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I just got married about 2 months ago and I just found out that me and my husband have bumps that look like warts. I have 2 kids and is there any way that they can catch genital warts from me by kissing , by hugging , using the same towel or soap as me , sharing drinks or anything like that that does not have any sexual contact?


To be safe you may avoid sharing towels with your children, especially if it''s used on the area in which you are noticing bumps. Lots of people say you can't transmit via towel - I'm just suggesting its easy to play it safe.

As far as sharing drinks, I'd say based on what I've read that is OK.



Umm, genital warts can be transmitted in ways other than sexual contact, but that is just the most common way. I advise not to share towels with your children if you use them on the infected areas. Don''t kiss them on the lips if you and your hubby have oral sex, because you might have oral warts that have not manifested themselves physically. Same for sharing drinks. However, hugging is always good for kids. Mainly, GET CHECKED OUT!! You don't have to worry if it turns out you two don't have HPV.



this is not a question but its important!!! if your a guy and have a bump you need a biopsy!! its when they cut the bump and sent it to get results!! wemon can get a papsmear to know....and for wemon who dont have the virus they can now take 3 vacines to prevent exposure to the more severe forms of the virus but for men the onlything we have is biopsys cut it and test it!!!







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