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Up to date information and news regarding the HPV vaccine

Recently there has been wondeful news regarding HPV and the medical community. Several companies began HPV vaccine development and one has even brought a vaccine to market! The first HPV vaccine approved by the FDA is Gardisil from Merck. Why is this such a terrific news? HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is the most preodiminant cause of cervical cancer. The new vaccine is preventative rather than an actual treatment. Below you will find a list of interesting and informative links to more information.



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I watched on the news a few months back that they have come out with a vaccine for hpv. They said that it would protect women against cellular growth that causes cancer

Does anyone know about the vaccine? Also; I was told by someone who works for an MD- Dermatologist that Valtrex may be used for suppression of warts as well as for herpes. Any truth to this? My ob gyn seems to be clueless and Im still searching for a good doctor.

Any news on whether an HPV vaccine for men is under development?

I understand there is ongoing research being conducted for an HPV vaccine. Is the research limited to merely preventing the disease or is there work being done to eliminate the disease once one has already contracted it?

By reading most information on the web, I can't get a definite answer if any medicine or vaccine study are targeting male with high risk HPV? How long will high risk HPV stay with man if he has a good immune system?

Have any good news of the vaccine against HPV. Will they come out within five years?

Are there any vaccines against HPV already available on the market?

I have been reading alot about the new vaccine from Merck. It says that the vaccine has reduced the "incidence of persistence for HPV types 16, 18, 6,11, by 94%" will this help you if u already have it?

I heard theres a vaccine for cervical cancer in the making..will this kill the virus in men to?




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