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Which treatments would you recommend?


Well, I tried two complete doses of Aldara. Applied it as directed 3 times a weed for about 9 hours. Did not do a thing for me. I had them burned off, and it got rid of them after 2 tries, and they have not come back. Looks like from reading this that everyone is different though, so just try everything until something works:) Good luck!



Always check for reviews before purchasing. HPVFAQ reccomends Heal Warts






obviousally this is an embarassing subject. I first noticed 1 wart on the very base of my shaft in my pubic hair. embarressed i didnt go to the dr thinking its just one. within 3 months about 20 of em poped up. comes to find out that my gf had hpv but never had n e warts and that is where it came from. i wwnt to the health department and they used acid to burn em off. they were gone for about a month then it seemed all at once they all came back bigger and more of em. i gotta go back and by the looks of reading this im gunna suggest Condylox. thanks guys for the info. i want my sex life back



Im 20 years old and I had about 2 dozen warts or so and I used both Tea Tree Oil ($7.95) and Dr.Scholl''s Freeze Away ($19.79) It says it shouldnt be used for HPV, but thats just legal stuff.. IT WORKS!! Use this combination for about a month and you'll be like NEW! At least for me, everybodys body works differently.. Apply TTO 2- 3 times a day and Freeze away once every 1 - 2 weeks. Hope it works for you as did me.




Once I was exposed to the virus I did the following things:

-quit smoking
-quit drinking
-started excercising
-increased fruit and vegetables
-1 multivitamin day
-increased water intake
-occasional echinachea

I haven''t noticed any symptoms of the virus even though the exposure should have led to warts.

Hope this helps.




I have used Dr. Scholl''s freeze away wart remover on my genital warts and it has worked well. Very fast acting, but one key part to remember about this method and any other method is That ONCE THE WART IS REMOVED AND YOU THINK IT'S GONE, THEN THAT'S THE TIME TO NAIL THAT AREA AGAIN! Too many times I have removed a wart only to see it come back in a month or two. This is why I always follow up with one last treatment even though it doesn't appear like you need it. Anyway, this has worked for me and I hope it helps someone else out there. Tea tree oil works pretty good too, just not as fast.



Just a quicky get chewing gum remover, in the aresol can. It comes out as super cold alcohol mixture and freezes the suckers at about -150 degrees. It wont work as well as the dry ice cryo at the doctor but in a few weeks the warts will be weakened and your immune system will do the rest.



Hi guys. Everything I say is honest and im describing it the best way I can...of course not everything I did will be the answer for you but I hope it helps......

My warts popped up in about late Novemeber of last year. I left it there thinking it was nothing but it got worse..I got warts on my vatginal lips and also in the areas surrounding the anus hole!...EVEN though I never had sex like that...

after being diagnoses, the clinician told me I had hpv. They gave me some acid treatment which did nothing. Finally they gave me CONDYLOX GEL . I used it for about two weeks and it worked wonders......for the first weeek...it burns but you are suspoed to stop if you start bleeding or anyting like that. I noticed the warts were ''Genital Warts' by their change in color..One day i woke up and the warts seemed to have so called dissapear..I mean I still had them but they were less dramatic to the eye and softer feeling..within days and then within a month they were completely gone. Condylox is what worked best for me. it costs almost 300 bucks for a small tube but go to a planned parenthood if you can and you can get it for free/cheap.

ALSO keep in mind, to ward off these warts in the future I have also......

-taken ECHINACEA pills to boost my immune system
-exercise as often as I can (a simple walk or run or dancing is exercise..)
-DO NOT STRESS, BE HAPPY....if you are happy your stress levels are low and that = a good immune system. Realize the importance of being happy COULD BE the difference between reoccuring warts and no more warts..for a long time or never again...
-take every opp you can to be healthy..be happy, eat DONT STARVE YOURSELF, smile...be knowledgeable and ..
-take wheatgrass shots!!! they are usually found in a juice bar like Jamba Juice or Juice it Up! They are wonderful for boosting immunity and helping heal scars, and such...

It is almost Novemeber again. I got it in Novemeber, started treatment in Feb and felt COMPLETELY rid of them in March. Its been half a year and im good.

Please take care of your self guys. The virus can leave within you but like a cold, you can prevent it from reoccuring . Be safe, use protection and keep healthy...kill those warts internally!

...everything will be okay...just believe it . STRESSING about it will make it worse. =) smile.



Aldara but use it once every twelve hours and don''t just apply it to the actual wart apply it fully to all exposed skin on penis for 10 hours continue this for 2 weeks, and I have never had a reaccurance since.



I wouldn''t recommend anything medical. My experience with acid, freezing, laser and aldara have been painful ones. I'm starting on the natural path once my vagina heals from the acid treatments/aldara. Tea tree oil, aloe vera gel and a healthy life style is the route I'm taking. I'll keep you posted.....



I have recently discovered I had warts in my anus. I went to see a doctor at the std clinic and she really scared me off. I ended up going to the dermatology clinic at Bellvue hospital (i have no health insurance). I was treated with an acid solution of 90% TCA and Pedofolin that was applied directly to my warts. The doctor told me it might burn, and it did a little for 20 minutes. I was told to wash it after 4 hours but was stuck at work and it took like 7 hours. The next day it started burning so bad, I thought i was going to pass out. Going to the bathroom was horrible! The pain was so bad. I ended up taking 3 advil''''s for the pain, a laxative and preparationH cream. This combination really helped and although I was still in pain It was manageable. After 4 days, the warts are gone!!! So this treatment definitely helped. I have to do it again in a couple weeks, But i will make sure to wash in time, use vaseline to calm the area and hope that it will not hurt as much!



First off, I was horribly devastated when I was in the shower, and while washing myself, I felt a large bump on my outer labia. I was scared to Genital Warts. After a few weeks of this, I decided that I needed to go to my gynocologist to find out for sure what it was. She diagnosed me with genital HPV. But she assured me that it was not the end of the world and it isn''t. She prescribed me Condylox Gel. Before I filled the preion, I read about it on the internet. The things that I read were very frightening. But I figured that if the treatment was that painful, that I could just discontinue and hope for the best. As a backup, I box a 2 week pill box, and some vitamins to go with it. I chose vitamins that would help boost my immune system, like vitamin A, C, E, etc. And I bought some echinacea. Then, on top of that, I stopped smoking my occasional cigarette, and really watched how much I drank. And finally, I filled my Condylox prescription. I made it my priority to use this treatment correctly. I was extra careful and very precise. Those three days were painful, but within the first 2 applications, pieces of the wart began to fall off. (This wart was VERY large). Perhaps I just had an unusually successful Condylox experience, but it only took one treatment. (twice a day for 3 days) The wart is gone, and healing took place within 2 or 3 days after I stopped using the gel. I still have 2 smaller warts, but they have not grown any larger, and I don't even notice them, unless I'm looking for them. So, hopefully taking vitamins, taking care of my body, and keeping a positive outlook will help the rest go away, but the Condylox really made a remarkable difference. It not only took the horrible huge wart away, it gave me hope.



There are various treatments available. Some of the more popular I have found

Applied directly to the affected area to kill wart. I believe this is an acid formula with potential toxicity.

Topical at home version of Podyphillin. Strength is less (supposedly so is toxicity) and can be prescribed by doctor.

Freeze the wart dead.

Laser Therapy
Have your doc zap them away.

Topical at home cream - claims to modify immune response in applied area. Have heard good/bad things about this option.

I''m sure there are many other less popular treatments available, these are the ones I've heard of.





A MUST READ...........Dependin on what your doctor says and what you belive is the treatment that you should take.The best thing to do is eat healthy,stay in shape,and dont let it put stress on your life.




I am currently trying Tea tree oil and echinacea. But something seems strange, I dont feel anything when I apply the tea tree oil (a lot of ppl have described a burning sensation, yet I feel nothing).

what is the current amount?

must I do something else or just dab it on top of the wart?



I developed numerous small warts near the base of my penis and immediately saw the doc. He initially wanted to burn them off but I declined that and opted for Aldara. I used Aldara for almost exactly a month and the warts actually began to spread and grow bigger. I went back to the doctor and opted to have them burned off this time.

To be honest I was terrified of both the burn machine and the needle needed to numb the treatment sites. Apparently the skin on the shaft of your penis is very resillient to pain and the needle prick was almost unnoticable and the burning was absolutely never felt. Afterwards there was minor discomfort but nothing a few asprins did not fix.

I would 100% recomend not wasting your time with any home treatments. You could spend MONTHS treating yourself with the possibility they may come back or your could go have a nearly painless proceedure done and be up and running in about a week. The doc said there was probably a 98% chance none of the warts would return but there may be a chance warts in other places could come up due to the virus being in the skin. If that happens I''ll have those easily burned off too.

Trust me guys and gals. Don't waste your time with anything else but the electrocaudery (burn) treatment.

Good luck.



Doesn''t tea tree oil burn real bad?



My experience has been fairly painful with burning the warts off, when I eat mainly fruits and veggies as opposed to bleached flours and other foods that turn to sugars in my tummy (treats, rice, alchohol...etc)I find that the healing is quicker and also less warts occur. Definatly keeping your immune system up by exercize and eating right is important. Which is important for you anyway, so take it in stride. Also because of my hesitancy to use any chemicals on my body I''ve been using tea tree oil for the past week and am amazed. There are no icky wounds and also the warts gets smaller day by day....almost gone in fact....please stay that way.



Tea Tree oil is by far the best I have found, in some cases you can watch them shrink in front of your eyes. Also, softening them by having long baths afterwards and before application is also good... If applied twice a day they WILL go, even better if before and after a bath...



I just wanted to say I am a 26 year old male. I was recently diagnosed with HPV, and noticed I had a few small warts. After reading this same thread. I went to the store and bought some TEA TREE OIL. Applied directly to the warts a few times a day and they went away in about a week. Thank you for this site and the answers. A few other reccomendations include taking goldenseal and multi vitimins and drinking LOTS of water (i know it sucks but its great for you). This coming from someone who drank soda all day everyday. I am working on quitting smoking and have cut down significantly. Keep your body healthy and they will go away. To everyone who has answered these questions thank you!



The first treatment I used way Aldara, however, it itched so bad that I could not continue with it. I would be up all night long or couldn''t function during the day. I hear it's a great (although long) treatment, but I just could not withstand it. I then started condylox along with being treated by the doctor. It helped and got rid of some of them, but would never clear it up completely. I gave up for a while and did nothing. It really got to me and started affecting my self esteem and peace of mind. I finally went back to the doctor after a year ( a new doctor) and she applied Bichloracetic Acid. After 2 applications in 2 weeks, it's completely gone. It stings while it is being applied, but no so much that it's unbearable. And in my case, the stinging only lasts a couple of minutes. Just breath through it and bear it. It was most definitely worth ending a years worth of torture. She said that a lot of doctor's won't use it b/c the time and effort it takes to apply it isn't worth the money in doing it. She also said that's not what she is in it for. I appreciate it because for the first time in over a year, I'm back to normal...This is just my experience, but it's definitely worth exploring with your doctor.




I have recently figured out that I have HPV. I noticed one at first which I burned off myself with Dr Scholls freeze away. Then being the idiot that I am I didnt even think to make sure to stay away from shaving down there. Well I did. Since then about 10 popped up after applying ACV (they were small so I didnt even see them till I applied this). DO NOT SHAVE your pubic area. I made sure to not shave the area by the 1st wart, instead I tweezed. BAD IDEA still. I noticed that they still showed up around the area I tweezed. I am now trying the ACV and TTO combinition 2 a day for about a half hour. Ive started eating healthy and I am trying to exercise everyday, take a multivitamin, etc. Its my mood that needs help. Ive been so depressed ever since Ive had this horrible outbreak. I cant understand how they still havent found a cure for at LEAST some of the HPV strains since it is in fact the most common STD. It boggles my mind. I will post an with my home treatment to let you guys know how it went.




It can be expencive and painful but cryotherapy (having them frozen off) is one of the best ways to be treated.
I have had a 3 recurrences but it got better and better each time.
I have not have a recurance since.



I''m an officer in the Navy, just returning from deployment in Afghanistan. The two theories I have for contracting a few warts are that a tiresome and stressful environment lowered my immune system and restrained HPV made its appearance known. More likely, the doctor said, I acquired them from two warts on my hands that I contracted from shaking a local Afghan's hand at some point, and inadvertantly passing it to my genital area while going to the bathroom in a field environment with less than adequate conditions for personal hygiene. WASH YOUR HANDS!

Anyways, I showed the doctor the genital warts before the hand ones, and after first getting the scolding for not using protection (I was abstinent for the entire time I was overseas) I showed him my hands and he rediagnosed the cause:) Out came the liquid nitrogen and first with the hands. No pain ever came from those ones. When he did the genitals with it, there was 1 "confirmed" wart and about 4 "suspected" abnomal follicles/pores. I told him to nail them anyway to be safe. The first treatment didn't hurt at all, even right where he sprayed. The warts, except 1 (which he says no may not be a wart), reacted very quickly and I was relieved. After the second treatment though I was VERY SORE down there, and not where he froze. It seems that those places were fine, and that everywhere else, especially the head, was irritated and received the freeze-burn pain. After a week and a half the pain seemed to slowly begin to subside and I was just happy that there seemed to be just about nothing left, except the one suspect mark. I saw the doc again yesterday and he was happy with the results. He used a magnifying glass to squirt one last time on a few little things to be safe, and gave the one potential non-wart one last blast to be sure (if it doesn't do anything I'll have to see a dermatologist to make sure it isn't something cancerous). Unfortunately, as of this morning, I've been in agony. Two small areas now have a burning sensation and you can see where the skin is irritated at the base of the glans. I've put a nice dose of moisturizer with Vitamin E on and it has relieved some of the discomfort. If I'm still suffering after a few days I'll call the doc again to see if something is wrong. I hope what I've written helps some people. Cryosurgery is quick and so far has been effective, and results much quicker than the natural healing methods but multiple treatments seems to equal PAIN.




Start taking care of yourself! Start taking vitamins daily. For sure start taking Vitamin E daily. Centrum is also a good vitamin to take with that.

If you haven''t yet I would talk to your doctor about different treatments available that would best work for you.




Vitimin A. I have heard of successful treatments in Europe of doctors filling a diaphram with doses of vitimin A and inserting it for two days then removing it. Although I personally have not trieds this method, I am supplementing with oral vitimin A, since it is known to combat viruses (correct plural?). I have HPV types 16 and 18 which cause dysplasia but not warts and once I have healed from my cone biopsy I am going to try this method on myself. I am not recommending it without consulting your doctor first. I will also post again on my success or failure after my next pap.




I''ve recently started using TTO and ACV once to twice a day... I take a regular multi vit... im work for a gym so i exercise 5-6 days a week and eat fairly healthy... im currently trying to kick a niccotine habit. One question i have about the ACV/TTO treatment is, do these two products have antiviral properties or just work by killing the warts themselves? I would like to think that when the bumps are gone (i call them bumps because they are 6 TINY bumps at the underside base of the shaft) that my body has cleared the virus from my system. I've had the symptoms for nearly two years adn they have gotten smaller in the last 6 months or so. I'm terrified that i will have to tell my next partner about it, but for fear that my body isnt capable of fighting it off i will have to disclose the information... if its meant to be i hope they will understand and i am definately going to offer to pay for a vaccination if they choose to stick it out and be patietn... oh well.. but yeah back to the question... do they have antiviral effects? or is it just a temporary solution ill have to use indefinately?



I started off with warts around my labia. I was in college at the time and had to go to the student health once a week for treatment. This went on for 4-6 months with no real effects. I don’t remember which treatment was first, but I did the pedophilin (sp?) treatments and also the freezing combined with something. It wasn’t painful…just incredibly traumatic…especially having to go so frequently while going through a really rigorous degree program. I finally broke the news to my mother, and she added more stress. She did however talk to the head of the gyno dept. at the student health and talked her into looking at me. She prescribed Aldara. They saw that my skin was pretty sensitive and wanted to stay away from it, but it was the last option at the time that they could think of. I couldn’t go through the entire program because it burned me to bits. Almost my entire outer region was raw and sore. They had me stop at this point, and as soon as I healed up…nothing has come back…still…after like 5-6 years. I even had a normal pap just after. Unfortunately though, my infection moved inside along the opening to my uterus, so now I’m dealing with that. It is pretty small however. I’m sorta suspecting that it migrated during that long time of pedophilin/cryo treatments that did nothing. Who knows. I’ve had cryotherapy around the inside, leep, and laser surgery over a year or so to try and get rid of everything, but I still have it. I’ve finally decided that there is no quick fix and that what a lot of you have said is correct…healthy lifestyle, low stress, vitamins, exercise, and no smoking is the cure. I’m going to try the tea tree oil…worth a shot. I’ve had a lot of stress and heartbreak in my life for the past couple years as well, so I’m hoping that once I move shortly (and to a nice climate as well!! As opposed to the dreary depressing mess where I am now) that my stress level should improve. It is something I’m finally learning to live with but will hopefully not have to live with forever. I just hope that after all of those stupid surgeries that the doc’s recommended that I can have children.



I got the warts on my ass frozen off (cyrotherapy) by the doctor three weeks ago. It''s not covered by Ontario health insurance, so I had to pay $25 per wart! The smaller warts on the right side disappeared in two weeks but the larger ones on the left side remained and one even got infected! The doctor gave me antibiotic cream to treat the infection. The infection is gone but the warts are still there. I'm now trying Freeze Away and Tea Tree Oil. Let's see how that works....



The worst day of my life was when my doc told me I had genital warts. I thought my life was over and my boyfriend would leave. He was mad but he didnt leave. At first the doc froze the warts, this worked on some but not all, i went 4-5 times and some just wouldnt go away then he prescribed aldara and it worked. You are supposed to use it 3 times a week for 6 weeks but i used it 3-5 times a week for about 8 hours each time and i saw results. There was some itching because it can cause a rash but prepare for this ahead of time, ask your doc for a cream (dont use vagisil). Believe me the itching is worth it in the end. I am now wart free and much happier then i was before, i just pray that they never come back.



i had visible warts that continued to develop over the course of 6 months or more. over that time, I tried applying tea tree, vitamin e, and aloe, as well as taking immune enhancing supplements. Nothing seemed to effect it. recently, i started eating vegan/raw foods and drinking wheatgrass. within three or four days of this diet change, the warts began quickly disappearing. im not sure if it was by chance but it seemed too connected to the wheatgrass and enzyme-rich foods.



Without question, find a physician that will get you started with DNCB. It''s an aggressive, non-scarring results oriented process that rids skin of surface warts by destroying them from the inside out. You will most likely need to visits a Dermatogist although some general physicians may have experience with this treatment. Essentially, the process works by topically applying a solution that the body has an allergic reaction to. The white Genital Warts cells rush to the surface and "go through" the wart on the way up, stimulating new skin growth and effectively destroying the wart. I've tried Aldara and I simply didn't see a result. I went to UCLA's school of Dermatology and I knew I was in the right clinic, they have some of the most progressive, advancements treatments in the world. DNCB is a relatively inexpensive, easy to use treatment. Google it online. You'll see that is was developed in the 1920's, when a chemical from photo labs was seen as an allergic stimulant. The proces begins by applying varying concentrations of the DNCB to your shoulder, your physician notes the level of reaction and finds the perfect concentration for you.

Immediately, you begin applying the solution (which has the texture of vaseline cream) topically to the warts. The chemical itself is not painful and causes absolutely no scarring. The results are very encouraging, and fast. You have to deal with some reddening and itching around the warts as the solution creates a strong reaction on the surface of the skin. A basic preion for Allegra, an anti-itching pill, helps remedy the itching.

If it was not for the DNCB treatment, I would be in a state of very advanced depression. I've taken the "news" that I have this condition very hard. DNCB gives me hope that I can at least, rid myself of the visible warts and hopefully get into a "dormant" stage of the virus.

Some physicians may back away from DNCB. Don't let that deter you. It is a progressive solution and not every doctor endorses it. I know the results come and I don't mind any discomfort associated with it.

I'm a pretty competive guy, athletic - motivated. I read Lance Armstrong's "It's not about the bike" and it was a true source of inspiration. Like Lance, I'm in favor of treatments that give results, even if they are difficult at first - like I said, it leads to redness and itching.

Do your research online about DNCB. There isn't a wealth of information out there. Be resolute. Even if the treatment isn't for you, make sure you at least examine this solution. Hang in there my friends.




I went to the doctor to make sure it was genital warts, which I was sure of.I never had one before, or any types of std''s. It was a pretty small wart, but it was one. They gave me this cream called aldara(aka,imiquimod)and it was gone within 2 weeks. The results can take longer though depending on the person.It sux, but i've found out so many people are infected with this virus, so dont worry too much. Good luck, and god bless!



Having recently been diagnosed (or rather experimented on) due to one, visible wart on the external portion of my labia (among hair follicles, which seemed weird to my practicioner) I was put on Aldara and told to use it on the infected site once every OTHER day and to only allow it to be on that area for 10 hours at a time. This seems to be very effective, although slow (2 months and counting). However the initial wart is almost fully absorbed. After finding three more bumbs (that I initially thought were just pimples) inside my right labia (but not near my vaginal opening thankfully), I have begun treating them as I was the first one. However, since these bumbs are in a fleshy region of my vagina, as supposed to the odd location of the first one in my outer, pubic area (among hair follicles on tough, protective epidermis) I have found that the treatment causes a LOT more burning. My skin surrounding the wart has become raw and sensitive to touch. As a result, of this, I am going to my physician (my OB/GYN this time instead of the practicioner that diagnosed me) in search of a less-abrasive treatment. I suggest that anyone with a history of sensitive skin such as myself (I suffer from eczema), may not deal well with treatments with high acidity. Definitely, CHECK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN FIRST. Hope I have helped....



I''ve been recommended Aldara by a few doctors and I've noticed it mentioned in these forums...but after reading this site will never ever use Aldara. http://www.doctorsaredangerous.com/aldara.htm




I have had gws for over fifteen years. About 12 years ago, I had laser treatment, and they came back. I tried podophylin(mispelled) a year later and had success with it although it is slow. For several years I have been using different DR Scholls product with great success. They contain salycilic acid, which causes burning for a few minutes after application, and they turn the area brown, but after a couple of days the brown skin along with the cap of the wart come off. I then reapply and wait for it to come off again. I use the callous remover and the gel. Use a very small and try to only get it onto the skin surrounding the wart. Hope this helps some people. I might have tried some of the preion medications if I had insurance, but I don''t and a single small 3 dollar bottle has lasted me a couple of years. good luck!



I wouldn''t recommend Aldara. All it did was burn my beaver! And they came back. Ugh. A waste of money. And yes, I used it EXACTLY as prescribed.



a lot of people complain about aldara but it worked wonders for me! in just 9 days the warts were half their size and 2 weeks after that they were completely gone and have been gone for almost an entire year! the side effects such as the itching and burning arent pleasant, BUT it was so worth it because THEY ARE GONEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!



I have used an herbal liquid . It cost $30 on a website called Healing Natural oils it has no side effects and it works. I thought it wasn''t working at first because they got bigger, but its because it works from inside out. It pushes it to the surface and it gradually wears away. Anyway, I used it as soon as I found out what I had, and Its been 3 months and its still COMPLETELY gone. Leaves no scarring, plus NO pain. It actually feels good because its cold and numbs the area. Hopefully it will stay away but if not I have a bottle on reserve in case. www.anoils.com Just use this and have patience.



I am 18 years old and just found out this passing wensday that I had hpv. my doc recommended that I use aldara cream. my insurance would not pay for it so i am using condylox. this Genital Warts really dose burn. i keep noticing that i am bleeding. im not sure if it is from the cream or what. i cryed for days but then i told myself that the world is not over. things could have been worse than they are. it could have been aids. as ofr the dude that gave it to me he says that he has been noticing the bumps of and on for 3 1/2 years. and that bitch neva told me. he neva went to the clinic and till this day he still wont go. he thinks that he has the flu cuz he is having flu like symptoms like fevers chills and still wont go to the doctors. you think that he would go even after i told him that i had it. round about may i noticed a flat but slightly raised but under the opening of my vagina. i thought that maybe it was a reaction to the soap that i was using but then i started to itch down there i sayed hey this is not normal so i decided to make an appntmnt. that was a week away. couldnt wait. went to the er and they sayed i had it. it hurted like hell because the person that i gave my all to and was there for even wen dat broke bitch was at his lowest did this to me. but my advice to all the other young females that are out there, dont let this get you down. do what you gotta do to stay healthy. and as for if you are in the same situation as i, leave dat bitch Genital Warts alone cuz you can find betta. but as far as this cream shit that shit really burns. thought i had a forest fire in my Genital Warts at first. hahaha jp. but naw i think if dis shit dont work ima try dat tea tree oil. and i aint bout to burn them off. aint no laser freezer or surgery knife going near my pussy. bump dat.



Well, for warts on your tongue(i have some there)..if anyone has this. I know the right treatment for it, you can buy at the store!!!!! Believe it or not The Freeze Away Wart treatment by Dr. Scholls works!!!! I used it twice under my tongue, within two days, one time each day, before I go to bed. They are almost completely cleared!! And I am sooooo happy! It does say on the box not to use it on mucous membranes, but it is Sylilic acid- the same thing the Doc. uses. It costs around $20 bucks, but it''s so worth it! Just be careful at first, read the directions, and dab on lightly to see how your skin reacts with it, then once you know, you'll be able to figure out how many seconds to hold the Q-tip thingy on it for. It does sting and burn, but it's a nice stinging burn, you can tell right off the bat that it's killing the warts. I'd say use it in two day intervals. I know it can sound ridiculous but it was something I was thinking of trying- because logically why WOULDN'T it work? :-

I have NOT however used it in the genital area..for there I use Tee Tree Oil, and it IS working GREAT!!!! At first it does burn- first night that is. I soaked some gauze and slept with it over night, then dapped some on the next few nights..I can see and tell it's working!!!! You can buy all this stuff at a Walmart or a Target!




I have taken alot of everyones advice and since aldara has not worked for me at all, I would love to try condylox gel that has been mentioned although since i am in florida no site will send it to me. anyone help me out by any chance with this? :) I am willing to pay all shipping ways etc. i just need to get to me in florida. anyone have an idea? Gee781@aol.com contact me



I just had laser therapy to get rid of my warts, it was the hardest thing I have ever done because of the upspoken reason i was there. I was not knocked out, I had local anesthesia meaning I was awake but I chose not to watch. I have scabs where the warts were but it has only been 4 days. Its gonna be sore but eventually you or no one else will know you ever had them. TOPICAL TREATMENTS WONT WORK!!!! you need to surgecally remove them and hopefully you have insurance, I did. You feel a lot better once its over.



I will tell you what not to use because it is very painful and destructive to your skin and leaves scarring and that is a product called Nomoles out of Spanish Fork, Utah. It does kill the virus but it might not kill all of it and the virus might grow back. It does work great on moles however. I have tried everything including the tee tree oil and nothing has worked as of yet and I''m about ready to just give up and hope for the best. I think the more you mess with them the worse they get. Hope that helps.



I am a 23 year old female and recenlty diagnosed with genital warts. I found that I was extremely upset about it and totally devastated. Anyhow, I have been using aldara cream on and off becasue it is so strong. Hopefully it will work. Give me any feedback you all can. Thanks.




Aldera worked well for me, I have external genital warts, except it makes the area around the wart really sore while treating, and it takes a while, but I heard it''s better to use b/c it gives you a higher chance of never getting a wart again, I've had 2 warts, 6 months apart, but I've been free of them for a year now



I have had HPV for 12 years. My first treatment was with freezing them off. Did not work. Next I went with Condolox...worked but they came back. Next went to Planned Parenthood and had them burned off with acid. This worked for 12 years, unfortunately, I just had a major breakout due to stress at home and family problems and now OB/GYN put me on Aldrea cream. Strange thing is my HPV test came up negative and my boyfriend never has gotten anything and we have been together for 5 years. Needless to say no sex for now..too bad I say! I have been using the cream for only a few days. Warts are hard to get rid of and then when you do they may come back years later.... you never know. But it isn''t the end of the world. Good luck to you and I will let you know how the cream works.



I got diagnosed with genital warts only 3 weeks ago, and yesterday started my first cryotherapy treatment. I had 15 warts. One on the outer side of my actual vulva (moreso on my leg), 6 in a cluster right above my labia toward the opening of my vagina, and a line of them along my actual vaginal opening. The clinician who did the cryotherapy was very sensitive to the issue (obviously, you can imagine how mortifying it is). The cryotherapy and the brown "paint" that she put on them hasn''t done much but make the actual warts scar. They're hard to the touch now, and it's painful for me to sit or even walk normally. I don't know if this is normal for the day after the treatment, but I hope this is just a short road to healing. I have to return in 2 weeks for another treatment (oh, joy) and then she said that if I don't have another recacurrence within 2 years, that I can safely assume that the virus has been flushed from my body.

P.S. After reading all of these testimonies, why in the world would anyone try Aldara? My God.



If you find a wart make sure and get it checked out asap. I did the stupid thing and thought I''d be one of the lucky ones where they dissapeared on there own.(yeah right) For about a year I tried to treat these fockers myself with hardly any success. I've tried tea tree oil, vitamins, working out, tape, dr. scholls freeze off and any other wacky home treatment you've ever heard of.
One year later with around 10 warts on the shaft of my penis, a loss of self confidence, not getting laid, and generally feeling like Genital Warts I finally gave in and decided to see a dermatologist. Best thing I ever did! I've had 3 cryo treatments with great results. I'm down to only 5 warts now and finally have some hope. It didn't hurt much at all but does require multiple treatments.(pending on the size of your warts)
I guess what I'm trying to say is just relax, it's not the end of the world, just make sure you have them looked at by a professional RIGHT AWAY! You'll get through it and find happiness again.

Good luck everyone!!



I really liked the Aldera. It took about 4 weeks, but it really worked wonders. At first I only two liner shaped lesion near my vaginal opening and one very small pimple like bump on my perinellium (space between butt and vagina opening), but once I started using the aldera it actually looked worse and more came out! I''m not gonna lie, the aldera did hurt, as it burned and itched pretty bad. I also used it more frequently then recommened, about every night, and kept it on longer, about 12 hrs. I also put it everywhere and not just on the bumps. However, its been about 7 months and I havn't had a reoccurance! yay! However, I am neg. for the cervical kind of hpv, but i dunno if that affects it.



I used Aldara years ago and it worked great, but it has not worked at all during my latest experience. If fact, I do not get any skin irritation from the Aldara now, which suggests that it is not working. I tried Condylox as a next measure and so far it has worked great. I just finished my first 3 days of treatment and I can see the warts (about 8 very small ones) dry up. My skin is irritated from the gel but at least the treatment is working. Aldara seems great in theory but it may take several months of repeated treatment to rid all warts. I''d suggest Condylox if you want to rid warts quickly.




Aldara is not helpful to me at all. I am wondering how can it be useful to others. Even worse it give me fever as side effect. Stress (because you have to remember to wash the skin after a period) and Frustration (your money has paid for getting more pain on your skin). Give me the worst curse if I lie a word here!




I had laser surgery May of 2004 for removal of 50+ genital warts - this was after unsuccessful treatment with Aldara Cream for 3 months - I have had no further problem until this month and I have another wart in the rectum - I was hoping for a hemmorhoid - This also after I have quit smoking - I eat a better diet - started working - my stress level should be less - Next appt to take off this wart is in November -



Step1) Go to a doctor and get them burned off

Step2) GO BACK to the doctor in 10days. IMPORTANT. make sure they''re completely gone.

Step3) BE HEALTHY. you have to quit smoking. this is a must or they will come back. eat better.. sleep better.. excersize more.. your immune system should take care of the rest permanently.



I''''m 27 and have had genital warts since the age of 19. I tried cryotherapy twice just to have them come back. I found this site here and followed what I read. I used Dr.Scholl''s dual action. You can freeze them yourself then apply acid. I didn''t follow the instructions to the T. I froze the hell out of a large one then applied the acid twice a day and tea tree oil twice a day.. 4 days later it was gone. I also work out, eat a multi vitamin and have been drinking wheatgrass as well. It''s been 6 days and am almost completely free. Thank you everyone for your advice.



I found this site because I was trying to remember what the name of the drug was the doctor had used to treat me 23 years ago. Reading the comments made me want to post my own story. I didn''''t have genital warts, I had anal warts! I think I was all of 17 years old at the time. I went to the doctor and he applied a local drug and burned them off. I was careful to remember the name of the drug. They seemed to be gone. About a month and half later, when I went off to college they returned. But I had remembered the name of the drug, Podophyllin. I went to the school doctor and told him that I had had them removed previously and that all I needed was another dose. I told him to write me a preion for it. And strange enough, he did so without even looking at me. Where I was going to college was in the country, so I had to go to the city to get the preion filled. I had to go to several pharmacies before I could get it filled. The last pharmacy thought this was strange because this was something that only a doctor should apply. My reply was that the doctor wrote the prescription, so they needed to fill the prescription, pronto! So they did. I drove back to school and applied it myself. A day later I had the most intense burning pain from the area. I can''t even begin to describe the pain. I could barely walk or sit, let alone sit through my classes. Essentially I had burned the entire crack of my ass off. After about a week, the pain and swelling were gone and when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that I had a whole new ass crack! No joke. The whole area was replaced by new skin. So in essence, I got a new Genital Warts. I''ve never had anal warts again and that was 23 years ago. Again, this was before the days of the internet and immediate information wasn''t at one''s grasp. I''m sure no doctor today would just readily allow a patient to get something like this filled on their own. But if you can, I strongly recommend Podophyllin. It worked for me!



I''''m posting this again because this answer system changed the words in my post, very strange...

Rather than post this a third time, I''ll just say that I never had warts again. There is something wrong with this posting system.



I am 23 yr old male. I used podofilox the at home treatment but it didn''''t work so I ordered solmoxal I have been using it for the last 3 weeks and its also not working. I think I will take some of your advice and call the doctor and get them burned off. Also I will start working out.



I''''m posting this again because this answer system changed the words in my post, very strange...

I found this site because I was trying to remember what the name of the drug was the doctor had used to treat me 23 years ago. Reading the comments made me want to post my own story. I didn''t have genital warts, I had anal warts! I think I was all of 17 years old at the time. I went to the doctor and he applied a local drug and burned them off. I was careful to remember the name of the drug. They seemed to be gone. About a month and half later, when I went off to college they returned. But I had remembered the name of the drug, Podophyllin. I went to the school doctor and told him that I had had them removed previously and that all I needed was another dose. I told him to write me a preion for it. And strange enough, he did so without even looking at me. Where I was going to college was in the country, so I had to go to the city to get the preion filled. I had to go to several pharmacies before I could get it filled. The last pharmacy thought this was strange because this was something that only a doctor should apply. My reply was that the doctor wrote the prescription, so they needed to fill the prescription, pronto! So they did. I drove back to school and applied it myself. A day later I had the most intense burning pain from the area. I can''t even begin to describe the pain. I could barely walk or sit, let alone sit through my classes. Essentially I had burned the entire crack of my ass off. After about a week, the pain and swelling were gone and when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that I had a whole new ass crack! No joke. The whole area was replaced by new skin. So in essence, I got a new Genital Warts. I''ve never had anal warts again and that was 23 years ago. Again, this was before the days of the internet and immediate information wasn''t at one''s grasp. I''m sure no doctor today would just readily allow a patient to get something like this filled on their own. But if you can, I strongly recommend Podophyllin. It worked for me!




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