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My exgirlfriend recently had a pap smear come back with abnormal results and that got me worried maybe she has hpv. I never heard the final scoop but have noticed very tiny red bumps on the rim of my penis head. Could this be warts or something harmless? There a about 5-6 on on side but they are not in a mass or connected to one another?


See: Pearly Penile Papules>. The first link on that page shows a pic of the harmless papules, which are unrelated to HPV, but sometimes make people think they may have.



Usually when a woman goes for a pap smear, the results are al about the cervix. Her abnormal results could be due to abnormal cell growth, which is not linked to any STI''s. As for your bumps, perhaps you should contact your ex to see if she was screened for STI's. It may not be HPV but could be any other infection. Alot of men don't believe it, but they can get Yeast infection's from their partners as well. To be sure, go to yor doctor.



Check out for Yeast Infection or pubic lice or crabs.




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