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About 3 months ago I gave oral sex. About 2 weeks after i did it i noticed bumps in my mouth. I just went to the doctor and he didn''t think they were any kind of sexually transmitted disease. However recently i have also noticed some bumps around my anus. Can you get veneral warts from having oral sex?


i feel your pain, I too have noticed small bumps on my tongue and lip. I am scared, does this cause oral cancer, what treatments are out there for oral hpv?



i know your pain. I have genital warts which i believe have spread to my face and mouth. dr''s have no clue as i have seen many in the past year. think that health community is not telling us all all they know about hpv... ie. genital warts are not limited to genital area. care to comment? my opinion is from my very unfortunate personal experiences with friends and lovers. comment quick because they tend to my mesages.



Here are all of the pictures I have found on the internet of oral warts and/or oral HPV. I hope they help answer some of your questions. Remember, there are many “normal” bumps in the oral cavity, but paranoia can really take a toll on you if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Just hi-lite one address at a time and copy and paste it into your web address box. If you have any questions or if you would like to email me please do not hesitate. I will help as much as I can, and I will be glad to do it. My email address is eternaldevotion1@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you.




























hello just to let eveyone who is concerned about oral hpv know you can get it from having oral sex but it is uncommon. if your partener has warts on his penis you could not give oral sex until they have been treated. if you notice any changes in your mouth have it checked buy your doctor just in case. I give oral sex to my partener who had hpv and i was worried i might have got hpv orally but i was ok as its very rare and remember there are lots of bumps and lumps in your mouth that are ment to be there and are not the hpv various.



Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I first had an outbreak around my anus, and a few months later had an oral outbreak. I have not had another genital outbreak however, I have had oral outbreaks frequently for about ten years. By the way - I have been tested three times for HIV during the course of those 10 years and all have come back negative. You are not alone! I wish you luck!




there is a treatment but not a cure. They can treat it by burning them off



Anal warts are quite common. It''s one of the places that warts flourish most happily. Any sort of contact or fluid exchange can definitely cause warts in that area. There's a misconeption that you need to have anal sex to get them there, not true at all.



I got anal warts by simply being touched down there.



I posted an answer to this question and I gave my email address in case anyone wanted to email me with any questions or concerns. My original address was eternaldevotion1@aol.com and it has changed to eternaldevotion1@yahoo.com. I changed services, but I wanted to be sure to inform anyone who may need some answers to their questions. I''m always here to help if I can.



yes you can because of the bodily fluids from him are goin into your body and you can get it



Quit giving oral sex thats how you keep from getting anything



Pictures at www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/cdc/6056.html



chances are it is not hpv....it is possible but sooo rare and highly uncommon. I talked to a std specialist recently who has been in the area for decades. He told me has yet to see a case of hpv in the mouth. If someone suggests it to be hpv...then get the biopsy done. Have them test the bump because otherwise you are just going on their assessment based solely on looking at it. See the ENT versus the normal doctor



this is not a question but its important!!! if your a guy and have a bump you need a biopsy!! its when they cut the bump and sent it to get results!! wemon can get a papsmear to know....and for wemon who dont have the virus they can now take 3 vacines to prevent exposure to the more severe forms of the virus but for men the onlything we have is biopsys cut it and test it!!!




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