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I have several small pink bumps at the top of my inner thigh...also what appears to be a very tiny skin-tag at the edge of the skin on my clitoris. Does this sound like genital warts? I think I may have been exposed about 2 years ago. I noticed that my boyfriend had a bump on the shaft of his penis, but I didn''t want to embarass him by asking about it...and he didn't offer any kind of explanation. Please...I'm worried to Genital Warts about this :(?


Hey there, well just to let you know I also have pink bumps on the my thighs (on the back). Actually a lot of people have them either because of razor burn or because the rubbing that occurs when wearing things such as jeans when sitting causes an irritation of the pores. And if you shave, either one is probably the reason you have those bumps. Also, I recently found something that looked like maybe a birth mark on my clitoris, too. It was just a tiny brown colored spot, it wasnt a bump or anything just looked like a discoloration of the skin. Anyways, I''m still a virgin and havent even had sexual contant so I highly doubt that its any STD. Also, genital warts are bumps!



Go see a dr... You can pour vinegar on the area and if it turns the bumps white... its most likely warts. there are a million different things they could be. The only way to really know is to see a dr.



I had some bumps in the same area, my inner thigh. I was also worried that it was warts, however, I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum. It it not viral although it is spread trhough sexual contact. look up info online, you should be able to find some pictures and compare.



I have the same exact thing...let me know if you hear of anything..



when I first noticed my warts i thought they were skin tags bc that is exactly what they looked like.



I was with someone about three years ago, and I found several symptoms after being w/ him. Two were the same red pimples and skin tag. The research I have done states that if the red bumps are circled with a red ring it may be a herpes rash. Or cloged sweat glands... The skin tag, yet to be determined.



if you have noticed a skin tag and never had one prior, I would say yes, you have HPV. Get a doctor to check it out. If will only get bigger and harder to get rid of.



that sucks big time



Not to worry you but I would go see the doctor, I thouht that my GW were only skin tags untill the doctor told me other wise. It might be nothing, but it''s better to know so that U don't infect other people if U do have GW.



Soory hun, but you need to talk to your boyfriend. The small bumps at the top of your inner thigh may be razor burn and the "skintag" may just be a "skintag", but to make sure, be responsible and talk to your boyfriend. If it''s something serious, you need to be treated. Good luck. You can do it.



Genital warts can sometimes look like skin tags. I would go get checked.



i had the same prob a few months ago. I went to the doctor and she told me i had skin tags. i was relieved, and about a month later there seemed to be more. i went back once again she told me they were nothing but skin tags and i could get them removed if i liked. so i made a apt with the dermatologist and when i went ot see her. I didnt even have to show her anything she already told me that i was way too younge to have many skin tags. and that they were GW i had them removed by freezng them. and more just seem to be popping up every 3 weeks.. i dont know what to do!! and also i have lil bumps on my upper thighs and the back for some reason i can figure it out.




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