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I am a female and I am very ichy in the genital area, like a yeast infection. But like where my butt begans right below the vagina like where the crease is there are bumps not blisters just bumps like when your face breaks out(there are no bumps in my vagina though).Chould this be hpv? Or does it sound like it?


has anyone found out anymore information about this? I have got the same problems and I was wondering what you all found out.



yeast infections and bacterial infections can also cause bumps, or rashes






I''m only 17 and I have the same thing. Its kinda embarassing to be walking downt the hall ways at school and having to itch myself. I'm way to scared to go get it checked out, you know, a older male doctor check up there.. Yikes, Anyone got any suggestions????



i think the same thing happend to me and it was not hpv. but just to make sure that it was the same thing you can send me a photo



Yes it could be HPV, but it might not be. What you need to do is go see a doctor who will be able to diagnose properly what you are seeing.




Im a female also and I have recently been diagnosed with a strand of HPV that is "high risk" so I dont get warts. I too have been suffering from the cronic itching and I think its a yeast infection. My guess is to do what Im going to do try one of those yeast infection creams like Monistat and see if it clears things up. Good Luck!



i think that you have scabies. scabies are tiny mites that burrow under the skin to lay eggs. they are not visible to the eye. the primary symptom is the intense itching that results when they hatch or move around at night. another clue is where on the body the itching is: between the butt cheeks, between vagina and anus, on the stomach and inner thighs, underneath the breasts or under the arms all warm places on the body.

i went to see my doctor because I thought i had a yeast infection. i had also planned to ask her if if could have some acne mediction for my butt and legs (i didn''t think that the two conditions were related). the doctor decided i had scabies when i told her that most of my itching (vaginal and otherwise) occurred at night. i got preion for ointment, which i would have to use overnight, as well as directions to wash all of my clothes and sheets in hot water.

i had thought before that scabies were something that little kids got, sort of like lice. kids do get them, but so do adults -- from skin-to-skin contact or by sharing clothes or a bed with an infected person. because it can take about three months from the time the exposure occurs for the bumps to appear, i couldn't be sure where i got them.

if you do in fact have scabies, get treated soon -- before the itching gets too severe or you end up spreading it to your family or partner. as far as i know, scabies can't just go away on their own. good luck.



i dont know but I m trying to find out the same thing that m friend has and she is scared to get on the internet cause her mom might see and i also like a boy named blaine h. oh hh my gosh i s so fine



well,about 4 months ago I had unprotected sex. I freaked out because i immediately can tell when something is wrong with my body because i go to the gyn for any small sign. I don''t know how long it takes for hpv to develop but three to four days after sex i started itching and had a recurring yeast infection. I then took my ever a self inspection with the mirror and saw tiny bumps inside my vagina. Not on the vulva but inside. it scared the hell out of me. i still have them and it desensitizes sex all together. I think it is hpv and so my doc said it could be low risk. The yeast infections stopped overtime after taking medication but the bumps remain. the did not itch though. check inside your vagina carefully.



something like this happened to me recently, and as it turns out it WAS a yeast infection... but in rash form.. try using a seven day cream, see what happens?



Wow! I have the same thing going on. They itch though too. I haven''t been with anyone, but my boyfriend (one year) and I tend to freak out a lot about this sort of thing. Once I went to my gyno because I was freaking out about a bump, but it was just an ingrown hair. I think I'm just freaking out again, but I will probably make an appointment anyway.

Can yeast infections and stuff like that really cause bumps? Because I frequently have problems of that sort.



It could be HPV but I recently had small bumps around my vagina and i got checked out and the doctor told me it didn''t look like warts and i got
vaginal cream and it clear up. But you should definitly get checked out by a doctor, Better safe than sorry!



this is not a question but its important!!! if your a guy and have a bump you need a biopsy!! its when they cut the bump and sent it to get results!! wemon can get a papsmear to know....and for wemon who dont have the virus they can now take 3 vacines to prevent exposure to the more severe forms of the virus but for men the onlything we have is biopsys cut it and test it!!!



that is how hpv started out forso I would see a doctor




Oh my GAWD.........I have the exact same thing, and am sick to my stomach over it......I have an appointment with my OBGYN next week. I''ve never had anything like this before, and am so so afraid it is HPV.......oh good god I certainly hope not............have you found anything out yet???



I was happy to read your question, I am finding the same problem as well, EXACTLY! my boyfriend also has found some bumps, but they are on his lower stomach, we are extremely nervous. He got checked, and the doc said it doesnt look like genital warts....I am going next week to get checked, let me know if you have found out any more info....good luck




wow I am glad I found this site!! I was just diagnosed with a yeast infection last night (never had one before so i had no idea what was going on) but when i got and put that cream on and everything, i noticed I had 5 little bumps, 3 of which look like ingrown hairs, but 2 look sort of like... pimples or something. I''ve seen pictures of early HPV that looked like these thingys, and I was exposed about 10 months ago to someone who had them in the past, so I've been checkin things out down there every week for the little beggers. If they're still there in a few days I'm getting them checked out anyway.





I noticed these bumps to. But mine if they pop they have like a little white knot in them. Its kinda like a pimple. I havent had sex yet and thats why im scared to because i dont know what it is. Does anyone have and suggestions?




i think I have the same thing...i have an appointment in 2 days, but i called this health line thing we have in our province, and the nurse on the phone said it sounded like some sort of dermatitis (skin irritation) or ingrown hairs. one of the bumps got broken open...nothing came out (which means is probably isnt herpes) and they are small and red....not like warts....so if this sounds like you, i feel your anxiety, im nervous....i will post when i get the results back.



its nice to know im not alone. I noticed this too, just the other night, so naturally i freaked out. but then i thought back to every person ive ever done something with, and they''re all clean (or so they told me) so i really hope its a yeast infection! good luck everyone.



I recently had these same symptoms and my doctor asked me if I wear thongs alot, I said yes and she said it was due to that. So try to ease up if you wear thongs and be careful about detergents/fabric softeners bc they can irritate. But its also very wise to be responsible and get tested if you think an sti is a possibility.



I have had the same thing and I went to my OBGYN this morning and I was really scared and she told me that it was yeast, but gave me some cultures and things and Genital Warts tests to make sure nothing else is going wrong to cause this yeast infection. When I get the results I''ll post back. If anyone else ahs any more info please post it! Glad to know I'm not the only 1 out there!!




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