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Is there anything I can purchase at my local drug or health store for treatment of what I think could possibly be genital warts?


I know I have HPV warts. My wife went to her OBGYN and was told she had HPV. She has no signs of warts, but I do.

Being the typical male, I don''t want to see a doctor, and it really Genital Wartses me off I can't get Aldara over the counter. You mean I can get any other kind of wart-remover over the counter, but if its genital warts, then you gotta go get totally humiliated to get a preion? No thx.

Is there any other way I can get Aldara-type cream? Can I get it from Canada? Please help, my sex life and manhood are wasting away, and I can't even stand to look at the little guy anymore.



GO TO A DOCTOR!!! I''m a surgical assistant and have medical background, so PLEASE take my advice...IGNORE the other posts that recommend over the counter medication or doing stuff yourself:

DO NOT try to remove warts yourself...you could cut yourself horribly and cause severe bleeding. You will also end up with the virus spreading EVERYWHERE. Plus you'll have horribly ugly scars whereever you remove them....and you'll be stuck with the scars!!

DO NOT use Dr. Scholl's or any type of salicylic acid or over-the-counter wart remover. They will burn your skin HORRIBLY! These chemicals are meant for a different kind of virus and wart. All warts are NOT the same!!

PLEASE just go to a doctor, STD clinic or community health center for confidential (and sometimes free) help.



Try Desitin diaper rash ointment, wear it all the time. It worked for me in a couple of weeks. I think it suffocates the virus.



I tried aldara for 12 weeks and still nothing! What should I do now...I just want them to go away!



I''ve gotten a small outbreak and am using aldara. I went to the beach and when I came back the little s.o.b.s looked alot better. Don't know if it was the salt water or the aldara.



Try applying Vitamin E and/or Tea Tree oil. There''s information out there that points to these as very helpful in treating warts. Many of the treatments available online contain these ingredients.



What some of you appear to be missing is that not everyone can afford the preion treatments. For example, I was diagnosed at planned parenthood, and am under their plan for extremely low income individuals, and none of the treatments are covered by my plan. I don''t have the $200+ dollars for the creams or the freezing treatments or any such thing. It would be lovely if the more well-to-do or well-insured among you took a moment to consider that and offer some REAL advice to those of us who can't afford to get treated by a doctor. So...instead of telling us what we should or shouldn't do because we "should only be treated by a doctor," try telling us what works and what doesn't. Unless, of course, you think being free of unfortunate HPV breakouts is the exclusive right of the financially secure, or those with good medical coverage. We should all be so lucky.



Take a razor blade and cut the little suckers off.Cheap, instant results and you have a souvenir. : )



Dr scholls has the new home wart freezer thing!!! works great



Go to Walmart and get this Doctor Scholls one step plantar wart remover... It contains 40% salylic acid. Take the medicated pad and put it on your wart and cover it with a band aid. Dont use there band aid cause it will tear the skin when you remove it. Use this for about 2 weeks it will hurt slightly. It should take care of it. Use Neosporan as well. It says dont use on Genetial warts but I did and it worked alright.



Tea Tree Oil at GNC. Worked in 2 weeks twice a day.



Yes you can purchase proxide because it like oxygen bumps I use it every now in then aleast so it won''t get immume to it in it work/ helps me Only after you go and have cervix cancer remove.
Also the wart will eventually go away. But my OBGyn used acid it burn BADLY but it worth it I swear.....



Try jogging to the store - get some excercise!

It is my reccomendation even to those who don''t have HPV to get excercise, increase water intake, and supplement a healthy vegetable and fruit diet with a daily multivitamin.

Quit smoking and drinking if you do that!

I've heard of various herbs and vitamins available at grocery stores that some have had success with: Folic acid, Vitamin E, Zinc and/or Echinachea. I like to take a Cayenne supplement it improves circulation and it's my belief that this helps heal by greater oxygen delivery throughout the body.




First what you should do is go to your doctor and let him tell you if you do have genital warts or not. If not, then I''m sure he/she can prescribe a specific medicaiton to get rid of what you might have.




can I get rid of a genital wart



honestly I would its just go to your doctor and find out if it really is warts, i mean i know you are probably really concerned about it because i know its scary, i was afraid to go to the doctor at first when i knew i had bumps because i knew it was an std but i was so scared to here those words but if you do have it its better to know and not have to worry. i dont think a product from the store will help, maybe make it go away for awhile but i wouldnt try it. i went to my doctor and she prescribed me to a cream which i will tell you the truth burned like hell, and i couldnt have , sex for a month while using it but the bumps went away and havent been back in two years. also you need to find out if you really have them because, i am a woman i am not sure if you are but when i went my pap smear came back abnormal and it turns out i was on stage 4 out of 5 of getting cervical cancer, i had surgery and the bad area was removed. but please go to the doctor, you will feel better knowing.



Different strains cause different kinds of warts, but they are all caused by the HPVirus. I used Compound W on my anal warts..yes it burns like hell and dries the skin up, but they were gone in a couple weeks, and Never returned 3+years later. The only reason they tell you not to use it on the genital/anal areas is because it burns. I would apply it with the brush applicator then bend over with a fan blowing on my anus, which cooled the burn until it dried. After many applications they dry up and fall off.



i tried hydrogen peroxide from one of the posts here. I had already been treated with tricholretic acid in the perianal area. The doc missed a tiny spot and it seemed like the warts started to grow. So i tried the hydrogen ,applied it 2-3 times a day with a q-tip..and within 2 weeks they seemed to go away. its been 3 weeks since n there back..at this point im trying tea tree oil and hydrogen combined. The pain factor is unbearable though..but at this point im desperate. If things dont heal im going to planned parenthood.



I only had one large wart on the side of my penis. I did the Dr Sholls freeze treatment. About $20 for a 10 treatment kit. One treatment and a large wart was gone completly in 48 hours. Still have the remainder of the product. Not positive mine was a genital wart, but it was on my penis. Just followed the instructions, except the part that said not to use it on genitals, and my results were excellent. Just be careful not to contact anything but the wart.



The best way to go about treating genital warts is to go to your health care professional, i.e. gynecologist or other physician. They have the necessary equipment and medicine, etc. If you follow this route you are being assured a much safer and more reliable treatment. You can also count on your physician if you need to return for further treatments and the doctor can be trusted when it comes to health advice, information about HPV, etc. There is nothing over-the-counter or available online that is going to completely get rid of the warts. You need to see a doctor.




After reading all the responses to this question, I went out to Walgreens and bought "Compound W", a product that appears to be virtually the same as the Dr. Scholls freezing process. Starting off with baby steps, I have determined that it works just as well as the freezing process the doctor used in his office. The instructions call for a 40 second application, but I think that might be a bit much for the genitals. 10-15 seconds is what worked for me on my second experiment. I would echo the earlier opinion that the poster who warned of serious consequences and permanent scarring is being very alarmist and counter-productive. This product works. Just start off cautiously.



i had my first ever genital warts a few years ago
they were on my inner thigh and close to my anus
the biggest was probly 1.5 inch length and 1 in wide and rose up about .5 inch

it was basically a bit cauliflower looking thing that constantly bled a tiny amount and leaked a sort of clear sweat that smelt

being a chef I had always used Hydrogen Peroxide (yes what people bleach their hair with) for cuts as its great for any infection and dries out cuts and burns etc

being a male i was too embarrased to go to a doctor and this stuff was basically all i had in my medicine cupboard apart from old razors and empty toothepaste tubes

i ended up putting a small hole in the lid so i could drip it on the warts, it fizzed up a lot but didnt do much else and i didnt do it again

i noticed a few days later that they felt smaller, got a mirror and checked and they did look slightly smaller

thinking what the hey i applied more of the solution making sure to cover as much of the warts as i could

next day they were smaller so i kept going

basically, it took about 2 weeks and 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide which cost about $5 which you can buy without a perion from chemists and many local stores

its now 3 years later and i havent had another one but i still make sure i have a bottle handy

i really hope this helps, give it a try
the peroxide can sting in cuts so be very careful if there in sensetive places and have some water nearby just in case. mine were on the inner thigh and maybe less prone to inflammation



Few natural remedies I have used. try hydrogen peroxide after showering so that the peroxide is able to penetrate the skin. Noticed a big difference in a few days also aloe vera plant rub the inside of the leaves on genitals, banana peel also works if taped on over night. this should help as going to the doctor can be very traumatic but is no replacement for medical treatment. condylox is the best prescribed medicine hope this helps.



To the ''DOCTOR' who wrote the message above. What the hell are you writing about? U are clearly NOT a doctor.
Salicylic acid which u describe as something that will 'BURN YOUR SKIN HORRIBLY'... are u insane??? This compound is used in loads of skin products for example to combat spots on your FACE, yes thats right, the sensitive skin on your face. Stop scaring people unnecessarily, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.
That said medical treatment is the most effective, but that does NOT rule out other remedies. Remember most medicines are based on old plant remedies (for example - anyone heard of a little drug called PENICILLIN?).
Good luck guys, but remember, calm down, it's not life threatening, and is treatable.



Use tea tree oil,it works-i promise,this worked for me.I took a bath in it a few times a week and put it directly on the warts and they have shrunken down to no more wart.Also eliminate soda drinking,start exercise but I am having a hard time stopping smoking....
good luck!
-use tea tree oil everyday until they are gone.



Like many on this forum, I too have genital warts and was scared and didn''t want to go to a doctor. I went and saw my doctor, he confirmed it and prescribed that Aldera stuff, didn't work at all, waste of money. I then ordered this all natural stuff, "guaranteed to work" didn't do crap. I went on here and a lot of you said to use the Dr. Scholls wart remover stuff and I went out and got it a couple of days ago and used it. Hurt, but got used to it. At first I didn't think it worked until I looked down at my penis and saw that a lot of the warts were gone! Use the Dr. Scholl's freeze away wart remover it works great, and don't believe the people who are scaring people into thinking it's going to scar your Genital Warts.



A MUST READ..........yes theres things that you can purchase but I would advise you to call and talk to your doctor/obyn about the product before applying.Theres things out on the market that arnt any good.....let your doctor be the one to let you know if its ok to use or not




Just adding in my two cents.

When I went to the doctor he told me that even though it says on the package not to use the Dr. Scholls stuff for genital warts, you CAN do it, and it IS effective, for SOME people.



I have been looking all over the internet trying to find something that I can use myself to cure this horrible crap! I have been with my now husband on and off for seven years but only married for 2 and one half years and neither of us have been with anyone else since we have been married (really like 4 years). Anyway, I started breaking out with these warts when I was pregnant with our second child. They tell me at the doctor that there is no way of knowing if he gave them to me or I gave them to him but I was talking to a family member of mine that is a nurse and she said that is possible to come into contact with the virus in a doctor''s office or hospital. Now, I know that they are supposed to sterilize those metal intruments they use on us ladies, but they don't always get them good enough (big suprise). Now to my point, my doctor told me that these warts do incubate for a long time before they come out and are visible (if they ever do). If this is true, since my husband and I haven't been with anyone but each other for four years, isn't it possible that I was infected with these things while I was in the hospital having my first son (2 years before I had my second son)? Makes since to me. To be honest, I have had sex with more than just my husband and he has had more than me as a partner as well but I mean the numbers are not that many, we have been with each other the better part of seven years and we're just in our 20s. Any input on this anyone?



Listen I am in Iraq can anyone please send me a bottle or tube of Podofilox and aldera if you have a preion it will be easy. I really don''t want to go to the docs here I know everyone on base and its embarrasing. I promise to send you whatever it costs you and the shipping.
SSG England
A Co 113 Eng Btn
APO AE 09334



You should never use over the counter cures for warts near the sex organs because they can casue severe irritation. These treatments will get rid of the warts but you may not ever get rid of HPV itself. The virus may cause future outbreaks. Always talk to your doctor about your treatment and make sure you understand what to do and when to come back. The medicine Aldara can activate your immune system to kill the wart cells but not the virus.



I searched the ends of the internet to find an all natural way to remove the warts. One person suggested soaking ACV (apple cider vinegar) in paper towel or gause and wrapping around the shaft and head of my penis for 2-3 hours a day. Then wash it off with warm water and dry completely. After a few days it will peel off and then repeat the process with a vitamin E oil. This method worked for me and other people said it worked for them. The whole cycle takes a few weeks. They suggested repeating the process when complete to make sure even the small warts were gone. I also began drinking ACV with water and echinacae tea. If I had insurance and money to spend on preions, I would have preferred to go that route.



Try Aldara.



I went to my doctor whenever I first spotted the little bumps (warts), and he precribed Aldara cream. (Imiquimod) I was cleared up in no time. However, more severe warts require other methods of removal. You should NEVER use over the counter wart removal products to remove a genital wart. For more information on Aldara cream (Imiquimod) and other treatment options, go to



i used compound w wart remover(the freezing kind and I put it to the healthy skin on one big one and i was wondering if it could cause nerve damage and also the skin in the area turned a light brownish but it went away after awhile and recently i removed one in the same area with the freeze off and im having some pain on that side right where i did it and its been about a couple of months have i caused nerve damage? could really use an answer i dont want to go to a doctor not because im shy but because i cant afford it!!!



Home Freeze Wart. It was on the shaft so I said screw it and applied it anyway. Not too painful. I could hear the little bastard writhing in agony. I feel liberated!!!!!



I used the Dr Scholl''s freeze off spray my Genital Warts got very very sore but the warts are gone and now you cannot even tell they were there . Painful though well worth the pain. I tried waldon research and that is a total waste of money . All that wart cream did was bring more warts out . Use the freeze spray . I applied it twice and now am wart free !!!!



My doctor told me to use the over the counter Dr. scholls or a wart freeze away type remover, and I find that it seems to take a while with a big one. I have tried burning it off 2 times and it is smaller but not gone yet. I will try again.



I used Dr. Scholl''s Freeze Away. I had two small warts at the base of my shaft. I was a little nervous to use it, but it wasn't as painful as I thought, maybe because it was not in an extra sensitive area. I thought it would hurt more. I would suggest only placing the medicine on the wart itself. Donn't push down too hard and freeze the healthy skin. After 8 days, the warts are gone. I don't see them coming back. We'll see.



Do NOT go treating a wart unless you have been previously diagnosed with HPV by a doctor! What you have may not be a wart. Go to a doctor, and let him/her look at it first. Then you can treat the wart.




At some pharmacy''s you can purchase Aldara, but you should always go to see your doctor because you dont know whether you have hpv or not and if you do go to a pharmacy you never know if you might get a reaction.



I tried two complete doses of Aldara and it didn''t do anything. I purchased an over the counter freezing agent, and used it twice and the warts are completely gone. I am a female and my warts were not on mucous membrane, they were more around the groin area, so this may not be an option for everyone. It is very painful, I can't imagine using it on the vulva or a penis, way too painful for that. But if you have some in a less sensitive place, it will work great. I wouldn't suggest even bothering with Aldara, like a said, it did not do a thing for me.



I''m female and was diagnosed with genital warts 8 years ago (actually I only had one small wart). I went to the doctor a few times and she put Pidophilin (sp?) on the wart a few times (a few days apart). It didn't hurt at all...maybe a stung a bit but nothing major. The wart disapeared within 10 days. No more warts appeared for 8 years. My doctor said that now they think that your body enventually rids itself of the virus over time. I thought I was in the clear....but a new wart popped up about 10 days ago. It was only one wart and in a different location from my 1st wart 8 years ago. I was totally bummed out about it thinking that my body was virus free....
My friend said to try tea trea oil. I bought a small bottle of pure tea tree oil at the health food store and applied it to the wart with a Q-tip in the morning 1st thing after my shower and before going to bed. Its been 10 days and its gone. Totally disapeared. The tea tree oil can be a little strong (smells a bit like menthol or eucaliptus)....but it seems to work (at least if you have a mild case like mine). Hope this info helps.



Here''s what the doctor does with Cryto: fills a styra-foam cup with liqid nitrogen, dips a Qtip in there, then touches the wards (bigger ones reqire longer contact).

Soooo... just find a place that sells liquid nitrogen. It's like 7 bucks for a gallon. The hard part is finding a container to take it home in (maybe you can "barrow" something from a Chem class or something. It has to be a vented container because if you close the cap the container will explode.

I just tell the guy I like freezing Genital Warts to break. He hooks me up with a small amout for about 3 bucks. (get enough, because it starts to evaporate)




Well, for warts on your tongue(i have some there)..if anyone has this. I know the right treatment for it, you can buy it at the store!!!!! Believe it or not The Freeze Away Wart treatment by Dr. Scholls works!!!! I used it twice under my tongue, for two days, one time each day, before I go to bed. And they are almost completely cleared!! I can''t believe it, I am so happy!!! It does say on the box not to use it on mucous membranes, but it is Sylilic acid- the same thing the Doctor uses. It costs around $20 bucks, but it's so worth it! Just be careful at first, read the directions, and dab on lightly to see how your skin reacts with it, then once you know, you'll be able to figure out how many seconds to hold the Q-tip thingy on it for. It does sting and burn, but it's a nice stinging burn, you can tell right off the bat that it's killing the warts. I'd say use it in two day intervals.
I know it can sound ridiculous but it was something I was thinking of trying- because logically why WOULDN'T it work?!!!

I have NOT however used it in the genital area..for there I use Tee Tree Oil, and it IS working GREAT!!!! At first it does burn- first night that is. I soaked some gauze and slept with it over night, then dapped some on the next few nights..I can see and tell it's working!!!! You can buy all this stuff at a Walmart or a Target!




do not use the dr schols things OR COMPOUND W! yes these will eat away a big wart BUT will spread new ones very quickly from the Genital Warts or puss or whatever from the area that has the removed wart. shaving also spreads them very quickly. do not use anything like compound w. also the tea tree oil has not cleared mine but does make them a little tiny bit smaller and makes them feel better.



Look all of these answers here seem to be a litle (quick fix) answers. I have had genital warts for 2 years now. and only recently has the doctor prescribed Aldera (Imiquimod) now contrary to all of these wonderful people here, this stuff is the daddy. ifyou read up properly on the stuff, it takes around 2 weeks at least and can take up to 4 months to remove these nasty things.

I have been using it for a month now and it is drawng the little Sh**s out and seemingly making them smaller.

Cryo solution sisnt work.. I even tried the hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) therapy and all these caused pain, but didnt seem to remove the warts.

My best over the counter treatment was indeed the scholl freezer stuff.. but Aldera acually promotes self healing after all t is your body that ends up fighting the virus to keep it at bay.

When you get ill or have a low run down moment you could even get them back.. but trust me Aldera promotes your immune system to start fighting the buggers direct. it seems to be working for me.. good lick to you all.



i don''t know if I would chance a "natural" remedy or try anything over the counter. i had one and went to a doctor who removed it with a scalpel. it was really, really embarrassing. so your laying there and you have the doctor and a couple of hot nurses staring at your privates along with a the receptionist, billing people and clears all in the loop all pretending not to judge you. it was very humiliating. and without insurance, it costs close to $1000 - no screwing around. (i didn't pay and when i took a new job, they reran it against my insurance and i was only stuck with paying about $295. but it was still embarrassing.

then i got another or they missed a small one that grew later. i broke down and went to a good friend of mine that's an obgyn (yes, I am a dude) - when he finally realized what i was talking about (i wanted him to cut it off himself and skip showing my privates to about 8 people - who i could easily run into again in a social setting) he wrote a preion for aldera. simple. it did not seem to work for a little while and then it suddenly went away. don't skip doses - only prolongs the treatment. and no, i don't work for aldera (my friend prescribes it all the time with very good results). the doctor that removed my first never mentioned a thing about aldera or any other medical treatment the bastard probably wanted the extra cash for the surgery.




I found that Tetrasil for the past two weeks has greatly reduced the size of the warts, but I also used hydrogen peroxide to clean the area first and the results increased. Also try taking garlic pills and b vitamins, they help with your immune system. You can also pop open the garlic gel pills and spread the lipid solution on the warts, that really helps prevent new ones from developing. And no, it doesn''t smell at all as long as you buy the odorless pills.



One large misconception that I have come across reading these answers is that people seem to think you can rid yourself of this virus... No you cannot, ever. Period. HPV, once transmitted is there to stay. Once treated, your body builds up an immunity to it and sometimes it won''t reappear. That does not mean it is gone. Once diagnosed with HPV remember that any time you have unprotected sexual contact you are likely passing it on. At least 25% of all sexually active women have it but many may never have any outbreak of warts or abnormal pap smears. I just wanted to let people know that it does not ever go away, just like HIV, but obviously much less serious. The good thing about those of us in a relationship is you can only pass it on once. I don't know whether I got it from my partner or vice versa. You can never know as it can remain dormant for years. My doctor told me that my partner could use the over the counter freeze off stuff and it should work fine on his penis. Just my couple of cents.



No. Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus, which is contracted through unprotected sex. You can have them removed but the virus will remain in your body. There is no OTC treatment. Go to your doctor. The HPV virus can cause cervical cancer in women.



Going to your health care provider doesn''t always do the job. I was disapointed by how little my gyno did to help me with this problem. I started seeing them my end of senior year (2002) and went to the doc as soon as I thought it was something strange. The first time I went she gave me Aldara. The second time she took me off cuz it was irritating my skin and not getting rid of all of them. I asked her for other treatments but she didn't think the ones I had left were warts but irritation from shaving. Then the last time I went I told her I wanted them gone. She cut off the large one right in her office but told me the other ones weren't necessarily warts again! (i think I know what they are by now) so i got fed up with it and bought the dr scholl's freeze away. I treated them all at the same time and they got even bigger but then at least I could tell where they are. The next morning I took a sharp razor blade and cut them all off. It was better than any aldara or waiting around for the gyno to cure me of them. I think the freeze away really weakened them. There was a lot of bleeding but they're healing up just fine.



I have been using Aldara since December, very painfull, warts keep growing, it seems to like killing normal skin more than the warts, I''ve gone a week or two several times without using it due to severe skin reactions. Lately I have started taken 1 centrum a day plus 3 Echinacea, Garlic, Zinc and C tablets and also increased my water intake from zero to 1.5 litres (still going) last week I purchased the Dr Scholls Freeze Verruca and wart product, I used it on a wart on my thumb first which hurt, surprisingly it hurt less on my genital warts (I think I'm desensitized to pain due to all the aldara and tee tree oil) only two days later I have been able to peel the large warts off, the skin underneath is red raw but there is ZERO wart left!! much cheeper and less embarassing than going to the doctor and a hell of a lot more cheeper and effective than aldara.. I left it on the skin for about 35 seconds per wart! THANK YOU DR SCHOLL!




Successful genital wart treatment will require a more aggressive approach than over-the-counter stuff. Also it is dangerous. When a doctor treats these warts thay will biopsy them to see if they are pre-cancerous. If you have genital warts don''t try treating them yourself. Go see the doctor and forget about the embarassment you might be feeling.




gotta say that the diaper rash cream remedy had me rolling off the bed,couldnt stop laughing,aahh comedy.lol.I know its serious but I have to agree that your best bet is to get to a doc for inspection and advice and treatment. i know its embarrasing and can be expensive if not insured , but some drs.have a sliding scale and are willing to work with you on the price at a discounted price. i recomend calling a few dermatologists to find out.I was put at ease when i went to see my dermatologist,and he stated that he sees this problem several times a day.So he put the freeze on the gonads and sphincter and i was in n out in about 10 minutes. Sure felt good to get that initial visit out the way.It didnt get all them bugars off so the aldara cream has been put in to effect. gotta say this crap is expensive (350 bucks). Jus wanted to say that your health is worth more than any amount of money,or humiliation that you may expierience, but from my expierience it wasnt to bad at all.jus remember,when your treating yourself,pleeeeze be careful with those nerve endings,cuz im sure you would like to have this area feelin and working the way it should. good luck.



i noticed a growth on my penis and asked my dr about it. he said it was nosthing . 5 weeks later I had 6 growths and went to dermatoligist who gave me scpt for aldara which i used for 8 weeks. Now i have 25 of the monsters and they are getting bigger. Aldara was a waste of money (lots).. I''''m going with the over counter cures now..



I will have to say that Aldara is EVIL. The so called medication only seemed to work on healthy skin and the warts got bigger. Condo worked well but they grew back in 3 weeks and bigger than the origional warts. I have tried cryo therapy and it has had some marginal results. I have also had laser abrasion. The laser treatment was the most effective however they returned within a few weeks. All of this has been ongoing for 5 years now. I seriously want this nightmare to end. My ex-fiancee who gave them to me was my last partner. Abstonance for 3 years is rough. Meanwhile I am back on condo.



well first off I would like to say screw all you dr.''''s, i tried to get help from the hospital and public health dept. i was denied for no ins. and i also got a preion and it was to much money and my new primary ins. did not cover it. well i''m not gonna say screw all dr''s cause there are some good ones, now i have done some research and i compared dr.scholls to the chemicals in the dr''s office and i really dont see a difference. dr. scholls has and acid solution and if i went to the dr''s he also has an acid solution, dr.scholls also has freezing and so does the dr. now my theory behind this is that dr. scholls wouldn''t be called a dr. if he didnt know what he was doing. so walgreens here i come....



Dr. Scholls freeze away worked pretty good. needed a few follow-up treatments because I was extra careful due to the whole warning label thing and the sensitive location of the warts. I used Ora-Gel (toothache releiver) to numb the area before freezing the things off. I always took a shower immediately after also to wash off any virus that may be there.



I was a virgin before being sexually assaulted in college, and as if that weren''''t traumatizing enough, the bastard gave me a strand of HPV that caused GW. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. As you can imagine, due to the sensitivity of how it was contracted, the shame of losing my virginity that way (I know now that it wasn''t my fault, but that took years of therapy), and the embarrassment that I think everyone with GW can relate to regardless of how they got it-I never wanted to go to my family doctor.
I went to a free clinic just to confirm what I was already 99.99% sure of-that what I had was indeed GW. I scoured the internet and medical books for weeks trying to figure out the best over the counter home remedies, and read EVERY post on this site.
As everyone is different and everyone''s immune system reacts differently, there is no one thing that can be said will work for everyone. HOWEVER, I wanted to share what I have learned for myself as far as treatments from the local drugstore:
*The people on here saying "NEVER USE OTC WART REMOVERS!" are definitely being alarmist and ridiculous. While they will not be guaranteed to work, they are not going to terribly scar or burn you! I stayed away from them for months because of posts like that, instead trying Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar, Echinacea supplements, and daily multivitamins.
*Out of those, I found that Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar were the best topical treatments, sometimes you could even see the warts shrink right in front of your eyes when you applied them.
*I only found hydrogen peroxide useful if the skin was broken. You have to be careful about breaking or "popping" the warts, because it can spread. I accidentally broke one while showering once without realizing. I went from having only two barely noticeable warts to five more noticeable ones. It happened again a few months later, and I immediately sterilized with hydrogen peroxide and no others appeared.
*After using the tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar for months-the warts drastically reduced in size and some days you couldn''t even see them-but they were still there and I could still feel them. I finally decided to take a risk and try an OTC Freeze Off Remover for myself. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I''VE EVER MADE! Yes, it stings for a few seconds. But within ONE DAY, the treated warts had already either partially or entirely dried up and peeled off. When I looked with a mirror, I couldn''t even tell where they were! Within 3 days, they were all entirely gone.
*Once they were gone, I went back and re-treated the area, just to be sure! I basically just re-applied where the warts had been.
*Waited another 3-4 days for that layer of skin to dry and peel off, then applied tea tree oil with q-tips for a week.
*Throughout everything, I continued to take a daily multivitamin and Echinacea to promote a healthy immune system. I was already an everyday exerciser, which was good-but I was also an occasional smoker, which was bad. I quit the smokes entirely.
*The warts never came back, and I never used anything except natural and OTC treatments. If they ever do come back, I will IMMEDIATELY go to the Freeze-Off treatment FIRST, and follow up with the natural topical antiseptics.
*In addition to the above mentioned OTC and natural treatments, there are others I discovered in books or on websites, but did not personally try myself:
~Castor Oil: Instructions were to rub on the warts 3 times a day for "a few weeks."
~Milkweed: Was said to have dramatic results when the sap is applied once a day to the warts, but you must make sure you are not allergic first by testing a less sensitive area.
~Aloe Vera: Claimed to help reduce discomfort and dissolve the warts when the juice is squeezed directly from the plant onto the affected area 2-3 times a day.
~Garlic: 1. Taken in supplement or capsule form, Garlic naturally removes a lot of impurities in the body, and can be effective in suppressing the HPV that causes the warts. Remember, there is no "cure," but a lot of books suggested that it can help reduce symptoms/recurrences.
2. Another suggestion was to apply crushed garlic cloves directly to the warts, but warned this can cause more sensitivity.
~Vitamin E Oil: Apply 2-3 times a day, will hopefully cause the warts to slough off over time, but a definitive time period wasn''t given.
~Onion w/ Salt: This was perhaps the strangest remedy I read about, but thought I''d include it anyway if anyone wants to try it. It said to cut up an onion, sprinkle salt on it, and let it sit in a small bowl/container overnight. The next morning, strain the juice from the mixture and apply it to the warts 3 times daily until they disappear.

I sincerely hope this helps someone!



Here is the deal. Doctors want you to go to the doctors office regarding warts for several reasons.
1. To make sure you are diagnosed correctly.
2. To help you in removal of the warts in a safe and approved method.
3. All std''''s are reported to the CDC though your specific personal information may not be shared. If you have genital warts you are a statistic. The CDC tracks lots of information regarding stds. This is really the primary reason for so many posts saying dont do this removal yourself, by Doctors and nurses.
4. Doctors and pharmacies need to make money too.

With the advent of Freeze off wart remover compound, anyone can remove their genital warts themselves. Though some areas close to the penis head should only be removed by a doctor in my opinion. This area if burned incorrectly can cause serious loss of sensation...Which might be good for some people lol. Before freeze off, I used dry ice to burn my GW off....worked every time like a charm. I contracted GW almost 10 years ago before my first out break, My wife has never had a single wart and we have been together for 7 years. We have 3 children together and she has never tested positive for HPV. I on the other hand have them pop up every 5 months or so. So I sympathize with all you guys and girls pestered by GW.



Stop putting frogs in your pants.



I know from personal experience that you can get rid of them yourself, at home. Go to wal-mart, and buy the wal-mart brand wart remover (Equate brand)...It has about 22% silicylic acid (which is similar to what a doctor would use in his office) And it has been medically proven that silicylic acid gets rid of the warts in 70% of patients. THe other brands I looked at either had NO silicylic acid, or VERY little, but by surprise, the cheap walmart brand had the most concentrated level of the acid. I used it once a day, for 3 days, and they started to go away, and now they are completely gone.....it DOES burn a little when you first put it on, but the burning feeling goes away in a few minutes, if you can tolerate it. The package says DO NOT use for genital warts, but I did, and it worked BETTER than the Aldara cream that I had previously used.



I do not have HPV and have had several tests through the health clinic OB/GYN to confirm this. I have had one, then two warts in the past 4 years and I have used Freeze Away or an OTC wart remover liquid to get rid of them. The disclaimer on these products is just to protect the company. Not everyone can afford to see a professional for this and Freeze Away works just fine.It is cryotherapy, the same as a Dr. would do in their office. It burns a little, but totally worth it. It is better to have someone else apply the treatment though so you do not burn healthy skin.



I see lots of posts saying to only see a doctor... BUT... I had two very small warts and my doctor told me that if I wanted to use Freeze away on my own for the future thats fine. He said it would prolly work the same as liquid nitrogen. Although, the warts were on the base of my penis, not the glans. I would be hesitant to use anything without the consent of a doctor up there






This is my answer: YES!
I found out I had genital warts when I went to MEPS and it disqualified me until I had them removed. I first went to my GP and had them (I had about 5) frozen off. Mind you, they were anal warts. Only one of the bigger warts was actually effected by the liquid nitro, so I got kind of desperate, because I didn''''t want to wait two weeks to go back to get the rest frozen, AGAIN.
I did some research and decided I was going to but Compound W, the acid gel, not the freeze off crap. Seriously, if you are going to go that route, BE CAREFUL HOW MUCH YOU APPLY, AND MAKE SURE YOU ONLY GET THE WART!!!!! I found out the hard way, because that stuff stings!
Anyway, the first day I applied it about 5 times through out the day, and left it on over night. When I peeled it off in the morning, they were all dried up, and fell right off....yey!
They haven''t come back yet...and I hope they dont...






Apple cider vinegar works



Ive been using imiquad for almost 4 months now and they seem to be getting worse....aldara was a wast of money. 325 for amonth times 4 months is insane! Im going to try tea tree oil. I swear the stuff will cure cancer if given the opp!!



Yes I have been using compound w skin tag remover as it uses the same freezing doctors use working really well . Says not to use on warts but it''''s working well would only use freezing on outside skin not internal skin.



Fresh Turmeric. Buy the root, if possible, and eat a chunk everyday. Should notice improvement, possibly complete dissapearance, in 1-2 weeks.




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