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Anal Warts

Anal Wart / Perianal wart
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Anal Warts
Anal warts are the same types you would find on the penis or vagina. Anal warts tend to be more cumbersome in treatment, and more prone to spreading. Several treatment approaches are available including cryotherpy, aldara or podophyllin; your dermatologist or gynecologist would be the best person to advise on which treatment would work best.

Since the warts seem to be most persistent in this dark humid area, it seems that wearing a cotton underwear that breathes will help keep the area more dry or less clammy Some have reported using a baby powder not directly on, but in the area surrounding the anus or perianal warts helps keep the moisture level down and therby helps limit any spreading or growth. This technique doesn't seem to have a professional reccomendation per se, but it has been reported by several of our HPV Support users who have journaled their experiences with anal warts.

Anal Cancer?
While some strains of HPV commonly cause precancerous lesions in the cervix of women, the occurences of these cancerous changes on the anus is dramatically lower - with most of the cases resulting from severe immunopression from certain medications or HIV.
For more information on this subject in detail, please visit: Anal Warts, Anal Cancer and Anal Pap Smears information page from the GAPHR.

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Are anal warts curable?

Do gynecologists treat anal warts?

Do you need to have anal sex to get anal warts?

I have HPV.I have anal warts.I tried almost anything to remove them and I still have them. Do you know any way to take them away?

I think i might have anal warts/HPV, im in the military and afraid to go too a doctor to get checked out because I am a gay male and it would be risky to get them checked out ...what should i do?

What percentage of people with the HPV strain that causes anal warts actually have the warts themselves?

I have anal warts around and in the anal region. Is my gynecologist able to remove these?

I'm a male with anal warts. I've been to several doctors, referred to a rectal surgeon who claims that my anal canal has many and has suggested major and radical surgery (in the hospital for 3 days). Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I'm suffering from LOTS of anxiety. ANY words/comments would be greatly appreciated.

I have anal warts around and in my anal region. Is my gynecologist able to remove these?

Im a gay male and started seeing small "fleshy" type bumps around my anal area, they seem to have grown and started out as one small one and moved upward. do you think this is anal warts?

my new girl friend [ 2 1/2 ] months was just diagnoised with anal warts. what are the chances of my getting warts if we only have vaginal sex?

Can a man get an anal wart without anal sex?

My husband lost his virginity at 16 to his 1st girlfriend she was a 16 virgin. Although my husband had never done anything other than a bit of petting,kissing,cudling we are not sure if she had ventured further before losing her virginity to him. She did suffer with thrush but my husband cant remember being affected by this. We been having sex for 3.5 yrs. i now suffer from thrush badly and get small ulcers in my vagina & he gets blisters on his shaft & we both itch. He now as anal warts why?

I contracted HPV anal warts from my girlfriend and bought TCA 80% acid on the internet. How many treatments should be done. I have done 4 over 4 weeks. It looks like they my be smaller now, just hope it works. This stuff is also painful to use and have been carful not to get on normal dermis.

I have both genital and anal warts. I spoke with my dermatologist about the genital warts, and she froze one off, but I now have another. I spoke with my general physician about the anal warts, and he didn't seem too concerned, and told me basically to live with them. I need to know what kind of doctor to go to. Do I need to go to a specialist (urologist, proctologist)?

I have what has been diagnosed as peri-anal warts on my fingers - nowhere else! How did I get them? Treatment w/freezing and Aldara aren't TOUCHING them. Should I change dermatologists, ask for different treatment, or what?

What success have people had with liquid nitrogen treatment for anal warts; and what would people suggest if you're not sure all of the warts are being treated properly given I think they are further up my anal passage than is being sprayed? Do people think there are better ways of treating it?

Could use some help from the group! Does anyone know what color anal warts are? I have something about the size of a small pea (but oval) that is greyish? I am not sure if this is a wart or hemroid?

I was wondering if you could help me, my boyfriend recently noticed small lumps on his anus. they are slighty white and only three and small. he went to the doctors and the doctor said it could be skin tags... but im still worried. could these be anal warts?

My husband has a wart looking bump on his scotum, it has been there for 5 1/2 months, it doesnt get bigger or hurt. I have read up on HPV and I would think if it was I would be having symptoms or he would be getting more on his penis. Do I have anything to worry about? He is going to the doctor in 3 weeks and I know I have been faithful and I think he has but 7 yrs ago he did sleep with a girl that we think her husband has anal warts, could it take this long to show up? Please help very worried

I'm 21 years old and I just got dignoised with gential warts. Mine though are anal warts even though I've never had that type of sex. I went to my doctor and he said they had to be surgically removed. But in the mean time on waiting for all of that is there anything that can help the pain, itching and burning. It hurts so bad sometimes that I can't even sleep at night. So any advice would help.

I had anal warts, but they were recently sucessfully treated. Today i found what u belive to be a wart just on the inside of my vagina. I was wondering how a wart inside the vagina can be treated.

I fingered and gave oral pleasure to a girl i have perianal warts and some one the penis although before i perfromed oral i washed with listerine and used sanitizer on my hands would this help any in preventing infection of hpv

I just found out that i have herpes but i am in a long term relationship and i haven't slept with any one else so i just want to know if you can get it from using a washcloth of someone who does have it? Also my boyfriend has anal warts and i contacted them also. we are having them removed but i would like to know if you can contract herpes through having anal warts? does it turn it into herpes? I just need some info cause i have no clue how i contacted herpes if i have had no sexual contact?

I discovered a couple of tiny bumps near my anus and was diagnosed with genital warts. I've had two partners, one was six months before I found the warts and we did have anal sex. He had been a regular partner for over two years. The second guy I had vaginal sex with four months before discovering the warts. Because they are anal warts does this mean it was my long term partner who gave them to me?


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