia hpv. Will it or could it change into warts?

If I have high risk strands of HPV that cause cervical dysplasia, can my partner be affected through oral sex?

Today, I had a colposcopy and biopsy to confirm that I have cervical dysplasia. My doctor is almost sure it is HPV. However I have never had a case of genital warts. Do all HPV cases end up in external genital warts? Or could it? Apparently I have low grade dysplasia, but how does it "cure it self" as my doctor said it could? CONFUSING STUFF HERE! :-)

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (moderate) and treated with the LEEP procedure. He suggested that it was probably caused by HPV. Is there anyway you could have this without the HPV viris being present or do doctor's just assume you have it? There was no test done to determine I had the virus. Thanks

I was just treated for cervical dysplasia caused by HPV. Since my boyfriend probably has HPV and condoms do not prevent the spread of HPV, should I be worried that having sex with my boyfriend may lead to a recurance of cervical dysplasia due to being exposed to HPV again?

What can HPV cause in men, as I know that HPV can cause cervical dysplasia and cancer in women?

I know that the types of HPV that cause cervical dysplasia persist longer, but is it possible for them to ever disappear? When am I less likely to pass this on to my partner?

Recently,I got results back from a pap test & it showed that i have cervical dysplasia,which are precancerous cells in my cervix.It seems like I am too young,only 21!And what upset me more was when i went back to the doc,he said I have HPV!I must've had HPV for awhile.I don't have any warts that i've noticed, but i have seen tiny bumps that look like infected hair follicles. Could they be warts? I've had them for years. Is it possible that i could still develop warts?

I have recently been diagonosed with cervical dysplasia. The colpo revealed that I also had warts on my cervix, however none were on the outside genitalia. My partner gave me oral sex, but his mouth was only in the "clit" area. The tip of his penis also penetrated me but did not touch the cervix. Is it possible to have passed the warts on to him? I know he is carrying the virus, but doesn't have warts.

I am relatively certain that I contracted hpv (i have cervical dysplasia and warts) from my current partner. we have been together off and on for the past 3 years. i guess my question is if i have warts, can we still be sexually active since he was the one that gave me the warts? he lives on the other side of the country and i only get to see him once every 6 months. i would like to sexually active with him but my warts have yet to go away! any advice, info, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I have cervical dysplasia. I have two doctors, neither of which have tested me for HPV, but I can only assume that I have this. I have a new boyfriend after being with another man for 5 years. I know, absolutely, that I have passed this to him, despite the precautions we have taken. But my question is this: what are the reprecussions for men? Can they develop a kind of dysplasia, or is this just a condition found in women?

I was recently diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and HPV. I guess that I have a very weak immune system and I have other infections constantly. My doctor believes that there is a link between the HPV and all of my other infections. Has HPV/Cervical Dysplasia been linked to BV, Yeast Infections and Urinary Tract Infections? I get all of them on a regular basis.

After a Pap smear indicating mild Cervical Dysplasia due to HPV I am reviewing my history-- I was diagnosed an treated for genital warts prior to becoming sexually active. Is this possible or should I assume I was misdiagnosed and then exposed to it later?

I have been with one person sexually for a year and a half now, and contracted a high risk type of hpv and have developed cervical dysplasia(no warts). . .I am currently being treated for that by my gynecologist. Awhile back, before I learned that I had been infected with hpv. . .we had unprotected anal sex once. . . my questions are: How concerned should I be about developing anal dysplasia? What are the chances that I have developed it? What type of dr. could help me with this issue?

If you have been tested and treated for cervical dysplasia, can your doctor tell if you have HIV?

I was diagnosed with high grade cervical dysplasia few months ago, i had a LEEP done in october, three months later i went back for a pap again and biopsy, it showed no improvemnet, i still have cervical dysplasia, my doctor says its rare for it to come back so soon, is this true???? im really scared, did this happen to anyone else?? also has anyone tried betamannan ??

I have HPV (Cervical Dysplasia). I know that my boyfriend can get it from me and I'm wondering how exactly it effects men?

i recently was diagnosed with hpv severe cervical dysplasia. My doctor said that because i have it so does my husb.and. She said not to have sex without a condom. I am scheduled to get a leep procedure done. Does this mean i have to use a condom with my husband for the rest of our lives because we could reinfect each other?

I have multiple sex with a girl who has recently been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia due to HPV. But I have always use a condom during intercourse. What are my chances of contracting HPV?

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia about a year ago. I was treated for it and i have had no problems since then. However, i constantly have Urinary tract infections also at least once a month. Now i have two little bumps right on the outside of my vaginal opening. My question is: Could both of those conditions (dysplasia and UTI) have been a warning sign or are they related in the symptoms of Herpes??

I have been in a monogamous relationship for 4 years. I have had normal pap smears for 10 years. I have just found out that I have high grade cervical dysplasia. They ran an HPV test, however the results won't be in for 2 more weeks. What are the odds that I contracted HPV prior to my current 4 year relationship?

i recently been diagonosed with hpv which caused cervical dysplasia. But now i'm having a itch and burning sensation on my vulva in vagina. Could it be warts? also i gave the guy oral sex and i'm terrified of getting them in my mouth is this possible although i don't have warts on my genitals?

If I have no symptoms, probably Cervical dysplasia, can I infect my boyfriend? And I had wanted to donate my eggs, will I still be able to?

I have read that having the HPV that causes cervical dysplasia means you will not get warts; does that mean if you pass the virus to your partner, he won't develp warts either?

I was a virgin when I got married , andhave been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. I know my husband has a history of plantar warts, which are apparently caused by hpv. could the hpv that caused his warts have been transmitted to me and turned up as c. dysplasia? Or are there two types of hpv working here that are not connected. Pre marriage I had a history of once yearly negative paps.

I'm a 20 year old female who has had 4 sexual partners, and I was diagnosed with HPV after I had only had 2 partners. I was treated for cervical dysplasia, and was told that I did not have the wart virus. So I didn't bother telling my 2 most recent partners about the virus since I didn't think I could pass it to them. Was I wrong? Guys can't get the type of HPV that causes cervical dysplasia, can they?

I have protected sex (using condoms) with a girl who has been diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia cause by HPV. What are my chances of getting it?

how to avoid to infect to the baby when i am giving light.. if have cervical dysplasia..

If i was diagnosed with the type of HPV that causes cervical dysplasia, what kind of symptoms will my boyfriend develop if he is infected?

Is it very likely to get cervical dysplasia if I have genital warts?

I recently found out that I have HPV...cervical dysplasia. I have been monogamous with my boyfriend for over a year and vice versa. We have had unprotected sex before. 1) How likley is it that he will also get HPV? 2) If I give him oral sex will I get HPV in my throat/mouth and vice versa?

I recently found out that I have HPV...cervical dysplasia. I have been monogamous with my boyfriend for over a year and vice versa. We have had unprotected sex before. 1) How likley is it that he will also get HPV? 2) If I give him oral sex will I get HPV in my throat/mouth and vice versa?

does hpv cervical dysplasia cause you to have irregular periods or cause you to be late?

I'm a male whose ex-girlfriend developed genital warts and cervical dysplasia from a partner she had before (i was a virgin). I have two small skin-colored bumps on my shaft and one under my head, doc said it looked like just bumps or tags(??) They are probably not too noticable but they are to me, could they be just bumps or should I assume I'm infected and theres nothing I can do since doc won't help??

I was wondering about cervical dysplasia, recently i was diagnosed with genital warts, in April, i had a pap done in december four months earlier with everything coming back normal, i went in again to get a pap done in May after i found out i had HPV, it came back abnormal, i was just treated with the LEEP procedure after being diagnosed with moderate to severe dysplasia, I am on birth control, how could it get this bad in such a short period of time?

if you have been diagnosed with HPV cervical dysplasia do you need to tell future partners

can cervical dysplasia be tranmitted to the mouth?

I have a bumb on the crease of my thigh, I have looked at numerous photos of hpv worts and this bumb does not look like any of them. I was just diagnosed with HPV a couple of months ago (the type that causes cervical dysplasia). The bumb went down when I put my zit cream on it but it still is there. I have had it for about 4 days. I also shave a lot (the pubic area) and I have really sensitive skin. Is this a wort or just an irritation?

I was diagnosed with HPV (the kind that causes cervical dysplasia) about a year ago. I have had cryo surgery, and the dysplasia still came back. I then had the laser surgery and the dysplasia once again reocurred. I have been on the Pill for about 5 yrs and I read somewhere that the Pill increases the risk of dysplasia. So, I want to get off the pill and try an IUD. Does and IUD increase problems with Dysplasia and HPV? And does and IUD make it more difficult to try to conceive children?

I was diagnosed w/ HPV/cervical dysplasia, I had a colposcopy performed and the dysplasia was mild at the time. I chose to wait it out and see if it clears on it's own, no 1.5 yrs later I have visible warts, about 20 of them, some large and my pap came back w/ moderate/severe dysplasia. I am terrified of the surgeries and was wondering if anyone has tried the products from Aloetek? I have been using it for about 2.5 months and the GW's seem to be getting bigger. Does it get worse before better?

I am a 33 year old female and was recently diagnosed with Condyloma acuminata (HPV)and mild cervical dysplasia. I have warts inside my cervix. My husband and I have never had any other sex partners, so therefor I was suprised that I even have this virus. Could it be possible to have gotten this disease from my mother at birth? She had 6 children and 3 of us have differnet fathers. I am devestated, but with God's help, I know my husband and I will get through this.

If a woman has been diagnosed with HPV and had cervical dysplasia but never had outward symptoms of HPV and had a hysterectomy, can she still spread HPV?

I am 19 and 33 weeks pregnant. I have hpv and cervical dysplasia. And for some reason I think I have a rash right now from hpv but I dont know if it is or not. But my question is am I still able to have a normal delivery? And, how do you know if you have hpv cervical cancer or hpv warts?

My wife went to get a pap smear and found out she has HPV and that it came frome me. She also has cervical dysplasia, does this mean she has cancer. We both have never seen a gential wart on each other for the 2 years we have been together. Will we be able to be sexually active without protection. She is getting a procedure called LEEP done if her cervical dysplasia is mild or serve, will this mean that she won't get it again.

My boyfriend told me that his last girlfriend discovered she had HPV (no warts, but cervical dysplasia) while they were dating, and he assumes he is a carrier. I know that HPV can still be passed on if we have sex with condoms, and if I perform oral sex on him that there is a slight chance of me getting HPV. But I'd like to know if it is safe for him to perform oral sex on me?

I was recently diagnosed with cervical dysplasia from HPV. I have not been intimate w anyone since the diagnosis, and don't plan to have sex until marriage. I'm terrified that the person who may be "the one" out there will be disgusted by my diagnosis and that will end things. I wonder if I'll ever be able to have a normal relationship again. When to tell, too early to disclose, etc.? I fear that guys will be repulsed. Can people have a normal marriage with on partner with HPV?/e

I recently found out that my girlfriend of eight nine months was diagnosed and treated for cervical dysplasia two years ago. After regular checkups, she's had no reoccurences. We stay careful, but are we safe? Can I develop HPV and genital warts form this? What are her chances of having symptoms again?

If I have Cervical Dysplasia caused by having HPV can I get genital warts?

I have been dating a guy for about 9 months now and just found out I have HPV, cervical dysplasia. First of all, he hasnt slept with anyone before me in 2 years, I however had slept with a guy 2 months before my current boyfriend and I had met. I am having the worst anxiety about this. Is it possible for my pap smears to show up normal when I actually had this disease? Second, How do I approach him about this. I am so scared right now someone please help me. Thank you!

MALE TREATMENT: I am a female with cervical dysplasia - if I were to give this to my boyfriend, can he get treated? The STD hotline says no, that it is undetectable in men, but my doctor says that there is a special doctor who can treat and remove this - i would be indebted for some feedback regarding all this - thank you so much!

I found out I had cervical dysplasia caused by HPV. I also know there are over 60 types of HPV. Does this mean I have a type that does not cause genital warts? And if I have sexual relations with someone who has genital warts (visible / not visible) am I likely to have genital warts appear?

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia over 12 years ago but was never told I had HPV. Now, years later I am showing symptoms and believe I have it. Can you have it this long and not know about it? All my yearly Paps came out normal after being treated for the cervical cancer cells.(cryotherapy)

my boyfriend had a what looked like a skin tag when I met him on his penis, I have HPV and had cervical dysplasia, my boyfriend has now developed a small lesion which looked like a cut and below it some raised bumps kind of looking like warts? could he have had it before we started sleeping together or did I give it to him?

My girlfriend for our entire relationship has had low-grade pap's. Even though she is low-grade, am I still at risk of infection if I have contact to my genitalia? HPV manifested itself with cervical dysplasia in her case so, am I at risk of infection for the same strand and if so, would it manifest in the form of genital warts?

I have had sex 3 times with a partner i now find to have had cervical dysplasia - it it inevitable that i have hpv?

I have hpv & Cervical dysplasia i dont have warts and i have a really irritated feeling and some itching and discharge...was wondering if that was normal???

I was just diagnosed with HPV-the cervical dysplasia one...My boyfriend has a wart on his finger..Does that mean I gave it to him?

My wife recently has been diagnsoied with cervical dysplasia. Her doctor implied that it came from her husband (me). We have been in a committed relationship for 17 years and now she believes I have cheated on her. I have not. How can I demonstrate she is incorrect?

Can someone please tell me how I got this. I can find 500 websites to tell me what it is, but how does someone get this? Does it transmit through a mans sperm or it is something in the skin of the penis? The person whom I think that I got this from has no signs-no warts. I never had contact with his sperm inside of me, with or without a condom. My Dr. tells me that this is small enough to pass through a condom-what is small enough? By the way, I have HPV cervical dysplasia (spelling?)

I recently was treated for cervical dysplasia and was told I could of gotten it from husband of 10 years. Only partner I have had for the last 12 ears. He has been with other women in the last 2 years due to separation what test does he need to get?

I was diagnosed with cervial dysplasia. Does this mean I am at risk for developing genital warts? If I do not have warts now, but have cervical dysplasia, am I putting my partner at risk of getting genital warts?

Tretinoin??? Has any one used this before. It is a retinoid and it soppose to stimulate epithelial turnover. It used for some cancer would this help in GW. I know its been used in cervical dysplasia(Graham et al, 1986) but found no info on GW..

can you get cervical dysplasia from infertility or a miscarriage?

I've been spotting in between periods. I read that this can be a symptom of CERVICAL CANCER. I have cervical dysplasia. Anyone ever have this problem? I'm worried sick!

When I first met my girlfriend, she had told me that she had some cells burned off of her cervix. At the time I did not know or think anything about it. About a year later I got some warts and they were removed. I keep getting reocurring warts and from what I have read, she had cervical dysplasia and that is caused by HPV. I haven't had sex with anyone else so that has to be it? Just looking for some answers. Any help would be great appreciated.

What are the chances of passing HPV type 16 (a type that for me has not caused warts, just cervical dysplasia) to a fetus, in utero, or during the birth process. I know about passing warts, but what if you have never had any? I can't find any information on this, and I worry about if my husband and I decide to have achild I don't want him or her to have to go through the same things I have had to go through. A

i have cervical dysplasia, which means i have the strain of HPV that causes cancer, does this mean i will get warts, or do i not have that strain? im very concerned

I am a 38 year old former female smoker (off/on for 20 years). I had cervical dysplasia - HPV infection in 1992 which I had loop procedure cryosurgery for. Now I have had a sore throat, on the left side, with ear pain for 3 months.Have been to ENT 3 times and 2 different antibiotics, nothing has worked,should I mention HPV to her? Is this really that relevant?

Tretinoin??? Has any one used this before. It is a retinoid and it soppose to stimulate epithelial turnover. It used for some cancer would this help in GW. I know its been used in cervical dysplasia(Graham et al, 1986) but found no info on GW..

I was diagnosed with HPV about 7 years ago and was not married at the time. i had only been with one other person in my life before and had been with them 7 months prior. Then I was with my now husband about 6 months after. My husband thinks that I never had mild cervical dysplasia, he thinks that there was never anything wrong because I have not had an outbreak since. i did have cryotherapy done. Is it possible that this is true or is my husband paranoid because he thinks i'm a freak?

My girlfriend was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia3 months after we first had sex. I was a virgin - though she had 5 previous partners, was a smoker, and began being sexually active less than 18yrs. Her doctory told her that more than likely she has HPV. We have not had contact for 5 months (geographic factors) though i will see her soon. We have had sex with a condom 3 times + other genital contact. Is the damage already done? I am considering limiting genital contact, hoping i don't have hpv

I was recently diagnosed with hpv, with cervical dysplasia. But I am concerned with using tampons? Will it effect my recovery or will it even make a difference? Would love to know asap.

i know what papules are, but has anyone experienced any subdermal bumbs on the head of the penis, i noticed these about a week ago, and have been in a relationship for 3 yrs. My girlfriend has cervical dysplasia, and i was wondering if i could get an infection from this, these bumbs are under the skin. help please

what are the chances that a man can get cervical dysplasia

I read that if you take Vitamin C daily it can reverse or reduce HPV-cervical dysplasia. Is this true? Has anyone tried this?

I was told by my doctor i have HPV. I had an abnormal pap smear and from there they ran the HMP test. He set up an appt with my OB . But after hearing this i just blanked out and didnt really get any answers. Well i came home and start reading all this stuff and all HPV talks about is warts and i dont have warts. I have to go and get a biopsy. Can you tell is there a difference ? I know there is over a 100 strains, i have cervical dysplasia. So how could i break this down ?

i just found out back in Feb. that i have HPV and they told me i have cervical dysplasia..but i dont have could i get warts..or have warts and not even know it

i was diagnosed with Hpv about a year ago. i dont have warts just cervical dysplasia. i want to know if anyone with dysplasia have been experiencing heavy spotting and extremely irregular menstrual cycles? my doctors believe that these symptoms are not HPV related....... cycles?

Can cervical dysplasia(HPV)in a female give genital warts to a male? or are they completely different strands?

MY question is .After been treated for cervical dysplasia(MILD) if i comtinue having sex with the same person who gave me Hpv ...HOw is this going to affect me again .....I mean i alvery have Hpv .I've been with this guys for FOur years I was a virgen and he infected me with hpv , he didnt find out until i was diagnose with it . so can anyone answer my question what is next .we used protection at first but never again can i still doin it without with nocomplicatio

I was diagnosed with HPV and was told that I have cervical dysplasia. My gyno checked me out and I have no warts, but my partner, whom I assume gave me the virus has recently developed them. I don't understand how he can have warts when I do not.



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