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LEEP Procedure

So you got your Pap smear back and it indicated "precancerous cells" or "abnormal". What is this all about?

HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for most precancerous or abnormal cells. HPV is also the virus that can cause warts. But you don't have warts you say? There are many different strains of HPV, some that cause warts and the others that can lead to cervical cancer or abnormal cells in the cervix.

If a woman is diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells the doctor may reccomend what is called a "LEEP Procedure". This is a surgery where the doctor will use a thin wire loop electrode to cut away the affected parts of the cervix, this procedure is relatively painless. Once the doctor removes the tissue, they will send it to a lab to make a further analysis. The procedure generally takes 30-40 minutes and generally takes place in your doctors office.

Before taking baths, using tampons or engaging in intercourse it is important to ask your doctor for instructions.

Other LEEP Procedure Questions:

Being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia due to HPV, will a LEEP surgical procedure remove and cure and prevent HPV/Cervical dysplasia from re-occurring.

I have HPV and I had a leep procedure done a year ago. All my Pap Smears are coming back normal. I have only been with two people and im seeing one of them again. I was just wondering that since this dysplasia is gone, if we were to have unprotected could he give me this again?

I was recently diagnosed with squamous type warts. I had a leep procedure done a week ago and the Dr. also removed the warts. If my partner has warts, can I contract them again if we don't use protection?

How does the HPV strain that causes dysplasia affect males? I have the HPV that causes dyplasia, not warts. My confusion is-how does that affect males? If I ever am in a relationship in the future I would like to be able to tell my partner the dangers of HPV, but all I can seem to find out is about how warts not what I have. It has all been very confusing to me. Also, has anyone ever had to be in the hospital and put to sleep for the LEEP? For some reason I have to be.

I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (moderate) and treated with the LEEP procedure. He suggested that it was probably caused by HPV. Is there anyway you could have this without the HPV virus being present or do doctor's just assume you have it? There was no test done to determine I had the virus.

I've had a LEEP procedure done for pre-cancerous cells. My doctor didn't test me for HPV,that I know of. Should he have?

I was diagnoised with cervical dysplasia several months ago. I had the leep procedure done, and have had a normal pap smear since then. Is it still possible to pass this on to any partner that I have?



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