Anal Cancer


Anal cancer is quite uncommon, however it is more common in persons with HPV in the anal area. Certain types of HPV have been long known to cause cervical cancer in women - which is why women are reccomended to get yearly pap smear tests to detect any changes in the cervix related to HPV.

Males and females with HPV on/in or around the anus, should consult their health care professional regarding anal pap tests. Recently these have been more common, and are starting to get reccomended for people with HPV in the anal area or those that are participating in anal intercourse. The anal pap will detect any cell changes in the anal area so that appropriate treatment can take place. If the cancer is detected early, the abnormal cells are removed - however if it is not detected soon, traditional cancer treatment may be necessary.

Some possible symptoms of anal cancer are:

  • bleeding in anal or rectal areas
  • itching in anal or rectal areas
  • dull pain in the anal area
  • change in the diameter of stool ie. pencil thin stools
  • notice of abnormal discharge from the anus
  • possible swollen lymph nodes in the anal or groin areas

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