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Help! I've got HPV/Warts
What do I do!

Over there years we built a guide for those discovering they have HPV. We think this list is a pretty good guide to dealing with the situation quickly and correctly.

First step, is that you seek treatment immediately. Warts can and usually do spread rapidly in early stages.

There are a few things you can do right away.

  1. Vitamins
    Folic Acid has shown to help the immune system, clincically against the abnormal cell changes by non-wart causing strains of HPV. Vitamin-D applied directly to warts has been shown to supress their growth.

  2. Clothing
    Warts grow better in moist areas. It is reccomended that you switch to a 100% cotton undergarment. This helps keep the groin area dry and prevents humidity from developing which encourages wart growth.

  3. Do not pick at the warts
    Warts are easily spread in the early stages of growth. Do not pick at the warts, this only creates bleeding and increased succeptibility in the skin.

  4. Do not smoke
    Smoking has been shown to increase the risk of abnormal cells developing from HPV. It has also been shown to impair the immune system, which is needed to deal
    with HPV quickly.

Where to seek treatment?

  • Fastest Treatment:
    Search your area for a dermatologist. They have two of the most commonly performed treatments Podifilox and Cryo. They can also prescribe a popular ointment called Aldara.

  • Cheapest Treatment:
    Search your area for a Planned Parenthood. They are used to dealing with HPV/Warts and will be able to apply podifilox, prescribe you Aldara or refer you to a clinic that will
    treat the warts.

Immune System

Use your bodies defense system!

Immune system:
1. Vitamins - C, B, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin-D
2. Excercise
3. No smoking
4. Proper sleep
5. Stress
6. Plenty of Fluids

Other Conditions Confused with Genital Warts:



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