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After you have been diagnosed with HPV, how is it possible to build a relationship without infecting someone else?


I recently found out that I have HPV I don´t present warts only displacia, that my doctor is treating, does it means I am in an active stage of HPV?. I want to know if I have to take some measures to have sex with my boyfriend, I don''t know if he is infected. Thanxs for the answer



I have not been diagnosed yet but I am sure that
I have it.It is causing alot of emotions in me...
devastation,anger,confusion,etc.I am with the man
I want to marry.I have been upfront with him from
the time I got the outbreak 2 days ago for the first time.He is being very supportive and promises that he loves me for me,and that he will still never leave.I have a hard time believing that at a time like this.But his constant reasurances help me at this moment.It feels good to have someone to go through this with.One day at a time is the only way to deal with a thing like this.And complete honesty is the best way to go.Only time will tell.I believe everything happens for a reason and what doesn''t kill us makes us stronger.Right?



This was my main concern. I am 19 years old, sexually active, contracted cervical displaysia & HPV, and someday want to be in a relationship and get married. But my dilema was if I tell someone right away that I have it, they will not want to continue. If I don''t tell them right away, I'd have to come up with another reason why I didn't want to have sexual contact until I could trust them, which I also believed would make them leave. I thought a lot about not telling someone I have it, and then saying I found out after, but that is DEFINATELY the WRONG thing to do, and I'm glad I came to my senses before I did something that I would hate myself for for the rest of my life. I realized that if someone will leave you because you do not want to have sexual contact, then there is no reason to be with them, because if they can't see that there is much more to a relationship than sex...do you really want to be with them?
But I believe the option is to tell a person you would like to build trust before sexual contact. If they are not willing to do that...they ARE NOT worth it. Once you can trust them & you feel it's the time to come clean, if they are supportive about it & are willing to deal with it, you know you made a good choice. If they aren't, then once again they ARE NOT worth it. I hate having hpv, but it a way I know it will force me not to rush into sexual activity & help me to learn to build a sturdy relationship built on something other than sex. Be strong.




Many of the responses on here seem to dance around the topic. The real question is - how can you be sexually active if you have HPV but your prospective partner does not? And apparently the only answer is - if your prospective partner decides that they want to risk getting it, you can have sex. Otherwise, no sex. Being a guy, that means any girl I want to sleep with, needs to decide that they want to risk getting HPV whic may lead to cervical cancer. What girl wants to risk that? I hate life. The worst part is, I know exactly who I got it from, and she didn''t tell me she had it until long after we started to be sexually active. So she knowingly infected me with it. I guess it is time to revisit some suicidal thoughts.



Wow, I''m amazed at the ignorance and outright FEAR exhibited on this message board. So much for the enlightenment of the information age! That said, it is understandable, but take a deep breath and do your research and THEN do some rational thinking about the topic.

On this very site, you can find statistics supporting the FACTS regarding this virus. And elsewhere on the web and via Doctors and other health care professionals. As pointed out on this site, IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY THAT ALMOST EVERYONE HAS SOME FORM OF HPV. So why the hell is everyone so full of angst about this?

I'll also answer the question posed above as well: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH A 100 PERCENT CERTAINTY OF NOT INFECTING SOMEONE ELSE! To clarify, even when you have removed the growths, YOU STILL HAVE THE VIRUS!!! And it may be just as transmissible, although the odds are certainly reduced with CONSTANT and 100 PERCENT USE of CONDOMS ALL THE TIME. Now how many of you do this in regards to the condom use?

Yes, I thought so. No one uses condoms all the time, ALWAYS. And some of us just may want to actually procreate, so what then?

The obvious answer to all this is to STOP WORRYING! You're stressing yourself out, and stressing your relationships unnecessarily. If you're a woman, keep getting your Pap smears on a regular basis. The link between certain types of HPV's and cervical dysplasia has been proven as a correlative factor, and not neccessarily the CAUSATIVE factor, so it's even unclear if there is any harm caused by HPV anyway. PERIOD.

And the link between penile cancers (rare) and HPV is also highly correlative and has not been proven as causative. So all you dudes can chill as well.

All of this hysteria has more to do with irrational emotion around sex. I'm actually pretty sad at some of the stories I'm hearing from people indicating their state of mind regarding this virus. Chill out, talk to a therapist if you need to, and stop spreading needless bitterness and hysteria. Please.

Peace and love to all.



One thing to realize is that HPV is not as serious as some other STDs out there, and there are many different levels fo seriousness to the virus itself. I recently had an abnormal pap where the results came back positive for HPV. Like anyone who gets those terrible results, I felt ashamed and blamed my boyfriend for cheating. The doctor later informed me that I could have has this virus for many years and the signs just started to appear. Phew... Also, on some/most cases, your body can develop an immunity to it within 6 months. My doctor said there has not been a case EVER where someone has died from HPV and maybe 1 or 2 case in entirety that have resulted in cervical cancer. Stop worrying, it''ll be okay.



I can field this one. I recently started dating a girl with HPV. She told me last weekend, after about one month of dating, though it was preceeded by about 8 months of friendship. I was scared about it, and I have found myself thinking about it a lot, but I will get over it. If anything it made our relationship stronger - I''ve invested a lot of time learning about this virus and have decided that even if I do get it it's not the end of the world. I bet there will be a cure in the near future and at the very least a vaccine.




I''ve used the time to get to know myself better. Suprisingly being infected was the best thing thats happen to me in my adult life. I've quit smoking now, excercise regularly and feel about 100 times better about things.

This might sound non-traditional, but I say spend this time figuring out how you can improve your health and you'll discover the answer to your question while feeling much better about yourself.



everybody keeps talking about they researched hpv and being honest, does anybody out there know what the true facts and precautions are about it and when having sex with hpv



I recently started dating a man with HPV...who has felt that no one would ever want to be with him knowing he has this. We''re working around it though. As long as you're honest and up front about it, your new partner can educate themselves, like I've been doing. In a way it's almost a blessing...you'll find out who's willing to take the risks with you.



It happens every day, to the best and the worst of us. There is nothing to be ashamed of by having HPV- realizing that you are not alone is something that is sometimes hard to do. I contracted HPV in 1999, from someone who wasn''t aware she had it. Since 2000, I've had occasional breakouts (from once a year to a few times), but with each treatment, always with Condylox gel or liquid, the lesions have gotten smaller and much less frequent. I'm gearing up for hopefully my last time of treating them. A positive outlook never hurts! I'm starting an intimate relationship with my best friend of seven years, and although she isn't aware I have HPV, I have no fears about telling her when it comes time for the sexual relationship to begin. I love me for me. I know she feels the same way. If she cannot handle the fact that I have this (one day cureable) virus, then I still have me. There is someone out there for each and every one of us. Never feel like you are something inferior. You never know- the person you fall for just might have HPV, too. It's more common than you realize. Just be honest... you have nothing to hide. I wish the best of luck to all of us. We're in this together.




I just recently found out that I MIGHT have HPV and I was/am scared to Genital Warts. The test results are supposed to coming in in about 2 weeks. I have thought about this for hours on end about "what am I going to do with the rest of my life and a new sexual partner". I thought that no one would ever want to be with me or love me again, they would think I was nasty. I have done lots of research on it and found out that a WHOLE LOT of people are infected as well, even without knowing it. I was shocked. I am now better educated about STD''s. I have been really "careful" in my sexual experiences and was devastated and furious when I found out I had it, or might have it. I am currently in a relationship with someone, but he is in Iraq in the military. I haven't cheated on him but I did find out 4 1/2 months after he left. I still don't know how to tell him. All I know is that this will definitely point out the good from the bad ones. Someone that really LOVES you and RESPECTS you will wait until YOU are comfortable with having intercourse again. Most people nowadays are only after ONE THING, and will not wait. This is a good way to get to know yourself better and your partner as well. It will definitely keep you from jumping into something that is bad.



I was diagnosed at the beginning of december before finals. All kinds of things started running through my mind. Who? When? How long have I had it? etc..I felt that I would never be able to become close to someone again, let alone become intimate with another person. After talking to my Nurse practitioner, she told me that it is a lot more common than I think, but that still doesn''t make it better for me. I mean I still have it, and hate the fact that I have it. I suspected about a year ago that something wasn't right. It was after my ex-fiancee and I broke up, a few months later I started noticing these bumps on my "special" area. I didn't pay attention to it. Well, I conracted it from him..and fear that someone else may have contracted it from me. There is nothing i can do about that but the honest with that person. Currently, I am in the beginning stages of a wonderful relationship with someone. He is the most understanding and God-fearing man that I have met in a while. But will he understand this..the woman that he wants to be with has this problem. I guess I will see in a few months when I decide to inform him of my condition. One thing that I must say is that I have learned a lot about myself and the decisions that I have made previous to this. I am more aware, less judgemental about certain things, and I have grown closer to the Lord. I know that this was a wake up call for me, and I thank God every day that it wasn't something worse. I mean this disease is treatable and painless, and I am thankful for that. I know that modern science will develop something soon, and when something does come out...i will be the 1st to get it. It is just good to know that I will be able to lead a somewhat normal life although I have this. like the gentleman said in previous responses, it is not the end of the world.



Think of it like this:

Until this virus was linked to Cervical Dysplasia it rarely received much attention. Secondly, in the majority of people it causes little or no disruption in daily living...

Furthermore before the end of this decade there will be a number of tools to stop this infection.

1. Zycos www.zycos.com
This company is a couple of years away from a theGenital Wartsutic vaccine to treat Cervical Dysplasia and Genital Warts (Vaccine expected to work on both infections)

2. Helix Biopharma www.helixbiopharma.com
Helix is in phase two trials later this year for an interferon cream used on vaginal or penis tissue that is expected to eradicate the visisble wart and non-visible virus...

3. Transgene from France. www.transgene.fr
Transgene is in process of developing an effective vaccine for treating HPV 16.

4. Medigene: www.medigene.com
Thereapeutic cream for GW. Available in 2005.

5. Stressgen: www.stressgen.com
Developing drug for Respiratory condition in children. And for all other HPV related conditions.

There are others in the pipeline....

Be Cool and get rid of the negative feelings...
Trust me I have had plantars warts, common warts, genital warts...Every kind of wart seems to find its way on my body...

But I am cool baby...



Some of you really should do a little more research about HPV before spouting off about it and scaring people. There are about 100 different types of HPV and only a few result in warts or can cause cancer. It''s really very common and you are not necessarily going to get it from sex with someone who has it though it is also very contagious and easily contracted. I mean, it's not 100% sure that you will get it, closer to 75%. Also, HPV infection is temporary in many people as the body's immune system will fight it like any other virus. Having HPV does not mean you will never be loved again. It also doesn't mean that you'll never have sex again. Just be smart about it and play it safe.



Im a 21 year old female, ive been with my boyfriend for two years and for a year we had a long distance relationship, where I spent time stuGenital Warts abroad. I had a onenight stand in that year and ive contracted the virus. I still havenmt told .. im scared because he might leave when i love him very much, But i also punish my self and think i diserve it because i cheated... Im going to see him in a month.. ive been going through this for 4 months now... i dont know what to do?... im scared...




Buildning a relationship and having sex are two entirely different things, the only way to "build a relationship" with out giving them your STD is to NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM. No sex! no sex no sex I cannot stress this enough! Condoms do not protect against HPV because it is transmitted through the skin in the genital area, where condoms do not cover! So NO SEX!



Learning that I had HPV came as a horrible shock. I was in a new relationship with someone I thought I loved. I was finishing my final year of university. Basically, it was a stressful year as it was, and getting HPV made it a million times worse.
My boyfriend and I broke up he didn''t want to deal with the situation, and said he felt guilty whenever he saw me. I kept telling him there was no telling who had the virus first, but he just didn't want to face the situation. So I was left alone. Then I got very depressed. I think there are definitely stages you go through with this thing.
Will I ever find someone?
How will I tell them?
Will someone be willing to love me for me?
Then I realized -- MAN! These are all questions that ALL people should ask themselves when entering a relationship with someone. Being happy with yourself. Being honest. Building a friendship. Loving someone because of who they are, not for how good they are in bed. In time, lust fades. It's too bad that there are STDs. We live in a scary time. But that's what it took for me to realize the true values in relationships. It's definitely given me a better perspective.

(Heh -- It's also allowed me to sound like a Hallmark After-School special. Ugh. Corny.)

But still true.



My ex-husband cheated on me and that is how I came down with it. After the divorce I was really worried about this question as well. I''ve always been open and honest with those who want to have a sexual relationship with me. I was amazed when I found out that there are many people who have this. However, I met a man who does not have this and knew that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was an issue with him for a long time and we just didn't have sexually encounters until he was ok with it. We've been together for almost four years now and we got married a year ago and he still hasn't contracted it. Knock on wood.




When I first found out I had HPV earlier this year I spent hours crying about how would I be able to have honest sex and get married and have kids, I felt it was the end of my life and I was sad. I realized that I couldn''t just meet any guy and have sex, it would have to be someone I trusted to be with me for more than sex and during the relationship after we were both comfortable with me and the virus we had sex. I made sure to educate my boyfriend on the virus so he fully understood the risk he was taking by laying with me. We made sure to a condom each time and I always clean my self after each time we stop to make sure the juices can't affect my partner. In case you were wondering it is safe to get oral sex as long as you don't have warts.



I was just diagnosed with the strain of HPV that causes cervical cancer. I have never had any warts. The responses above have me confused. Everything else that I have read tells me that the chance of getting HPV is 100% if you have sex with an infected partner..also, condoms are not effective in preventing it.

Some of you say that your partner hasn''t been infected.. my doctor told me that it's common for men to have no symptoms, but they DO have the virus if they are having sex with a woman with HPV. Maybe that is just with the cancer causing strains??




WOW the person ranting about people''''s hysteria is out of line.

Though many people have it, that doesn''t make dealing with unsightly warts growing around my vagina any easier to deal with.

Especially when I''m trying to get intimate with my boyfriend, and worried he''ll call me up in a few months and say he''s found warts on his penis. HOW MORTIFYING. The person ranting clearly doesn''t have experience with this virus and needs to step off their pedestal.



I am a 24 year old male. I found out that I had HPV genital warts this year. The girl who gave them to me never told me anything that she was infected. I slept with this girl nearly 3 years ago and these things just popped up on my genitalia this year. I have been in a relationship for the past 2 years and it is currently going down the drain. My girlfriend knew that I might have been infected before I even knew because I slept with one of her sorority sisters that she heard had hpv. My girlfriend in my current relationship that is not going well had a crush on me years ago and we met up again and started seeing each other. She was perfectly fine knowing that I was infected. Now that we are ending on a not so good note I didn''t cheat or anything we have just been fighting alot and there are no compromises. She has threatened to tell people about my hpv and I told her that if I was seeing someone that it would be my part to let them know and that no one else should know unless it concerns them directly. She knows that I am very self conscious about this subject. I have been treated with cryotherapy about 6 months ago and don't have any warts left. We were already sleeping together for about a year protected and unprotected her decision and this past year she got all the hpv shots. I don't know if she would really tell anyone or is just trying to make me feel bad but it still worries me I already feel like damaged goods as it is. People who have hpv know the way I feel. How will I tell the next person? Will anyone every love me knowing this?

I don't have anyone to talk to so I just wanted to vent a little. She is the only person that knows my secret.




I know so many people have answered this but I hope you make it down to my answer. I found out I had HPV when I was 20 and I was totally devistated. My first concern was to not infect anyone else ever. My boyfriend at the time was the one who gave it to me, and he had cheated, and could care less that I now have it. BUT I met a man, who I''ve been with now for 4 years, married for 3, and we have two kids together. I told him my feelings for him, and my concerns of why I didn't want to be intimate with him. His exact reaction was "Is that all, that's no big deal" I think it takes a mature person to realize that this isn't as big of an issue as people make it out to be, and if they love you for you then they will be able to over look it. My husband has never ever made it an issue, and he has never had any warts thank goodness, but I think if he ever did he would be mature enough to not ever make me feel bad for it. I was so depressed and devistated when I found out too, and I thought I would be single forever, and I knew I didn't want to marry the man I was with especially since he cheated and never informed me he had hpv either. It isn't the worst that could happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that. You are still someone have just as much to offer as anyone else.



i discovered my genital warts in April. I didnt take it very well. knowing that i wont want to be with this boyfriend forever (even though there''s love, he loves me and has been supportive) i bugged out daily..but researched incessantly. learnt so much..thing is, while most sexually active people have it, having knowledge about it made me feel different- like i have to be the bearer of bad news to anyone who i might be interested in, even though, chances are they have it too-they just dont know it.
it was once thought that the disease is life-long...now the american cancer society and others say that the body can usually fight the virus and rid of it in a few yrs. also, vaccines are on the way (by 2006)..
so when you tell the object of your affection that you have HPV, be sure to frame it with these real facts...its hard to pop the fantasy bubble- that all is good and pure in love...but considering how common it is, it doesnt make us different, but the norm.
turns out, the reason the warts manifested was bc i was pregnant. april was a crappy month..finals didnt mix well with morning sickness. and my own carelessness became ever apparent. i had the abortion, and my warts went away.
i wanna take a while to be with myself. get to know and respect my body again. i think that in the end, this std is not so bad and that its the idea that "i am diseased' that is scarier than what this disease actually does.



As another guy, I would like to second the posting by "someguy": if you are a female and know you have HPV, be upfront and direct about it BEFORE engaging in sexual activity with him.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but if the man sincerely cares about you, he will do the research, get acquianted with the facts and, in my opinion, will want to pursue the relationship even more: yes, even for men, honesty is the most important aspect we value.

The converse strategy does not work: over 5 months ago, I met the most wonderful woman ever. However, just recently, after we had been intimate for a while, she confessed she has HPV. It was a shock. While I sincerely believe there was no malicious intention on her part, the feeling of betrayal was greater than the thought of getting infected (especially since HPV''s danger to men is less direct).

To build a relationship that lasts, tell the man upfront.



I was diagnosed with genital warts only after I got pregnant with my daughter. My bf didnt say anything negative at the time or at any other time through this last year.... until a week ago. Before this he even said he was alright. He broke out shortly after I did. Last weekend he told me that he wasnt ok with the warts and that he was angry that I infected him, and that he never wants to see or touch me again.



I am a 20 yr. old female and I just found out that I have HPV. God I feel crappy, to say the least. I''ve been talking to this really great guy for almost two months and this past weekend we had sex for the first time. We had unprotected sex. I feel like the biggest ass in the world right now. I just finished telling him over the phone right now and the first thing he asked me was if I was serious. Then he said absolutly nothing. That was when I started to cry. Then I clammed up. This whole morning I've done research and I couldn't say a thing! I said sorry, but it made me feel so inadequate. This whole morning I've been going through fits of crying and anger and fear. I'm ashamed to tell anyone, but I had to him. I don't want to tell anyone else. What if he gets it because of me? What if he hates me and never talks to me again? I don't want to feel alone going through this, but how can i tell anyone else. I've done some research and I know I'll live through this, but I still feel confused and lost and less. All I have to do is think about this guy. I've really started to like him, he makes me laugh, we still haven't run out of things to talk about even though we talk for hours upon end. I usually smile when I think of him, but now all I do is cry. I really hope he doesn't hate me and I pray to God that I didn't give him the virus. I know he is probably feeling a lot of what I'm feeling, scared, worried, angry, fearful, sad. If my really great guy reads this, PLEASE consider this plea from Mashes:
Please don't hate me. Please don't go away from me. I really need your friendship right now.

A website that really helped me is

I hope it proves helpful to any who read this. Writing this has proved helpful for me and I feel less tense. Now I shall put some music on and start my path to living with the knowledge that I have HPV and there is nothing I can do about it. I guess this isn't the end of my life as I know it, just the beginning of a slightly different life, a somewhat more difficult life. But as someone in a previous response said, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.



Some people are crazy in here, like others have said, scaring people. It is a goddamn wart for god''s sake, like any other, from massive research on this on the net, and actual experience with other bodily warts (2 in my life so far, 1 on hand, 1 on knee) Knee took a few months, and went away by self when I was 17 (I am 27, never seen it since), other was on side of hand, ended up burning it off, never seen it since (I was 19). I have seen a doctor recently as I have some rough spots of skin on my shaft. He said he couldn't even identify them, seen him twice over the past month, still same. I know my ex had HPV from a pap, only now (17 months later) something has shown up...possibly? The body will clear it for me, I am adamant, then I am not going to worry about it, it is stupid too dwell and worry about something so harmless, besides a minority few, who might have immune system problems. My ex-girl by the way had it for roughly 6 months (between two paps) and cleared it and has had clear paps ever since. I have had minimal partners (3 in 10 years) so you can catch it from anyone. Who cares, life goes on. Look after yourself, take vitamins and exercise, only way to go, they probably won't come back. As they have shown recently in studies, 70% of people clear them within a year.



I recently went to a clinic and was diagnosed with genital warts, and since then my life has taken a complete turn for the worst. I dont have a girlfriend right now, and now that I have this virus Ive sunk to the depressing conclusion that it will be virtually impossible to have any kind of relationship again. I can''t think of anyone in a right state of mind that would want to enter into a relationship with me now that I have this. I dont go out hardly at all anymore to any clubs, I never hit on women or even think of trying to have sex and putting another person into my situation. Stack this on top of the fact that I guess I will never have a family or any children, and it seems really disheartening. I guess the only thing I can really feel any sort of good about now is the abstinence that will keep me from giving it to someone else. To answer the question, I guess the only way to build a relationship, it seems to me, would be nonsexual.




I''m 19, almost 20, and was already in a 4 month relationship with someone when I found out I had HPV. Mine had only developed in my cervix, so the only way I found out was from a pap smear I had done in order to get on birth control to help regulate my abnormal cycle. I ended up being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, and had C02 laser surgery a week ago. Everything's going well so far, as far as "recovery" goes. . .
I've only had sex with 4 people in my life, besides my boyfriend, and had used protection every time, so it was extremely devastating to find out I had this-you have the stereotype that STD's dont happen to people who aren't really sexually active. (HPV can still be spread with the use of protection, depending on where the infection is) I knew I was in love with my boyfriend, so you can imagine how devastating it was to have to tell him I have this, and had most likely passed it along to him without even knowing. I was sure he was going to leave and never look back. But that day, the day I told him-he told me he loved me, and that he wasn't going anywhere. I'm still in shock at his decision. I thank God every day he's here, and that's he's willing to stay with me. He doesn't punish me for anything-because there's real no reason to: what's done is done. As someone else said, it definently helps you realize how important a person is to you, and what you're willing to sacrifice, or what they're willing to sacrifice for you. Him being here to see me through has helped me in so many ways, and has pretty well helped me keep my sanity. You just have to be able to find someone willing to sacrifice for you and your situation. They're the real ones you want to be with anyway. :-)



It is possible to build a relationship while having HPV and yes you may infect your partner. I have known I have had HPV for about 4 months now, and my biggest advice to people who have just found out they have gotten it is, dont think that everyone you date has a right to know. Its your body and your life. I know this sounds horrible but, if someone your with gets it, theres no way to know it was from you or not. Play your cards smart and you will be much happier! Its really not a big deal at all, i mean seriously in most cases you rarely even get any symptoms, so why is everyone crying. In my opinion people are just ashamed at the thought that "they" would have an STD, BIG DEAL, get over yourself



If you are honest with people you intend to be intimate, it has been my experiance, that most are not too concerned. I got it from my husband, and I knew I might get it, but it was worth the risk to me. Also, use condoms if you are worried. Just because you carry the virus does not guarentee you will pass it to your sexual partners. I am the first person my husband has passed it to and he has had it for 8 years. I didn''t develop it until after we were together for about 5months.



I don''t know about that. I am pretty sure I have it, I found 1 small growth in my "hood". I am dreading going to the doc in a few days. Once they confirm it, it will then be real. I have HPV, thats my worst fear. Actully when I first started having sex I was constantly worried about herpies and went to the gyno about every other week thinking I had it, but I never did. I wish that one of those doctors had told me that there is something much worse out there, and its WAY easier to get. I can't even say the words Genital Warts out loud, I literally can't do it. When I called to make my appointment, I used words like "thing" and "down there". I feel like once I actually hear the words from the doctor that I will flip out, like seriously. I don't think I can handle it. They will probally have to sedate me or something. I don't want a relationship anymore, because if I did meet someone I would have to say those three words "I have HPV". I never want to say those words, ever. My heart hurts, my head hurts. This is just scratching the surface, what if I gave to someone? The last two people I slept with don't deserve that. My last bf had only slept with 2 other girls before me, what if I gave it to him? I can't handle the thought of that. I need Xanex, valium something to make this stop.



I think that the only way to build a successful new relationship without infection is to be honest. You must be willing to be forthcoming with the next person that you will pursue intimately (or otherwise) to create an honest foundation for your relationship. Nobody appreciates being lied to and certainly it would be wise and efficient to inform them of what HPV is, how they can get it, and to just be safe.




I''m 17 and have been with one person and just found out I have the potentially cancerous HPV. Like previous people said, it was a slap in the face, but now that I have researched it and learned that so many people are infected, it gives me hope, because I am just starting in the whole dating game. My mom was infected earlier, and I've seen her cry b/c she thought she couldn't ever get close to anyone again. I know it will be hard to actually tell the next person I want to be with (a LONG time down the road), but this whole thing has made me realize how fast I went and how stupid I was and what really matters in a relationship, esp. at my age, that's hard to realize. I feel much better after researching though.




Hello.... take a deep breath... and let it out with a smile :)
Im 19 years old and I just found out I have HPV...but I know it is not the end of my world! Now that you are wondering and asking questions you are already on the right path... learn as much as you can about the HPV virus... then you will know you, me and about a million other people have it too! Talk to your partner about it and explain it to them, the more you know the easier it will be to talk to them about it! I just found out after I got released from jail... I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months now and I''m waiting for him to get out to tell him. Although I may have already passed it on to him.. yes I am a little scared how he will react but sex doesn't have to stop... use protection and try to avoid sexual contact if you do have a "breakout". From all I have been reading it is as common as a planter wart or any other wart in the world! Find out what strand of the virus you have.. most cases don't lead to cervical cancer, but still make sure you don't have that strand of the virus. keep your head up and dont let the people who take this as their Genital Warts sentence scare you! Keep researching and learning about this. Take care of your body just remember some people never have a "breakout" after the firt treatment! I have had 2 acid treatments so far but my boyfriends parent are proud that I am trying to take care of it and they support me 100% and it helps to know they are there for me!!!
If anyone would like someone to talk to about this my email is nicnik4486@yahoo.com (please write TALK TO ME for the subject so I know its not a computer virus or junk mail!)
May God bless you.............. and smile you are beautiful because you are you and NOTHING can take that away from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well I don''t know about the not infecting someone else besides useing caution ands condoms nothing is 100%...But the having a relationship part I do know about ( at least a lil' bit) I've been seeing this guy for 2 1/2 weeks now and it has been the best time I have ever had with a guy I truly think he is the one! We have been nothing but honest with eachother! And last night I told him I have had HPV for about 6 month now! He was perfectly okay with it and comended me on being such a strong honest caring person! It is going to be scarie and heart renching to do this and while you are, your not going to grasp the consept that you really do trust this persone enough to tell them one of your worst flaus! BUt chances are that they will understand and if they don't they will let you know I had to explain alot of things, as to what it does, where did I get it, have i given it to anyone....and you just have to be completely honest and go into the situation with an open mind don't just think that they are going to come at you with opned arms! Because not all of them do!!! Everyone is different! Just do what it is that you gotta do and if nothing else that person will always know that you are honest and wanted to do everything in your power to not give it to them! And Or keep it from being a shock! Just tell them wouldn't you of wanted a worning! I know I did! I wish you all the luck in the world!



In all honesty, I have just found out a few months ago that I had HPV. And it was the scariest thing I''ve had to deal with yet.... it was a real slap in the face. But it made me re think so many things in my life and my relationships and what I really wanted. I now take more time with the people I chose to get to know, and I am completely honest with them, and so far I have found them to be very supportive, and even helping me look up more info and the different options I have. I think it's doable for having a relationship... but not going down the sexual road for quite a while... and making sure of course that you haven't broke out in a very long time... and then.. in all honesty, it's up to them...because then they are fully aware and want to be with you... so they might not care... and I thank that guy above who said what he did about his girlfriend... it gives me a little more hope.




I know that I can infect someone with this virus even if I try not to. From what I know, if you have HPV but are not having an outbreak in other words no little bumps or genital warts you are less contagious. So step one I visited a clinic and had them removed. I use latex condoms with my partners everytime I have vaginal sex. This is probably silly but I take a shower and so do my partners afterward. I don''t think water and soap are much of a team against a virus but who knows maybe it helps a little? I have been amazed that people (2 out of 2) have wanted to have sex with me even after I explain to them that they will be putting themselves at risk for HPV. One thought HPV was HIV he still wanted to have sex with me. I explained the difference and he was still interested. I really reccommend trying to talk to your partners and letting them know what is going on with you. I don't think you should think that the default is no one you like is going to have a STD. Prepare yourself and think "hey if I meet someone I really love (or wanna have sex with) who has a STD what will I do?" I don't just think about infecting someone else I also think about protecting myself. Just in case you are wondering the two people I have had sex with have not had any symptoms of HPV.



Me and my boyfriend are totally in love....About 3 months into our relationship, I found out that I had genital warts...I told my boyfriend, and he was okay with it. He told me that he loved me for me and that everything would be okay...For the first 2-3 weeks, we had a rough time, alot of emotional stuff...But we are doing better than ever now.. I have been doing alot of research on genital warts and dound out alot of interesting stuff...My boyfriend''s main concern about him catching it was that he was going to die...I reassured him that everything was okay and that he wasn't going to die from this....Now our relationship is better, stronger than ever..



This site has made me feel much better..i found out by myself that I have a wart which is hpv after reading stuff on it..i hope to go to the doc asap and get it treated..Im only 18 and im a virgin yet i had oral once in my life 3 and a half years ago and found out recently about my situation..boy it sure hurts to know but its not that bad and it will be cured one day as the Almighty will help. I dont blame that one girl i decided to do stuff with but i blame myself and i also forgive myself cuz we breathe to live and we still breathing. I believe in destiny so it was written out this way so far for me..and hopefully somewhere in my destiny it will change for the better..ups and downs are common..this is a down but people we can get up from this and move on. Im still a virgin and im young..we will prevail (hopefully)..This site helps all of us and we need to help each other out..we are all one of a kind now arent we.



I have this same question. I do think you and everyone else should wait until you can really trust the other person. This is private information that you don''t want the whole town knowing about. If you tell the other person before you truly have a strong trusting relationship then they are more likely to leave but once someone is in love with you then they are more likely to stay and learn about it. Love is strong but Lust isn't. Be careful who you tell, wait until you have a strong relationship, but always tell before you have sex with them. No one deserves this crap we have to deal with. I am glad to see I am not alone. Thanks to you all. God bless us all.



I have two things to add to this discussion:

OBVIOUSLY honesty is a must. I mean, I can''t believe it's even been a subject of debate. Sorry, but you're basically human garbage if you withold something like that. HPV might have taken some of your self-image points, but you still have a spine. Act like it.

That said,

Yes, people really blow HPV out of proportion. I have yet to see a photograph on the Internet that isn't over 10x more severe than my own symptoms, even though the virus has been with me for over two years. It IS a big deal, like getting the flu can be a big deal.. but it's not a big deal like HIV, or even herpes in most cases. Ever had a wart anywhere else on your body? Just put things into perspective. If you're feeling beat up about it, (I'm going to echo some existing posts) use it as motivation to change your life. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Learn more about your body and how to respect it. Use the time that will otherwise be spent moping and critically examine your relationship habits, your attitudes toward intimacy and bonding, etc. I would suggest coming to terms with yourself and your inherent human fallibility before getting to the point where a serious talk will be required, with someone else. It will make that discussion and whatever potential result much easier to cope with.



It''s probably going to be very difficult for people out there who have been diagnosed with HPV to build a relationship with someone WITHOUT infecting them. I have been through some terrible relationships in my life and then one day I met someone special. I knew she was the one from the moment I saw her. I had been tested before and didn't have any STDs. She eventually told me that she had HPV and didn't expect me to stay around. I was really shocked because she had only been with one person before me. She told me about her condition about two months ago and we're still together. When you meet your soulmate, you'll have no secrets, no lies, and you'll be able to share everything with each other. I am planning on getting married to this girl and we will go through everything together. The best way to start a relationship with someone is to be HONEST if you can trust the person enough. If you have a gut feeling about that person staying with you after they learn the secret, they probably will. I've never been happier and I wish all of you as good luck as I've had.




Well, for warts on your tongue(i have some there)..if anyone has this. I know the right treatment for it, you can buy it at the store!!!!! Believe it or not The Freeze Away Wart treatment by Dr. Scholls works!!!! I used it twice under my tongue, for two days, one time each day, before I go to bed. And they are almost completely cleared!! I can''t believe it, I am so happy!!! It does say on the box not to use it on mucous membranes, but it is Sylilic acid- the same thing the Doctor uses. It costs around $20 bucks, but it's so worth it! Just be careful at first, read the directions, and dab on lightly to see how your skin reacts with it, then once you know, you'll be able to figure out how many seconds to hold the Q-tip thingy on it for. It does sting and burn, but it's a nice stinging burn, you can tell right off the bat that it's killing the warts. I'd say use it in two day intervals.
I know it can sound ridiculous but it was something I was thinking of trying- because logically why WOULDN'T it work?!!!

I have NOT however used it in the genital area..for there I use Tee Tree Oil, and it IS working GREAT!!!! At first it does burn- first night that is. I soaked some gauze and slept with it over night, then dapped some on the next few nights..I can see and tell it's working!!!! You can buy all this stuff at a Walmart or a Target!




You just need to use condoms and make sure you get rid of the warts if you have them. I don''t think its necessary, especially if you are young, to go around telling people about it. If you are going to have a relationship, protect the other person. HPV can become permanently suppressed in your system if you take care of yourself. I am not trying to promote an idea of irresponsibility, but if you protect other people and work on getting healthy, its really nobody's business. I have not told one person but my mother because most people don't understand much about HPV, or what it really is. It has such a negative connotation with people and that's because nobody knows much about it, except that it can produce skin growths (warts). I choose not to tell my friends and siblings about it because if someone ever got upset with me, they could easily spread that around and hurt me a great deal. I deal with it and take care of myself... I don't think anyone else needs to know.




I''m 21 years old and have been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. we have NEVER had unprotected sex. I made him get tested for all STD's because i wanted to have unprotected sex. all the tests came back negative but he didn't want to have sex without a condom anyway. a few weeks later he confessed that he had hpv. i was fine with it thinking that i didn't have it and wouldnt get it. but i went to my doctor to make him feel better... turns out i got it. a few weeks later i broke out with warts. if it doesn't work out between us I have no idea how I will ever tell the next person but I just wanted to let everyone know CONDOMS are NOT safe. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE SEX.



I''m going through a rough time. I've started seeing a guy and have been for a little over a month. I wanted to hold off on sex for a while so i could be sure it wasn't a love em and leave em situation. So after a month - we finally slept together and I've grown closer to him.

But the other day, i receive an email from my ex saying that hes sorry but when he first started dating me he was sleeping with another girl on the side and he just found out she infected him with genital herpies. Now im absolutely petrified, not for myself but because i may have infected this guy im dating now. We used protection but there is always the chance. I just don't know how to break it to him if it turns out i am infected and that he is now at risk too.

I believe there is a reason for everything in life - but what is the reason for this?



When I was diagnosed, 5 years ago, I thought that my life was ruined and that I had to stay with the abusive partner that had given me HPV. After having the laser surgery, without telling my parents, I became depressed by dealing with this all by myself. But after I dumped the loser that I found myself with, I wondered if people would know my deep secret by just looking at me. Within the past 3 years, I have dated many different people without any problems. I am currently with the guy of my dreams. I do regret coming in contact with the virus, but I also wonder would I have been this safe, if I hadn''t already one of the nastiest STD's out there?
To the young people who are naive, like I once was - Beware - people aren't what they seemed to be. After I found out that I had the virus, my then boyfriend disclosed important personal information about his past, if I would have known all of that, I would have never even went out with him. Also, sex is just sex, if it's not with the RIGHT person, refrain from promscuity. Take care everyone!



was wiv m ex for 3years we broke up at a point for a month and I got hpv it seemed,got back with my ex and me not knowin i had the virus passed it on to him...
we hav since split and he has started a new relaionship,i dont kow wether he has told his partnet or not...
I have met someone very recently who seems such a lovely person, went back for a check up and all warts have gone,have been since xmas,
i am planning on usin protection wiv the new bf but when i fink about hvain to tell him i hav hpv i wud honestly rather kill myelf,as i am a very shy person and do not have the guts...
fair enough you are prob thinkin just get on with it and tell him its not that bad...
well it is to me...
how can i put it without embarrassin myself etc..
and if there are not symptoms left and i use a condom he won''t get it will he?
i dont want to not tell him but at the same time i'd rather walk away from the relationshipas im that scared



I too face all the questions that you all have had. Will I ever find someone who wants to be with me? etc etc. And I think I will. We all will at some point. When you look at the big picture, 80% of sexually active people will get this. So I look at it this way, it would be much harder to find someone w/o it. Take a step back, get yourself healthy, and educated. Things will work out for the best.



I turned 17 two months ago and have hpv. Now according to my doctor, I will never be able to have unprotected sex (even when married) without the risk of spreading this virus, and even WITH protection(condoms), it may be spread. Now i just found out today that i have hpv, and have yet to tell my currently partner of the past 2 1/2 years. There is a good chance he is one that gave it to me but still, terrified no one will want me with some sort of risk constantly to themselves. As far as I know, there is NO cure. And NO way to ensure the safety of a partner.



Well I have been enlighten after 41 years, the hard way of course. I was in a relationship for 2yrs waited 5mths to make love and after two yrs.Just Last wk told, he had warts in the past. Although I have not had any symptoms, went to get all checked out by my doctor, they see nothing. Still pending the pap results for any cancer cells. So if I listened correctly to the doctor this can remain dorment for yrs. and even if you use condoms you can still get the virus. The doctor told me a story I will share for all readers. This couple married for 10 yrs husband has a wart,battle, both say never cheated, doctor tells them they could have recieved in past. So if I have it correctly,reviewed literature,doctor anyone who has sex can get the virus. They suggest no sex or the use of condoms but still no guarantee. Now don''t forget BIG question does this mean I have or not? If they can't give me a 100% Guarantee I have it, do I?



I am a 27 year old female and I just found out in December that I have HPV. They found it in my pap. I have never presented with warts at all, and I suspect whoever gave it to me did not know they had it either.

I was upfront with my new boyfriend before we ever slept together and told him what I had. He didn''t seem to care or be worried. After some time together, we eventually had unprotected sex (and I found out now that condoms don't prevent my partner from getting it necessarily anyway). It was a choice he made and I told him up front and was honest. I told him at a time long before we slept together when we were talking and no hot-n-heavy was happening.

Now he is saying I didn't tell him it was an STD (I MOST CERTAINLY DID!) and he is angry with me. We are taking time "off" from each other while he thinks this over. I am heart broken that I was completely honest with him, and he didn't somehow understand. I thought he knew fully the risk he was taking...

My advice is still to be totally up front. I would want that from a partner - let THEM make an informed decision about being intimate with you. But MAKE CERTAIN they COMPLETELY understand what you have told them. Hell, make them repeat it back to you or have them read this site.

I wanted to marry this man and have his children, and now this horrible misunderstanding may have cause me to loose him forever.

But then, if he falls out of love with me that easily, was he really the right man for me anyway? Probably not.

I hope he forgives me, but if he doesn't I know I will find someone who will love me anyway and make an informed choice because I WILL TELL EVERY PARTNER FIRST.

Take care all...



I am 21 and found out that I had HPV and herpes about 3 years ago. It was the scariest thing at first, I thought that I would have to settal for someone Who would have me. But I have come to relize that it is way easier than you think. I truly belive that you just have to be honest and up front. If you are intersted in someone, tell them and Allow that person to make an educated dission about how thay feel. If thay act like a jerk then you know thats not the person for you. I am now maddly in love with the man of my dreams and have never been happier in my life. Its not really that bad. Be strong



I''ve been symptomatic (visible genital warts) for over a year now, but I decided to keep dating anyway. I met a great girl, and dreaded telling her about my HPV and GW, like you cannot imagine (well, if you have it, then you CAN imagine). When I told her, she was incredibly cool about it. It was not a deal-breaker for her, even though I told her that I didn't know when I'd be able to have sex again. There are some things I cannot say strongly enough - you MUST tell them before you have sex with them. Even if you aren't symptomatic - you MUST tell them. I don't think people can truly understand how evil it is to hide HPV from someone they are sexually active with, unless they themselves have been victimized in that way (as I was, previous girlfriend only told me she was symptomatic with GW after we were sexual activity for a while). If you think the relationship may lead to sex at some point, pick a time and place where you won't be interrupted, and when they are able to have a serious conversation (not in bed when things are hot and heavy, not when they are stressed out, etc.). For me and the girl I'm dating, I give her oral sex (and believe me, telling a girl that you can only give her oral sex, and you can't have intercourse, will be a refreshing change for most women!). My genitals are off-limits to her for now, I have a dermatologist appt. this week to get the GW frozen off. But it'll be a while after that before we even consider sex, because just freezing off the visible warts doesn't make the virus inactive, and doesn't remove skin that is infected but not visibly so. Meaning - you can't just have them frozen off and think you are safe to have sex with. Even if the warts go away on their own, or with Aldara (which didn't work for me in over 6 months of using it) - there is still no conclusive data saying you aren't infectious. There is ALWAYS risk, even if you haven't been symptomatic in years, and even if you are using a condom. Sure, in that case the risk is as low as you can get it, but the person will still have to agree to that risk.



I just told my boyfriend of about two weeks that I have HPV. I love him even though we''ve only been together a short timeI think actually having the virus made me stronger...I was able to get to know this amazing guy without jumping into sex first.
I found out I was diagnosed with HPV about five months ago and it was very very hard for me, but after a while I realized that if I could still love myself, somebody else out there could love me too. (And if anybody ever left me bc I have HPV, then they weren't worth it to begin with.) I know it is something very hard and scary to deal with, but I have faith that everything happens for a reason, and I think HPV is a blessing in disguise and a life lesson to us all
--Sex is worth the wait for love!



i may post essentially the same thing in other posts, but only becuase I think it''s important that people see it...

i got HPY about three years ago after seeing pimple like bumps on my penis. i was treated twice, and after that they came back very infrequently if at all, really. since my time of being diagnosed, i have had sex (oral and inercourse) with three different girls who i told that i had HPV, and with each of them a lot of it was unprotected, whether that was a good idea or not, i guess. anyway, NONE of these girls has HPV, and they all go to a gyn regularly. i dont know what this means, but i do think it goes to show that just becuase it is highly contagious, it is obviously very possible to still get on with it. just tell your partner before having sex.




After I told my boyfriend I had HPV (he wasn''t at the time), he was very very upset and had the "normal" reaction of 'How could you' and 'I never want to see you again'. Then he realized (3 days later) that our relationship was stronger than sex. So we worked on being together outside the bedroom and found that a 'no sex' relationship was not a big deal. Howwever, we both had needs/wants for sex, so we decided to look into "alternative" ways of pleasure such as sex toys. This has helped fulfill that part our relationship's needs. So after you build that trusting relationship with a person, you will find what fits you the most. And always talk about how caution or risky you want to be in the bedroom upfront which will save you many troubles later.



For everyone saying HPV is not a big deal let me tell you my story. I was a virgin until I started seriously dating my current girlfriend. I wanted to wait until marriage to avoid disease and unwanted pregnancy. I lost several relationships because of this and countless others never got off the ground because of it. I was getting older and finally realized that if I ever wanted to get married and have children (my greatest goal in life) I needed to trust a girl enough to go ahead and have sex before marraige. My current gf and I were best friends for two years, I trusted her with my life. We began to develop a romantic relationship and I said to myself if I can''t trust her I can't trust anyone. Before we had sex SHE sat down and explained that SHE wanted complete honesty about past partners, STDs etc. I explained my past and she then told me she'd had 4 partners, never had an STD and got tested routinely. So, secure in the knowledge that we were both healthy we begin having tons and tons of sex - shes on the pill etc. Several weeks ago she found out she was pregnant - my worst nightmare (little did I know it was worse). Part of the reason I trusted her so much was that she told me she never wanted to have children before marriage. Now that she got pregnant she insists on keeping the baby. We've been fighting and crying for weeks (me trying to keep her to her word and not have the baby). So for weeks I try to figure out why she insists on keeping the baby - I'm completly dumbfounded that she broke this promise to me. Finally yesterday she tells me in tears that she previously had a large portion of her cervix removed because of precancerous cells and was told after that she would probably never be able to have kids of her own (never thought she would get pregnant)- she viewed this pregnancy as a miracle and now will keep the baby. So I start doing research and discover that HPV is by far the leading cause in the develpment of these precancerous cells. I call her from work and say "did you have HPV?!" And she says "well, yeah but it cleared up a long time ago, its gone...(!!)" I say wtf are you talking about (!!) there is no cure you have it forever even if symptoms don't come back. So I'm sitting there shaking in anger - heres this IDIOT (that I love..) whose probably given me the cancer causing strain of this. I leave work drive straight to her apartment shaking uncontrollably in anger (all my years of sacraficed relationships and now I'm going to have a child when I'm not ready and I have this &*$% that can cause cancer, infertility etc. etc.). This particular strain is also suspected in penis and rectal cancer. Then she asks me to marry her (!!). So now I can either marry this person who I feel has ruined my life or I can say go (&&% yourself, lose half my paycheck in child support, never see my kid, and somehow try to develop a new relationship even after explaining I have this crap.

What would you do?



I was given HPV when I was 19 (17 years ago) by somebody who was active and being treated at the time (I later found out), but who didn''t bother to tell me that he was infected and active - not only HPV, but chlamydia as well, which landed me in hospital for 5 days with peri-hepatitis and possible sterility...thanks Russell, you creep. I had large perineal warts for 7 months and had them frozen/burnt off every 2 weeks. I built my immune system up with the usual activities and they stopped re-appearing. I now have yearly pap smears and have never had a repeat attack of HPV. I have also had 5 long-term partners in that time and none of them has ever contracted HPV from me. I feel I don't have to 'confess' to new partners these days because no-one has caught anything from me in 17 years (or ever for that matter). I do feel guilty and embarrassed and dirty about it all, but feel I can relax about it these days as so much time has passed since I had them.
One thing I will say is that when I am very run-down, I do get a sore/itching perineum, and maybe a small bump there, too (nothing like a wart), and am not sure if this is related to HPV. When I am like this, I avoid sex or use condoms just in case.
All in all, the HPV hasn't affected my adult life so far, but the chlamydia did. I am possibly infertile and have painful internal adhesions around me liver/ gall bladder area every now and again...feels like colic.




The guy who did nothing but whine and moan about how his girlfriend got pregnant and had HPV and ruined his life needs to grow some balls. I hope you leave her so she can find a real man.

Anyway, I have dysplasia (I''m getting my cervix frozen next week to get rid of it) and I think I may also have genital warts (going to the doctor this week to have them looked at). I'm currently in a relationship with the guy I think may have given me HPV(been together almost a year), but I won't know for sure until I see my doctor and get some questions answered. I gotta say I'm pretty scared. My boyfriend is in total denial that anything is wrong and refuses to get tested. We're only 19 and he still lives at home so I think he's just afriad of his parents finding out. Its really Genital Wartsing me off and its not helping me, of course me the one with all the symptoms and suffering. I know we should have used condoms, but we're planning on getting married and he told me he'd been tested before. Not sure if I believe that now. I'm just afraid of him not taking this well and dumping me or something.

I'm afriad of it not working out with him. I feel like many others I guess, that no one will want to date me since I have an STD. But I guess I'll have to cross that road if it ever comes. It is nice to know I'm not alone and that is true as someone else stated, there are much worse STDs out there. Good luck everyone. I believe there is one person out there for everyone, and that one person will accept you as you are completely, imperfections and all.



I was reading one of the answers to this question. About a doctor stating that no one has ever died from HPV. My grandaughter died in Jan. of HPV. She was 13 months old. She got the virus during birth. She had 27 surgeries. It is rare but it does happen.






Ahh this site is providing myself with such calming feeling, There really are some worked up people out there....
I was told by an ex GF of mine that I had given it to her, oh but she decided to wait about 2 months after she found out before she told me.. well She wasn''t best pleased.. Anyway The first thing i did was go into a blind panic, And i went on the internet to find out more. And was that the silliest thing to do.. My local clinic got me straightnend out quickly, and Advised me this..
You can have a good relationship with someone, I've just started building one after nearly 2 years of being single. I had to tell her before any "Bedroom Gymnastics". Be honest from day one and If they do a runner then They aren't right for you!!
And my new girlfriend said " Oh is that it, I thought it was something far worse than that, i.e. your dumped" She wasn't bothered. And it never made any difference when we did finally spend the night together, other than there was alot more trust and that made things a whole lot better..
HPV ... It's not the end of the world, it really isn't!



u have to be honest, if you find someone u really care about and think u can have a future with just tell them the truth, research the virus together,and let them decide for themselves if they are willing to take a chance. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and now i am in a relationship with someone, cause i was honest and didnt try to hide the fact that i am infected. i still live a normal life and dont let it get to me.



It is possible to build a relationship while having HPV and yes you may infect your partner. I have known I have had HPV for about 4 months now, and my biggest advice to people who have just found out they have gotten it is, dont think that everyone you date has a right to know. Its your body and your life. I know this sounds horrible but, if someone your with gets it, theres no way to know it was from you or not. Play your cards smart and you will be much happier! Its really not a big deal at all, i mean seriously in most cases you rarely even get any symptoms, so why is everyone crying. In my opinion people are just ashamed at the thought that "they" would have an STD, BIG DEAL, get over yourself



I think that it is possible since it is so common the chances are that the person you are with either has it or will get it. You may want to let them know. however I know that is not easy and so you can just not tell them and use a condom.



I was diagnosed about 10 years ago and have always told my sexual partners beforehand that I was infected. That never stopped them from having sex with me and I always made sure I was symptom-free when we did have sex. I''ve never infected anyone... and even got married.

There is life after Herpes!



I just found out that I have HPV. I reckon I contracted it in late May and have suspected as much since then. I have taken immediate steps to eradicate the visible warts on my penis and after 3 days of treatment the difference is incredible. Im fully aware that these warts may return, but I remain positive that with the right diet and regular exercise they will remain supressed. The biggest concern I have is with any future partner. At the moment I think I''m going to remain off sex for at least a year(a looooooong time, I know). But I hope that when I meet the right person I can sit them down and have THE conversation and explain the facts behind HPV. Genital Warts are a pain (no pun intended) but who knows what the future holds, maybe a partner has the virus and is not aware of it. If you've had sex with anyone who is not a virgin you run the risk. Don't be sad or suicidal. Take this opportunity to take care of your body, family and friends. Find someone who makes you feel good about yourself and spend the rest of your days loving each other. It may take time but you'll get there. All the best from a guy with warts on his penis who refuses to stop enjoying life.)



It seems like many people have alot to say about the prevalence and stigma of HPV, but for some reason like posting it on this site..there are many articles coming out in the news about this ,and if people want to put their 2 cents in, why not try contacting major news editors w/ your opinions... here are a few:

Go to Reuters.com (feed back link on bottom of page)
Send to info@ap.org (associated press)
Send to support@abcnews.go.com
Send to Health@MSNBC.com



Good qusetion. I have no idea please let me know. I just got a call today from an ex stating that he has been diagnosed with warts and I should get checked out. Thing is I just had a pap test a few months ago and I was fine, and I go for annual exams. Currently I''m dating and I don't know what to tell my partner if anything.




I just found out my husband of 3 years has had genital warts. I saved myself for marriage...he didn''t, but I asked him before we were married if he had any history of STD's. He denied it at the time...thinking that I wouldn't have married him if he told me the truth. So now, I'm 8 months pregnant, and worried that I've lost the trust and honesty in my marriage.

Anyone out there who is nervous about telling their significant other...please tell them. I honestly don't know how I would have responded at the time, but I know that it is much harder to deal with now. Especially knowing that if I have it (most likely), there is a CHANCE that it could be passed on to the baby. PLEASE be honest with your partners!



It is possible to have a relationship. HPV is not the end of the world! It is NOT life threatening. You can live with this. And sooo many people do. I have heard of about 25 people that I know who have it. You are not alone. I do have a 2year relationship. I was devistated to find out about my hpv. It has been 8 years with it and life goes on!



I m 34 years old I have 3 children and a Husband , after 3 years of trying to have my last child I started having my Period more and more up to 4 times in the month more cramps and Pain I just felt sick all around ......My last Pap was in 2004 .normal never had any Problems NEVER ...... now my Test came back and I have HPV DNA Positiv , not only m I in Shock now i wonder How long i have it and why I have it and let me say this again i m married !as I though to a loving caring man and that since a long time ! what i m trying to say is young or old it is what it is something that should have never happend to me not now not ever ........however after 2 years since my last Pap the truth finally hounted my Husband down and today he can not even look into my Face , a lot of young People write here HPV ok so what is ot that bad all I can say think again ....it can ruin everything you ever Hoped for



Im no doctor, or specialist, but being in a sexual relationship with someone, if you have HPV will also infect them with the virus. At the very least the risk is high. That is just the way it is.
That being said, of course you can still have a meaningful relationship with another person, including a fulfilling sexual one, if you are infected with HPV. Even people who have HIV (the precursor to AIDS,) a much more dangerous and tragic condition, still manage to get over their life changing virus, and find people who are truly understanding that will love them for the person they are.
It''s only sensible to feel upset about learning something terrible that will affect your whole life. Keep your spirits high though (its good for your immune system) and don't stress out over an accident, you know?
Good luck in life and love.



I''m 19 and I've had HPV for at least 2 years now, thanks to my exboyfriend who loved to cheat. When I first found out I had genital warts I couldn't stop crying for days (and I still do from time to time). My doctor told me that they had been there for awhile but they were almost impossible for me to see. I never thought that I would ever find anyone else that would wanna be with me, and I blamed myself for everything, but I finally realized that you really can't do anything about it, and it's so common most people are bound to get it one day. Since I've had it, I found that it's really not a big deal and as long as your honest with the people that you wanna be with sexually active with, for the most part they're understanding. Since I found out, I've been with 2 guys, and even though it was nothing serious, neither of them cared one bit. Now, its been about a year and I'm in the position where I need to tell someone whom I care about with all my heart, but I'm scared to Genital Warts and don't want to risk losing him over something so stupid... but I guess it comes with the territory!!! So good luck to everyone, be safe, and be honest... if it doesn't kill ya it only makes you stronger!!!!



I just found out I might have HPV myself. I just met this new woman and when my ex found out were were getting intimate...she maliciously ped the bomb on me. I was SO furious. I didnt know how to tell my new gurl, and I dont know how to. I educated myself and found out that its not that big of a deal, but I''m afraid to tell her. I dont want to lose her. I know that I must though. Part of me just doesnt want to...know its not a big deal, but how fair is that to her. Especially that I care about her...I guess its a risk I have to take.



I found out I had an HPV 17 years ago (I was 34). It was inside the opening in my penis. I got it from a very nice lady who didn''t even know she had it. A friend of mine had had one, had it lasered off and didn't give it another thought. I didn't think it was that big a deal. I had mine lasered off as well. I have never had another one.



To the people who have submitted posts, I thank you all. You have given me some insite to a question that I was faced with today.

I met a girl recently that I have been really enjoyed being around. We have went out a few times and she is someone that really makes me happy. She has a awesome personality and it is someone that I fell is going to be a wonderful partner in crime. We have not been seeing each other that long and we have not had sex yet.

Today, she called be balling her eyes out. She told me that she has HVP. She also told me that she had known about it, how she contracted it and gave me all the information about it. She was worried that I would throw up a cross and scream "BACK DEVIL WOMAN!" But, nothing could be further from the truth. I told her that I would research it and I have.

If I have to agree with anything that I have read it is that Honesty is the Best Policy. If I would have had sex with her and then heard this from someone else, or she would have told me after the fact, it would have been a serious violation of trust and loyalty on her part and I would want nothing to do with her.
Hence, I would have ped her like a rock. Fortunatly she had the guts to tell me. To me, that shows me that she is stronger than most, possibly even stronger than I am. If it would have been me, I don''t know that I would have ever had the confidence to even think about another relationship. But, she showed a true inner strength to do what she did and I am very proud of her.

The Second thing have to agree with is, "There has to be more to your relationship than just sex." Relationships like that do not last. Why? Because, someone is eventully going to get bored and cheat. That is where most of this trouble starts. Cheating on someone is the worst thing you can do to someone you love and/or care about. You are not only putting yourself in danger, but you could easily put either of your partners in real danger. I mean really, do you really want to run the risk of getting something like this or something that is far worse? Is it really worth it for that one piece of tail?

I don't know that this girl is the one. We haven't been together long enough to find know, but she will definatly get the benifit of the doubt from me. Am I scared? Do I worry about the risk I am taking? Yes, of course I do, but do I want to turn away someone who is has potential to be the one? To that I say hell no. I will take it one step at a time and I will not ruin the relationship and friendship, just because I am scared to take a risk. People take risks everyday. Who knows if that cheeseburger, or that smoke, or that ride to work is going to be the one that sends us to our grave.

In closing, I would like to say that I would rather take a risk, then to live the rest of my life wondering what if.



i am 18 yr old and I have just moved in with my partner! i just fell pregnant and then i had a missccariage when i founded out that i had cholmedia i was crying my eyes out now i have gential warts my bf does not take it serious he doesnt even no the different types of std i want to know can i die and whats the best way to get it treated



"Sex isn''t everything and if someone doesn't want a relationship with you because they can't have sex - they aren't the right person for you".

Sorry, babe. Sex IS everything to men. Asking a man not to ever be able to have sex in exchange for being with you is just stupid. How about asking YOU not to BREATH?

So everyone you never loved, you screwed and that resulted in you getting a virus. Now, when youf ind someone you love, he's supposed to just accept that you can't have fun with him and satisfy part of his being human, because you were a careless slut in the past.

Get real.

Find someone who already has it and hook up with them. PLENTY of people have it. I've been careful with who I have as a partner and when I recently began a relationship with someone I really cared about and they told me they recently learned they had HPV, I cut off all expectations of any sex. So they'll never be anything more than a close friend. Why would I want to have a RELATIONSHIP with them? There are plenty of people not to have sex with and be close to. Those are called friends.



Honesty is the best policy
I have HPV high risk also with mild dysplagia (cant spell it) found out today and you know the best thing is to be honest there really isnt a way to not pass it cause u get it from even touching an infected area and like the entry above mine condoms dont help its one of those thigs u cant do NOTHING about seriously other then not have sex but yeah right just do what you think is best if u still dont know just go see a doctor their the only ones who can give u a clear right answer.



in response to the 4/22 response, the HPV can cause pre cancerous cells, it rarely causes cancer. Testing and treatments are much better now than they used to be and if annual pap smears are done to detect these Pre cancer cells they can be treated before ever becoming cancer! My doctor said if treated and monitored these cells rarely develop cancer. If left untreated they can.



I found out that I had HPV almost a year ago. Im 17 years old and i was with a 23 year old man. He had known he had this virus but just decided not to tell me about it because he figured that if he gave this to me i''d stay with him. After finding out that i had something i didn't know what to do. I was scared if i would ever leave him i wouldn't be able to find any anyelse. A few months ago i just couldn't take it anymore. I left him. I started talking to another man, i was so scared to tell him that i had something. After i had my laser surgery i figured what the hell, why not tell him! So next time we spoke i told him. I was very surprised with his response, becuase i thought that having this i would never find a guy that would be understanding about it! I thought i wasnt going to be able to find anyone else! At first he was alittle scared but then understanding about it! So for those who think that just becuase you have the HPV virus your not going to be able to find anyone, you should stop thinking that way! The HPV virus isnt as bad as what everyone seems it to be.



Well I have been enlighten after 41 years, the hard way of course. I was in a relationship for 2yrs waited 5mths to make love and after two yrs.Just Last wk told, he had warts in the past. Although I have not had any symptoms, went to get all checked out by my doctor, they see nothing. Still pending the pap results for any cancer cells. So if I listened correctly to the doctor this can remain dorment for yrs. and even if you use condoms you can still get the virus. The doctor told me a story I will share for all readers. This couple married for 10 yrs husband has a wart,battle, both say never cheated, doctor tells them they could have recieved in past. So if I have it correctly,reviewed literature,doctor anyone who has sex can get the virus. They suggest no sex or the use of condoms but still no guarantee. Now don''t forget BIG question does this mean I have or not? If they can't give me a 100% Guarantee I have it, do I?



Make sure you take the time to research it so you will have some answers for your future partners. I have found that each time I''ve told someone, it was better received than I expected.

Usually, they have some questions and each has taken it upon themselves as well to do some internet research of their own. Honesty is a rare find sometimes these days people respect it greatly.



take vitamins and don''t tell a soul....wear a condom and if you never see symptoms throughout a whole year or two...than chances are your body has eradicated the body and your fine :-) why stress and pass your stress to someone else over nothing?



When I was 18 i went to an ex''s house, yet we started seeing eachother again. We never had sex and I thought it was because he respected me. needless to say we were to gether for 2 years on and off. We had sex ONCE and 3 months later I found out i contracted HPV. A very small strain, one little bump. Im glad its not severe. When I was told i cried...HARD....I think I freaked my DOC out...but yea I was very devestated, hurt, and felt used. he knew about it I think, I havent spoken to him since the night we slept together...and it all makes sense...he was a dirty messed up guy who didnt care for me at all, who just wanted sex, I never gave it to him though, and when I did, he never talked to me after that...needless to say he was the 4th person I ever slept with. I am very health conscious and always used a condom, always got checked for STD's and never slept around, Im not a slut I got alot of respect for myself and after this happened I became depressed. i drank lots and never slept with anyone for a year. I dated but never more. I got myself together, hardly ever drink, exercise again, getting my med degree, and have a new boyfriend. When i got treated for the one bump it has never came back, and it has been 2 years. I have a boyfriend now and have been together for 6 months. I LUV HIM. He loves me. Im his first serious girlfriend and him too. Ive never told him about the HPV, I want to but im scared of what he will say, think, or do. I hate that guy for not telling me he had it(SHAWN), and myself even more for even putting down my guard just for him and sleeping with him. It has been my first and only STD. I take care of myself and I plan on telling him, I just dont want him to think Im a dirty girl or anything because alot of the things we did and do together were firsts for us. we LUV eachother, i feel I did not deserve this, but it happened because i slept with the dirtiest guy ever, but I accepy what it is and believe it happened for a reason...but why? I wouldve told my guy about it, but he told me he was not a virgin, and thought since it could be in your system and not know it, who knows if it was me or him?...then after being together for 3 months he told me I took his virginity, and was too emberassed to tell me. He loves me, I tried breaking it off with him many times, but he talks to me and we always end up back together, I love him, but if he takes it bad...I know its not meant to be, but Ill be OK...and now I have to tell him...Im just scared, wish me luck....peace yall.



You must first be honest with any one that you want to have sex with about the virus and give them the choice it will be hard to be rejected but there will be some one for you just look at me I have 2 kids and my guy still is fine he could get it but we''ve talked about together and with our doctor




If you are a woman who wants to have sex or start a relationship with a man, telling them that you have HPV should not be a big deal BECAUSE there is no test - NO HPV TEST FOR MEN, so they are just as likely to give you another strand of HPV as you are to give it to them. Most men also do not show symtoms or get cancer from HPV so I wouldn''t worry about them I would worry about them having sexual contact with other women after having sexual contact with you because WE WOMEN need to stick together and make sure not to share something that can cause cervical cancer with other women via the men we sleep with.



I was infected about a year ago by my girlfriend who was Genital Wartsd. I''m stil with her, and I'm sure I will be for a long time, but I've wondered what I should do if things don't work out. I've been very depressed at times, so I can understand the negative attitudes that people have about never finding a partner again, but I have hope.
For the most part it seems that people don't want to run the risk of infecting someone who doesn't have hpv, so why not develop a way to determine if other people have it. It seems like there would have to be some sort of internet dating site for this type of thing. I know it seems strange to actively search for poeple on the internet with hpv, and most people may not be willing to release that infornmation because of the stigma that hpv carries with it. I think I have a way arround this problem. Someone should design a dating site for people with hpv in which all personal info would be withheld (this is probobly the way that all dating sites work, but perhaps the anonimity factor would be more inportant for this type of site.



Just like most people who ansered this questions. When I found out I had HPV I cried, was angry and felt ashamed. I assumed no one would ever want to sleep with me knowing I had this. I ended up meeting someone who I knew I had to tell my HPV if we were going to go forward. I told him and he took about a week and said he was ok with it. So yes, you can build a relationship with someone. I think through that you need to be honest up front. Yes it sucks and you are never sure how the person will feel about it, but if you don''t tell them and they end up gettin it later I see that as a bigger problem. Also wouldn't you have wanted that option? So good luck.



YOU MUST BE HONEST BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX. THEY MUST BE GIVEN A CHOICE. I was a 26yr old male (now 27) I met a girl i thought was the one. She TOLD ME she had HPV(Genital warts) about 4 months into a NO SEX relationship. I did the research, KNEW I WOULD GET IT and chose to only be with her. 6 months later(now currently 4/1/06)i have a few bumps on my gentials. It sucks, It can be treated, i was ready to deal w/this. One problem though, after about 4 months(before the warts showed) of being sexually active w/her my eyes opened and i realized she is not the one for me. I decided to stick with it b/c i would never find a woman willing to accept contracting HPV for me. I can no longer do this though- She Told Me She Cheated On Me Once With Her Boss At Work But Found Out It Was Really 3 Times. I thought she was the one, and i made a bad decision that will effect me forever. I then thought about not being able to find a woman who would be truely willing to get HPV. I WAS- and now i regret it only b/c i know she is not the one. Some of you might think you will be able to deal with it, but wait until you get warts and then see if your okay with it. So what do you think? I want to marry and have kids. So what do you think? (1) stay with her (2) forever be single (3) try to find someone else.



alright sweet heart I cant answer you question...no one can but just some info go to hpv.com and very slowly read the part about how your own immune system can kill this virus and stop being an idiot and understand that no matter how bad you feel she feels 20 times worse... and that baby doesnt deserve to be punished because of its mothers or fathers mistakes and as to whether you can have a relationship with out passing the virus on it has recently been found that condoms do not protect against hpv im living proof of this my bf and i have never had sex with out a condom and i gave him hpv, vaginal fluids leak down around the condom and get in contact with the skin around the penis and if you use a female condom the come can leak out and get around the outside of the vagina causing vulvar warts...sorry kiddos all i can say is get the vaccine and that doesnt even protect againt all 100 types



i don''t think you can build a relationship im with a new partner and I can't tell him so i think we will end up spliting up coz i just don't want him touching me or anything 4 that matter. i have had them frozen but that was 2 days ago why wont they fall off. how long does that take then?. i just feel like crying all the time but im ment to be happy give me a break how can you be smiling when u got these fGenital Wartsing things on ya. i feel so disgusted in my self wish i had the guts to ask them to wear a condom well i have learnt my lesson. what a load of shxt



I just found out today that I have genital warts, and I also know I have one of the high risk strains of HPV. As a woman, I feel disgusting and betrayed. My relationship in which I believe I acquired this, though I can''t obviously be certai,n (as I have only had 2 prior sexual intimate partners, and my ex had many many many more) has just ended.
I would truly like to eventually find the right man and settle down. But now I'm petrified to enter the dating world and simply feel like I'll be alone forever. I don't know how to tell someone what I have, without them being disgusted and running the other way. Help?!



"your born into this world alone, you leave it alone"

thats my current attitude even though I feel very alone
im only 17
im going to school to be a nurse
and nothings torn me up more in my life

but who needs love?



I went to the doctor today and got the results of my annual pap smear. It turns out I have a high risk strain of HPV and they want to cut out a part of my cervix to mkae sure I haven''t developed cancer. :( I am not even 20 years old yet and I am absolutely terrified. I have been looking at all the sites about the disease and they have eased my worries a little. The statistics show that upwards of 60% of college females have some form of the virus and that 50-75% of males have it. So... I dont feel so alone. But I am still worried about the procedure I am having done, although I am pretty happy that they were able to detect this at an early enough stage to where I am not going to be hurt any further by it.



I fell in love with someone with HPV. About 6 months ago I met a man on a blind date and we decided to be friends. He clearly thought the world of me and treated me like a princess. As we became more fond of each other he sat me down and told me that he had HPV. He was direct and honest. He didn''''t know a lot about it, but he only allowed our relationship to be as physical as I was comfortable with. But he would be tender and affectionate. And he''d give me massages. Also he was willing to satisfy me completely with no reciprocation. We fell in love, and I have read so much information from knowledgeable websites that I am not afraid of HPV anymore. Before educating myself on it, I was very frightened out of ignorance. Although not 100% effective, we now use condoms because I decided after several months to be with him sexually. I fell in love with him. I know I would not have stayed with him if he were not honest with me beforehand. The trust would not be there. He treats me like gold and he is a treasure as well. This man deserves to be loved and cherished. And so do you. Build the relationship BEFORE you even think about sex. Be completely honest. And let the other person be in charge of whether or not to risk catching HPV. I am not afraid of getting it because I now know that it is not the end of the world. I also try to keep my immune system strong. I believe I will spend the rest of my life with this man. But if the day ever came that I needed to find a new partner, I''d make sure to give him the same consideration that was given to me.



i have just found genital warts and well I feel like crying one minute and slap myself for being so stupid the next. Its really weird because i just keep thinking was it him or him or him.. im only 18 and only had four sexual partners. the first time i was Genital Wartsd and so no contraception was involved.. it could have been him it might not have been but in regard to everything else that put me through this is nothing. i then had a serious relationship with a great guy for 18 months. he accepted me after i had been raped and had countless other problems. hopefully there are more guys in the world that can deal with problems rather than being terrified. I had a terrible breakup with my ex nd ive since been with two other guys. both had had multiple partners and involved risks at times. never full sex but you dont need full sex to catch an STI. to be honest at the moment im most angry because i can''t go and be young and irresponsible. After the last guy (before i found the warts) i decided i wasn't going to jump into a sexual relationship with anyone. Now im just annoyed that the choice has been taken away from me. Because im young im worried that having HPV will freak out any future guy. Who wants to risk catching a disease so long when its pretty certain they will get it too?

i really dont know what to think and im desperatly trying to get an appointment at a clinic. (i havent been diagnosed but im pretty certain, it sounds exactly like genital warts.) I found it rediculous my own doctor said i had to see a specialist GUM clinic. And when i attemt to make an appointment on countless phone numbers i kee getting rerouted and having to suffer embarassment at unhelpful receptionists. Finally ive bene told to ring back next monday. For some rediculous reason you can only make a phone call on a monday morning? hmmm. So its another week before i can get diagnosed... then treatment.. and finally clear? How long did this actually take for other people?

And really after readin all this im confused... is oral sex a complete no for the rest of my life? or if there are no syptoms is this ok? and what are the odds even with condoms of someone contracting it? i keep reading its possible but no figures. I need to know these things if im ever going to continue my life.

LAstly i have this horrible thought in the back of mind...one night stands....shall i? should i not? if someone is careless with their health should i tell them anyway? yeh yeh i know nobody deserves this but like its been said it really isnt a Genital Warts sentence.. But then i really don't know if my conscience could deal with that because i feel like a horrible person just considering it..hmmm i guess i have a lot more growing up to and a lot more thinking to do. And you never know praying that when i finally do get my appoinment its something else that will go away... unlikely i know...extremely unlikely but im just trying to be positive about the whole situation.



tenho hpv e gostaria de saber se quando as verrugas sumirem o sexo oral não tem problemas? ou nunca mais poderei fazer sexo oral



Inform your partner and be informed. More likely to build a relationship with someone who is not a moron, who knows whats out there, know what he or she may have and takes precautions to protect both partners. You could even turn one of your dates into a mutual tell all/ sex ed and look things up together and decide what you are comfortable doing and protecting yourselves( HPV vaccine/ condoms/ mouth guard/ bc pills). Much better chance of becoming closer and preventing future resentment.

Case in point: I recently slept with a guy who was so convinced he was std free from his exam. Getting this guy to wear a condom was like pulling teeth. After a month he revealed his ex had abnormal paps. I told him that thats from hpv, which has no test in males so he may be carrying it and pass it on to me. His response was denial and ignorance. I dumped him.

A responsible guy would have known what diseases are out there. Brought up his ex''''s papa before sleeping with me. We could have looked it up and found out that chances of clearing this infection are high, condoms offer some protection and vaccine before exposure would have been an option.
There. Thats called building a relationship.



Ok, this is for all of you out there who feel"lost" on the situation, my soon to be girlfriend has hpv. I love her so much, and told her I''''d be very supportive, though she has slept around quite a bit, I''m still willing to be with her and treat her great. Ladies, I just want you to know that you should never feel afraid of what your man would think, whether you tell him at the beginning and fear that he will leave you, or wait awhile to tell him to see if you can trust him.If a guy really loves you like my love towards my girl, then you have nothing to worry about. If he leaves you after you break the news to him, then he''s just a coward who''s afraid of commitment, and just wanted to get some tail. He is obviously not the "one", and your man is waiting for you out there. Gentlemen, I know its hard to find out this kind of news from your girl, but try to be positive and supportive to her, after all she is your girl, they need you. Show them that they are worth it and never let it come between the both of you. Std''s and genital cancers are bad enough as it is, neither sex needs to give their partner a hard time for it. As a friend to all of you, I hope that this gives you some kind confidence and hope you were seeking. Keep your love for them strong.



I am 17 years old and I just found out today that i have it...ive always been more mature then my age group..i lost my virginity at 11..got Genital WartsD by 4 guys when i was 12 so i dont even have a clue who its from..my boyfriend is in jail and i am soo scared to tell him i have it..how am i ever gonna have kids with a man without him getting it?




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