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Is HPV curable?


I''ve 6 had HPV for six years, I contracted it with the first guy I had sex. I didn't actually get warts I one day noticed I had developed 4 moles down there, and thought it was a little strange but ignored it. Well the next day those 4 smalle moles turned into about 16 so I knew something was up I went to the doctor and found all there were tons all over my cervix too I had surgery to have them all removed and I have been symptom free for 5 1/2 years. I have a boyfriend now and my biggest question is will he contract HPV from me?



There is no known cure for HPV. However, eventually the immune system does repress it by reducing it to a low level. At the point of natural suppression, it would be unlikely for a person to transmit the virus. Researchers don''t know whether it is actually ever fully eliminated from the body, but at any rate it quits being contagious after a while. The time it takes to get to this point varies from person to person, according to their immune system. The longer you have gone without having symptoms, the more likely it is that your body is reducing the viral levels. HPV does not tend to be persistent in most cases, and most people who have contracted it are not thought to be permanently contagious.




to the poster two spots above me... Why would you say that this Genital Warts stays with us forever?? It''s been proven by several studies that the infection goes away. I find your negative look on this shit very disturbing. DOn't preach bullshit like that when it's not true. It just scares people...

HPV goes away. Just like hand warts and the rest of them.

Some strands may stay for a while, especially in those with weak immune systems. If untreated some strands could lead to cancer.

Those are the facts.. HPV is no big deal!!



Hi, I''m Tara I have Genital Warts I found out on 10/11/04 and wow this is a shocker. I was told i could still join the army with it, then i was told i couldnt. I was told it was curable and I was told it wasnt.

Sorry to say this but we dont know all we can do is hope. I've tried and tried hard, to deal with this. I am only 19 years old. Had only a few partners and one person gave me this confused state of mind, if what he gave me is curable or not. I take natural Vit C 1000mg 2pills, natural Vit E 1000 I.U. 1 pill, and Echinacea 6 pills a day. And i have had my genitals violated with acid. Look stay positive, i know it may be hard but it happens to good people. I couldnt believe i had it, and i broke down i have no idea how many times. its okay to feel scared, and its okay to be confused like me, but we need to be positive and like most people who do meditation, a good positive attitude does raise your body's immune system to fight what we have. relax and get healthy take what i'm taking if you don't know what to get. I take vit. natural E, natural C, and Echinacea to boost my immune system and for stress about this take vit b complex. Enjoy life, don't let this bring you down its not the end of the world, it continues no matter what you may develop in the future.

Its no fun to be upset all the time, just be happy and enjoy what life you have left in you, because you may end up missing out on something more important than what stress you can develop from this virus. Get healthy and stay healthy. BE HAPPY!



There is no cure for HPV. HPV is very treatable, though no one treatment is right or the same for everyone. HPV does regress or go into a low term remission. At this time no one know what the virus does. At this time HPV is not found in any test. HPV is many times controlled by the bodies own immunity. HPV can reactivate and many times does after years of sleep. HPV many times reactivates when your immunity is impaired such as with age, sickness, depression and pregancy. When the virus is in low-term remission it is not as contagious, but the virus can be transmissed at this time through the bodies natural shedding process. No one know when this happens. In a committed long term relationship HPV should present no problem each person share the others virus. Each partner understanding the risks and having encourgaing regular check ups for both parties. Until we are sure that HPV is 100% elimated from the body we must assume we can be contagious informing all sex partners of the virus and allowing that person to choose. Thousands and thousands of people have a virus reactivate after many years in a dormant stage. Until testing is approved and we know 100% we are not contagious we must assume we can transmit the viurs. The virus enters the body through a cut, scratch or micro-brasion during sex. Lubrications do help in preventing these microbrasions. TSH



Well I can give you guys a personal experience. I started seeing this girl. Didn''t tell her i had HPV. Mine had been removed for bout a year. We had sex a bunch, and one day she broke down and told me she had HPV. But it was gone. SHe had a abnormal papsmear and we have been having sex for 3 months with her like that. Still i have no symptoms. WTF??? lol But she hasn't had any new warts on her outter area. Just up in her cervix. So iam just baffled bout why i havn't got anything on the rest of my penis.



I just read an online article that a vaccine has been developed, but it needs a lot more time for testing etc. before it will become available to the public. They say it appears to be 100% effective though.







Well for starters, one thing Iv noticed is alot of people that are answering these questions think that genital warts is HPV. HPV and genital warts are 2 different things. That would be like saying HIV is AIDS. HPV is the virus that cause warts or genital warts. So now that we got that out of the way.....the question was "Is HPV curable?" well the answer is no. Unfortunatly you have to wait and hope that your body will eventually get rid of the virus. Now depending on your immune system is what will determine how long or if it will at all. But the most important thing you should do is if you do have warts (get rid of all of them). And if you have another out break get rid of those too because they are what also carry the HPV. And the wart is contagiouse so keeping a wart on you can spread and become a bigger problem. HPV isnt really an STD but they put it in that category because of the fact that there are types of HPV that only spread to genitals through sexual skin to skin contact. The HPV type that causes genital warts very very rarley would spread places like your hands and feet.



In a way it is and in a way it isnt. Hpv can be eliminated from the body over time depending on the persons immune system. But in some cases it stays in the body without any symptoms. So you think its gone. Kind of like herpies. Then if there is ever a chance your immune system lowers due to depression, bad nerves, bad sleeping habbits or even lack of nutrition the Hpv can start back up again. There are no cures for any viruses. The Common Cold for example. It is a virus that has been around longer then most viruses but eventually we get better and the virus is gone. But we can always get it again. But we make sure we take care of ourself to help prevent it from happening again. But the cold virus is an airborn virus so it is very hard to prevent from getting again. But you know where Hpv comes from so just be carefull. If you are having unprotected sex with someone you dont really know too much about use your head. Is it really worth having one night of fun for months or years of agravation???



I just picked up this info!I copied and pasted the info directly from the cite itself.Please read:

Center for Disease Control:
"Studies have shown that 70% of new HPV infections clear within one year, as many a 91% clear within two years. The median duration of new infections is typically eight months. HPV-16 is more likely to persist that other HPV types however most HPV-16 infections become undetecable within two years. The gradual development of an effective immune response is thought to be the likely mechanism for HPV DNA clearance."



I am a 20yr. old female. I found out exactly 2 days ago that i have HPV (genital warts). Now here i am looking up every thing i can on it. Because someday i will have to explain it to the person that i really really care about. Someone said below that "we" need to stop having sex and stay away from you "Clean People". I thought i was clean. Yeah i practiced unsafe sex, but who doesn''t. I am sure even the person who wrote that doesn't always. So many people have this virus. It is like the common cold. You can treat what you have or you can just dill with it and hope that it goes away. I go in a couple of days to get mine treated and i really hope that they never come back. Can it be cured? Evenutually i am sure that it will be. Please don't freak out if you find out you had this. How you going to explain your behavior to other people. At least you don't have worse. If you think you have it, please don't be like me and wait a few months to go and get it checked out. Put away your pride and go see a doctor. This stuff really sucks. Also if you think you have it, don't shave. That is how i spread mine more. When i first found out that i really had it instantly started crying. I couldn't believe it happened to me. It can happened to you, even if you aren't a slut, whore. Don't be afraid to say hey lets use a condom. It could be the difference between getting it or not. Because of this i am going to eat better, start taking some vitamins to help better my health and i am going to quit smoking. You could have worse then you do now. Just be happy what we have or what you could have is not painful and it ain't AIDS, herpes or chlaymidia. Please just keep smiling and keep your head up!



Good diet, lots of excercise in most cases reduces symtpoms/occurence! There are a few drug companies researching various vaccines and treatments - don''t know when more information will be available on this. Give it a few years we'll have cures for a bunch more of these annoyances!




Just a response to the crazed rant from an understandbly upset women that has been diagnosed with cancer. Take what she has to say with a HUGE grain of salt.

The facts regarding HPV''s connection to the form of cancer she contracted are not firmly established in the medical and scientific community. The entire premise of her thread is based on her FAULTY assumption that her cancer was soley caused by getting HPV and visible warts from her husband.

Again, do some rudimentary research on the web from respected sources and go to the library and do the same. HPV (particularly so called "high risk" HPV) is a possible correlative link to this type of cancer. But there are plenty of women that get this cancer without having HPV and in general this form of cancer is incredibly rare. Something like 3500 cases diagnosed anually. How many sexually mature women are in this country having sex? Probably 100 million or so. Pretty low odds eh?

Anyway, my heart does go out to anyone diagnosed with cancer, and can understand the anger and desire to find answers and scapegoats. But she's barking up the wrong tree here. I flagged the message as well as it has some pretty nasty language in it in addition to being completely off the wall.



A MUST READ:......You probley already know that theres alot of differnt openions about weather or not its curable............but the TRUTH is that its not cureable!but theres still hope because your amune system is sapposed to fight it off,when it does this then the virus goes away on its own.Nobody knows how long that takes but at least(to help you cope with it)you know that "eventually" you know that its sapposed to go away on its own.




hpv is similar to a stomach virus. I say this because when you have a stomach virus you have the symptoms of vomiting and you are contageous for only a small period of time untill your immune system defeats the virus. the virus still remains in your system forever, but it harms nobody, not even you. hpv is the same way. the only difference is that hpv''s symptoms may last longer. however long the symptoms last though, eventually your immune system defeats the virus and although it remains in your system as part of your immune system makeup, it is no longer a harmful thing able to be passed on or felt by you again. your body develops and stores the memory of your immunity to it. just as a stomach virus however, you can catch other types of it and immunity to one strain of it doesnt create an immunity to all types or strains of the virus, so be careful and all will be well within a two year period.



Think of it like this:

Until this virus was linked to Cervical Dysplasia it rarely received much attention. Secondly, in the majority of people it causes little or no disruption in daily living...

Furthermore before the end of this decade there will be a number of tools to stop this infection.

1. Zycos www.zycos.com
This company is a couple of years away from a theGenital Wartsutic vaccine to treat Cervical Dysplasia and Genital Warts (Vaccine expected to work on both infections)

2. Helix Biopharma www.helixbiopharma.com
Helix is in phase two trials later this year for an interferon cream used on vaginal or penis tissue that is expected to eradicate the visisble wart and non-visible virus...

3. Transgene from France. www.transgene.fr
Transgene is in process of developing an effective vaccine for treating HPV 16.

4. Medigene: www.medigene.com
Thereapeutic cream for GW. Available in 2005.

5. Stressgen: www.stressgen.com
Developing drug for Respiratory condition in children. And for all other HPV related conditions.

There are others in the pipeline....

Be Cool and get rid of the negative feelings...
Trust me I have had plantars warts, common warts, genital warts...Every kind of wart seems to find its way on my body...

But I am cool baby...



No there are many ways genital warts (HPV) can be treated. One wayis putting chemicals such as Podophyllin, Condylox, or trichloroacetic acid on the wart to kill and dissolve it. Another is to freeze them off. The warts can also be cut off useing electric loops, lasers, or surgery. The medicine Aldara can activate your immune system to kill the wart cells. You should never use over the counter cures for warts near sex organs because they cancause severe irritation. These treatments will get rid of the warts but you may not ever get rid of HPV itself. The virus may still be inside and may casue more warts in the future. This is why it may take a long time to cure genital warts. Always talk to your doctor about your treatment and make sure you understand what to do and when to come back.



I started using traditional chinese medicine.
I just started using it a few days ago and all ready noticed some positive results. I went to a traditional practitioner. He checked my pulse in both arms ,looked at my tongue and briefly examined my privates. He then started pulling
out what looked like stuff you would find on a forest floor out of these draws. he made 7 equal piles of these twigs and seeds and bark and baged them. It cost 50 bucks for 7 days but I believe it may be worth it. When you think about the fact
that chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and actually works to boost your immune system, where as our modern medicine has been around maybe 200 years and is
geared mostly towards treating symptoms.



There are some effective vaccines in the pipeline, NIH has been testing one on a large scale and Merck has been testing, Merck is projecting to have there vaccine to market by 2006 if all goes well. At this time the Mercks quadravalent hpv vaccine has shown to 100 percent effective in preventing infection in women. No clinical trials or tests on men yet. Stressgen has a vaccine that is theGenital Wartsutic, and they are projecting release in 2005 if all goes well. No promises, just hopefull projections. Anomonous



I''ve read so many posts on this board and I feel as though I need to add my 2 cents.

"HPV" means so many things. No one seems to distinguish between the several different types or define the word "recurrence".

Recurrence of HPV is extremely common within a 2 year span (for the visible warts). That's because infected tissue infects surrounding tissue so you get rid of a wart and then another one pops up. Eventually though, your immune system should recognize the bug and surpress the virus (much like it does the 200 or so strains of the flu virus over your lifetime). If you produce visible warts and then do not produce any more for months or years, you are considered to have cleared the virus. It is unlikely (and I know this from personal experience) that you are contagious at this point. However if you just treat the warts once and don't wait to see if any new ones develop you could still have active virus in your skin and still be contagious. The higher risk types don't clear as easily and remain around longer which is most likely what leads to the cellular changes that casue cancer....but higher risk types aren't visible. You don't know you have them until they're discovered because of another problem.

It is highly unlikely, in the absence of a severe immunosupressing event, such as a serious illness or pregnancy that a person will have a true "recurrence" years after initial infection with no warts present between outbreaks. It does happen but it is rare. There is a huge difference between HSV and HPV in that HSV moves to your nervous system to sleep. HPV is a very localized infection (it was once thought to be systemic but it is now believed that it is spread to other parts of the body through auto innoculation).

If you have visible warts, treat them. Keep treating them until you have no syptoms then WAIT 6 months or more and see if you still show no signs or symptoms (not easy to do if you're married and the virus keeps spreading back and forth I know). Be honest with potential partners but educate yourself and them about what the risks actually are. This is the most common STD in the world and it's estimated that 75% of the population has been infected yet the rate of cervical cancer among women is significantly lower than 1 in 4 and the number of people with active warts at any time is like 10% of the population so there is clearly a window for most people where the virus is simply controlled by the body.

Patience. Respect. Good healthy habits. These are the things that will help you get through this. I know because I had warts 12 years ago. Treated them for almost a year. Never had a recurrence and have NEVER had a partner (all informed beforehand) show signs or symptoms of the disease.



ADVANCE Nurse Practitioners guide:
"Experts no longer think that HPV is a chronic lifetime virus. HPV infections of the anogenital tract are usually transient and cleared to undetectable levels in short duration. Low-risk HPV infections spontaneously clear more readily than high-risk types."



I am only 15 and have recieved this virus. My mother freaked out and though OMG this can never happen to my son. She asked it over and over will this medicine I have cure it.

The doctor said yes due to the fact the virus hides in the tissue and not throughout the body like HIV/AIDS. I am still very curious and weary about that statement since everyone I have read it says they are uncurable or the virus is uncurable.

More insite on this would be grateful.



Yes. HPV is 100% Curable.
Says Who?
My Doctor is who.
He not only says its 100% curable but he says it with a very emphatic tone and a tinge of ''annoyance' at people (internet) who are saying otherwise.

Why is he so confident?
Well, He is a Doctor and if I knew what he knew Id be one too.
The Warts can be removed and the HPV virus that lives in the skin can be thoroughly and '100%' beaten by your Immune System.
This means its GONE.

Why do you see or hear all these different stories and why are there people on here saying NO!(in all-caps)??

- There are two things going on with the 'UNCURABLE! Answers:

If you want to get 'technical' you can honestly state that NO VIRUS IS EVER 'CURED' because 'technically' and 'in theory' any virus is only 'suppressed' and theoretically still exists in your body.
This includes the Flu you got years ago that one Christmas.
This includes countless viruses which were instantly suppressed.
In fact, we are all carrying loads of 'viruses' which are 'incurable'.


Now, you dont hear people constantly emphasising that (example) SARS IS INCURABLE or THE COLD YOU GOT SIX YEARS AGO IS NOT CURABLE!
So, Why do they say this about HPV?
Why do they say its 'Incurable' even when rigourous testing at microscopic levels shows no signs of HPV left but only in a 'theoretical' sense its said to 'exist'?

Let me suggest this is an almost manatory way of speaking/warning of 'Venereal Disease'.
Im sorry to use this term but its nothign short of 'Scare Tactics'.
You can say its 'Political' and the 'technically true' cries of 'Incurable' useful.
The idea being that we can use this 'technicality' to justify putting a 'NO CURE-Warning Label' on Genital Warts/HPV.
This is to 'encourage' condoms and/or abstinence.
Its part of the Campaign against STDs.

This really annoys me and apparently it really Genital Wartses off my Doctor.
Its causing needless terror, fear and emotional agony for the people who do get HPV and some of whom are reading this out of sheer horror or despair that they will never be able to have a sex life or be married without infecting their dream girl/guy etc.

Stop Scaring People!

Now, Im going to put this entire 'whoring around' crap to rest with my own personal analogy.

In a much earlier phase of my life I WAS totally irresponsible and screwing anything with two legs.
Im not even going to get into details other than to say I have never even seen a condom up close and I humped anything in sight.
Haha.. thats who gets STDs right?
I DEFIED any statistical probability you can find and if you wrote a book on HOW TO get an STD or AIDS then that is what I did!
Yet - I had never gotten so much as the slightest infection, scratch or itch - never mind any STD's.

Realising my youthful stupidity and acknowledging that God Himself must have given me a practically miraculous rescue from what was deserved I entered a long term relationship (as in a Decade+) and then after that another half decade of self-imposed Celibacy.

Now then, meeting someone new I find myself actually distressing the relationship by putting off the sexual intercourse for months.
We both go over our history and neither of us has any symptoms of anything and have been abstinent for long periods since our last partners.

Three nights of intercourse.
Relationship does not work (my 'taking it slow' attitude being a large part of the problem in her mind).

Guess what?
About two months later a peculiar 'bump' on my penis.
Never thought much of it. Seems that people do get imperfections anyways right.
A year goes by and I notice three little bumps.
No itching, scratching, burning or anything.
Then I came down with a nice little Flu and was pretty 'down' for a few weeks and guess what - all of a sudden there are about 10 little 'bumps' hanging around.

Show Doctor Bumps on Penis - Doctor instantly recognises them as 'Genital Warts'.
Says they are conta




LOL!!!! I can''t stop laughing at you guys. Stupid slutty people getting HPV. I laugh at you guys and wish you the best. You should of thought about having safe sex, now it is too late for you. Just do me a favour, stop having sex with us clean people and stay with your own kind. The best you can do for yourself is try not to get a monopoly of SDTs.

Remember, Ensuring 100% that your partner is free of STDs is a must before having any form of intercourse. HPV will not be curable, but you can keep on thinking it if it gets you through your day, but that would be doing what religion does to people "Gives them hope"




Please, don´t scare people,specially the youngest ones. HPV it´s not a funny thing but I´m surprised of how pesimist are you people here. I had warts five years ago,the doctor removed them, and they had never come back. I´ve been with a guy for 3 years now and he hasn´t got any sympthoms. We have a pretty normal sexual life.I have my anual tests and everything is correct. If the warts appear again, what I don´t think it happen, I should have to deal with it.Thats all.Reading this forum I can understand why people freak out about the whole thing.If you have any doubt or any symphtom,please,visit your doctor.Ask there all the questions but not in the internet



I have been told that there is the possibility that your body could fight it off on its own, if you have no episodes for a year or two you could consider yourself cured by your own body. Its rare but a possibility. Ive had one episode 5 months ago, none before or after and tring for never again. I''ve just been living like I never had it. although that is easy for me because Ive been married for years and hes excellent about it. I hope you all stay positive, they'll find a cure soon, try to stay stress free. Its imprtant to not get stressed!



I was just diagnosed with HPV. For those who say it is "no big deal" you are wholly incorrect. Types of HPV can lead to serious cancer, not to mention genital disfigurement by warts. Not everyone will have these severe reactions, and maybe (maybe) there is een a possibility that the virus can be surpressed to a level where it no longer causes the infected person any adverse symptoms, but that still does not eliminate the real burnen of the virus: the possibility of passing it on.

You can get HPV even though you''re carefull I was. I have always been an obsessively careful partner: use condoms and spermicide, always asking about my partener's sexual history, if they've been tested and what the results are, I get tested regularly myself. I got the disease from somebody with no visible warts or sores, no history of STD and with whom I used I condom . . . so safe sex is not exactly safe. And now I can NEVER be a responsible sexual partner again because there will always be a risk of giving the virus to someone I care about. The only hope I have is that a cure will somehow be discovered, and that some sort of general screening process for the public can be developed so asymptomatic people can know more reliably if they are infected and able to spread the virus to others. So many people think that if they go to the clinic and get a regular STD screening that they're "clear" and free to do whatever they may, when this is simply not true. I always thought that practicing safer sex and getting regularly tested was a surefire way to be sure I was clean, it turns out that's a great big lie.

Now I am faced with having to be responsible again and inform my former sexual parters that I am "dirty" and they now need to disturb their lives and relationships because of that fact. I am also faced with telling the man who I have been seeing for several months, and who I am pretty fond of, that I have put his health in jeopardy. I will probably break up with him for his own sake. I don't know that I can deal with the guilt of having intercourse with someone when I know I might give him this miserable junk. I certainly wish the idiot who has given it to me had at least had that curtesy.



I''m male and have had a couple of small areas of GW (about 4mm in diameter). I treated them with Aldara which virtually cleared them up. It took a long time though. I then used freezing which has worked 100%.

More than one Genito Unary infection units in the UK have told me I am 100% clear and have been for at least 6 months now.

I have exhuastively researched the subject and have concluded that one you are clear, the wart virus can be kept to non-contagious levels by the body's natural defences.

Therefore, I believe it can be cured. I also have another male friend that has clear his via freezing.

I now inform future partners, always use a condom.

I am extremely confident that I will not have any more develop.

Hope this helps and please no replies to the information in my posts. I am 99.99% confident in my knowledge.

Stay positive :)



Although there is currently no "cure" for genital HPV infection, most cases are transient and clear themselves without medical intervention (CDC, 2001 Elfgren, et al., 2000; Ho, et al., 1998). One study designed to determine the natural history of genital HPV infection followed college women for three years (Ho, et al., 1998). HPV was detected using a sensitive DNA test that detects small amounts of HPV, even when there are no symptoms present. While there was a high rate of HPV infection (43 percent tested positive for HPV at some point over the study period), the average duration of HPV infection was eight months. Repeated HPV DNA testing showed that 70 percent of the women cleared their HPV infections within one year through the natural immune process, and only nine percent continued to be infected after two years. Another study conducted in Sweden supported these findings, with a five-year clearance rate of 92 percent (Elfgren, et al., 2000). In both studies, the viral type of HPV was a major determinant in the duration of infection, with types 16, AE7, 61, 18, and 73 having the longest average duration (Elfgren, et al., 2000; Ho, et al., 1998).



So, anyone can answer whatever they want, is that so? ANYONE? OK.

please say thank you.




HPV isn''t curable, like a cold isn't, but it can be erradicated, like a cold can, through the natural immune process. Obviously the cold and hpv are very diff viruses, but similarily, they can only be booted out of your body by your immune system.

check this link out that has tons of questions and answers surrounding hpv. It's from the helth department at Rutgers University..




This goes out to the 16-year-old. I feel your pain and am almost in the exact same predicament as yourself and I am 18(although I am quite sure I was infected at 17). In fact, I also slept with 3 guys, one of which was a virgin, and ended up infected.
I have three warts, all external, and my OB/GYN said to eat five servings of both fruits and vegetables daily, take vitamins, and exercise just a little more ("you don''t have to do a million jumping jacks" as the doctor put it. In addition, I am using Aldara Cream to treat the three little nemeses, and I am hopeful because the doctor said that with me being so young and having exterior warts, the virus may go into remission(no symptoms of any sort/ virus eventually is defeated by the body and dies) . You are younger than me, so there is even more hope.
Don't let any uneducated Genital Wartss who have scrounged up their two rusty-ass cents and posted them on this website scare you. A virus CANNOT BE KILLED BY MEDICINE but can die on its own and can be killed by your body's own natural defenses. This is why you see information about HPV saying that it cannot be cured. But it can die, and you must take care of yourself and try to keep Lysol and hand sanitizer at hand(it is cold season, be extra careful around sick friends and family). Good luck, and I'm in this with you!
To all negative influences and evilspeakers on this website: Yahweh is watching and will handle the good and the wicked when He is ready to do so. Remember the name,don't play evil games.



It enrages me that someone would call anyone with HPV a slut. And that we are "unclean". HPV can be spread even through use of a condom or other safe sex practices. Anyone can get it, even the first or second time they have sex.
HPV likes to hide on the scrotum which a condom doesnt cover. You can get it from the skin around your privates, its not just penis-vagina contact. It affects women especially hard because of the nature of our organs.
Theres still hope for the people affected. If youve ever had chicken pox before, has it reaccured? Just like that virus, the body can rid or make the virus lie dormant.
And as someone infected with HPV, I did NOT get it from being a dirty little slut OR from not using protection. Ignorant fools that judge too quickly, deserve to get what they mock.



I hope it is! I found out I had it 4 days ago but suspected it for a few weeks! My cheating ex of 5 years gave it to me! So he''s gone now & hopefully they will be soon! To those people who thinks we are all sluts, it's fine to have your own opion but haven't you heard the saying "If you haven't got anyhting nice to say, don't say anything at all"???
I'm doing all the research I can on it, but some of you guys are right, thank god it's not AIDS or something similar, we're the lucky ones! Good luck everyone!
Oh, I'm gonna try the tea-tree oil idea, see if it works! If it does I'll post another response!



it is! You guys just click here and read all about it, I hope it will help lots of us



yea....so I am 19 years old....Im actually a virgin, never had sex, but I was recently diagnosed with genital warts...how that is possible i dont know....fair? ofcourse not....but what can you do?



there is hope. a new biotechnology corporation called Stressgen has developed an immunotheGenital Wartsutic approach to treating HPV. in early studies the product, HSPE7, has shown to clear most warts from the body.




It might be curable. The past thought was that it is not cureable and you had the virus for life once you had it but now the current research is showing that it is cureable and the a lot of peoples bodies clear NOT JUST THE INFECTION but the whole virus. Two reasons why this is hard to prove is 1) bad sexual practices, people with the virus attain more strains, clear it and then get another. 2) The incubation period is unpredictible so you my be symptom free for years then something tragic happens in your life and you get warts and find out you have two differnet strains. HOPES THIS HELPS. POINT is there my be hope, I for one quit smoking and starting taking vitamins and quit caffiene, started exercising I feel Great and have not had any symptoms yet. I am hellbent on making damn sure if it is permanent that I never give it a chance and if my body can ELIMINATE the COMPLETE VIRUS I am going to do everything in my power to do so. Don''t give up fight it.



Most of these posts are emotional panic, religous moralising or political nonsense. My guess is that it is an American thing (no offence). Went to a high quality GUM (Genito-Urinary Clinic) in England. Spoke to the doctor, diagnosed HPV, no big deal, got them frozen (though I could have just waited a few months for them to clear up), told I don''t have to inform new partners until a few months after to recurrence. Some will say this is irresponsible, yet this was advice from 2 actual doctors, plus I have researched this from proper internet sites, and have contacted MD H. Hunter Handsfield through Med Help International. Most recent research confirms what my doctors told me, your body will eradicate the virus after some time - usually 6 months to a year. I have theorised an explaination for recurrence:
1. Warts treated, immune system kicks in, immunity from that strain likely within 2 years, usually much sooner – 6 months.
2. Exposure to a new strain, development of warts, patient thinks it is a recurrence, patient back to number 1 in this list.
3. A micro lesion remains, the patient is immune but the lesion is disturbed (scratched?, rubbed?) reinfects surrounding skin, the immune system does not initially respond because the nature of HPV is that it exists in essentially superficial upper layers of the epidermis (and is not a significant health problem from the immune systems point of view). Eventually the immune systems kicks in and clears the warts again.
4. If no micro-lesions are present and no new strain is contracted, and the immune system has cleared the virus, the patient is cured.
5. Some form of immuno-supression might explain cases not covered by the outcome of number 4 in this list – evidenced by certain people with HIV/AIDS, or very old people who develop warts – after all the priority for your immune system when you are 90 years old is not to deal with non-health threatening warts.

My advice is don't worry, seek a decent doctor (e.g. a GUM specialist), get accurate diagnosis, treat it, wait a few months, then move on with your life and forget about it.

Some of the previous posts are laughable - someone had a wart 8 yrs ago and never had a recurrence and has been telling every new sex partner since (the concept of telling everyone that you once had a wart or abnormal smear is hilarious - demonstrating either extreme abnormal caution or extreme igornance). The idea that you should get your partner checked for HPV before sex is impossible for a man because there is no test unless visible symptoms are present. Hence most bloke don't know they have/had it and would'nt know if they had passed it on because usually the new person infected would'nt even know anyway! This is why HPV prevalence is so high.

It seems that HPV is used by certain people (religious right pro-abstenece) as a political tool. Fortunately we don't have any of this rubbish in England, just good doctors and a rational view of science.




I was diagnosed with HPV some years ago and had the appropriate follow-up treatment. the doctor told me recently that my last HPV test was negative. Does that mean I cannot transmit the virus anymore?



sir, the facts regarding hpv and vulvar cancer are this. about 60- 85% of ppl diagnosed with squamous cell vulvar cancer have hpv. the rest are usually older women that are over 60 and are suffering from lichen sclerosis. I HAVE done my research and i have included links at the bottom to support. i did have a visible wart that was treated with acid 6 times, it wasnt shrinking so we cut it off and it came back as condyloma (a.k.a. genital warts) and as squamous cell carcinoma in situ. my gyn/onc TOLD me that the HPV is what has caused my cancer. just b/c it is rare doesnt mean it is any less true.




If it were a lifelong diseased state (like herpes obviously is with definite recurrence lifelong), why does it regress at all then in 90% of cases? regardless of it possibly encoding itself in the host genome. Why would a prophylactic vaccine show 100% efficacy if the body weren''t able to make anti-bodies to it and prevent an infection?
The only reason they use VLP's is that obviously all of us can't clear it, some people have different genetic makeup's, hence using the actual virus may harm some people and cause the adverse effects associated with it. Anyone who has had a wart before knows they don't come back a second time around. I trust the latest information, not the misinformed myth of the past, considering there are 150 types of HPV, it is highly likely that people will be infected by many genital HPV types in the course of their lives, hence possibly having several breakouts over time.



HPV is no more curable than the common cold. If you take care of yourself right and are otherwise reasonably healthy, you can get over it, but it might come back to. From I have seen, part of the reason it comes back, (very much like the cold) is that it continues to get passed around and around and around.
If you have symptoms of a cold just today, you just get that cold today. You had the virus in your body for a couple days or even a few, until you get tired and weak enough to start showing "signs" of having a cold.
Much the same way, If you just developed genital warts, meaning the "signs" of a virus called HPV, you have had the virus for a while. It could have days, weeks, months or years ago when you were exposed to this virus.
With this said, just because you JUST started sleeping with this "guy" or "girl" and THEN you developed warts, it doesn''t mean you got them from him or her.
You could have had it before you even met him or her, and the only reason it looks like he/ she had them first is because he/ she showed the signs a month after getting the virus, when you didn't show signs until a year after you got the virus. So stop blaming each other, get educated and stop sleeping around.
So to you "Wedding day virgin"... If you cared so much about your own purity, why did you marry a man who was married before but to a woman who slept around a lot? You thought that your "gift of virginity" was going to protect you, or you were just ignorant, hadn't ever heard anything about STDs and how they get passed on to another- before you got married I mean. Stop spewing venom and...hurry and go get counseling before you crack up.




I wish there were some straight answers out there. I got one case of genital warts 15 years ago. They were treated and have never come back. Am I cured? I feel that my only cure is to get married so I don''t have to go through telling every new partner about it. It sucks! But you really find out about your partner's character and how much they care about you. So, believe it or not, I have found an upside to HPV.



There is a vaccine that will be made available at the end of this year or the beginning of 2006. A live virus is injected and the body will begin to fight it off and in the end the patient will develope natural antibodies to the virus. The study split 1,200 people up that tested positive for HPV into 2 groups, those that received the vaccine and those that received a placebo. So far results show that 100% of those that received the vaccine did not develop the lesions or cancer. Of those that received the placebo 12 now have cervical cancer and I believe another 10 developed the lesions (not sure on that number). Hope this answers some question out there.






hey guys look up versamune hpv ..very interesting



I don''t think it's curable...but I found this product called Clear Natural and the product claims that it gets rid of genital warts forever...i'm thinking of trying it...since just yesterday i went to the doctors and they found a wart on my vagina and used the freeze method...this is the first time i ever had a sign of a wart...a few years ago i was tested by the pap test and they said i was positive for HPV and then i had the laser treatment and i didn't show any signs of the warts so i was clear for a few years until now, i don't know what have bought this on? After so many years, it seems like it came back...i was horrified and feel really depressed about it...I feel less desirable and embarrassed about it...i really don't know what to do now?




to that woman with cervical cancer. You only get it if you have don''t get your annual pap smear and ignore it for 10 years. enjoy your cancer. stop blaming other people. your husband is cheating on your, that is how he gave you warts. or maybe it was you?








In response to the individual who typed that HPV is NO BIG DEAL! It is a very big deal. Its not about scaring anyone or making someone become paranoid. First of all when you go to a doctor to get tested for STD''s the only one's that they test for are bacterial STD's such as Chlamydia, Vaginitis, your typical yeast infection, and so forth. Until recently you see commericals on the the t.v. about getting tested. I myself was misdiagnosed for 1year by lazy doctors until I finally the truth came out. The Human Papilloma Virus is a viral infection. Viral infections are able to replicate your own cells. Everyone's immune system is different some can fight it off some can't. The virus can stay suppressed for many years befor showing any physical signs of its existence or some not showing signs at all. There are no known Medications that can get rid or cure this virus. The best thing in my opinion is to keep up with doctor's appointments do research on the virus, asked questions and asked your doctor if there is anything you can do to boost your immune sysmtem. There are many researh studies going on at this moment to find a cure. HPV is a very big deal some strains of the virus causes cervical carcinoma which is a type of cancer found in the cervix that can spread to the uterus. So to all the woman please get an annual pap smear. For men the virus is very hard to detect and 90% of the time will not show any signs in men but still asked to get tested and do the research. A lot of men who have the virus don't even know they have because they never show signs. Studies show that symptoms of STD's are more evident in women then in men. Yes people who have this virus should be concerned but also know that there are support groups and many people that they can talk to about it. Nobody is or should be alone. So please #226 keep your negative attitude to yourself. Its not about being negative its about alerting everyone to be more careful with their bodies and to take better care of themselves. Everyone needs information!



HPV is not curable in the traditional sense. I am female, and I was diagnosed after my very first pap smear at age 18 (I''m now 36). I had no outwardly visible problems, but there were pre-cancerous cervical changes detected by the pap. I was treated surgically with a conization, and my pap smears have been normal all these years. I just had my annual check-up and got the new HPV test. It was negative, which means my body surpressed or eradicated the virus on its own. However, my husband of 13 years developed his first (and only) wart just a couple of months ago. Realistically, the only thing you can do is go to the doctor at the first sign of a problem in addition to having annual checkups. Cancer is a real possiblity for women and must be detected early. I went to college with a young woman that died of cervical cancer, probably initially caused by an HPV infection. She left behind a husband and two young children (I also have two young children). My cell changes were caught early and treated successfully. I will continue to have annual checkups even though my last tests were normal/negative - - especially due to my husband's recent problem. The doctor said it's unlikely he'll give it back to me since my body has probably already built up a resistance to that particular virus (I probably gave it to my husband), but an annual checkup will allow you to detect any problems as early as possible. If my HPV test had come back positive, but the pap was normal, my doctor would have tested me again in 6 months just to watch out for the beginnings of cancer.




I have read several different webpages and information pertaining to HPV. The question is: IS IT CURABLE? Yes, any virus I don''t care what kind of spore or microorganism it is and be eliminated out of the body. The thing is our bodies don't have the proper ingredients to rid such alignments. The best website to go to and read on the immune system is www.gerson.org The doctors name was Max Gerson. I had to priviledge to meet his daughter Charlotte she's currently 80 years old and does not look a day over 55. I won't get into why she looks that way but if you read the book The Gerson Therapy you will be fine for the rest of your life. Ok no listen you have a virus are you going to take harmful medication? or surgery to remove it? I wouldn't When you not sick would you take any medications? No so than why would you take it when you sick? Any man made perion medication you put into your body your asking for trouble. Look at another webpage her name is Dr. Lorainne Day she's a surgeon in San Franscio and she had breast cancer. Her webpage is www.drday.com check out her story and I hope that all this information that Im telling you changes your mind. My husband had cancer (melanoma) and he listened to the doctors and now he's six feet under. Doctors don't know Genital Warts! all they know is you have insurance and hers the medication you need to take. They work hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies believe me I KNOW. I took my husband to the clinic in where Max Gerson's daughter ran. He was off all his medication within two days Morphine at 200mg a day along with another form call Durasgic patch of 100 cancer everywhere! I have proof within one week cancer was GONE except in the brain and that's along story to tell. It was killing it there but there is not much room for the brain to contract. and he died of subdural hematoma, not cancer although that's what it says on his Genital Warts certificate. But make a long story short treat your self with the information I told you about and change your life style eat orgainc items and plenty of carrot juice with a granny apple. Laetrile which is band in the US is a form of Vit B 17 look up Laetrile and you will see what Im talking about. Good luck to all




It seems like many people have alot to say about the prevalence of HPV, but for some reason like posting it on this site..there are many articles coming out in the news about this ,and if people want to put their 2 cents in, why not try contacting major news editors w/ your opinions... here are a few:

Go to Reuters.com (feed back link on bottom of page)
Send to info@ap.org (associated press)
Send to support@abcnews.go.com
Send to Health@MSNBC.com



Hello everybody.
I need some advice because I think I m feeling lost.
My sisters boyfriend s got HPV since 1998. My sister didn t know that and they now live together.
(sex is involved). I think for sure that my sister has HPV now. I m so sad because but I don t know what to do.
Secondly, I remember that we used to exchange
swimming suit. We also live together and share
one bathroom, eat together,etc...
So my question is, is there any chance I have HPV?
Please help.



I would like to reply as well to the lady from 6-11-04, even though some time has gone by.

I was Genital Wartsd and have HPV from that. Being called those names hurts, because this was in no way a choice, you are not the only one out there.

I''m really confused and scared about having HPV now. I doubt I'll ever have a family as a result.



One of the reasons so many people have so many different answers to whether HPV is curable is because doctors don''t know!! During my period of diagnosis and treatment, I heard that it's an incurable virus, i also heard that it might go away and never come back again, i also heard that if it's not active, it's not transmittable, now i'm reading people's experiences of catching it from an inactive source...wtf? Maybe doctors should all get a standard list of matching answers to our questions so we don't end up all over the place emotionally-
The only thing that makes me feel better is not feeling like a leper since about 90% of the population has it, and the fact that if it recurs, it can be treated




Every body check this!! very soon it might be, like 2006 ! so hang on there everyone.



Can you people make up your mind? Everybodys Immune system is very different! In some week systems, the HPV virus might not ever go away. But In others it will. It all depends on the person, and how well he/she takes care of themselves, and keep on with their treatments!!!!!!!!!!!! So stop talking Genital Warts and stick to the simple facts.



yes I think it is. THere is a cure for warts this site has not throught about . Cimetidine tablets(tagamet). You need to take a 800mg pill 3 x time a day for about 1 to 3 months and your warts will be gone.I learn about this from a Dermatologist.It got rid of all my warts. ANd do everything you can to keep your Immune sytem up to par. Keep stress down. HPV gets wrost when stressed out.



I have had gn for about four years now.I have went to places and they put the little acid s on them and they fell off but within a week later they were back but not as bad. now they are pretty damn bad but life could be worse. I cant get rid of them but at least I dont have aids



what is the overall average or estimated time it takes for HPV to be immune by the body



i am 17 years old. I have been with my Boyfriend for 4 years, he is by my side through everything, but how can i have this if he was a virgin when we started dating? I am so scare he might blame me. What if it develops in to cancer and he decides that he dont need me? What do i do? I am at a High Risk, i go this week to see the rest of my results. i am so scared



I was once addicted to sex. I just loved it. Now I settle to masturbation because a guy (My so called best friend) didn''t tell me he had HPV and the rubber broke. So I am stuck with this stupid virus. But really who's stupid. Now I enjoy dildos, and bi-sexual girls. No genital contact. I have fun!!!!!






Correct answer, it is possible for it to go away on it''s own or with treatment. Check the CDC.giv web site for more information.

Second, there are treatements being studied that have been successful at eliminating HPV. Either way, both are good news.

There are a number of different types of HPV. It depends on the type you have and your own body.

For instance, you are are in poor health they can increase or not go away so easy. Another thing is tanning, tanning can cause them to appear or spread.

I'm not an MD, but it would not hurt to exercise, not tan, take a lot of vitamins and eat healthy. The better your immune system is, the better the chances you body will fight it off. All of these things help your immune system. It's common sense, but we all know doctors will take 15 years before they study common sense things like this.

I'm just checking around, I just started getting serious with somebody and I'm going to get tested again to make sure mine are definitely gone. I had it, it took about 1 year before I didn't see them any more. It's now been 2 1/2 years and I appear to not have them anymore. I'll be getting tested soon enough. I just wanted to see if there was any new information available yet.

Current date is November 2005. Just so you know how recent this is. The vaccine being tested has been under research for 2 years or so. It takes a while for the FDA to approve things like that, usually 7 years.

If you're reading this for the first time because you just found out. Sorry for how you feel right now. I know a year or two for it to possibly go away on it's own can sound scary. But, it could have been a lot worse.

Think of it as a warning sign to be more careful or learn more about your partners. It's a good reason to make sure the person you will be with is tested. See, I call it a warning because there is a good chance it will just go away. I don't know if you believe in fate or a higher power, but if you change your ways and believe you really aren't a bad person and promise yourself to do the right thing from now on, then it just boosts your mind and body. Think yourself healthy, those kinds of thoughts are good. We know depression weakens your immune system, so do the opposite, believe in yourself and think positive. Since it has a good chance of going away, it could be a blessing in disguise!



I haven''''t been to the hospital yet, but I know I have HPV. I can''t sleep! I hate this! Thankfully I have a bf who loves me and doesn''t have HPV but he doesn''t get what I''m going through :(. I''m very upset and can''t stop thinking about it''s effecting my will in life. Where can I get more information on the latest research and doctor??????????? I''m stuGenital Warts in the field of genetics and would love to get working on a cure. Just become an expert on it.



Can HPV reoccur again after 8 years of being dormant? Or is the reoccurance caused by sexual activities with another infected person.
My fiance is giving me the first reason!



Yes it can, but not immediately, it will take time for your body to do this.
Why would they have VLP prophylactic/theGenital Wartsutic vaccines in development, if the body couldn''t use the immune system to defeat the virus or stop it infecting us?
I have had other warts on my body, one that regressed after 8 months (11 years ago), other electro (but this was after having it for about 6 months anyway, so my immune system was probably already mounting a defence), never returned (9 years ago). Different locations by the way, hand and knee.
As most information points out now after some more extensive research, 85% of people will defeat the underlying HPV, 15% will not, hence some have recurrences after that 0-2 year period (after being treated) of having the virus after latency, maybe many years later.
On most sites I have noticed they do not describe things very well for those new to HPV infection of any kind.
The facts are, for normal people, with competent immune system function (assume you are unless noted otherwise, pretty good chance you will be anyway, proven by the new facts, not old myth) HPV will be defeated. Let them go and regress in time by themselves (if you can stand it) or get them removed, they will eventually go away. You will not be contagious for life, PCR has proven this in many studies, no HPV detected, even the high risk types.



well I have established a few things from reading this forum namely that 99% of posts on here are from expert virologists.... /sarcasm off



you guys I just wanted you all to check this site on how Ellagic Acid attacks HPV ,so i am copying and pasting it , so you guys can carry out your own research further.
but i do have to say , there is nothing more important than a good health and keeping it healthy ,so have faith in yourselves and mother nature,hold on , and its not the end of the world.but please practice safe sex with new partners , as this will help with your chances of NOT getting the dangerous strain of HPV (well atleast better than nothing!) good luck to all, and this is the site.



Are genital warts curable?



a one night stand for yesrs of aggravation use your head dont know whether you have it or not but your comment is deeply offending I have had one sexual partner i used my head every one shagged around i didnt i got this off someone i thought i could trust...my friend has slept with alot of men and has herpes it does not mean either of us were not using our head.



I just found out I have the high-risk HPV. I have only had 2 sexual partners and I am 23. It really freaks me out when people post messages on here saying "you are lucky to be alive." My aunt has cervical cancer and so I may be at higher risk for that as well and HPV is the only known cause for cervical cancer. I do not feel however that HPV is a reason to feel lucky to be alive. I live a pretty dangerous lifestyle and do not have sex nearly as much as I would like to considering my occupation. I consider this a minor annoyance and will not let it affect my attitude in any sort of negative way, nor should it affect anyone''s attitude in a negative way. I am a very careful person, the only problem being that there is not an HPV test for men so there is no way of testing my future partners for this. I read that by age 50, 80% of women will have had HPV. I'm not scared.




I want all of you to understand that ANYONE can post on this site, making a lot of this information innaccurate and WRONG...I have HPV and am living with its consequences...here are two facts that seem to be contradicted back and forth on this message board

1) THE HPV VIRUS has NO cure, though warts will heal and the severity if the virus decreases, it can REACTIVATE at any time.

2) HPV is only present in genital tissue and CANNOT be detected in the Genital Warts which is why testing is nearly impossible, because it is not detectable in blood, it CANNOT be transmitted through the blood, only through GENITAL contact

for reputable and TRUE information visit Mayohealth.org or speak with a PHYSICIAN do not believe 90% of this CRAP for your health and the health of the people you care about - if my boyfriend and I had known more about this virus we may not have encountered it in the first place



While everyone''s bantering back and forth between whether or not there is a cure for HPV, It is my belief, and only my BELIEF there's no real physically administered "cure" for HPV. However it could be possible for the body's natural immune system to supress or, if lucky, eradicate the virus.
All this contradictory information and what not has me scratching my head like wtf. My personal experience. As I was being diagnosed literally during the colposcopic procedure, the doctor honestly told me i had genital warts and that most college students have HAD (she said had). . .HPV strains causing genital warts at least once in their lives?. I was in tears by then tho but now i think about it and am like, "I thought it was life-long?" Then she tells me my immune system is doing and excellent job of keeping the virus at bay and i suppose thats good news to hear as she's making the diagnosis. But wanting to find out as much as I can with what I and so many other people have to deal with, I began to wonder if ever there was a solid resource out there. So honestly, if you are looking for some comfort, information, slight hope of a cure even . . think about it. HPV is commonly linked to many cancers concerning the genital reason. What better place to go for real information than the American Cancer Society?

Their website is kept up to date decently. here are some links regarding HPV articles and cancer related cases and explaining just how much of a risk factor HPV really is.



If these links do not satisfy your thirst to know more about HPV and its relations to cancer or if it can be cured or not, Do a search on the American Cancer Society, their homepage is usually the very first search result. Up in the corner of their website is a search engine, just type HPV. There are many many more articles on the topic other than the above 2.

They also have hotlines and other links relating to HPV and what not. Surf the site, its the ACS telling you not some wack on the net calling you a slut and sayin ur cursed w/ this. A full understanding of what you are dealing with is the best possible weapon you can have so i hope this helps somewhat.




I think it might not be completely curable but very little chance of getting it. Hell life is about chances. Yeah we could all never have sex again, never drink, never eat sweets and live like Buddhist monks. But you know what. We could all be killed by a car tommorrow. Life is about balance.

Here are some tips for dealing with Gential Warts and warts in general.
-Keep your immune in good shape. Eat very healthy foods. Lots of salads and fresh fruits.
-Try putting tea tree oil on the warts if you want to try the natural way.
-Take tons of vitamins
-Try Newton Homeopathics. Wart #36 formula. At Health food stores.
-Also try Thuja oil
-Rub raw potatoes on wart
-Inside of a banana peel works. Rub on warts.
-Birth oil, Castor oil, Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera is also suppose to work as well.
Try the natural methods. If they don''t work or gets worst go to the doctor.






No. There is no cure for HPV. You can help manage the condition by taking care of yourself (eating a well balanced diet, taking a vitamin E supplement, getting treated when warts do pop up, etc.) But regardless or what anyone tells you - whether or not you have visible warts you are still highly contagious and will always carry the disease.



Merck has a vaccine that has already been submitted to the FDA (Gardacil). Provided there are no holdups due to Right Wing freaks in congress the vaccine should be approved for public consumption by July of 2006. I can attest to the fact that condoms do not always protect from the virus as I got it while using one ( a wart developed very low on the base of my penis where the condom rolls up a bit). Talk about Genital Warts luck...I always ask very specific questions pertaining to sexual health prior to intercourse. My girlfriend of 3 years (who I do not use condoms with) has never had any symptoms related to HPV. I had one very small wart several years ago and have not had any symptoms since. I actually went back to the dermatologist about a year ago thinking the wart had returned only to be informed that It was not a wart at all (this time it was a normal penis bump that I was obsessing over). This shit takes it''s toll on your mental health for sure.



Im 17, I found out I have HPV while I was 3 hours from home getting a physical so I can join the Navy. I take offense to the people that say youre a slut if you catch this virus. I have only had sex one time with one guy. I knew it was a mistake after it happened, but everyone makes mistakes. Yes I should have used protection, but it was one of those things that just happens. BUT I didnt know he had it he never told me he did. So maybe the blame should be more on the ones that know about it and dont tell you. Im not a slut he knew he had it and he didnt tell me he had it so it isnt my fault. The Navy doctor told me it most likely clears up itself if your bodys immune system is strong enough. All I can say is dont let anyone get you down we all make mistakes it doesnt make you any less of a person that you have this. Just because some dumbass gets on here and says youre a slut or youre nasty doesnt mean you are. something has to be wrong with them why else would they be on this site. I knew nothing about hpv until i was told i had it so chances are they knew nothing about it too unless they have it and are mad about it or something. Another thing is, thank God that this is what you have and that this clears up itself. It could be AIDs or herpes or something else that doesnt go away. youre most likely not stuck with this. For those of you that have cervical cancer i am sorry that you have the high-risk and that it turned out that way for you. Were not just a part of another statistic we are human beings that made a mistake. we are the lucky ones though. this is a wake up call for us, this is an ''hello, next time you do something irresponible it will be forever' be glass half full



It is common knockledge that there is no, none not even one cure for any virus. I have contracted Molloscum Contagiosum which is virus hence no cure it has to clear itself!!!!!!!
There is cures for bacteria but there are NO cures for virses, your body supresses the virus but when you become ill or stressed your warts may appear again. It can be contracted through protected and unprotected sex. And yes some HPV can cause cervial cancer but the type that cause it are the one where there are no visible warts. Not all people who have HPV develop warts. Some people are carriers and do not develop any at all. There is no point in blaming previous partners cause it is not going to change anything!!!!



i know exactly how you all are feeling, im 37 weeks pregnant and have genital warts so I have been told. it all started bcoz i kept bleeding during my pregnancy so i went to the hospital to find out why and they told me i had THRUSH so i used all the treatment they gave me for that and it wasnt going away so i told my midwife about it and how it wasnt clearing up then thats when she told me i had genital warts but i new it wasnt me sleeping around bcoz i was a virgin until i met him, but when i have looked at his penis he doesnt have any signs of having this. They told me they couldnt treat me until i have delivered my baby which im very scared for as these warts are very disgusting and im frightened incase they harm my baby, this is the very reason i stayed a virgin i was so scared of getting and std and to have this at 20 carrying a lil baby i dont no if i should feel hurt, disgusting or what i would just like to have them treated as soon as i have delivered but for everyone out there do keep smiling coz if you dont u only cry and feel sad and depressed like i did, just had to pick myself up for my babys sake.

Good luck to everyone getting treatment i hope it goes well.



hi i''m 16 years old just lost my virginty in feb.
i thought I was in love i thought he loved me but i was wrong!!! he said i was his first that was a lie!! becuz when he left me he left me with hpv!! when i found out i was scared 2 Genital Warts especially when i was told it wasn't curable!!!
i'm still scared!!! i haven't had any signs expect 4 feeling irritated down there. the doctor told me that i had i really small case it wasn't the worst it was the lowest!! and i probably wouldn't have any signs but its dangerous 4 me 2 have sexual intercourse becuz it can increase the risk 4 cervical cancer!! she said if i'm not careful then i could end up not being able 2 have kids!!!! and thats scary! i'm 16 i have my whole life a head of me!! but now i have this 2 deal with and all this info scares me!!
i pray 2 Jesus and the Lord that this goes away and i pray everyone of you that have this!!!

God bless you all!!!
and be careful
unspoken name



i read something that someone wrote about being married, etc...... Well, I contracted it from my ex-husband of 6 years because he went and picked it up on purpose knowing that it was contagious and not curable because he knew i was going to leave him and as he put it after we had sex, "...wanted to give me a constant reminder of him." Even though your message is true... "....stay a virgin until you get married..." The message that you wrote really hurt me because it reminded me that i didn''t do anything to deserve this, and i constantly have to be reminded of my ex's infidelity. Plus, I don't want to tell anyone about this so that means that I will be alone for the rest of my life. I am 23 with 4 kids. I feel like even if i was going to want to be with someone.... no one would want me anyways. I'm all diseased up with this HPV and I have a million kids. I would never trade my kids in foir anything, they are my life, but I miss having a companion and get very lonely. I can't help but feel that no one could love me any ways because of all my responsibilities



I''ve seen most research suggesting that the disease is a "transient" one meaning that HPV comes and then goes. I read that HPV is suppressed or eradicated by the immunity system however, most of the research I've seen regarding the immunity system's response to HPV pertains to infected females.

A male friend of mine had symptoms for a total of 13 years prior to never seeing a reoccurance.

I've had reoccurrances for the last 4 years. Warts reappear months after they are removed. The lesions come once every year. There was a time that prior to the lesions, the skin of my penis turned red and was irritated and painful like a bad rubbing of the skin; however, I haven't experienced the burning and redness in over 2 years. There was also a time that I experienced urethrititis which caused pain in the urethra of my penis and a little bleeding during urination. That happened once 2 years ago since having HPV for 4 years.

I think it takes longer than a year or 2 for both men and women to form immunity against the virus. That is why it is stated that there is no cure for HPV especially for the those strains that are "high risk" for cervical cancer. Unfortunately for me, I have warts that cause cervical cancer in women. I found out after giving it to a woman I was dating.

She had it treated after a pap smear diagnosis through surgery.

I manage the disease by following 3 steps. I treat warts by having my doctor remove them. I have reduced the number of sexual partners considerably. I use condoms during sexual intercourse after treatment and healing, and I apply the Aldara treatment prescribed by my doctor in order to prompt my immunity response to the affected skin of my penis. The Aldara treatment burns sometimes, but I reduce the doses to allieviate the redness and irritation. I think this is the best way to manage HPV for men who have it.



Hello to all. Just thought I would add my own personal experience to people on the site - hopefully it will be helpful.

I developed a small wart near the base of my penis in 1999. Had it removed. It returned about 6 months later. Had it removed again. It returned again about a year and a half later. Had it removed. At this point, I was convinced that I would be fighting a life-long battle against these things!

But then, a year went by, no re-occurence. Then two years. It''s now been three and a half years and I have not had the wart return, even though I have been very run-down, stressed, depressed, sick, etc. at various times in the past 3 1/2 years. I don't know if I've eliminated the virus from my body or what, but I think I have kicked it!

So, a few things you may find helpful from my experience:

1. Even if the warts re-ocur a few times, there is still a good chance that your immune system will eventually repress them.

2. If you have warts removed and give yourself time to heal before you have sex, the chance of transmission is very low. I've had seven sex partners (some protected sex, some not, all monogamous relationships) and NONE of them contracted the virus (or at least, they never developed symptoms).

3. This is my most important piece of advice. TELL new sex partners that you have had warts in the past. At first, I was afraid that no one would ever want to have sex with me if they knew. I quickly learned that if you are upfront with people, and educate them a bit about HPV, they are cool with it. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but the seven sex partners I told were all cool with it. I've gotten comfortable talking about it whenever I am about to start a new sexual relationship, my partners always appreciate it, and it has never been an issue. Look at it this way, wouldn't you want someone to tell YOU so you could make an informed decision about sleeping with them?




I believe with all of the recent hype coming out now about gsk and merck, It would be a good idea for people to contact sources such as the associated press info@ap.org , and reuters http://www.reuters.com (feedback), and to just leave a general comment to the editor about how common the virus as so these articles may be a little less stigmatizing..



"I guess I am the only person on this site who believes the virus can be killed. If you kill the virus it is gone and does not come back. The problem is the ones that are not killed can reproduce and spread. Forget the immune system. The immune system provides immunity to the virus but doesn''t actually kill the virus. If you want to be rid of the virus you must kill it. Admittedly it might be a never ending fight, like fighting terrorism."

First of all, you can't kill a virus because it's not alive. Bacteria is so then you can.

Second of all: Genital warts DO go away to the point where they aren't contagious anymore. HPV hides away and I guess eventually disappears. I had a planters wart one time. Plus I have a Genital Wartsty immune system, and no signs of warts. I got a rash now though, a little red spot or something. I think it's fungal though.



I dont have any answers. I just wanted to thank TARA for her message coz i believe she has the right answer. It was encouraging.
i got divorced and for 5 years havent slept with anyone. i come from a strict culture. but i reached a point when i couldnt take it anymore ,, its sex human nature and i needed it so badly , i slept with this person only once imagine , and i got it.. just like that.. i really am so stressed. i''m reading reviews on different medications. i saw a doc and she prescribed aldara.. but i read reviews about the side effects and i 'm Genital Warts scared. the problem is i even have internal warts.. i just recently found out and i guess i'm in a stage of severe grief.. i will get over it .. i'll try to be positive..coz stress will definitly not help but just make things worse..

thanks again TARA



I have been told there is no cure for HPV. Maybe no cure as of now, science is changing all the time. I found out today that I have HPV. I have only slept with one person. I was upset at first but it''s not the end of the world. I just have to keep up with everything. What worries me alot is that alot of people may not understand this diesease when I tell them and will leave right then and there..but really, do I need someone like that? I was told mine is dormant but may cause warts and wont be contagious untill it does so, if it does. I also have mild dysplasia apparently. I wasn't slutty when I got this, it doesn't choose who to infect. It just does no matter if you've slept with one person or 100 people. I didn't use protection but my parter's test came back negative at the time. He is to be tested again soon.




Thank you for flagging the crazed letter. I feel sorry that that lady has to go through all of that...it is truely sad and upsetting. I was going to flag it myself. It was inappropriate and immature the way she spoke to people that she doesnt even know. She needs to take her anger and sadness out on a screaming match with her pillow. Not in an offensive letter...I dont even have HPV, my sister does and it offended me.
Anyways to all of you that have any strand of HPV it is not your fault. And dont get down on yourself. Be healthy, think happy thoughts, and research research research. Keep yourself informed and realize that its that easy to get it. We are not protected by an invinsible bubble, it can happen to anyone.
But most important, again, dont get down on yourself. :)



Hello everybody.
I need some advice because I think I m feeling lost.
My sisters boyfriend s got HPV since 1998. My sister didn t know that and they now live together.
(sex is involved). I think for sure that my sister has HPV now. I m so sad because but I don t know what to do.
Secondly, I remember that we used to exchange
swimming suit. We also live together and share
one bathroom, eat together,etc...
So my question is, is there any chance I have HPV?
Please help.



Althought it is most likely too late for most of us to participate in this, I thought there may be a few that could be interested.






Let''s cross our finger's, Most Vaccine in the making is to prevent HPV, he is test one for those that has it.

Australian of the Year Ian Frazer has launched human trials of an experimental therapy for genital warts.

If the treatment proves successful, Prof Frazer and his team hope it will lead to trials of similar therapies designed to combat other human papilloma virus infections which can cause cervical, vaginal, anal and some cancers of the mouth.

Genital warts, which affect an estimated four per cent of Australians, are caused primarily by human papilloma virus (HPV), the target of Prof Frazer's breakthrough cervical cancer vaccine.

But the Scots-born doctor said that a vaccine, expected to be licensed for use in Australia this year and sold as Gardasil, was designed to be given to girls before they become sexually active and therefore, to prevent cervical cancer.

Unlike Gardasil, the new vaccine aims to treat existing HPV infection in people with recurrent genital warts rather than acting as a preventative.

It also targets different strains of HPV.

"It stimulates the immune system to fight the infection and clear it out which the patient's own immune system, without help, hasn't been able to do," Prof Frazer explained at a news conference.

"It's designed to stimulate the cells in the immune system to fight by killing the cells that are already infected with the virus."

A pilot study of the genital warts vaccine by research partner, China's Wenzhou Medical College, showed it was potentially effective in treating genital warts in humans.

But the vaccine, designed to attack forms of the human papilloma virus known as HPV6 and HPV11 which commonly cause genital warts, must be tested in much larger numbers of humans to prove it works scientifically.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital's sexual health unit in Brisbane wants to recruit 240 men and women with recurring genital warts aged between 18 and 65 to trial the new vaccine.

A similar trial will be launched in China.

Prof Frazer said if the vaccine proved successful, scientists hoped to be able to trial a similar therapy against the HPV16 and 18 strains of the virus which cause cervical cancer.

"Ideally, we want something which we can take to the developing world and give to women without having to find out whether they're already infected or not in order to get rid of existing infections so that ... it complements the vaccine to prevent infection (Gardasil)," he said.

"The vaccine to prevent cervical cancer ... is unlikely to offer much to women who are already infected with the virus.

"If this trial is successful we hope it will lead to trials of similar vaccines designed to eradicate the infections that lead to cervical cancer.

"This is an important study on the world scene."

Existing treatments for genital warts include freezing, burning or painting visible warts with acid.



I am 15 and I have hpv...I was told that it surpresses after a while..but all of you going krazi because you have it well think bout how i feel at onli 15..deal with it people...



Im 18 and I have just recently been diegnosed with chlymidia and hpv.Those of you who dont know alot about chlymidia its not as bad as that make it though its still nothing to be proud of. i was disturbed when i first found out because i was faithfull to my boyfriend who gave them to me.Thankfully i have not had any warts.My family doctor told me that the hpv IS curable and then my obgyn doctor told me that the symtoms are curable.I have also been doing research on this virus and I have read that the virus will clear up on its own. I have also read that there are hundreds of types and once the body becomes immune to one type that u can never contract that same type. that last part i belive. i also belive that alot of doctors dont know much about the virus themseves.because htey are only humans and everyone makes mistakes. the best advise i can give is to educate yourself as much as you can and dont depend on anyone or anyone elses advise nothing is a guarentee. But please dont be sour. forgive those who have did you wrong. I dont know if many of u are religious but if you are and even if you arent have A LITTLE FAITH. for if u ask for somthing and truly belive but do not doubt in your heart that it will happen you shall recive. read the bible all your answers are there all this is is a test of your faith for whatever doesnt kill u will only make u stronger.PRAISE THE LORD U HAVE ANOTHER DAY ITS PPL WORSE OFF THAN U.



Not currently. However, a trial of a theGenital Wartsutic Vaccine begain in Feb 2007 as conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia. The trail began in early 2007 and will be conducted for 12 months. Volunteers subjects are in both Australia and China. The University has a website but it doesn''t contain much on the topic as to progress. I have corresponded by email with the doctor conducting the trial and have been told it's double blind and will last the entire 2007 year so there's no preliminary results as yet. The vaccine is evidently created as a variation of the preventitive vaccine that is now in use. It is an injection. The University of Manchester in England is working a similar approach. But there is even less info available on that effort. Here are two links.
Addressing other answers... I am skeptical about the virus being resolved by the body's immune system. An infected person should bank on this happening.




I am really hurt by all the people telling "us" (people with hpv) to stay away from you "clean people". It''s very hurtful. The only reason I have HPV is because a boyfriend that I trusted and I thought he cared about me. He lied to me about being a virgin and we used condoms, but that didnt help...I still got it. I'm not a horrible person. I am religious person and a great person actually.


























IF YOU WANNA REACH ME, YOU CAN AT brttnydqttr@yahoo.com





I''m 23 and I just found out a few months ago that I have HPV. I thought my life was over. Right now I still feel like I will never be able to have a normal, healthy sex life. Who would want to marry me... who will want to date me after I inform them that I have HPV? How can I bare to see the change on their face after I tell? I recently started the acid treatment for my HPV. The doctor spilled the acid on me and narrowly missed my clit. I know that some of you have been chugging away with this for some time now, but for those of you who just found out... I try to remind myself that I will get through this alright. ...It isn't the end of the world, though sometimes it feels like it is. There are people out there you can talk to. Stay strong.



I just wanna say to everone who thinks that people with HPV are sluts who have unprotected sex: not always so! I went through a hard time coming out as gay and ended up sleeping with ONE guy on holiday - I made sure he used a condom, but the sly bastard took it off without me noticing at first, when I noticed I realised that I shouldn''t even have been in that situation and was so only from being emotionally unstable - later I realised this experience had given me warts - I felt so disgusting! And then there was the agony of going through the HIV-test - all because of this selfish bastard - and I don't even want to sleep with guys (and haven't since then!). This was 6 years ago, once I statred treating it it cleared quickly and I've been symptom-free since.



Just to let everyone know about this virus and how it can come about: I never had an abnormal pap smea until I became pregnant. Then it was and they said it was caused by HPV. I was mortified and cried for days. Didn''t know how to tell or explain this to my boyfriend. The doctors took a biopsy of my cervix and found very few cancerous cells which comforted me a little. They said the only thing to do is another pap after I deliver. Their theory is that once my body can start focusing on ME instead of the baby, the virus will become undetected again like before. You see, they don't know when i contracted it and my immunity to it was up before I got pregnant. Now it's on the baby. I had no sign of genital warts. The only symptom was the abnormal pap. Now, I am almost 5 months pregnant and The doctor told me she THINKS it looks like I have genital warts. But they can't do anything about it until after I deliver. They did, however, tell me that it was incurable by meds. but my body may and probably will cure it on it's own. I'm just upset cuz I don't know who, when, or where I contracted this from. I usually have slept with men wearing condoms except for a few, but the docs said even if I did always use a condom, it is still conractable through bodily fluids, or a cut. They compared it to a cold and that you can't prevent yourself from getting it if you are sexually active. But the truth is that I don't think these are genital warts. The doctor isn't even sure. When your immune system is down, funny things happen. I just hope it's true that this goes away on it's own or they come up with a cure ASAP. Abnormal pap tests are scary beyond belief and I don't want another one to end up that way.



Not curable, but managable. You need to know that you can clear your symptoms, but any time you get sick or a cold or the flu - your immune system is not working for you and you can become contaigous again.

I appeal to men with my post, because I''m glad that you find you are symptom free for 2 years or more, but it doesn't mean you are not contaigous and can transmit it to another person. I know it's embarrassing, but HPV is mildly annoying for you as a man clearing a wart from your penis. You need to remember that the exchange you are asking a woman to take could lead to cancer, for the sake of your humiliation. It's just not kind to not disclose that. No it's not always going to turn to cancer, but a new study found 30 percent of head and neck cancers are not due to alcohol or tobacco, but have hpv.

Reseachers are still learning about this virus (all 80 strands of them). Give your partner the chance to trust you, by disclosing something about yourself. Sure they may balk at you or reject you. Would you have wanted that opportunity to do so in the past? I'm not just writing to make anyone feel guilty either.

The thing about HPV is even you have no detection of it in your system or any symptoms, the moment you get sick, have a cold or the flu, you can become contaigous and transmit it to another woman. The potential consequences for hpv can be cancer and if you have oral sex - the data is out there, they thought it rare mouth to genital hpv, but 30 percent of head and neck cancer are do to HPV.

So what's the good news? so far head and neck cancer that are hpv related and not alcohol and tobacco related are not life threatening. They are also coming up with a test to do DNA on men to identify strands of HPV in men as well. So there are diagnostics at work.

9 years ago I got diagnosed with HPV when I found out I was pregnant. Well the warts showed because my immune system was suppressed by pregnancy (keep in mind you're burning 3000 calories a day in the first trimester, creating a life support system for your baby, so your immunde system dips). I got treated with an acid cream while I was pregnant. My doctor was off one week and substitute OB-GYN was in and contradicted that diagnosis, saying that it wasn't hpv.

My partner at the time was 8 years older than I was - he was separated from his second wife and lied to me about that. He said he was married once and it was long over with. He also happened to have a book on hpv. He hid his marital status, so I'm sure he hid an hpv infection - he may have thought he was cured of. I cried telling him about it - he said "you probably got them from me." Probably? Fortunately, that pregnancy didn't last and I didn't have to remain in contact with that guy, because he still hides things - his 3rd wife and new baby for instance.
That was 8 years ago.

Though the reality is that men and women can suppress an hpv infection and not show any systems and think they are cured. It's not a cure - it just means they are not symptomatic and their immune system has suppressed it.

I don't write this nullify that it is curable, it's not, but it is managable, managable enough that in time, you won't have symptoms which unless you have cancer is the only setback - it interferes with your lifestyle. I just think that even if you are not symptomatic - you still owe to your partner to tell them that you HAD hpv and that you have been sysmptom free for ___ years.

I recently told a guy I started dating but have not slept with about my diagnosis with hpv in the past. For years I watched my skin change around my vulva and labia. When I first noticed it around my vulva there was a difference, know my labia and vulva look different. I notice a difference but to an OBGYN, "it's just me" just my anatomy. Though I haven't had an abnormal pap smear, I never had one because of hpv. I had abnormal pap smears before I was sexually active. They were benign





Well, for warts on your tongue(i have some there)..if anyone has this. I know the right treatment for it, you can buy it at the store!!!!! Believe it or not The Freeze Away Wart treatment by Dr. Scholls works!!!! I used it twice under my tongue, for two days, one time each day, before I go to bed. And they are almost completely cleared!! I can''t believe it, I am so happy!!! It does say on the box not to use it on mucous membranes, but it is Sylilic acid- the same thing the Doctor uses. It costs around $20 bucks, but it's so worth it! Just be careful at first, read the directions, and dab on lightly to see how your skin reacts with it, then once you know, you'll be able to figure out how many seconds to hold the Q-tip thingy on it for. It does sting and burn, but it's a nice stinging burn, you can tell right off the bat that it's killing the warts. I'd say use it in two day intervals.
I know it can sound ridiculous but it was something I was thinking of trying- because logically why WOULDN'T it work?!!!

I have NOT however used it in the genital area..for there I use Tee Tree Oil, and it IS working GREAT!!!! At first it does burn- first night that is. I soaked some gauze and slept with it over night, then dapped some on the next few nights..I can see and tell it's working!!!! You can buy all this stuff at a Walmart or a Target!




There is such a debate over whether HPV is curable or not ... regardless of your opinion, it is still so important to tell any future partners that you had/have/were treated for HPV, no matter how uncomfortable it might be: they have the right to decide if they want to take the risk of *possibly* contracting it from you.

I think the root of this question comes from people not wanting to feel like they have to tell future partners - after all, if it''s cured (like you can absolutely cure syphilis or chlamydia, which are caused by bacterial infections and therefore completely treatable with antibiotics, unlike HPV which invades your cells and becomes a part of your DNA in the infected cells) then why mention it?

The fact remains that the moral thing to do is to be completely upfront about your sexual history. What's the worst that could happen? You go home alone?



A few points:
First off, those who do not get offended by people who say you are ''dirty' because nothing good will come out of that. These people must have at least some behavioural/emotional problems to say these kinds of things.

2) Stay positive! If you are angry, this will only disrupt your routine (eat/sleep/exercise). You need to stay balanced in order to have your immune system at maximum strength and power.

3) Twice a day, rinse the infected area with water and use soap only on the outer areas (i.e.: you will not be able to rinse away soap inside your rectum). Then use baby powder with vitamin E and aloe to absorbe moisture in the area. Viruses like moisture.

4) Get an analysis of the strain of virus. HPV does not come in just one specific form of DNA there are many variations of the HPV virus. Knowing the strain of the virus you carry will help in determining the best course of action.

5) Get the condylomas (warts) removed by a professional.

6) Continue to see a doctor until s/he says you are okay.



the one consistant fact that appears in all of the most credible medical agencies that do research on hpv is that your body can clear the virus due to the immune system fighting it off after several months there is more than hope - there''s proof. think of chicken pox (which is a virus): you get the chicken pox virus but your body eventually knocks it out & becomes immune to it, thus you don't get chicken box anymore. the thing is... there's so many strands of hpv. u can overcome one strand, have sex again, & contract another strand. my suggestion would be to refrain from sex until you have been symptomless for quite some time; when you do become sexually active again, get tested with your partner before anything goes down - you don't want to get another strand after you just beat a different one. always check in with your dermatologist, get Genital Warts tests often, & follow your doctors' instructions. it's not an std per se, but it is a contagious skin infection that is probably the most annoying thing ever. be smart, be healthy, & u will beat the virus. again, hpv is so common that anyone can have it & not even know... be in the know & get tested for it with your partner if you want to truly experience a healthy sex life with the mate of your choosing. oh yea - stop sayin' it doesn't cure itself because it does. it's not a theory, it's a proven fact. keep your head up; this is not aids/hiv... it's not even an std; it's a skin problem. I wish all of you good healthy & a healthy recovery... you will recover! it just sucks that you have to be dry [without sex] for a minute! lol, live your life - you won't die, you will bounce back & you are still the Genital Warts... just not the shit for 8 months - 2 years, depending on how tough your immune system is! peace & love.



First of all, I personally did not sleep around and get HPV. My boyfriend was with a stupid girl before me and she failed to mention that she had it.
Besides this, I don''t have the kind that produces warts. My gynecologist explained that there are two types, the kind that produces warts, and the kind that causes cervical cancer. I have the latter.
Now, is that curable? I'm asking exactly, will my body build up antibodies enough so that when my boyfriend and I get married and have sex for the rest of our lives, that I won't have to deal with this? Or will I be re-exposed each time we have sex?



Some encouraging news....





if your scared that you should never have sex again, join the club. two and a half years ago, I was told that my papsmear showed that i had hpv. what is it? answers i''ve heard since, some from different countries- an std, a viral infection, something that can cause cancer. will it go away? yes, your body will get rid of it eventually within two years, sometimes, no, it stays with you forever. is it dangerous? not really, the chances of it causing cancer are minimal, yes, it can cause cancer, warts, etc. what do i do now? well just keep an eye on it and go from there.
here's my take on it. this is the key to this whole thing. THERE ARE OVER 100 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HPV! if you want to know what to do about it, your first question should be- which one do i have? first obstacle, to my knowledge, no one tests to find out which type. i dont think there is a TEST(unless its for scientific clinical trials). the public has to WAIT AND SEE what symptoms they get (you have hpv-2yrs later warts, hey you have the kind that gives you warts, heres some treatments that may or may not work/ cancer, sorry you have the cancer kind, lets start cutting).
i had no symptoms, one more month and i would be cleared(not cured), last three weeks ive worked with people who are sick, last week i noticed warts in my hair, today i got bedridden with a bad cough.
heres what i know, about 20 of the hundred types cause warts, about two cause cancer. you have to keep an eye on hpv. 1 in 3 americans have one or more types of hvp. a condom cannot completely protect against this viral infection that lives in the skin and which is most commonly transfered through sex(but children can catch it from their mothers while being born- pretty sure they're not sluts, and touching your own warts with a cut on your hand and then giving oral sex or wiping a childs privates while changing him can transfer the viris-this is very rare but it has been reported, ive been a nanny for 12yrs).
there are reports that show people who have hvp detected once and never detected again, with partners that do not have it, have had their own bodies cure them selves. so it is posible, however, the viris can lay dormnant for years. the good news is that if it is dormnant(cleared not cured) then it almost always is not transferable in that state. if you get warts and have them removed or cancer and have that removed, and then have two (five in other countries)years of clear tests, its very likely youve been cured, and that the viris left your body with the warts or cancer.
the only way that i see hpv as being curable is with time, if you push for answers, push for treatments and push for your own health(vitamins, diet, exercise, common sense with sicknesses, less stress, honesty with partners, safe as you possibly can sex and the knowledge that your doing everthing in your power to practically deal with this problem)then one day after having 5 years of clear tests you can say to yourself- i'm cured.
p.s. i plan to pay car insurance for as long as im able to drive or ride in a car. and i plan to have a papsmear or check up every year that i have a uterus.
live your lives with love and an open heart and also a smart mind.




I see so many mixed responses to this question. I just recently found out I have warts and It is really begining to affect my mental health. I''m trying to stay positive but they just keep showing up. For some ppl it seems quick and painless and for others they seem to be stuck with the problem for life. I just want to know if these symptoms are ever going to go away?



Three very important things:
1. Be honest with everyone. People have a right to know things about you that directly effect them.
2. Condoms do not protect you from HPV. Period. Condom makers are now being required by the FDA to include this on packaging. There is debate about whether or not they should, however, because they don''t want to discourage overall use of condoms, because they DO protect against many other, worse, things.
3. This is in direct response to a girl who posted on this thread, saying she now resorts to bi-sexual girls and masturbation. guess what...GIRLS CAN AND DO PASS IT ON TO OTHER GIRLS, despite the lack of penetration.
I am a 24 year old lesbian, have never been with a man, and contracted hpv, despite the lack of genital contact this poster refers to.
Bottom Line: Be honest with your partners and expect the same in return, take care of yourself, go to the doctor regularly so that if anything bad happens it can be caught early.




i am 16 years old. female.
i am so scared and so ashamed of myself beacuse I have no idea of whats going on. the doctor just told me today that i have it. i have slept with 3 guys and one was a virgin. the other two... 21 and 19 told me they were clean. yah... ok.. so now i have this and i must live with it. im going to try and be positive. the doctor said that i can get it all taken care of. that it will be fine and not to worry about a thing. she said that she will remove them and put me on medication and that i should be fine. ok well how can i believe her.

i dont believe anyone anymore

please all of you my age thats researching this like i did...

dont believe everything ou here

even if you want sex... wait until your married

i wish i could of



well I am a male im 19 years old i have had GW for about 4 months comes back here and there but i have a question maybe stupid but would like an answer...i found what looked like GW kinda..and it was in the pubic area closer to the waist... is that GW or some other Genital Warts?



GO TO WEBMD.com & type in "HPV VACCINE"






it all depends on the invidivual''s immune system. but the above link is very promising!



it is not curable, but there are medical advance coming soon in it''s prevention. check out my new blog that is dedicated to keeping all the latest HPV info in one place! It's at: http://hpvnews.blogspot.com/



To all of you married people who contracted this virus years into your marriage, it''s because your spouse is chating on you. Don't give us this bs that it's been dormant for years. Face the facts and dump the loser who is cheating, or maybe it was you who is cheating and is denying it???

Either way, this crap leaves your body. Just be happy it's not herpes, now stop whinning and get on with your pathetic lilves!

To those with cervical cancer, chances are something else besides hpv contributed to it. Get treated and eventually you'll be fine.



I really hope so, I wish I knew that there was a STD that I could get even whiile using condoms, before I got this. I just found out, and I''m hoping I have the kind that never causes me any warts, and "clears" up in 2.5 years, but who knows at this point. I have to get a coloscopy(sp?) soon, I guess that's where they take off a couple peices of my insides and check them out to make sure I don't have cancer, but then what? I feel really dirty, and I hope I can start a relationship even though this has happened. Oh, and I'm not a slut. If you want to call someone a slut, go kick someone who not already down, okey dokie? Good luck everyone.






no...stop saying it is...my boyfriend said he was cured...was a few years without symptoms and never had actual warts only hpv...and now I have it. yeah warts on your hands etc can go away or be removed, but its someting you can always get back....like a cold it''ll go away but a new one will always come back. people aren't scaring people by saying it's incurable...its' not!!!!



No, not yet unfortunately. I read that there is a vaccine coming out that PREVENTS someone from ever contracting the virus. They are planning on immunizing those who are 12-16 years old and who haven''t had sex yet. But, as far as I know, there isn't yet an effective vaccine for treating those of us who are already infected. Hopefully they'll come out with something soon.

But I also want to state that - I was told by my doctor that regardless of whether or not I am showing any outward symptoms of the virus, and even if it appears to have gone in remission, that IT IS STILL CONTAGIOUS. That's coming from a doctor, as well as several other sites that I've visited. It might be SLIGHTLY less contagious, but you can still pass it on to someone. (Even when using condoms!!)



I think it might not be completely curable but very little chance of getting it. Hell life is about chances. Yeah we could all never have sex again, never drink, never eat sweets and live like Buddhist monks. But you know what. We could all be killed by a car tomorrow. Life is about balance.

Here are some tips for dealing with Genital Warts and warts in general.
-Keep your immune in good shape. Eat very healthy foods. Lots of salads and fresh fruits.
-Try putting tea tree oil on the warts if you want to try the natural way.
-Take tons of vitamins
-Try Newton Homeopathic''s. Wart #36 formula. At Health food stores.
-Also try Thuja oil
-Rub raw potatoes on wart
-Inside of a banana peel works. Rub on warts.
-Birth oil, Castor oil, Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera is also good for the skin.
Try the natural methods. If they don't work or gets worst go to the doctor.



hi I am 18 years old and i had hpv/genital warts all i want to say to everyone who has hpv is that it will be ok i promise all you have to do is leave is to my father lord jesus he loves you very much i want you to get on your kness and pray jesus is the only one who can cure it he did for me just pray and mean it if you ask him he will answer i promise it might take time but get in touch with god go to church and praise him miracles happen i promise god wants to show you hes there get to know him he loves you so much no matter what youve done please get to know him talk to him hes there listening to you all the time kay kay



I was diagnosed with a mild case of HPV almost 2 years ago. I unknowingly carried the virus and was shocked and embarrassed when I was told I had a STD. I have had protected sex throughout my sexually active life and I still received this virus. The doctor informed me that using protection doesn''t matter because it is a skin to skin virus. Like anyone I researched massive amounts of information on this particular virus and what I have found is that it can vary from person to person on the results. I myself have never had a symptom or breakout. I have just had the fear of giving it to someone else. I have been to the OB twice since my initial diagnosis and I am told I am virus free. It is a relief, but I am still afraid to have a sexual relationship now and I consider myself lucky and at the same time informed. It's too bad that medical professionals didn't make society more aware of this potentially harmful virus sooner. All I can say is take care of yourself and your body and think twice about who your having sex with before you do.



I was 19 when I contracted it. I never knew it either. My ex g/f had cheated on me with someone with hpv. She knew she had it after a while, but she declined to tell me because that would mean that she would get caught. Needless to say I found out on my own. Ive been living with this nightmare for over 2 years now, refusing to date anyone because of this. just waiting for my time when it goes away. its not permanent, but it feels that way.
Now im with someone,(didnt exactly expect it to work out), and shes wondering why we dont have sex. Shes everything ive ever wanted in a partner. But i know soon that i will have to loose that once i tell her.
People, if you have this and you know it, dont make someone else suffer so you dont have to. its really not fair.



yes.. I talked to my DR yesterday on the relay thing for videophone.. she told me that HPV is does cureable and it''s does goes away in worth 2 years.. i had it for an year.. hpv is only in ur cervix. it's not related to ur body cell.. just cervix cell only.. i had bisopy 2 months ago and they took that small stuff off my cervix.. so my DR want me to go back again in Dec. 2007 to check and make sure nothing is there.. if there's nothing and could be negitive then that mean you might not have HPV... so good luck.. i dont really believe what everyone saying but i only ask my DR for real answer instead of saying different story.. my suggestion is talk to ur DR instead of believing someone else...



HPV is like the common cold of STDs in that there is no cure, but the body will overcome it eventually. Some of the types, such as 6 and 11 cause genital warts, which are low risk for cancer, whereas some cause plantar warts on your feet or on your hands. Unfortunately, some types which don''t cause warts put you at risk for cancer. It is possible to have more than 1 strain at a time. This is the biggest reason to continue with regular checkups even after the warts clear to make sure paps are regular. My heart goes out to the woman who has cancer and who posted earlier, but verbal abuse is no way to handle problems. I think she needs a hug.



I have never had unprotected sex and believe I got HPV from simply messing around with someone that I never had sex with at all! It also took years to show up. So, please be aware that you can get the virus without having sex. Be careful!



Look here, many of you are right, this topic thread of questions is confusing genital warts with HPV. They are not the same thing. HPV, which I had and am concerned about since it is the most common STD and is not preventable by a condom, the large majority of people cure themselves (usually without ever knowing that they had been infected).  Average length of time from infection to cure is about 8 months.  Most times, if low risk HPV is detected in a woman without symptoms, doctors would recommend only "watchful waiting" as treatment. I know because my ex-gf had HPV and this is what her gynecologist and doctor said was the best idea since it was so low yield.




There is no cure nor immunization for HPV. Due to the high number of HPV strains, no 1 therapy could be a cure all. However, healthy immune systems may keep in check viruses like chicken pox, HPV and others. Chronic or frequently recurrent outbreaks could be due to abusive lifestyles, additional health problems &/or hereditary issues. HPV could be a precursor to cancer, but alone does not have to mean a Genital Warts sentence.



this is to all the people that are talking about having safe sex and being clean, well that is incorrect. Believe it or not I caught hpv and i used a condom. so if i were you i would refrain from calling sex safe because I believed the same until i was proven wrong



"...for I AM THE LORD who heals you"(EXODUS 15:26) Also the bible clearly states that lord is the alph and the omega that means he is all things that are great.Call out to him and TRUST him and you shall be healed. If you don''t trust in him how will you be cured from something doctors clearly are still discovering. I was diagnosed with hpv and that i could develop warts. BEfore that doctor called me and told me i could develope warts i haven't seen one the entire time,but after he called and i started to believe him i saw one wart and i cried out to GOD " LORD is this the plan you have for me? you said in your name all things are healed" and i cried and cried until i started to believe that his word is true and that i have nothing too worry about and i was healed. ladies fear not put your trust in the Lord GOD and all your worries will be casted away. I know my story sounds like an alter call but it isn't just the word God gave me to give to you. Read Psalms 25 in any bible and trust what you are reading. 0:)



No HPV is not curable. I think I may have genital warts or HPV. It feels like an itch that you just want to itch really bad inside your vagina, But you know you can''t. It sometimes burns. I'm actually scared because I don't know what to do or how to tell my boyfriend.



The guy who said HPV goes away is correct. I happen to be in a study for women that may possibly irradicate hpv in women in the future. I am testing this medication that is vaginally ed to see if there are any results, and they are resulting very positively for some of the patients(i don''t know what mine will be yet and there is a 1 in 8 chance i got a blank). Anyhow, the nurse overseeing my results told me that it can go away in some people, but some people it doesn't. Some girls don't even start off with just mild displasia as a symptom, some go from having nothing to having full blown moderate to severe displasia, and at very young ages too (the girl she told me about was 17). They can only screen women bc there is not a test for guys. The only way a guy can tell he has it is if he gets warts or another indication. The nurse told me that it has Completely left some people after the medication, not only no more displasia but they don't test positive for HPV anymore either. And some people, who come in bc they have mild displasia, come back in to do the study in a month or so, and don't have hpv bc their body took care of it naturally. The best advice I've learned, is to do what ever you can for your immune system if you really want it to go away. But that still may not work for everyone. I have no idea when this product would be available on the market yet though, but it has been working for some of the girls tested.

However, in regards to another comment I read: I did contract it from my boyfriend when he had no symptoms so I don't know how you tell when it goes away in a guy. I didn't think that I would get anything serious from him, since there was not one sign on his body, of warts or anything, and it went away a year before i met him and he lives a very healthy lifestyle. But I did know about the wart in his past and that he treated it with Aldera. Of all the chances, I tested positive for high risk cancer hpv, which means I have to go to checks up 4x a year for it. We've been together 2 years, and he still has no more symptoms. On a postive note, I only have mild displasia. Cancer does not run in my family, so its crazy to think now that cancer can possibly be a sexually transmitted disease. Definately something, I did not learn in highschool. My nurse did say though, that I won't get cancer, bc we caught it soon enough. But, it still is potential though.



No...look at it this way if you have a wart on your hand, you get it frozen off or use a topical cream to rid your hand of it, there is always the possibility it could return in the future. HPV is similar, however if you see genital warts or are diagnosed with them inside of the vagina or on the cervix, you take the antibiotics or use the cream prescribed to you and they go away. There is a chance they could come back depending on your state of physical and mental health. Over time it is unlikely they will continue to return due to your immune system having the ability to supress the virus. There have been people in their 50''s being diagnosed right now with HPV and they've had it for years and had no signs and didn't pass it to a partner...so it always depends on your body and how you react to different virus'...don't lose hope or be upset...just make sure you're always honest with partners :) and take care of yourself.



To the person that said this. What you said was very true. I agree all the way. But I have to say the last part you said, was very wrong.
"HPV is no big deal!!" WRONG! It is, it may lead to cancer if not taken seriously. You need to get it checked out if suspisous. It may not seem like a big deal. But having to have surgery and possibly able to spread that, that seems like a big deal to me.

to the poster two spots above me... Why would you say that this Genital Warts stays with us forever?? It''s been proven by several studies that the infection goes away. I find your negative look on this shit very disturbing. DOn't preach bullshit like that when it's not true. It just scares people...

HPV goes away. Just like hand warts and the rest of them.

Some strands may stay for a while, especially in those with weak immune systems. If untreated some strands could lead to cancer.

Those are the facts.. HPV is no big deal!!



I am in Microbiology (you learn about infectious deseases) We are learning that 90% of YOUNG women get rid of the virus on their own as long as they take care of themselfs, e.g. eat right exercise, take vitamins. The other 10% repress it to where it cannot be detected and cannot be transfered but when they hit 40 or 50 it pops back up.



I''ve had no warts come back over the last couple of years by using wartner on the affected areas (as per the instructions on the pack).

I tried Aldara which was ok but burn a lot. Freezing is much better. Yes it hurts a hell of a lot, but as the skin is killed, so is the virus in that area. Simple as. New skin forms nice and smooth. Any scars fade within months.

Trust me it works and saves the time taken to visit the GU clinic to have them frozen.

Hope this helps.




When I first got genital warts I found this website and I freaked out after reading everyone''s comments. I was so scared and thought my life was ruined. So please do not listen to the negative comments. First of all, I just wanted to say that I got HPV by having protected sex. You can get it just by your genital areas touching. When I first got it I was very scared that I would never find anyone to love me and accept me with an STD. Well I had the virus for a year when I met the love of my life. After a month of not being intimate, I told him I had HPV. He was very understanding and loved me anyway. We've been together for a year now and I have not had any signs of HPV since we met. It's very important for you to tell your partner before you have sexual relations. If they really care about you it won't matter. It was the hardest thing in my life telling him, but I am so glad that I did. It just made our relationship stronger. So, you can have a life after HPV. They can go away. As for this vaccine...I talked to my doctor about it now that it is realeased and she told me that it is not for people who have it. It is also not for older people. It's geared toward young adults to prevent them from getting it since 80% of adults have some sort of HPV anyway. The shot wouldn't do any of us any good. There has not been enough research to determine the full extent of the medicine yet. If you have just gotten HPV and are reading all these negative posts, please believe that it will get better. Stop reading these and talk to your doctor. Your doctor can clear up so many things and make you realize that it is really not that big of a deal. I waited a year to talk to my doctor. Once I did, I finally felt like I could live my life again.



Hey there girls and boys!
It was just another routine check-up - so I thought... and here I am, diagnosed with HPV and having visible genital warts (which, of course, I thought to be something out of the ordinary when I went to the doctor, but not knowing what). So I''m there, all scared and Genital Wartsed for my lax sex life (not too lax really, only missed the rubber a few times, and with people I've known for a long time that is), don't know what will happen or how or if I will ever get this thing away again... I go to the doctor, he does his inspections, checks everything, says "Mmh, yeah"... and then he's all cool and telling me "No problem. Let's schedule a little operation (to remove the warts) and then I'll be on Aldara for about half a year. They'll probably come back in the first few months, but after that gradually decrease until they are gone.
So, no matter what people try to tell you here, studies and numbers clearly suggest, that HPV is an infection which will most probably go away again. It's a step in your life you have to go through if you contracted it, but don't feel bad about it. You made a mistake, that happens! Talk to your doctor, get a program set up for treating HPV and fight that little sucker! And be fair and tell your partners about it, even if it was in your past.
What I have done so far: Got the warts cut away, used Aldara for 2 months, a few came back, I'll have my second appointment for removal next week and then I'll get Aldara again. On the side a lot of vitamins and Echinacea.
Good luck to all of you and keep your heads up!!

I'll keep you informed how my healing process goes.

Mr. T.




No. Presently there is no cure for HPV, only treatments to prevent cancerous cell growth as well as the removal of visible warts. The virus itself is still in your system. Even if you have no visible warts... you can still infect someone! I was infected by a man who had NO VISIBLE WARTS, but because I was a smoker... I got warts like crazy. He acted like he didn''t know that he was infected, but I later discovered... while working in a doctors office, that he had, in fact, been treated for HPV and KNEW that he had it. But he believed, based on inaccurate information, that if he didn't have any visible signs he wasn't contagious. UNTRUE!



it may cure it but it hasen''t been proven to be one hundred percent effective.



GO TO WEBMD.com & type in "HPV VACCINE"




First of all I wish you people would stop scaring me. I''m 18 and about a month ago I was diagnosed with the hpv virus. People say there's no cure and some believe a cure is coming soon or there is already a cure. Yes I believe if you have a mild case of hpv your immune system may be able to fight off. Well in my case I think I may have a chance, but I'm stil doing everything I can in order to find some type of way to get rid of it quicker. So as soon as I found out I had the virus, I did some research on it and even may have found a cure that might get rid of it quicker. It's suppose to be some kind of natural oil that kils the virus for good. I'm still skeptical if it will work or not, but there's nothing wrong with trying. I'm praying that this may be my answer but otherwise I'm trying to maintain stress free. Good luck to all!



I have had many roommates over the years. One time, I did my laundry with my roommate and about a month later developed genital warts. I am not sexually active, but he is EXTREMELY promiscuous. This virus is as contagious as the common cold and it can be spread through nonsexual means very easily. I have heard stories of children getting it from other children by playing with the same toys, or touching doorknobs, etc. Americans and Europeans are promiscuous people and HPV is spreading through the planet fast. Now that it''s everywhere, it's difficult to avoid it even if you've never had any physical contact with another person in your whole life. I read about a married couple in their 70's that both suddenly developed HPV. They were married at 14, and had never been with anyone else but each other. The doctor found out that the wife used a public toilet at an airport and probably got it from door knobs there.



Dr''s have said yes Dr's have said no. The Sexual Health Clinic says HVP never leaves the body. Some people can live with out any break outs ever. While others may have break outs once or more. When treated they will go away. But be safe while having sex with the partner who gave it to you because you can pass it on back and forth btw the both of you. Remember you may feel like your life is over, but it's not! Be srtong! You are not the only one. There's many people who have this. Even the people who where always carful too. Plus there's other SDT's that are way worse to have.



I have some common wart in my hand and the one in my right thumb, just right underneath my nail is really strange. It looks like it''''s growing out some small stems of skin/flesh/Genital Warts vessel and it''s painful whenever I bump it onto something. If I try to burn this with something hot like a cigaretter lighter will it die out and fall off? I''m desperate to get rid of this 3 warts and I must admit that for a big guy like me I''m really starting to be scared after reading what you guys have posted here and after I realise that most of what you''ve posted matches what my family doctor have told me. If I always wash my hand will it still be contagious?



No not curable, NOT YET ANYWAY:

Taken from http://www.csl.com.au/hpv_immunotheGenital Wartsutic.asp

HPV immunotherapeutic

Now in clinical trials

The Disease
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection causes a variety of diseases of the anogenital and upper aero-digestive regions, and treatment of these diseases is often suboptimal. Preclinical and clinical evidence suggests that host immunity can control progression of HPV disease, giving rise to the opportunity for an HPV Immunotherapeutic to provide an effective alternative or adjunct to current therapies.

HPV infection causes nearly all cervical and anal cancer, and is responsible for the pre-cancerous lesions identified as intraepithelial neoplasia (dysplasia). HPV infection is also associated with vaginal and vulval intraepithelial neoplasia, and warts of the skin, upper airways and anogenital region.

More than 100 HPV genotypes have been identified and about 30 infect the genital tract. The latter have been classified as either “high-risk”, those more likely to cause dysplasia and cancer, or “low risk”, which more often cause benign lesions such as warts. HPV16 alone is responsible for about 25% of all infections, 50% of high-grade cervical dysplasia and 60% of cervical cancer. It is also responsible for about 60% of anal dysplasia and anal cancer. HPV6 and HPV11 cause almost all genital warts.

The Project

CSL has developed an immunotherapeutic product that consists of a fusion of HPV E6 and E7 proteins, combined with ISCOMATRIX® adjuvant. The vaccine is designed to boost the immune system to attack abnormal cells producing E6 and E7, resulting in reduction and possibly elimination of anogenital dysplasia. Initial trials have been completed and have shown the use of this product to be safe in volunteers and people with HPV-related disease, and to induce specific, broad immunity in these people.

The Science
The rationale for an immunotherapeutic treatment for HPV related anogenital dysplasia is based on the knowledge that HPV E6 and E7 proteins are involved in promoting cellular growth to allow virus replication. Several functions have been described for E6 and E7, the most important of which is to block the activity of the tumour suppressor genes p53 (in the case of E6) and RB (in the case of E7). In the case of ‘high risk’ HPV subtypes, E6 and E7 promote oncogenic transformation of epithelial cells resulting in premalignant lesions (dysplasia) which may lead to cancer.

The benefits of the E6E7 fusion product approach are:

allows for a greater number of epitopes to be delivered in the vaccine, compared to a number of alternative approaches, such as peptide or E7 alone
markedly reduces the transforming activity of E7 protein
allows production and formulation of a single protein in the case of a HPV monospecific product.
Both E6 and E7 are expressed in HPV-associated dysplastic and malignant cells. Infection with HPV can evoke immune responses to these proteins and immunisation with E7 can control development of E7 expressing tumours in animal models. Immunotherapy directed at the E6 and E7 proteins therefore has the potential to eliminate the HPV-transformed cells responsible for dysplasia and cancer in humans.

Frazer IH, Quinn M, Nicklin J, et. al. Phase I study of HPV 16 specific immunotherapy with E6E7 fusion protein and ISCOMATRIX® adjuvant in women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Vaccine 2004 23: 172-81.

Stewart TJ, Drane D, Malliaros J, et. al. ISCOMATRIX® adjuvant: an adjuvant suitable for use in anticancer vaccines. Vaccine 2004; 22: 3738-43.

Barnden M, Papalia L, Davis R, et. al. Antigan-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses to HPV16 E6E7 ISCOMATRIX® vaccine in healthy volunteers. Poster presentation at 21st International HPV Conference, Mexico, February 2004.




1) You guys are asking the wrong questions. The only two questions that matter are:
a) Are the symptoms of HPV permanent?
b) Is it possible to pass the virus on?

Whether the actual virus is still inside your body doesn''t really matter. If the virus is inside your body but after a while it becomes suppressed to the point that it is impossible or near-impossible for you to show symptoms (e.g. warts or cervical cancer) ever again and you can't pass it on, then who really cares?

2) it's a debate, it's not conclusory. The most modern data seems to indicate that after a year or two, hpv becomes suppressed to the point that medical science can't test for it anymore. People who used to test positive for the HPV Dna eventually test negative after a few months. This is fact. I can point you to literature but i'm rather lazy right now. However, here's a link to the cdc that backs up my point:


Will I have HPV forever?
In most women, HPV goes away within two years. We do not know why it lasts longer in some women than others.

I think things are similar for men from what I've read.

3) our understanding of the disease is evolving, what we thought 10 years ago is different than what we think now. 10 years ago people thought it was permanent, now it's a debate with evidence leaning towards it being transient. What transient means, whether it means the virus is dormant and can reactivate, or whether it's eliminate completely, or perhaps both depending on the person, is still unknown.
Seek modern research and journal studies instead of general practitioners who are usually not up to date on current research since it'd be impossible for them to keep up with every disease. Also look at the source that websites are getting their information from.



This is the most irresponsible wishful thinking forum I have ever seen - it borders on criminal misinformation. HPV is not curable and high-risk types lead to cancer in about 20% of cases. Grow up, get real, and don''t just care about yourself!



I have just been diagnosed with HPV. I got it from my first sexual experience (I''m 22), and it really sucks. The guy who gave it to me...i don't know if he knew he had it or not, but he knows now, but i don't think that that will stop him from sleeping around. Most of you reading this already have it as well, so its no use saying that you need to be careful and have everything tested...but it is not curable as it has been said. Getting rid of the warts themselves is my biggest step now. My new boyfriend now (I had just started dating him when I found out) has to think about what he wants to do...he'll decide after christmas. That's the worst part, that I might lose him after have been looking for this type of relationship for so long...
good luck to all of you



once you got you got forever and you''ll pass it more than likely they'll get it too yes stuck with it visible wart can be eliminated though very painful otherwise they may or may not go away in several month but when you acquire the virus you have it for the rest of your life try telling that to your next boyfriend or girlfriend.... sorry, 21 years old got it hen I started college 4 years ago still hard to handle the bitter truth



If you have HPV, you should be taking BIO-RESPONSE DIM. DIM is a nutritional supplement (containing nutrients found in cauliflower and broccoli) that has completely cleared up my pap and my most recent HPV test came back completely clear. (All within a 1-year period.) DIM therapy is currently being evaluated for its use with cervical dysplasia, warts, and breast cancer, and it is completely safe. It is not a drug, but a nutritional supplement. It is available through a company called Bio-Response.

A good friend of the family is a lead medical researcher for this treatment- in fact, he was the one to first discover its beneficial use in patients with cervical dysplasia. A colleage of his had a daughter who had HPV, and he immediately put her on DIM for a 9 month period and it cleared up. This is what it did for me too. There is no "wonder" pill, and I''m sure this probably won't work for everyone, but I wanted to share this information.

I was told to take 150mg twice a day (300mg total per day) for 9 months. You can NEVER skip a dosage, and if you are in a relationship, your partner must take it too. As far as I know, the DIM limits the ability of the HPV virus to replicate. I'm not sure if this is the scientific reasoning, but that's what I was basically told. If you're interested, I'm sure there is more info on the web.

Good luck to all of you!



I have visited here prob like so many others looking for answers. I have just got two gether with a girl who I have strong feelings for. She has been very up frount and responsible advising me her last partner gave her hpv. She told me her warts had cleared up and went for a check up at the dtrs just two check. Shes been refured again to the gum clinic so I know what that means. Ive told her I love her and I want to work round this. I have never had any sti''s and I am clear at the moment. I really want to work round this but reading all this just as I find a bit of hope its dashed so many conflicting oppinions and from people who have 1st hand experience. Is there really a future for me with her? will we ever really ever be able to do what people do when they have sex. I know they say sex aint everything, but is is a big part of a relationship. Do i carry on or end it now? will she feel aprehention in me at times, will it work. can I really make a go of it. I want to try shes already said its going to cause problems she knows it is. Is there anyone out there in similar situation? how did you cope? This is Genital Warts.



Some encouraging news....





i was told I had genital warts a few months back. like everyone else i was pretty devastated at the time and shocked, as i''d got myself into the "won't ever happen to me" mode, especially as it was my very first time not using a condom (for only half a minute), and i've only slept with 2 people! thing is, even though it's morally wrong, health advisors are telling me not to worry about telling my new boyfriend about what i've had, as long as the warts are gone and we're using protection, because, to the average person, it IS NOT SERIOUS anyway. why can't we have a normal sexual relationship if they are saying most of the population has the virus anyway? people are completely blowing this out of proportion. it's not AIDS, so as long as the smear tests are kept regular... enjoying life should be our one priority, and maybe condoms for the future...

and yes, 2 days ago on the news they announced a vaccine has been produced to prevent people like us developing cervical cancer!!



No. Its not curable. It will remain in your system and can reoccur at any time when your immune system is down however if you remove the warts and remain healthy your chances of recurrence are very low. And this is not a disease of dirty people. I had sex with my boyfriend at the time and did use protection but because a condom cannot cover your entire genital region i contracted them anyways. I will say however that my boyfriend at the time knew he had something on him and did not go to the doctor to check himself out, and because he was irresponsible and selfish now this is something I have to live with too. So if you have warts or think you may have warts or even if you just has unprotected sex and your not showing any symptoms you should get tested because just as upset as you might feel for contracting something you dont feel you deserved there is someone else out there who you may do the same thing to if you arent responsible and you dont get checked out. be safe and be smart people.



I don''t know? But I sure hope so. About 4 hours age I was going back to the doctor for them to tell me I have a ab-normal pap. Then, they said it was Human Papillomvirus. NO signs once so ever. And I have one 1 sex patner. 17/f/



A question on the location of GW:

Are GW only found on the penis or the labia? What if you have what appears to be a single "skin tag" on the inside of your thigh or on the front of your leg, where your leg meets your body? Both are within 12" of the genital area and I have had them for well over a year. No more has appeared and yet the ones I have have not "cured" themselves either. Could these just be "skin tags"?



It seems that ''curable' is the wrong word to use. Is it supressable to levels that render it non-contagious - it seems so.

An anecdotal word of warning - I had one outbreak of GW and then nothing for 6 months. I took 3 ectsasy pills in an evening and then had another outbreak within 2 weeks. I looked on the internet and MDMA (chemical in ectsasy) can reduce immunity by 30-40%.



I was diagnosed with this condition 1 year ago, because an abnormal pap smear, and vulvar lesions I could not have the treatment righ away because I got pregnant after that. My baby is 2 mo. old now and this week I''m going to have a colposcopy, My OBYM found I have the high risk types of HPV.



There is now a vaccine. I''m about to get a series of 3 shots. This vaccine was created to prevent infection but my doctor is confident that it will work since it is likely that my husband and I are "passing it back and forth".



I guess I am the only person on this site who believes the virus can be killed. If you kill the virus it is gone and does not come back. The problem is the ones that are not killed can reproduce and spread. Forget the immune system. The immune system provides immunity to the virus but doesn''t actually kill the virus. If you want to be rid of the virus you must kill it. Admittedly it might be a never ending fight, like fighting terrorism.



To the lady that has cancer, I am truly sorry about your situation. I do wish the best for you. Though you may not want to hear it, I know that God will bless you for deciding to wait. Even though you may not see it now, you will defenitely see it when you pass into eternity. Again, I am truly sorry to hear/read about your situation.




I was feeling ok till I read this site. But forget it i am going to my doctor. I have been sexually active since I was 14 or 15. Practiced safe sex all the time. Been with tons of girls too many by some of your stanards on here. Been married and all. I fell in love with this girl and had an amazing weekend with her at a banquet. To have her tell me on the way back we need to talk. She told me that we really should have used condoms all the time. Of course my mind went to worse things than this but still to have slept with so many women and never come up with a single disease only to be taken down by falling in love with a girl. I am still dating her and trying to come to terms with this however i have to go get tested and see what i want to do. I really love her but those pictures scare the crap out of me. I dont want to have to go have my penis burned or anything. I want to stay with her but she should have told me from the start, and given me the right option to chose. Now i am probally infected, due to lack of responsibility. I still love her but how do i trust her. Am i being over judging and maybe just scared i dont know. The stuff on here dont help thats for sure.



I was diagnosed with HPV about 2 years ago and have been treated with Aldara and TCA, but have not been able to clear the warts. I am an optimistic person, but have rearched enough to know that HPV may be supressed but can reoccur in periods where your body''s immune system is compromised. Prime example: I am a nurse at a nursing home. There is a 76 year old resident with alzheimer's among other medical issues who has genital warts. She entered the home with them present on her body, and though not confirmed, it is highly unlikely she contracted them recently. Because of her age and condition we are not treating them. However, I think it is an example and warning to all that it can stay with you or re appear later in life.



Is there intelligent life in other galaxies? Why not?



To the IDIOT who claims that only dirty, slutty people get this, you''''re a complete tool. There are a lot of people who take precautions and still get it. Why are you even on this site?? Take your nasty remarks somewhere else. This site is for those who need support, help, and answers. You must have nothing better to do with your time than to cut others down and JUDGE. Get off your high horse! You must be a real gem to be with. I will pray for you.

Those of you who claim this is curable are incorrect. The virus can lay dormant for years after your immune system suppresses it and it stays forever. Good luck to all.



Firstly, I''d just like to say that after reading many, many posts on this website, its become obvious that though many posts are very supportive, some can be confusing, incorrect and even offensive and out of order. Not the kind of things you want to be exposed to after getting such an awful diagnosis.

The best advice I can give to you is to get to a doctor and ask them your questions. Qualified doctors will know the subject inside out. Hopefully one day we will get rid of the stigma attached to STDs and help will be more easily reached. I have coped with this more or less on my own because of the humiliation. Remember you are not a bad person because you got hpv, from what I gather it can happen to the best of us. I don't know who I got the virus from but I don't think it matters. Fact is, I got it. It would be easy to lay blame on somebody else.

I never thought it would happen to me...but it did and I took it pretty badly, suffering from depression and even now I feel like having the virus has changed me into a more cynical and untrusting person. I was given the all-clear from warts several days ago...almost a year after being diagnosed and after treatment by freezing, warticon, acid, aldara (i had a really bad reaction to this) and the injection (which worked really well for me).

I have also been eating alot healthier recently, which I believe has contributed to my getting rid of the warts (more water, fruit and veg, less fat intake etc). I've also been taking vitamin C tablets (1000mg a day) for the last few months, which may or may not have helped...but is worth a try.

However it hasn't been the end of my problems like I thought it would be. I thought I'd be ecstatic but now I'm living in fear that the warts will come back, as I am aware that I still have the virus. But at least I know that the warts can eventually be beaten. Don't give up, try and tell somebody you trust and don't keep it bottled up like I did...it really isn't good for you. Good luck.



It should be if it is not curable then why did god make it so?

Is it to punish peopl you answer me that!?



I had to put my two cents on this site!! This is a personal experience and hopefully gives some of you some HOPE!! I had three external genital warts exactly one year ago... I have had 3 pap smear since then. I have been HPV negative the whole time. I have NEVER had another outbreak. To give you all a more positive insight I have two close girlfriends who have also experience HPV and Genital Warts, they both had extreme cases where the warts were internal and had to be removed with laser. Neither of them girls have EVER had another break out nor passed it to another person. One even had a baby through natural birth. I believe that your body does fight off HPV and that is does depend on your immune system! There is hope for us, Since my diagnosis I have had sexual partners and have not passed it on to my knowledge... But I do keep it mind that there is a possibility that it can come back. I have spoken with many doctor''s that told me not to worry about it that it is VERY common, the doctor that removed my warts told me not to have sex for a week! Well, if it's such a problem then why he say that? My uncle had warts on his anus and it has been over 20 years ago, never got them back and he has been in a relationship for 10 years or better now!
There is hope, and even if you do have HPV or warts I still think it is a good idea to get the vaccine! Just pray to the good lord that you don't get HERPES because that is very common also and it's painful and it does come back!!



i hink hpv is curable



It is absolutely irresponsible when some people claim that HPV is curable. It is not - and no matter how much you love yourself and like to be happy, you should take the responsibility of not infecting anyone and at the very least tell any potential partner about your infection. Grow up.



Its the a.m on my end but just yesterday I found out that my pap came back negative once again...sigh so she tells me that i have the high risk of hpv not only that but i tell her about my bumps down there in that area and she checks me for herpes but as i look on this website and start putting 2 and 2 together i found out by me shaving with a razor braught my outbreak and from touching the bumps then another area is what spreaded it (i mean i was curious checked one spot then seen was it any where else the next time i went to go to the bathroom) i feel so much better though because i cryed my little eyes out on the way home from that darn clinic i mean think about it herpes and hpv wow but i prayed to the MAN above left it in His hands because i know if He healed back then He will do it now all i have to do is have faith the size of a musterseed and i can move mountains (right now hpv) if you guys only new and i feel way better to know that i dont have herpes because i was wondering how can i have herpes when i havent had sex in 6 1/2 mths silly clinic lady but thanks yall for giveing me the extra umph to just go on with my life and let God do His thing...



Hello Im Rachel im a 20 year old female soon to be 21 and have had hpv for about 3 years now. Whene I started dating an amazing guy i seen some things down there and starting freaking out his mom was a nurse and tryed tellin me they were just from well water... a few months later i figured i would go get tested cuz they werented going away and i tested postive for HPV and then later he was postive too.. since i just got it and didnt know i had it we both had to live with it... every 6 months ive been tested and since then i have only had warts one more time and that was about 7 months ago. I have been freaking out crying and so sad for these past 3 years.. the doctors didnt tell me anything about hpv so ive been looking it up for years... hpv isnt bad... it could be a lot worse.. If you deal with it the right way maybe it will go away I had type 16 and i just got a pap a month ago and i have no abnormal cells so does this mean it finally has went a way i really dont know i would love to know but im not sure... Just be brave and keep your head up things might get better1



CORRECTION ON THE ABOVE. I mention genital herpes, i meant genital warts. i do not have herpes



HPV is not curable. You can have it removed and stay silent for years. Yes HPV is contagious. VERY CONTAGIOUS. And can affect unborn children.check out my website. I will be posting some pics of hpv of the vocal cords.. My son has it. There are alot of different kind of forms of it. Check out my site.. it just tells a story for now.. I just made it.

feel free to comment or discuss



I don''''t know if it''s curable. I think people freak out about what an HPV is. I didnt know what it was really. I don''t even know who gave it to me. I always had the guys use condoms and I didn''t sleep with random people. But I found out I had it and I felt disgusted with myself, I went to the doctors to check if I had it. From there on, she tried to explain it and I looked it up. At that time I was dating this one guy, it was one month in our relationship and I felt bad bc I didnt know I had this and I worried, maybe he already had it. but how can I tell him when Ive only been dating him a month? I went ahead and did research on it, proof that showed its nothing, no hurt no nothing bc I didnt have the cervical cancer kind. I went ahead and told him and surprising, his feelings for me were too much for him to care. He''s the only guy that knows them and even though we aren''t dating right now (he got stationed to another state and I moved to another state as well) we are still really good friends and I hope we can eventually have a future together, haha look at me telling yall my story. Anyways, all Im saying is that I know it seems scarey and it really does suck but a lot of people have it more than you can think of, it depends how good your immune system is, I still have a little but I never had a lot. The more you stress, the more ull get. The more you have sex, the more itll irritated them and break you out. So just you know take a break, dont stress. Sex isnt a needed thing all the time. If it is- get help :)



HPV, not something that can be cured. People say, it''''s "no big deal" and "everyone will get it", it''s "like a cold". But it is a big deal. No one wants to get it. It makes you feel dirty,ashamed, angry at your partner for giving it to you, and can cause you to have cancer or warts, it lowers your immune system, and can make it so you can''t have babies. There is nothing pleasant about it. Not everyone will get it, or HAS to get it. People don''t need to sleep with multiple partners and spread disease around. If people could be more monogamous and committed to sexual partners and not go out and have multiple one night stands, this would be less rampant. My friend got it at 18 from her first partner who had slept around a lot before her. She had several partners after him before he let her know he had it and she found out she had cervical cancer. She always used condoms, but condoms do not protect against it. She can not have children now and her fiance left her when he found out (which was 6 years later) because he wanted a family. Several of my other friends have had it and are not as bad off, but they stopped sleeping around. I wish people would see it IS a big deal and try harder NOT to get it, by having one partner, and being in a relationship. This makes me sad to know so many people have it and blow it off and keep sleeping around. This is serious!



this is my story. I met a man and fell in love. we had protected sex a few times then he told me he had genital warts a few years ago. he had them removed and none since then. i was a litte freaked out cause i didn''''t know anything about it. i spoke to planned parenthood and even my mom. i found out about 20years ago my dad had genital warts from cheating on my mother! my dad had his surgically removed and never returned. my mom never ever got it. her yearly paps have been normal and never any warts. now planned parenthood told me how common genital warts are and that they are not harmful, just not pleasant to have and that i could get it even using condoms. i understand why he wasn''t up front with me before having sex. i''m not sure i would have stayed with him because i did love him before having sex. but in the end it didn''t work out and six months later i have genital warts. i''m upset, sure, but i can''t waste time on that past. theres only two and after a month haven''t gotten bigger and dr says they may go away on their own. i opt for that because i don''t want any cutting, freezing or burning going on down there. im not interested in sex at all right now, so i''m not afraid of anyone seeing them, plus they''re tiny! i''m not sure how i''m going to handle telling the next person i''m with this, but i know i have to. i really hope that your body can and will eventually kill the virus...theres always hope for that or even a man made cure. until then i take my vitamins, minerals, tagament and echinacea. i heard it might help and being the warts aren''t multiplying or getting larger, maybe it works. just remember to always love yourself, you''re NOT the only one, and all things happen for a reason. maybe i got gential herpes to make me more aware of std''s. maybe this will prevent me from having unprotected sex and catching something worse like hiv?



Ok first off 3 yrs ago I had an abnormal pap, they said it was hpv. I had to hv a biopsy it was negative. But they gave me the option of hving my cervix frozen I declined. The strain I had was the cancer causing one. I know it wasn''''t responsible but iwas freaked out so I didn''t go back fir 1/12 well I finally did n my pap came back normal n negative. Hpv can cure itself n go away on it''s own. So there you hv it.



my girlfriend has hpv is it possable I may not have it and how long after sex with someone would it take to know you have it,if i got tested



I think the real question is... in that the vaccine can prevent certain kinds of HPV, can the vaccine cure or help suppress HPV if you already contracted HPV before receiving the vaccine?

I''''ve had warts on my hands (come and go) for years now. I thought they had finally gone away at one point (cause they all sort of disappeared at once), but they''ve come back over the last year and have been around since. The ... other warts... never seem to amount to much. They start to form but tend to disappear before becoming something noticeable. I found the freezing treatment to be particularly effective and fast acting.

If anyone has further information about the following, please post it!

- vaccine for men
- receiving the vaccine after contracting hpv



I found genital warts on myself last year, went to get checked and sure enough had HPV.

I''''m a 23 year old male so yeah at the time it was quite a bummer but when I was given the facts you come to realize its not so bad. Even having the warts removed with acid is really not bad at all, it just sounds horrible. It''s more of a tingling sensation than a burning, at least for a guy.

I was told by the doctor and numerous other sources that yes eventually your immune system will suppress it to the point of not being contagious or noticeable anymore. AND I was informed that the type of HPV that causes genital warts will not cause cervical cancer in women. THAT IS A PROVEN FACT.

Also, if you want to avoid breakouts do not shave your genitals with a razor. Simply keep them trim with an electric razor or something. Shaving with a blade causes irritation in the skin and because this is a skin disorder it will cause additional breakouts and prolong the suppression process.

You have to keep in mind that HPV is the most common STD because it cannot be completely prevented with condoms whatsoever because it resides in the skin on and around the genitals. There are also hundreds of strains of HPV ranging in severity and symptoms so keep that in mind. All in all, my advice would be to avoid herpes and HIV, haha.



im worried becasue I had sexual intercourse but got tested a month later for stds and was tested negitive. Im currently in a relationship and found bumps on my vulva. I went to the DCs and they said it was a wart,but not to worry becasue it did not look like a STD. He said its probably clog pores. Im still worried and im hoping its nothing bad.



Many years ago I got HPV that turned into Genital Warts. Being a gay male they were clustered around my anus. I had a good doctor and even better nurse that got me on 3M''''s Aldara. Just as fast as they came on, they disappeared. For me Aldara was a miracle drug. It''s topical, you apply it at every other night and though it has slight side effects it''s worth it. For me I would just feel mild flu-like symptoms because the medication boosts the immune system at the infected area and lowers it for the rest of the body. Aldara is genital warts Cryptonite lol. I hate to see people suffer, so ask your Doctor about Aldara and relax, everything is going to be OK!



DON''''T FREAK OUT!!! I went to Planned Parenthood paid $75, and got checked out. I took the time to ask questions. HPV will eventually go to a very low level, and you will be unable to transmit to others. Best thing to do is take care of yourself, and take vitamins and fish oil to boost your immune system. But before that if you have questions just go to a clinic or doctor. If money is a problem, my suggestion serve tables for a night or two make the money and then quit. Or keep the job cause if you can''t afford $75 you have bigger problems than HPV. You come in contact with all types of viruses in your life, HPV is no different. Majority of the population have it so you are not alone. Most don''t even know. It''s harder for men cause we don''t have tests, and it''s hard to know when we are no longer contagious. Just go to a doctor anyway it helps comfort. Sorry kindof a rant but I freaked until I went to a doctor. Good luck and remember everything will be fine. Could be worse you could have AIDS.



ive been through hell lately DOWN there. no warts that I know of YET. but was told i had an abnormal pap today and got in for a coloscopy. FUN not. Very upsetting. Im assuming that means i have HPV? and i just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend :( stressful. The doc said i had a MODERATE kind. inbetween bad and mild... which still doesnt sound good. He scrapped my cervix. Guess i have to wait to know if they are cancerous??? im assuming thats why he did that.
I was too stressed to know what was going on. But the doctor told me ....

SOME PEOPLE IT GOES AWAY ON ITS OWN. so yes its curable if your body can fight it. :) if not... i guess i keep getting cancer? what.. lame.



HPV is not curable, though the warts can be removed. For those of you who said its "no big deal", do you think cancer is a big deal? not only cervical, anal, penile, vulval and vaginal cancers but also head and neck cancers. HPV is serious unless you enjoy being fed through a tube for months while your throat is being irradiated to shrink the tumor in your throat so you can go for surgery then chemotherapy. be scared, its that fear that may make more people responsible for their own bodies and the people''''s bodies whose lives you could affect.




this may help.




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